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#351: Week in Review: Political Instability in UK, Israel, Germany and America; Russia vs. NATO Cyberwar, and Much More

Links Political Instability in the United KingdomThe United States and Britain in ProphecyPolitical Instability in IsraelJerusalem in ProphecyPolitical Instability in GermanyA Strong German Leader Is ImminentPhiladelphia Trumpet issue archivePolitical Instability in AmericaThe Disturbing Story Behind the Senate Florida RecountRussia vs. NATO CyberwarAmerica’s Achilles’ HeelChina’s ‘New Silk Road’Isaiah’s End-Time VisionRussia and China in ProphecyFirenado in CaliforniaIs California Under a...


#350: Trumpet Hour: One Lesson From World War I, Report From Sderot, Gerald Flurry in Ohio, and More

TrumpetTrumpet Links World War IOne Lesson of World War IReport From SderotJerusalem in ProphecyGerald Flurry in OhioFrench President Demands a European ArmyTrumpet Radio Programs


#349: Week in Review: Midterms Show Divided America, Macron Wants an EU Army, Russia and China Unify, and Much More

Links Macron Wants an EU ArmyFrench President: Europe Needs a Real ArmyWhy the Trumpet Watches Europe’s Push Toward a Unified MilitaryIran SanctionsIs This the New Normal: Iran Restrained, Europe Weak and America Great Again?Will Sanctions Slow Iran’s Quest for Domination?Saving America From the Radical Left—TemporarilyRussia and China UnifyWhy the Trumpet Watches Russia Allying With ChinaRussia and China in ProphecyGermans Clamoring for a StrongmanA Strong German Leader Is ImminentThe...


#348: Trumpet Hour: Are ‘Signs of the End’ Bogus?, Sanctions on Iran Resume, Britain Embraces Debt, Militias vs. Caravan, and More

Links Are ‘Signs of the End’ Bogus?Are News-Making ‘Signs of the End Times’ Bogus?Four Signs the Second Coming Is NearA Pivotal Sign of the End TimeSanctions on Iran ResumeWill Sanctions Slow Iran’s Quest for Domination?Saving America From the Radical Left—TemporarilyThe King of the SouthBritain Embraces DebtBritain’s Magic Money TreeMilitias vs. CaravanThe Ten Commandments


#347: Week in Review: Germany’s Political Future, Asia Prepares for War, Deciding Syria’s Fate Without Iran, and Much More

Links Germany’s Political FutureTrumpet Daily Radio ShowA Strong German Leader Is ImminentIsraeli-Arab RelationsWill Israel’s Arab Outreach Backfire?A Mysterious AllianceAsia Prepares for WarChina Is Steering the World Toward WarThe Prophesied ‘Prince of Russia’Migrant CaravanWhat’s Prophesied to Happen, Now—to America and BritainThe United States and Britain in ProphecyDeciding Syria’s Fate Without IranA Momentous Middle East MeetingHow the Syria Crisis Will EndThe Imminent Iran-Syria...


#346: Trumpet Hour: The Sunset of the Merkel Era, Brazil’s New Strongman President, Preventing and Managing Arthritis, and More

Links The Sunset of the Merkel EraAngela Merkel’s Big AnnouncementThe End of an Era for GermanyA Strong German Leader Is ImminentBrazil’s New Strongman PresidentIsaiah’s End-Time VisionThe Holy Roman Empire in Prophecy


#345: Week in Review: Hezbollah’s Missile Upgrade, China’s New Bridge, Budget Showdown in the EU, and Much More

Links Hezbollah’s Missile UpgradeIran Gives Hezbollah Precision-Guided Missile CapabilitiesJerusalem in ProphecyChina’s New BridgeChina Is Steering the World Toward WarItaly’s Budget Showdown in the EUWhy the Trumpet Watches Europe’s Ongoing Unification ProjectWho or What Is the Prophetic Beast?The Extent of the Trump Administration’s Commitment to IsraelBand of BrothersSouth Korea Readies for Future Without AmericaRussia and China in ProphecyPipe Bomb Package Warfare in AmericaEzekiel: The...


#344: Trumpet Hour: Famine: The Black Horseman Is Not Finished Riding

Famine is not obsolete: It’s happening now, and it’s about to get worse—and not because of environmental disasters or overpopulation. This episode discusses the dark history and future of famine, and shows that ultimately there is great hope tied to this scourge. Links The Four Horsemen of the ApocalypseGerman-Russian ‘Secret Genocide’Germany and Russia’s Secret GenocideBattleground Morocco


#343: Week in Review: Orthodox Church Split, Russia Fortifies Kaliningrad, Coming Israel-Hamas War, and Much More

Links Orthodox Church SplitRussia Fortifies KaliningradThe Prophesied ‘Prince of Russia’Coming Israel-Hamas WarIran’s Strategy Against IsraelChina’s Newest Game-Changing WeaponBrexitAmerica’s Widening Social and Political Rifts


#342: Trumpet Hour: America: ‘To Preserve It, We Must Love It,’ the Syrian Endgame, Bavaria’s Election, and More

Links America: ‘To Preserve It, We Must Love It’America: ‘To Preserve It, We Must Love It’America Under AttackTrumpet Daily Radio ShowHurricane Michael Not a ‘Natural’ DisasterThe Syrian EndgameHow the Syrian Crisis Will EndBavaria’s ElectionConsequences of the Bavarian Election


#341: Week in Review: Hurricane Michael Devastation, Europe Preps for War With Russia, Global Recession Coming, and Much More

Links Hurricane Michael DevastationWhy ‘Natural’ Disasters?Europe Preps for War With RussiaRussia Frightens Europe—and Fulfills Bible ProphecyThe Prophesied Prince of RussiaA Mysterious AllianceGlobal Recession ComingOur Financial 9/11 Was Prophesied!He Was RightIndia Allies More With RussiaDespite U.S. Warning, India Finalizes $5 Billion Weapons Deal With RussiaThe Other Asian Powerhouse: IndiaIran’s Increasing Missile StrikesThe King of the SouthUnited States DivisionU.S. Political...


#339: Week in Review: What Happened in the World While America Fixated on Brett Kavanaugh

Links Erdogan’s Visit to GermanyAngela Merkel’s Whirlwind Summer HolidaysThe Whirlwind ProphecyA Mysterious AllianceGermany’s Secret Strategy to Destroy IranEurope’s Appeasement of IranWhy the Trumpet Watches Iran and Europe Heading for a Clash of CivilizationsRussia’s Blatant Cyberattacks and Cruise Missile Weapons ProgramRussia Frightens Europe—and Fulfills Bible ProphecyNew NAFTABuilding Toward a World CatastropheIsaiah’s End-Time VisionAngela Merkel’s Visit to IsraelThe Counterfeit...


#338: Week in Review: Russia’s Nuclear Weapons, the ‘Deep State,’ Neo-Nazis in Germany, and Much More

This year, we have seen the dramatic fulfilment of a number of Bible prophecies. Our panelists have compiled more of what they believe to be segments from the past year that represent the most critical events and trends in their respective regions. These include: nuclear weapons that are invulnerable to United States missile defensesDeep StatecrisisUnited States’ Embassynew stagebroad new powersDemocratic Partymissile attacksanti-immigrant and neo-Nazi Germans


#337: Week in Review: Middle East Rivalry, the Doomsday Clock, Trade Wars, and Much More

This year, we have seen the dramatic fulfilment of a number of Bible prophecies. Our panelists have compiled what they believe to be segments from the past year that represent the most critical events and trends in their respective regions. These include: Saudi Arabia and IranDoomsday Clockgun-controlemperor for lifegovernment crisisfragile coalition governmentIran’s gains in IraqTrade warsongoing split


#336: The World Needs Justice

Open your eyes to the injustice around you—and reach out to our last and only hope for making it right.


#335: Week in Review: Rehearsing for World War III, Eastern Orthodox Battle, EU Army Moves Forward, and Much More

Links Rehearsing for World War IIIRussia and China Rehearse Nuclear World War IIIWhy the Trumpet Watches Russia Allying With ChinaEastern Orthodox BattleRome and Moscow Fight for Control of Eastern Orthodox ChurchEU Army Moves ForwardWhy the Trumpet Watches Europe’s Push Toward a Unified MilitaryIran’s Attack on KurdsIran Tests Improved Ballistic MissilesCatholic Child Abuse Scandal Reaches GermanyThe ‘Compassionate, Non-Violent’ GulagsChina’s Backup Strategy Against IndiaChina’s New...


#334: Trumpet Hour: Russia’s Plan for World Conquest, Four Signs of the Second Coming, and More

four Links Four Signs of the Second ComingNuclear Armageddon Is ‘At the Door’A Pivotal Sign of the End TimeThe Most Pivotal End-Time Prophecy Has Been Fulfilled!The Incredible Human PotentialAmbassador for World PeaceMalachi’s Message to God’s Church Today


#333: Week in Review: ‘Deep State’ Confirmed, Germany in Iraq, India Drifting From U.S., Ukraine War Intensifies, and Much More

Trumpet Links ‘Deep State’ ConfirmedIs the ‘Deep State’ Real?Germany in IraqWhat Is Germany Doing in Iraq?Germany’s Secret Strategy to Destroy IranIndia Drifting From U.S.India’s Deals With Iran and Russia Defy U.S. SanctionsThe Other Asian Powerhouse: IndiaBrett Kavanaugh SCOTUS HearingsAmerica Under AttackGreat AgainUkraine War IntensifiesThe Ukraine Crisis Was ProphesiedIran Moves Oil Terminal Out of Persian GulfBab el-Mandeb: The Gate of TearsHong Kong’s Ultra-Rich PeopleHong Kong...


#332: Trumpet Hour: Nuclear Pakistan, Bab el-Mandeb: World’s Most Dangerous Sea-gate, and the Promise of Christ’s Second Coming

Links Nuclear PakistanHow Long Before Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons Fall Into Jihadist Hands?Nuclear Armageddon Is ‘At the Door’Bab el-Mandeb: World’s Most Dangerous Sea-GateBab el-Mandeb: The Gate of TearsThe Promise of Christ’s Second ComingAutobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong