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How would you react if you knew someone was on 'Only Fans'?

On Friday afternoon, Niall Boylan on Classic Hits talked about the website Only Fans. It is a site in which men subscribe to see women in their underwear. We got a message from a listener who recently found out her daughter was on the site and is ashamed. Her daughter is in her 20s and believes she can make a lot of money posting photos of herself for men. How would you react if you knew someone was on this site?


ASTI speaks to Niall Boylan about the reopening of Secondary Schools

Deputy General Secretary of the Association of Secondary Teachers Ireland Diarmad de Paor spoke to Niall Boylan about the problems facing them when they reopen secondary schools in September


Mandatory quarantine

People arriving into Ireland from COVID-19 hotspots should be quarantined in hotels, according to the Social Democrats. Do you agree with this?


How will schools look like when they reopen in September?

On Thursday's show, Niall Boylan spoke to Deirdre O'Connor for the Irish National Teachers Organisation about how schools will operate when they reopen. How do you feel about your children returning to school? Niall spoke to listeners who felt normality needs to return


Should the number of abortions be reported on?

New figures show that a total of 6,666 abortions were carried out here last year under new legislation legalising termination of pregnancy in some cases. Is there a need to know these statistics though?


At what age do you stop giving your children money?

We received an interesting message from a listener who is torn about giving her 19 year old son money. He is always looking for handouts and she feel bad saying no to him as he lost his job due to the pandemic. At what age do you cut the cord and tell your children it's time for them to stand on their own 2 feet?


How would you react if Ireland went into another lockdown?

On Wednesday afternoon, Niall Boylan on Classic Hits asked: How would you react if Ireland went into another lockdown? Leicester in the UK and Melbourne in Australia have both gone into a second lockdown after a spike in Coronavirus cases. Are you fearful that Ireland could follow suit? How would you handle a second lockdown?


Covid Connections - 1st July 2020 - Travel and tourism

On Covid Connections this week Niall Boylan spoke to travel expert Sarah Slattery about holiday disruptions, refunds, vouchers and the fact that the CMO has urged people not to holiday abroad.


Do you think it is irresponsible for people to travel abroad?

As Chief Medical officer Dr Tony Holohan is urging people to cancel holiday plans, Niall Boylan spoke to Professor Anthony Staines about this. Many listeners joined Niall on air to voice their concerns over travelling abroad while others said they were happy to go away and take the chance


Government formed - are you satisfied with the formation?

Over the weekend, the new government was formed with Michael Martin as Taoiseach - today Niall Boylan on Classic Hits asks: Are you satisfied with this Government?


Would you stand by your son or daughter if you knew they had cheated on their partner?

On Monday nights show, Niall Boylan asked the question would you stand by your son or daughter if you knew they had cheated on their partner?


David Hall speaks to Niall Boylan about mortgage lending rules

On Monday afternoon Niall Boylan on Classic Hits spoke to CEO of the Irish Mortgage holders organisation David Hall about why AIB will pause mortgage applications for people on Covid-19 payments. Take a listen back to what he had to say on the matter...


Creches reopening - what can parents expect?

As creches set to open their doors next Monday, Niall speaks to Elaine Dunne Murphy from The Federation of Early Childcare Providers and Ollie Sheehan, owner of Mary Geary Childcare in Cork, about how creches will operate post lockdown


Dating someone with children

On Thursday night's show listeners got into a heated debate about whether or not they would be dubious about dating someone with children.


Do you agree with mandatory masks?

Should masks be mandatory on public transport? Shane Ross has said it could be an offence to not wear a mask on public transport if cabinet approves legislation today. What do you think? Should masks be mandatory on public transport?


Covid Connections - Mental Health

In this weeks installment of Covid Connections we spoke about how mental health has been effected throughout the pandemic.


Is it irresponsible to go on holidays at the time?

With the country reopening would you feel comfortable going abroad at the moment? Ryanair is operating flights to Spain, Portugal and Italy although The Department of Health is still advising people to avoid non-essential travel abroad. Is it irresponsible of people to go on holidays given the current climate?


Carers - "We need to be recognised for the work we do"

On Tuesday afternoon we continued our discussion on parents who are caring for their disabled children. Niall Boylan was joined by FF TD and spokesperson for Health and Disability Stephen Donnelly and Catherine Cox from Family Carers Ireland about what need to be done to support parents who are caring for their children. We spoke to many more parents who are appealing to the Government to recognize the work they do 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year


What are your views on online dating?

On Monday night's show Niall Boylan spoke about an email we received from a listener talking about her grim experiences of online dating. Is online dating a waste of time?


Are we reopening the country too fast?

On Monday night's show, Niall Boylan asked the question how do you feel about the country reopening? Do you think we are phasing out of lockdown too quickly?