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The State of Content Marketing 2019

Daniel and Ciaran discuss the state of content marketing and the ever-changing relationship between content creators and search engine functionality. We also give Ciaran a few moments to explain why he is so rattled about recent video embed changes that have been happening on Youtube. We cover the issues of tracking surrounding dark social and ways to better track which social channels are driving shares that your analytics can't measure the source of accurately without a little help from...


Digital Marketing New Year Resolutions 2019

Ciaran and Daniel are back to kick the new year off on the podcast with the exciting announcement about our new Digital Marketing Podcast Awards. We want to hear about your favourite digital marketing tools and resources for our soon to be launched Digital Marketing tools and resources. Just head over to to nominate your favourite and most trusted tools. We also share some new year resolutions with a few changes we are making to the podcast which we...


Does Content Marketing Convert?

Earlier this year, Ciaran got to talk with Oli Gardner from Unbounce, a Leading conversion rate optimisation tool. We explored a little of what Unbounce does but mainly focus on an exciting experiment that Oli ran earlier this year on blog content. The aim of Oli's experiment was to see what effect writing a storm of regular content to promote key features their platform offered would have on conversions and the bottom line. The challenge... create content that drives both product...


Advocates and Influence

Daniel and Ciaran discuss the importance of advocates of your brand. How do you build advocacy? How do you keep your online connections genuine and still communicate at scale? We also explore how to deal with both positive or negative feedback while at the same time growing your influence. Are you promoting a purely commercial message or are you also building off the back of smaller steps to deeper engagement like asking for reviews and encouraging engagement and two-way conversations. If...


LinkedIn for Digital Marketing

Daniel explores how digital marketers can make use of their own personal brand via LinkedIn profiles to full effect. Making your posts personal to you can make a massive difference in how others choose to interact with the content you share. LinkedIn is often a much-neglected channel for digital marketers but used correctly it can be so much more than merely sourcing your next career move. With individual engagement often higher than in other channels, mastering LinkedIn can make a real...


Smorgasbord of Digital Marketing Tools

Daniel and Ciaran are back after a short break with a brand new tips and tools episode of tools we have been making use of and loving recently. We have found a whole heap of tools that make use of artificial intelligence tools for helping you analyse your own Twitter feed, investigate recent news sources and links, and perform audio transcription on your video and Audio files. We also take a look at a couple of free digital marketing dashboarding tools which can help save you lots of time...


Email Optimisation

We speak to Philip Storey from Enchant Agency who specialise in helping brands to improve their email marketing. Philip walks us through the art of email optimisation, exploring some tried and tested techniques and frameworks that any email marketer will be able to take and apply to their own email activity to drive improved results. We explore the culture needed for optimisation to thrive in an organisation and gain a measure of the change getting that culture for optimisation can bring...


Should Your Brand Podcast?

Podcasting continues to go from strength to strength with international consumption of podcasts growing steadily. With such consistent growth in its consumer base, we thought it was time we explored podcasting as a marketing medium with great potential for anyone looking for a new and exciting way to build and engage with a loyal audience. In this Episode, Ciaran speaks to podcasting veteran and expert Rob Walch and VP of Podcasting Relations at Libsyn, the worlds largest podcasting...


Learn Affiliate Marketing

Back in August, we met up with Bruce Clayton, co-founder of Optimus Performance Marketing, a multi-award-winning affiliate marketing agency dedicated to driving growth and sales for e-commerce business. Specialists in Affiliate marketing, operating across global territories, Bruce and his team have gained an industry-wide reputation for honesty and excellent results. In our first two-part interview in one episode, Ciaran explores with Bruce exactly what Affiliate marketing is and how it...


Yes, You Can Innovate

Ciaran speaks to writer and CEO, Natalie Turner from The Entheo Network, a global leadership innovation company that provides consultancy and training services to help individuals and organisations create new products and services whilst building innovation skills, capabilities and culture. We discuss Natalie's book 'YES, YOU CAN INNOVATE', a practical how-to-guide to help you develop your innovation strengths. The book is designed to help people around the world get better at making new...


Understanding Conversational AI

Powered by artificial intelligence, chatbots are cutting-edge software applications capable of having highly personalised and engaging conversations with your customers in messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, on voice platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, or directly on your website or app. It’s easy to be sceptical about AI and Chatbots and how they have been implemented in a lot of cases which leads to a rather disappointing experience. The explosion of build it...


Custom Audiences and Retargeting

Do you properly target your display ad campaigns or do you follow more of a carpet bombing strategy? As marketers, it's easy to get hooked on showing adverts repeatedly to get results and argue how effective this is with your results data. However, given how much aggressively retargeted Ad campaigns are disliked universally it is no wonder that consumers and audiences are fighting back with ad blocking software. Research has shown that 11% of users globally have ad blockers installed on...


Top Tips for Live Video Broadcasts

If you listened to our recent podcast interview with Michelle Carvill called 'Get Social', you may well recognise this weeks guest. When Michelle and Ciaran caught up to talk about her Book “Get Social, they also talked about all sorts of other things, and one of them was Michelle’s experience working with facebook live broadcasts. It's always great when you get to meet up with other marketers who have learned how to make a new medium work for them through actually experimenting and using...


Awesome Competitor Benchmarking Tools

Daniel and Ciaran take an in-depth look at online tools to help you with any competitor benchmarking you might need to conduct. These tools are all ones we have tried and tested over the years and include a few which were never intended to be used that way but they work and do a good job if you understand what it is you are looking at. Some of them are paid for services but a lot of them are free and all of them are worth checking out. Have we missed any of your favourites? Drop us a line...


Get Social

Ciaran talks to Michelle Carvill acclaimed author and founder of digital marketing and social media agency Carvill Creative. We explore Michelle's research for her recently published book " Get Social- Social Media Strategy & Tactics for Leaders." Wherever your business is based, and whatever it does, you can guarantee that your customers and competitors, your employees and stakeholders, your promoters and detractors live and breathe social media. Michelle argues that if you want to be an...


Effective Stakeholder Management

Increasingly as digital channels have more and more impact on the success of the overall business, marketers are being tasked with driving change within organisations as they seek to transform systems and processes so they are aligned with the fast-moving demands of customers in every marketplace. A key skill in bringing about transformation and change is stakeholder management. Daniel shares with us his own approach to stakeholder management with some simple, easy to follow guidance on how...


Benchmarking and improving your digital marketing skills

For a while now we have been doing the Digital marketing Skills Test which helps you to benchmark your marketing skills knowledge and provides you with content that will help you improve and master more subject areas. Recently we launched a Digital Skills Benchmark Report together with the CIM ( Chartered Institute of Marketing) . This report pulls together a full report on data from thousands of these benchmark tests, breaking skills down by industry and seniority. In this episode Daniel...


YouTube SEO Guide for Brand Marketers

YouTube has for a long time been know as the world's second largest search engine but with over 50 years of content uploaded every day its easy for your video content to never really get found by the audience you made it for. Understanding how YouTuberanks the content it indexes is vital if your video content strategy is going to work. Ciaran talks to Rob Wilson, Video Spokesperson for VidIQ about their platform which helps you to view some great publically available metrics that YouTube...


The Joys of WordPress

Wordpress is one of the most popular content management systems with many businesses, both large and small, relying on it for managing their day to day website updates and online content. Daniel and Ciaran take a fresh look at WordPress warts and all. We discuss keeping WordPress updated, Wordpress security, Cheap shared WordPress hosting, plugin bloat, documenting customisations. We also look at premium hosting. We also discuss WordPress themes both free and paid as well as...


The Death Of Content Marketing

For some time now marketers have noticed that content marketing is getting harder. Are you focussing enough on promoting the content you are producing or are you in a rush to burn through as much material as you can to get through that week or month? We explore how to make more of the content you are producing and how to track its impact more effectively. Social sharing appears to be an activity in decline, and dark sharing is becoming more and more common. We discuss dark sharing and more...