LOA-Today: Hosts Walt Thiessen and Uohna June Thiessen explore the Law of Attraction as it applies in our every day lives.

LOA-Today: Hosts Walt Thiessen and Uohna June Thiessen explore the Law of Attraction as it applies in our every day lives.


New York, NY


LOA-Today: Hosts Walt Thiessen and Uohna June Thiessen explore the Law of Attraction as it applies in our every day lives.




LOA Today - The lies people tell themselves

After starting off with a wonderful letter from listener Deborah, the three of us tackle the topic head-on. Alyx lit up when she heard this was today’s topic because, in her words, she has no time for liars. Then Walt deliberately muddied the waters by trying to define what constitutes a lie, particularly where conscious creation is concern. By the end of the show, we were so deep down the rabbit hole that we couldn’t even see the hole any more! Our app: https://www.loatoday.net/listen...


LOA Today - Chatting About Stuff

Just a lot of random observations and talking points today, but it makes for some really good conversation. And the last five minutes of Dan will have you roaring with laughter. At least, that’s what it did for me! Our app: https://www.loatoday.net/listen #loatoday #lawofattraction #manifesting #vibration #podcast #deliberatecreators #Q&A #alyxking #waltthiessen #danmangena #thangentthursdays


LOA Today - Overcoming Addiction With The Law Of Attraction

Richie Gonzalez, a friend of Alyx’s fiance, Kenny, joins us on the show today to talk about his battle with drug addiction and how the principles in LOA played a significant role in helping him to make the mind shift necessary in order to leave drugs behind and keep them behind him. You can find Richie’s YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeNNI9JM9N_cThS7vR0msZA/videos Our app: https://www.loatoday.net/listen #loatoday #lawofattraction #manifesting #vibration #podcast...


LOA Today - Consciously Creating In Business

Walt tells Alyx about some of the challenges and joys involved in riding the wave, so to speak, when you run a business. Dan surprises everyone by sliding into the show unexpectedly on a day when we thought he would be traveling during the show. And Alyx tells her own story about being ghosted by her maid-of-honor and how she has chosen to get past it. Our app: https://www.loatoday.net/listen #loatoday #lawofattraction #manifesting #vibration #podcast #deliberatecreators #Q&A #alyxking...


LOA Today - Boundaries and More Money Manifesting

Alyx starts us off with some boundary-setting stories, inspired by show last week. Then later, Walt shares an idea about making money online that he’s still stunned no one has started implementing yet, despite the fact that it’s been staring 8 billion people around the planet in the face every time they’ve logged onto Facebook. Finally, Dan joins us late to tell us about some of the results that came from his 4-day “challenge” that just completed on Facebook. It’s still available for...


LOA Today - The Two Benefits Of Good Boundaries

Walt starts things off with two stories that happened today in his role as manager of Louise’s gardening business, and both of them involve boundaries. In fact, they combine together to show exactly how our vibration and our choices produce specific outcomes in our day! Alyx and Daniel also share some really great stories as well. If you’ve ever wanted to understand why good boundaries are so important, this is the episode you want to listen to. Our app: https://www.loatoday.net/listen...


LOA Today - Learning From Kids

Dan shares some of the insights he has gained since the birth of his infant son, Ethan, as well as what he has learned from his 5-year-old step-daughter, Adrianna. Walt then shares some stories about when he helped to open a Sudbury-model school and what he learned from the students of that school. Our app: https://www.loatoday.net/listen #loatoday #lawofattraction #manifesting #vibration #podcast #deliberatecreators #Q&A #alyxking #waltthiessen #danmangena #thangentthursdays


LOA Today - Mindfulness

Alyx introduces us to a new term to describe Thursday episode: Tangent Thursdays. We then embellish to become: Thangent Thursdays! The rest of the show dedicated to helping Alyx to develop more mindfulness in her life. Except for those many points where we’re just laughing! Subscribe if you haven’t subscribed yet to the podcast. And share, too! Our app: https://www.loatoday.net/listen #loatoday #lawofattraction #manifesting #vibration #podcast #deliberatecreators #Q&A #alyxking #waltthiessen...


LOA Today - A Dose Of Neo Positivity!

Dan Mangena brings us another guest today, and once again he’s a huge hit. Born Neomaya De’Jesus Davila, Neo Positivity is what he calls himself these days, and he certainly lives up to his name. He tells us a bit about his journey, which starts like so many such journeys have started by watching the movie, The Secret. The surprise twist to this story is that he was given this movie to watch by a fellow cop on the SWAT team the police department in Camden, NJ where he worked under cover in...


LOA Today - Money Game Tips

Daniel answers a question from listener Amy about what to do when your Money Game “edge” expands far faster than you expected. Subscribe if you haven’t subscribed yet to the podcast. And install our app: https://www.loatoday.net/listen #loatoday #lawofattraction #manifesting #vibration #podcast #deliberatecreators #Q&A #alyxking #waltthiessen #danmangena


LOA Today - Entrepreneurs And Relationships

Monique and Walt start by kicking around ideas for how to help entrepreneurs build their understanding and trust of the Law of Attraction. Then Monique tells a story about how she recently met a new man in her life, and to her astonishment he already knows about LOA and vision boards! This leads Walt to tell the story about how his wife, Louise decided when her cat died that instead of getting another cat, she’d get a husband. Use the LOA Today app to send in your ideas of how we can help...


LOA Today - Failing In Business Multiple Times Before You Succeed

Daniel tells us about a podcast he did recently with another show (gasp!) where his host told him that statistics show that most millionaires fail not once but more than once before they make it. This leads to the inevitable question: why do you have to keep failing? The failure-leading-to-success formula is familiar to LOA Today listeners. We’ve talked about it a lot over the years. But why multiple failures? That’s one of the questions Dan tries to answer for us today. Subscribe if you...


LOA Today - Catching Up On Alyx's Health

Dan and Walt welcome back Alyx, who has been dealing with all kinds of medical issues lately. Alyx returns from her latest surgery to tell us about the life lessons she has learned along the way. She also shares what she would have told herself back when her medical situation started. We also get a visit from listener Jeffrey who tells us about his Intuitive Healing techniques. Install our app: https://www.loatoday.net/listen #loatoday #lawofattraction #manifesting #vibration #podcast...


LOA Today - The Great Conscious Creators

Monique and Walt talk about some of the greatest inventors in modern history and how through the power of their minds they helped to transform our society. This is more a discussion about the power of the human mind than an in-depth exploration of the people themselves. Mentioned inventors and thinkers include Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Neville Goddard, Tony Roberts, and Albert Einstein. Use the LOA Today app to send in your question for us to discuss. To get the...


LOA Today - High Anxiety

With apologies to Mel Brooks, we look at the high levels of anxiety that people are experiencing today, a particularly poignant topic given the anxiety that Alyx herself is experiencing regarding her medical issues. As usual when the three of us get together, we enter some pretty odd comedic realms, but it certainly makes a very enjoyable experience for the audience! Contact us via the LOA Today app: https://www.loatoday.net/listen #loatoday #lawofattraction #manifesting #vibration #podcast...


LOA Today - 03.05.21

Walt confirms that the e-book is now out in the latest version of the LOA Today app and should already be updated on everyone’s devices. So check it out under the Goodies section. He also reads one of the stories from the e-book. Written by friend and former co-host, Anne-Marie McEwen, it’s called, “A Steinway Piano”. It tells the story of how her beloved community arts center that she runs in Middletown, Connecticut managed to acquire a beautiful Steinway piano as a donation. Today, dozens...


LOA Today - Two Minutes Of Insanity (Really!)

Walt shares a personal story that he experienced the night before where 45 years of pent up, negative energy, old “tapes” that had played in his head for years ended up releasing (partially) in a rather overwhelming way. For about two minutes, he experienced what he describes as insanity. His mind went blank, with little fragments of thought flitting by just out of reach moment to moment. It was a little frightening. However, he had the help of his wife, Louise, who guided him through the...


LOA Today - The Fifth Dimension

We start with an email from Barbie saying: “The livestream is quiet lately because you’ve done a phenomenal job at promoting and directing everyone to the app! Well done to you and Dan’s segues! I’m looking forward to the new ebook gift you will ‘soon’ be sharing on the app as well.” After that put a smile on our faces, we look at an Abraham-Hicks quote to discuss where God is: “You cannot be separated from that which you are calling God… People hear us say, ‘Reach for the thought that feels...


LOA Today - Wouldn't it be nice if..

Monique and Walt spend the first quarter of the showing playing a rousing game of “wouldn’t it be nice if”. Then we share some emails from listeners. We also address a problem a listener is having where she really limits her options. Use the LOA Today app to send in your question for us to discuss. To get the free LOA Today app go to: https://www.loatoday.net/listen #loatoday #lawofattraction #manifesting #vibration #podcastan #deliberatecreators #Q&A #moniquescott #waltthiessen...


LOA Today - More About Building Self-Love

More About Building Self-Love Monique and Walt continue last week’s conversation on self-love, starting with an email from listener Barbie, who couldn’t say “thank you” enough times for the inspiration we gave to her. “Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your college experience stories. I was so moved last week when I head this episode. Your story resonated with me Walt when I first heard it having attended a large university myself and having a similar experience albeit not as...