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Barbara Hemphill, The Paper Tiger Lady, offers tips to help you get and stay productive in a weekly podcast.

Barbara Hemphill, The Paper Tiger Lady, offers tips to help you get and stay productive in a weekly podcast.
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Barbara Hemphill, The Paper Tiger Lady, offers tips to help you get and stay productive in a weekly podcast.




Decide to Decide!

Recently, at the Darnyelle Jervey’s “Unleash Your Incredible Factor” event in Reston, VA, one of the participants shared that the definition of “Genocide is killing thousands of people; Homicide is killing one or more people; Suicide is killing oneself; but to “DE-cide” is to kill every excuse!”


Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

Thank you to all of you who shared how much you appreciated my last blog “What is Your Weight Costing You?” This week I want to talk about how much the weight of clutter is costing organizations. When you think about it, organizations are made up of individuals who struggle with the issue of clutter, so why would organizations be different? When office space was plentiful, you could ignore the problem, but according to the International Facility Management Association, the average office...


Building a Business With The Productive Environment Process

I define a productive environment as “an intentional setting where you can accomplish your work and enjoy your life”. After 35 years in business, I’m honored to say that we have reached another milestone this month—CERTIFYING a BUSINESS as a Productive Environment! Just as you may have heard my story of how I started my business with a $7 ad in a New York City Newspaper...the recipient of our first ever Productive Environment business award was presented to DFIT-Demetrius Farrior’s Island...


Giving Perfectionism and Procrastination the Boot

Did you have good intentions of sending Christmas cards, then New Year’s cards, and now January is coming to an end and you haven’t sent ANY cards? If you’re like most people, one of the biggest stumbling blocks to your success is procrastination -- which is a direct result of perfectionism! Listen to this podcast where I'll share my secret to overcoming this stumbling block.


What Questions Do You Need To Ask?

Martin Edelston, founder of Boardroom Inc and Bottom Line Publications, launched his company over 40 years ago in the basement of his home with $5000 and a determination to help busy people get real-world advice that would allow them to live their lives better.


Are You Doing The Work You Were Meant To Do?

As I reach out to you today, we’ve just received news of the wildfire in AZ that has killed 19 of our most skilled firefighters, rising waters are forcing people from their homes, family and friends are fighting for their lives as a result of deadly diseases, and people are dying as they fight for their beliefs in countries around the world. It’s difficult not to feel helpless. Every day it becomes more evident that we are less and less able to control what happens to us. My heart breaks...


"You Asked, We Listened”: Productivity Podcast is Back!

Advice in a 1931 Marketing textbook read: “Find out what your customers like and do more of it. Find out what they don’t like, and stop doing it!” Actually that’s still sound advice -- not only for business, but also for all relationships whether they are professional or personal. At Productive Environment Institute, we continually try to put this advice into practice.


Crazy Or Creative: Where Does Your Idea Fall?

Many ideas that seem crazy at conception turn out to be very creative once they have been implemented. The Productive Environment Process can assist with building the framework of those ideas. Listen as I share an idea that seemed crazy at first but became an industry standard.


13 Ways A Tickler System Can Reduce Clutter

Do you have a pile of paper that you can't get a handle of? Many do...Organizing paper is the #1 problem in American households! The key to concurring that pile is to have a good SYSTEM in place. The tickler file system is an excellent tool for that SYSTEM. Listen as I share 13 ways it can reduce clutter.


Organizing Your Family History

Do you have a pile of records and photos from past family members that you have been trying to archive for a while now? Or perhaps you've come across some memorabilia during a recent family "archeological dig" and wish to organize it all. This special task of Organizing paper and photos doesn't have to be overwhelming. Listen as I lead you in the right direction of organizing your family's memories.


The Power Of Music

Music is a powerful tool that can be used to heal, motivate, inspire, and help us to learn. There are many blessings of music that we all can easily take advantage's not just for dancing or relaxing. Listen as explain how music can be used in many aspects of life including productivity.


7 Ways To Reduce Your "To Read" File

If you're one of the many people who have a tall "to read" pile this is for you. I've never met anyone who is able to read everything that they intend to read. The pile that results will no doubt become paper clutter and can easily become overwhelming. Listen and I'll share with you 7 ways to reduce that "to read" pile.


Is Ignorance Costing You Money?

A major focus of Productive Environment Institute is helping business of all sizes move toward what I have labeled "Almost Paperless™" I am often asked the question, "Who is your competition?" For years, my answer has been "Apathy" and "Resignation." In a conversation about this topic with Penn Shore, owner of Business Clubs of America, he added, "And ignorance." I never thought of it before, but he's absolutely correct. Listen as I explain how ignorance and excess paper can be costing you...


Why Not? What I Apply from We Bought A Zoo

We Bought a Zoo, staring Matt Damon, is a movie based on a book by the same name -- The Amazing True Story of a Young Family, a Broken Down Zoo, and the 200 Wild Animals That Change Their Lives Forever. I haven’t read the book, but I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and was struck in particular by two words uttered by the star throughout the movie -- “Why Not?" Listen as I explain how I apply this concept to work and life.


Moving Forward: What I Learned from Dr. Seuss

This past weekend I took my granddaughter to see the movie Lorax. I enjoyed it on so many levels, as is always true with Dr. Seuss. Since I saw the movie, I've been seeing that big stone with the words “Unless.” It’s so easy to complain about all the things that we don’t have or don’t accomplish, and those complaints will continue to be facts -- unless... Listen as I show you how you can apply what I learned from Dr. Seuss.


Cloud Computing For Everyday Life

According to PC "personal cloud computing means having every piece of data you need for every aspect of your life at your fingertips and ready for use". In this podcast, I share a story of how cloud computing could have save a client seven hours in lost time due to a flat tire.


5-Step Productive Environment Process For Your Calendar

In past podcasts, you may have heard me list four questions you can use to determine whether something is “organized.” 1. Does it work? 2. Do you like it? 3. Does it work for the others it effects? 4. Can you recover quickly? This week I’m suggesting you apply those questions to your calendar or planner system. Listen as I discuss how to apply the 5-Step Productive Environment Process to your calendar.


5 Ways To Be Accountable and Accomplish Your Goals

Have you ever hired someone to help improve an area of your business -- or your life -- and then stopped working with them before you got the results you really wanted? I have. Recently I have had conversations with a couple of clients who had that experience with my services, and I realize it’s all about accountability of the people involved. Listen as I go through five strategies you can use to be accountable and accomplish your goals


Organizing Paper: Today's Mail Is Tomorrow's Pile

One of the primary productivity principles on which the Productive Environment Institute operates is "Today's Mail Is Tomorrows Pile". Recently, I've had several experiences and conversations which demonstrated the significance of this principle. Listen as I share how a SYSTEM helps you to avoid tomorrow's pile.


Managing Information In Your Organization

Listen as I share some of the key challenges to managing information in your organization and how to know if your organization needs a better system for managing information.