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#377: Week in Review: Warsaw Summit Vs. Iran, Chinese Cyber Espionage, Germany’s New Spy HQ, and Much More

Links [0:43] Warsaw Summit Vs. Iran (9 minutes)The King of the South[10:05] Chinese Cyber Espionage (7 minutes)Isaiah’s End-Time Vision[17:35] Germany’s New Spy HQ (9 minutes)New Spy Headquarters Highlights Germany’s Changing RoleThe Holy Roman Empire in ProphecyWho or What Is the Prophetic Beast?[26:04] Andrew McCabe and the Deep State (9 minutes)Saving America From the Radical Left—TemporarilyThe U.S. Government Is at War With ItselfAndrew McCabe Admits Obama’s People Plotted a Coup...


#376: Trumpet Hour: The Sanctity of Human Life, How the Islamic Revolution Fulfilled Prophecy, Joshua’s Long Day, and More

contrastspurpose Links [1:22] The Sanctity of Human Life (17 minutes)Mystery of the AgesThe Incredible Human PotentialThe Inspiring Truth Abortionists OverlookIs Abortion Really Murder?[18:37] How the Islamic Revolution Fulfilled Prophecy (15 minutes)After 40 Years, Western Intellectuals Still Make the Same Mistakes With the Islamic State of IranGetting It Wrong on Iran for 40 YearsThe King of the South[33:46] Joshua’s Long Day (14 minutes)‘And the Sun Stood Still’


#375: Week in Review: Iraq Moving to Eject U.S., Europe in Russia's Crosshairs, State of the Union, and More

Links [0:57] Iraq Moving to Eject the U.S. (7 minutes)America’s Greatest Defeat—Iran’s Victory[8:05] Europe in Russia’s Crosshairs (10 minutes)Russia Frightens Europe—and Fulfills Bible ProphecyThe Crimean Crisis Is Reshaping Europe![18:01] State of the Union (7 minutes)Communism in America Today[25:43] China Considers Abandoning 'No First Use' Nuclear Policy (5 minutes)Nuclear Armageddon Is ‘At the Door’[31:38] American Weapons in Enemy Hands in Yemen (8 minutes)American Weapons Fall into...


#374: Trumpet Hour: The Real Cause for Expanding Abortion, America Withdraws From Nuclear Treaty, Protecting Christians in Mideast, and More

Roe v. Wadereally Links [1:44] The Real Cause for Expanding Abortion (19 minutes)Mystery of the AgesIs Abortion Really Murder?[18:04] America Withdraws From Nuclear Treaty (16 minutes)Nuclear Armageddon Is ‘At the Door’Four Signs the Second Coming Is Near[35:06] Protecting Christians in Mideast (15 minutes)An Unholy Alliance to Save Persecuted ChristiansSebastian Kurz Sets His Sights on JerusalemThe King of the SouthJerusalem in Prophecy


#373: Week in Review: Defeat in Afghanistan, Europe Undermines Iran Sanctions, Europe-Latin America Align, and Much More

Links [0:42] Defeat in Afghanistan (8 minutess)America Negotiates Defeat in Afghanistan[8:51] Europe Undermines Iran Sanctions (9 minutes)America Is Being Besieged Economically[18:17] Military Cooperation Between Russia and China (7 minutes)Russia and China: Have They Already Formed a Military Alliance?Asia Stands With PutinRussia and China in Prophecy[25:39] The Vatican and Venezuela (7 minutes)“The Deadly Dangerous U.S.-Cuba DealWho or What Is the Prophetic Beast?[33:10] Pope Francis’s...


#372: Trumpet Hour: America’s Radical Turn, Europe’s Rebel Uprising, Zimbabwe and More

Links [1:57] America’s Radical Turn (20 minutes)America Under AttackGreat Again[22:32] Europe’s Rebel Uprising (15 minutes)Is the Rebel Alliance About to Take Down the EU Empire?[37:38] Zimbabwe (12 minutes)Mystery of the AgesThe United States and Britain in Prophecy


#371: Week in Review: Iran-Israel Escalation, Venezuela’s Two Presidents, France-Germany Treaty, and Much More

Links Iran-Israel EscalationThe Imminent Iran-Syria DivorceVenezuela’s Two PresidentsAmerica Is Being Besieged EconomicallyWhat Americans Need to Learn From VenezuelaFrance-Germany TreatyFrance Rejects America—and Empowers Germany!The Holy Roman Empire Goes Public—Big Time!The Holy Roman Empire in Prophecy‘Transformational Changes’ in Chinese MilitaryChina Significantly Boosts Size of Navy and Air Force, Downsizes ArmyChina Is Steering the World Toward WarSouth Korea-United States...


#370: Trumpet Hour: Chinese Navy Transforming, Germany Eyes Brazil, Killer Legal Drugs, and More

cause Links Chinese Navy TransformingChina Is Steering the World Toward WarRussia and China in ProphecyGermany Eyes Brazil“America Is Being Besieged Economically2019: Germany Eyes BrazilEzekiel: The End-Time ProphetIsaiah’s End-Time Vision


#369: Week in Review: The Islamic State Is Not Defeated, Brexit Chaos, China’s Rising Might, and Much More

Links Terrorist Attack in SyriaAmerica’s Withdrawal From Syria—and the Middle EastBrexit ChaosBrexit: 27 Against 1Brexit Vote: Why Britain Faces a Historic CrisisThe United States and Britain in ProphecyChina’s Rising MightTaiwan BetrayalChina Is Steering the World Toward WarRussia and China in ProphecyU.S. Government ShutdownGod’s Family GovernmentGreat AgainMideast Peace PlanBreaking the BrotherhoodBand of BrothersRussia’s Conflict With UkraineRussia Frightens Europe—and Fulfills Bible...


#368: Trumpet Hour: January 16—God’s Miracle Day

Today we talk about January 16: God’s Miracle Day. That is the title of a new booklet by Gerald Flurry. We’ll see why God has emphasized this date over and again during the past three decades. We’ll see how this date points back to a man who fulfilled a vital role in preparing for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ—a man who restored all things, and who preached the true gospel of the Kingdom of God to all nations as a witness. We’ll see how January 16, 1986, marked a dramatic turning...


#367: Week in Review: German-French Aachen Treaty, EU Sanctions Iran, U.S. Mideast Double-Talk, and Much More

Links German-French Aachen TreatyThe Élysée Treaty 2.0: A New Franco-German Friendship TreatyFrance Rejects America—and Empowers Germany!The Holy Roman Empire Goes Public—Big Time!EU Sanctions IranEurope Finally Sanctions IranThe King of the SouthU.S. Mideast Double-talkGreat AgainChinese EspionageYou’re on File: China’s Building a Huge Espionage Database on AmericansAmerica’s Achilles HeelRussia and China in ProphecyBorder Wall PoliticsGreat AgainItaly and Poland’s New Vision for EuropeWho...


#366: Trumpet Hour: Child Rearing With Vision, Dealing With Back Pain, Exploring Space, and More

free bookChild Rearing With Vision Links Child Rearing With VisionChild Rearing With VisionExploring SpaceA Glimpse Beyond the Borders of the Known WorldOur Awesome Universe Potential


#365: Week in Review: The Middle East Is Primed for Conflict, Germany’s Rise Accelerates, China’s Debt-Trap Diplomacy, and Much More

Links Priming the Middle East for ConflictThe King of the SouthIs an Arab Spring Imminent in Sudan?Germany Accelerates Its Ascendancy France Rejects America—and Empowers Germany!Jerusalem in ProphecyChina’s Debt-Trap DiplomacyChina Preparing to Take Over Kenya’s Main Port?Russia and China in ProphecyLatin America’s ‘Troika of Tyranny’Isaiah’s End-Time VisionChina’s Increasingly Aggressive PoliciesBrave New World (Made in China)China Is Steering the World Toward WarChina in SpaceChina’s...


#364: Trumpet Hour: Brave New World (Made in China)

Major infrastructure projects seem to be underway all around the globe. The common factor in all of them is that they’re parts of an initiative by one nation: China. They are all components of China’s globe-girdling Belt and Road Initiative. This means they all have one overarching and underpinning purpose: to give China dominance over world trade. "The Belt and Road Initiative simply blows out of the water anything else that’s been attempted in human history,” said William F. Laurence,...


#363: Week in Review: The Mideast Unravels, Europeans Push Back at Muslims, Gridlock in the U.S., and Much More

Links The Mideast UnravelsIran Conducts Military Drills Near Strait of HormuzThe King of the SouthEuropeans Push Back at MuslimsThe King of the SouthChinese-Japanese Relations: ‘Burying the Samurai’Why the Trumpet Watches Japan’s March Toward MilitarismRussia and China in ProphecyGridlock in the U.S.Great AgainGerman Military Considers Recruiting EU CitizensMacron v. TrumpFrance Rejects America—and Empowers Germany!Netanyahu’s Legal TroublesJerusalem in ProphecyAnti-Israel Trend Among U.S....


#362: Trumpet Hour: Angela Merkel’s CDU Successor, Lebanese Upset at Hezbollah, South Africa’s Coming Race War, and More

Links Angela Merkel’s CDU SuccessorAs France Burns, Germany Chooses ‘Mini-Merkel’Lebanese Upset at HezbollahLebanese Embittered Over Iranian InterferenceSouth Africa’s Coming Race WarSouth Africa on Brink of Race War


#361: Week in Review: U.S. to Leave Syria, EMP Effects, Chinese Cyberattacks, Kosovo’s Army, and Much More

Links U.S. to Leave SyriaAmerica’s Withdrawal From Syria—and the Middle EastElectromagnetic Pulse EffectsCyberattacks: America’s Achilles’ HeelChinese CyberattacksReport: Chinese Hackers Are Stealing U.S. Navy SecretsAmerica’s Achilles’ HeelRussia and China’s Growing AllianceRussia and China Forming ‘Grand Alignment of the Aggrieved’ Against U.S.: ReportRussia and China in ProphecyHe Was RightKosovo’s ArmyGermany Supports Creation of a Kosovo ArmyGermany’s Conquest of the BalkansIsrael’s...


#360: Trumpet Hour: ‘Lord, Help Me Get One More’: The Story of Desmond Doss

On today’s program, we cover the story of an unusual young man who served as a United States soldier in World War II. He read the Bible, and he believed the Sixth Commandment, Thou shalt not kill. He refused to pick up a gun. But he managed to get a job as a medic, and served in multiple actions in the Pacific theater. This is a story of a man who overcame terrible opposition and persecution, but remained committed to trying to serve his fellow soldiers by tending to their wounds. It’s a...


#359: Week in Review: Terror in the West Bank and France, Russia in the Caribbean, Theresa May’s Close Call, and Much More

by other children Links Terror in the West BankIran Pushes Hamas to Ignite the West BankJerusalem in ProphecyTerror in FranceIslamist Gunman Revives Terror in FranceRussia in the CaribbeanIsaiah’s End-Time VisionU.S. Border SecurityPolice Under AttackAmerica Under AttackTheresa May’s Close CallHosea—Reaping the WhirlwindIran’s Growing Influence in IraqThe King of the SouthIndia, Japan Military CooperationIndia, Japan Conduct First Joint Air Force DrillsRussia and China in ProphecyChildren...


#358: Trumpet Hour: Pride in Our Power, America’s History in the Philippines, the Virtue of Hard Work, and More

Links Pride in Our PowerWhat Young Americans Should Know About AmericaThe Lion of the Tribe of JudahMalachi's MessageThe United States and Britain in ProphecyFeminismRedefining Family