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How to Connect to 97% of your Audience - Part 1 of a 4 part series of Quick Communication Tips.

Have you ever been unengaged when listening to a speaker? Your needs are not being met? You can't connect to what they are saying so you just tune out while resenting that your time is being wasted? If you are the one communicating to the audience, don't let this happen to you! Welcome to Part 1 in our 4 part series "How to Connect to 97% of your Audience" hosted by Lorna McLaren; communication training specialist. This first tip will help you connect and engage the largest chunk of your...

Stress Effects on Intimate Relationships; interview with Dr. Read

Dr Trina Read is a national columnist and best selling author of "Til Sex Do Us Part". She interviews Lorna McLaren on how stress affects us physically and splashes over into our most personal relationships. Quick Communication Tips To get the latest Quick Communication Tip delivered fresh to your inbox: http://www.quickcommunicationtips.com/ Follow on Twitter! @lornamclaren Lorna McLaren Effective Communication, Conflict Resolution, Stress Reduction http://LornaMcLaren.com...


Email Tips: Increase Productivity and Valuable Time. Quick Communication Tips

When it comes to email in the workplace, the #1 Complaint is that there is just too much of it. Do you know what percentage of emails in your inbox are of low importance to no importance? Then on top of that, email has a history of being riddled with miscommunication and misunderstandings. There is a purpose to email and we can be more effective in it’s use. With these tips, you'll gain the energy of being productive at work rather than managing a workload of emails. Free up your valuable...

Visual Dominates; Quick Communication Tips

Of the 3 components of communication - words, tone of voice, and visual. Visual is the most dominant. In this 4 min. podcast, you'll learn: * how eye communication has the biggest impact * why visual dominates all senses * how to use this information for more impact Another fast, fun, focused tip to help busy professionals master the moment. You can sign up at http://QuickCommunicationTips.com to have these Free tips delivered to your email as soon as they come out. Enjoy! Be sure to send...


3 Tips for Men when resolving conflict with your woman; Quick Communication Tips

Gentlemen, these Tips are designed to help you succeed in resolving conflict with your woman, your partner, your significant other. Women often have different perspectives and ways on how to resolve conflict compared to men. Men, it's especially important to resolve conflict well, when it comes to you and your life partner. These 3 Tips will 'Open up a Perspective' of understanding for you. You can benefit from a stronger and happier relationship while experiencing way less undue stress as...

3 Tips for Women when Resolving Conflict with your Man: Quick Communication Tips

Men and Women negotiate, and resolve conflict differently. When it comes to resolving conflict with the man you live with, your spouse or significant other, it's more personal, more variables to consider, and more at stake. Effective conflict resolution will nurture a long and strong relationship. These 3 Tips are designed to help Women do just that. My name is Lorna McLaren and I'd love to hear your feedback. Come visit me at www.LornaMcLaren.com Blogs on Better Communication & Less Stress:...

7 Tips to Protect Your Voice; Quick Communication Tips

Your voice is so very important to you yet you may be causing trauma and damage to it on a daily basis without even knowing! These 7 Tips are designed to protect your voice and ensure better vocal quality. Recognize the 3 most damaging abuses we put on our vocal chords and hear some easy techniques to relax and protect your voice. How often do you use your voice on a daily basis? Whether you speak at meetings, on the phone, with clients, to large audiences, the quality of your voice does...


20 Tips to Communicate with your Teenager, Part 2

During those teenage years, communication may become more of a challenge. This is normal. Welcome to Part 2 where we'll cover Tips #11 through #20. When it comes to communicating with your teenager, these tips are designed to help you do your best, so you can trust the rest . . . Blogs on Better Communication & Less Stress: http://lornamclaren.blogspot.com/ Follow on Twitter! @lornamclaren http://www.LornaMcLaren.com

20 Tips to Communicate with Your Teenager, Part 1

Effective communication is so important yet when our children become teenagers, it often gets more challenging. Communication may become more stressed, painful, frustrating, confusing, anger inducing, heart wrenching. These communication tips are designed to help you open communication, resolve conflict, and reduce stress for you and your teenager. This is Part 1 with tips 1 to 10. Part 2 will cover the next 11-20 tips to communicate with your teenager. Leave a comment! Read the blogs at:...

Thanks in Advance; Quick Communication Tips

This tip can help you reduce emails, inspire & appreciate people, and diffuse a potential problem. It's diplomatic, polite and super adaptable. You can use it with business relationships, friends, and family. This little gem uses the power of appreciation to get what you want. Visit me at http://www.LornaMcLaren.com Read the blogs: http://lornamclaren.blogspot.com/ Follow on Twitter! @lornamclaren

When the Unsuspecting Customer says "No"

"No" can mean many things when uttered by a customer. An Unsuspecting Customer is someone who is approached while out in public. Recognize the other variables that come into play when they say 'no' or you may damage all future business with them. Visit me at http://www.LornaMcLaren.com Read the blogs: http://lornamclaren.blogspot.com/ Follow on Twitter! @lornamclaren


Pass the butter, please . . .

When it comes to Quick Communication Tips, this is one of the easiest tips to start using right away! It's about how your tone ~ sets the tone. The impact of it's effect on how people will listen to you. It's a great awareness and, it gets results fast. For those 'conversations' when your intent is to resolve an issue, try using this tone. Not only will you feel more in control, confident, and relaxed while using it, it can also be one of the most empowering tips to have fun with. My name...

Diction makes a difference - Quick Communication Tip

Diction is the clarity in which we pronounce words. How we pronounce our words will make a difference in how people perceive our message. It can create instant rapport, gain credibility, make the listener want to listen to you more. It can also do the exact opposite. Here are some tips to help you recognize and utilize the impact of diction. You'll also learn a system to pronounce with clarity every time; especially important when you communicate only by voice. Remember, they're perceiving...


Don't drop a bomb without back-up - Quick Communication Tip

There are ways of communicating that are designed for impact. Instantly. You now have our attention. Yet once you have it, you better prove you're worthy of it by backing it up. This Quick Communication Tip will ensure credibility, confidence, and make your communication worthy of your listener's attention when you want to 'drop a bomb' of impact and shake up our world with what you have to say. This Quick Communication Tip will give you impact and credibility. My name is Lorna McLaren and...

Lying Eyes - Quick Communication Tips

When communicating, much is revealed with the eyes. Our eyes can give away many signals from confirming our message with conviction, to lying with intent. Although there are many factors to look at, when it comes to recognizing lying eyes, here are some tips to consider. Quick Communication Tips - helping busy professionals "Master the Moment, no matter what hits the fan" --Lorna McLaren Send me your comments or visit me at http://www.LornaMcLaren.com/ To read the Blog version, go to...

Stop and Stall; Quick Communication Tips

A Quick Communication Tip to help you get out of stressful and highly emotional situations. When the pressure is on, emotions are raw, or that big conflict just landed in your lap, what can you do before an 'inevitable regrettable' is said? Join Lorna McLaren for your fast, fun, focused tip. Leave a comment! Visit me at http://www.LornaMcLaren.com Blog version of this tip: http://lornamclaren.blogspot.com/ Follow on Twitter @lornamclaren