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#335: Week in Review: Rehearsing for World War III, Eastern Orthodox Battle, EU Army Moves Forward, and Much More

Links Rehearsing for World War IIIRussia and China Rehearse Nuclear World War IIIWhy the Trumpet Watches Russia Allying With ChinaEastern Orthodox BattleRome and Moscow Fight for Control of Eastern Orthodox ChurchEU Army Moves ForwardWhy the Trumpet Watches Europe’s Push Toward a Unified MilitaryIran’s Attack on KurdsIran Tests Improved Ballistic MissilesCatholic Child Abuse Scandal Reaches GermanyThe ‘Compassionate, Non-Violent’ GulagsChina’s Backup Strategy Against IndiaChina’s New...


#334: Trumpet Hour: Russia’s Plan for World Conquest, Four Signs of the Second Coming, and More

four Links Four Signs of the Second ComingNuclear Armageddon Is ‘At the Door’A Pivotal Sign of the End TimeThe Most Pivotal End-Time Prophecy Has Been Fulfilled!The Incredible Human PotentialAmbassador for World PeaceMalachi’s Message to God’s Church Today


#333: Week in Review: ‘Deep State’ Confirmed, Germany in Iraq, India Drifting From U.S., Ukraine War Intensifies, and Much More

Trumpet Links ‘Deep State’ ConfirmedIs the ‘Deep State’ Real?Germany in IraqWhat Is Germany Doing in Iraq?Germany’s Secret Strategy to Destroy IranIndia Drifting From U.S.India’s Deals With Iran and Russia Defy U.S. SanctionsThe Other Asian Powerhouse: IndiaBrett Kavanaugh SCOTUS HearingsAmerica Under AttackGreat AgainUkraine War IntensifiesThe Ukraine Crisis Was ProphesiedIran Moves Oil Terminal Out of Persian GulfBab el-Mandeb: The Gate of TearsHong Kong’s Ultra-Rich PeopleHong Kong...


#332: Trumpet Hour: Nuclear Pakistan, Bab el-Mandeb: World’s Most Dangerous Sea-gate, and the Promise of Christ’s Second Coming

Links Nuclear PakistanHow Long Before Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons Fall Into Jihadist Hands?Nuclear Armageddon Is ‘At the Door’Bab el-Mandeb: World’s Most Dangerous Sea-GateBab el-Mandeb: The Gate of TearsThe Promise of Christ’s Second ComingAutobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong


#331: Week in Review: Germany’s Far-Right Riots, Iran Vs. Syria, SCO Military Drills, Balkans Border Redraw?, and Much More

Links Germany’s Far-Right Riots‘Civil War’ on the Streets of GermanyGermany, Migrants and the Big LieA Strong German Leader Is ImminentIran Vs. SyriaHow the Syrian Crisis Will EndSCO Military DrillsThe Prophesied ‘Prince of Russia’Balkans Border Redraw?Germany’s Conquest of the BalkansIran Moves Missiles to IraqAmerica’s Greatest Defeat—Iran’s VictoryChina’s Aircraft Carrier Battle GroupChina Is Steering the World Toward War


#330: Trumpet Hour: What Americans Need to Learn From Venezuela, Sex Scandal Reaches Vatican, and More

Links What Americans Need to Learn From VenezuelaA Socialist Nightmare in VenezuelaA New World EconomyThe Wonderful World Tomorrow—What It Will Be LikeSex Scandal Reaches VaticanThe ‘Nuclear’ Memo That Could Bring Down Pope FrancisThe Holy Roman Empire in Prophecy


#329: Week in Review: German ‘Counterweight’ to U.S., China Undermines Iran Sanctions, Trump to Reward Palestinians?, and Much More

Links German ‘Counterweight’ to U.S.Europe and America: They’ve Lost That Loving FeelingGermany and Russia’s Secret War Against AmericaChina Undermines Iran SanctionsThe King of the SouthChina’s Troubling Deal With El SalvadorTaiwan BetrayalHurricane LaneWhy ‘Natural’ Disasters?Trump to Reward Palestinians?Band of BrothersRussia-China Military ExercisesChina to Participate in Russia’s Largest Military Exercise Since Cold WarThe Prophesied ‘Prince of Russia’Germany’s Trade SurplusGermany and...


#328: Trumpet Hour: America: ‘Never That Great’?, China Ruling the Waves, America’s Dwindling Merchant Marines, and More

Links America: ‘Never That Great’?The United States and Britain in ProphecyGreat AgainChina Ruling the WavesThe United States and Britain in ProphecyChanging of the GuardHe Was RightIsaiah’s End-Time VisionAmerica’s Dwindling Merchant MarinesAmerica’s Merchant Marine Fleet Is Almost Gone


#327: Week in Review: Sweden’s Rising Hard-Right, Turkey’s Economic Woes, NYT Slams Constitution, and Much More

New York Times Links Sweden’s Rising Hard-RightEurope’s Old Demons ReturnTurkey’s Economic WoesThe End of the United States-Turkey Alliance?Japan Considers Constitutional RevisionIs Japan’s Military Secret About to Come Out?NYT Slams ConstitutionCommunism in America TodayJustice and Our ‘Evolving Constitution’No Freedom Without LawIsrael-Hamas TruceIsrael’s Deadly ‘Wound’Jerusalem in ProphecyRussia’s Satellite KillersRussia and China in ProphecyFoiled Bioterror Attack in GermanyGermany and...


#326: Trumpet Hour: Turkey-U.S. Relationship on Skids, German-Russian ‘Secret Genocide,’ Kids on Sweets, and More

dangerous Links Turkey-U.S. Relationship on SkidsThe End of the United States-Turkey Alliance?Turkey Is Going to Betray AmericaGerman-Russian ‘Secret Genocide’Germany and Russia’s Secret War Against America


#325: Week in Review: Europe Blocks American Sanctions on Iran, Israel-Hamas Truce Rocked, ‘Dangerous New Era,’ and Much More

Trumpet Links Europe Blocks American Sanctions on IranUnited States Imposes Sanctions on Iran, and Europe’s Dismaying ResponseAtlantic RiftHe Was RightGermany’s Beefed-Up MilitaryGermany May Bring Back ConscriptionGermany and the Holy Roman Empire‘Dangerous New Era’ of Russia’s Relentless AggressionTen Years After Russia Invaded Georgia, It Keeps Taking More TerritoryRussia’s Attack Signals Dangerous New EraThe State of Free Speech in the United StatesA Hit on Free Speech in...


#324: Trumpet Hour: New Nuclear Arms Race, Why California Wildfires, Behind the Scenes of the Undefeated Musical, and More

Undefeated: The Story of Isaiah and Hezekiah. Links New Nuclear Arms RaceSeventy-Three Years After the First Nuclear Strike, Nukes Are EverywhereNuclear Armageddon Is ‘At the Door’Why California WildfiresCalifornia’s Fiery Trials—The Real CauseWhy ‘Natural’ Disasters?Behind the Scenes of the Undefeated MusicalSeals of Isaiah and King Hezekiah Discovered, Exhibit BrochureExhibit Tour: Seals of Isaiah and King Hezekiah DiscoveredUndefeated: The Story of Isaiah and Hezekiah


#323: Week in Review: Iran Threatens to Close Hormuz, Dangerous Croatian Nationalism, California’s Fiery Trials, and Much More

Links Iran Threatens to Close HormuzThe King of the SouthDangerous Croatian NationalismThe Holy Roman Empire in ProphecyChina’s Debt Leverage on Sri LankaChina Expands Economic, Military Influence in Sri LankaWhy the Trumpet Watches the Rise of China As a SuperpowerRussia and China in Prophecy California’s Fiery TrialsCalifornia’s Fiery Trials—The Real CauseWhy ‘Natural’ Disasters?Tension in JerusalemTwo New Fatwas and ‘Israel Is Destroying Al-Aqsa’Jerusalem Is About to Be Cut in...


#322: Trumpet Hour: A New Nuclear Deal for Iran?, The Legacy of ‘King Kennedy,’ Who Will Watch the Watchers in Germany?

Links A New Nuclear Deal for Iran?Are We Close to Another Iran Deal?The King of the SouthWhy the Trumpet Watches Iran and Europe Heading for a Clash of CivilizationsThe Legacy of ‘King Kennedy’Justice Kennedy’s Role in Bringing Down AmericaAmerica Under AttackWho Will Watch the Watchers in Germany?German Government Increases Security, Surveillance PowersWho or What Is the Prophetic Beast?


#321: Week in Review: German-Russian Collusion, Iran Hits Saudi Tankers, Airlines Bow to China, Secret Drug War, and Much More

Links German-Russian CollusionGermany and Russia’s Secret War Against AmericaAirlines Bow to ChinaU.S. Airlines Bow to China on TaiwanWill the Two Chinas Become One?Iran Hits Saudi TankersCiting Attacks on Tankers, Saudi Arabia Halts Oil Shipments Into Red SeaIran Gets a Stranglehold on the Middle EastGerman Defense SpendingWhy the Trumpet Watches Europe’s Push Toward a Unified MilitaryRussia’s Shifting Stance on Iranian Presence in IranHow the Syria Crisis Will EndRussian S-400 Missile...


#320: Trumpet Hour: Giving China the South China Sea, Cuba Renouncing Communism, PYC Campers Speak Up, and More

Links Giving China the South China SeaWinston S. Churchill: The WatchmanEzekiel: The End-Time ProphetCuba Renouncing CommunismIs the Cuban Threat Getting Better—or Worse?Personal Lesson From Peter Strzok’s Congressional TestimonyDon’t Be a Strzok: Admit When You’re Wrong


#319: Week in Review: Emerging EU-Asia Economic Bloc, China to Conquer Taiwan?, Israel Preps for War, and Much More

Links Emerging EU-Asia Economic BlocTrade Wars Have BegunIsaiah’s End-Time VisionChina to Conquer Taiwan?China Pushes at Taiwan With ‘Large-Scale’ Military ExercisesTaiwan BetrayalIsaiah’s End-Time VisionIsrael Preps for WarJerusalem in ProphecyTrump-Putin SummitThe REAL Russia ScandalJapan’s Plutonium StockpileJapan’s Place in the FutureRussia and China in Prophecy


#318: Trumpet Hour: Mexico’s Leftist Revolution, the Selfish People of Uganda, a Massive Gate Uncovered in Israel, and More

Links Massive Gate Uncovered in 3,000-Year-Old Gate Found at Potential Hometown of Absalom’s MotherDigging Ancient Shiloh With Excavation Director Dr. Scott Stripling


#317: Week in Review: Trump Criticizes NATO Allies, Germany Courts China, Japan Seeks First-Strike Capacity, and Much More

Links Trump Criticizes NATO AlliesEurope and America: They’ve Lost That Loving FeelingThe Significance of Germany’s Break From AmericaAtlantic RiftHe Was RightGermany Courts ChinaFacing U.S. Tariffs, China Embraces German BusinessTrade Wars Have BegunJapan Seeks First-strike CapacityWhy the Trumpet Watches Japan’s March Toward MilitarismIsrael’s War With SyriaRussia Outmaneuvers the United States in SyriaBritain’s Brexit WobbleThis Week Proves That Brexit Can’t Fix BritainBrexit Exposes...


#316: Trumpet Hour: The Most Pivotal End-Time Prophecy Has Been Fulfilled!

Many people today are concerned about world events—to the point that they are wondering whether we are in the end time, as prophesied in the Bible. How can you know for sure? Many people have made false predictions about the end of the world based on what they thought about prophecy. On today’s program, we’ll look at one remarkable Bible prophecy that will give you a strong understanding of where we are in end-time events. It is a plain, bold promise directly from Jesus Christ Himself. If...