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2018 YouTube SEO Guide for Brand Marketers

YouTube has for a long time been know as the world's second largest search engine but with over 50 years of content uploaded every day its easy for your video content to never really get found by the audience you made it for. Understanding how YouTuberanks the content it indexes is vital if your video content strategy is going to work. Ciaran talks to Rob Wilson, Video Spokesperson for VidIQ about their platform which helps you to view some great publically available metrics that YouTube...


The Joys of Wordpress

Wordpress is one of the most popular content management systems with many businesses, both large and small, relying on it for managing their day to day website updates and online content. Daniel and Ciaran take a fresh look at WordPress warts and all. We discuss keeping WordPress updated, Wordpress security, Cheap shared WordPress hosting, plugin bloat, documenting customisations. We also look at premium hosting. We also discuss WordPress themes both free and paid as well as...


The Death Of Content Marketing

For some time now marketers have noticed that content marketing is getting harder. Are you focussing enough on promoting the content you are producing or are you in a rush to burn through as much material as you can to get through that week or month? We explore how to make more of the content you are producing and how to track its impact more effectively. Social sharing appears to be an activity in decline, and dark sharing is becoming more and more common. We discuss dark sharing and...


Strategic Positioning And Brand Purpose

Daniel walks us through strategic positioning an brand purpose, breaking down what it actually means with some simple, practical guidance and examples of various brands who have set about achieving clarity on their positioning by putting a very clear and believable purpose behind all their activities. Is your positioning and brand purpose clearly behind all of your current marketing activities? We also announce our new Target Internet Free Membership Resources. Sign up for free and access...


What is Messenger Marketing?

Digital Marketing Podcast listener Jayden Maharaj from Axis Marketing talks us through Facebook Messenger Marketing. What is it? How does it work? And how can it be used effectively to help drive one to one communication with your audience at scale? Based In Vancouver Canada, Jayden and his team have been assisting businesses to set up effective social media advertising programs designed to build more business and have been effectively harnessing Facebook Messenger for their clients over...


Influencer Marketing

Daniel and Ciaran discuss influencer marketing, warts and all. Ciaran shares why he finds influencers such hard work and in many cases such a poor ROI on the effort that goes into recruiting them. (We know they aren't all bad but the bigger they are the harder they are to deal with in Ciaran's experience) In today's celebrity sceptical world, we think advocates are a far more genuine way to get the most out of what is traditionally termed 'Influencer marketing' You get to give genuine fans...


How To Start Building Effective Adwords Campaigns

Ciaran and Daniel walk us through how to go about planning and building an effective Adwords campaign using a process that is quick to do and gets excellent results. With a little bit of basic knowledge you can be getting targeted traffic to your website for a fraction of the cost your competitors may well be paying. The secret is to build highly focussed highly targeted ad-groups within your campaign and to follow a sensible and cautious bidding strategy that grows as your campaign...


Social Media Process & Planning

Social Media can be massively time consuming. Unless you have a robust process behind its management things can slip. In this episode, Daniel shares with us an effective way to approach social media to maximise the impact while minimising the amount of time you need to spend processing your social day to day tasks. Ciaran also has some practical tips on how to implement URL Google UTM code tracking in Google Analytics which for larger organisations can help to much more effectively know...


10 Myths of E-commerce- Part II

In part 2 of this interview, Jon Woodall, founder of Space48 and I continue our discussion on 10 e-commerce myths. We explore the widely held belief that every e-commerce business can become an overnight success. We also discuss some common mobile website conversion myths and explore the strategy of shooting from the hip and not needing a plan. We also discuss how to identify if you are the problem your business is facing.


10 Myths of E-commerce

Ciaran speaks to Jon Woodall, founder of Space 48, an award-winning eCommerce consultancy & Magento Solutions partner for forward-thinking retailers. With years of experience in e-commerce, creating websites that have gone on to be global successes for the brands they have worked with, Jon Woodall brings a massive wealth of insight into what makes a successful E-commerce site. Jon believes that many a CEO, Head of e-commerce, project manager, developer, designer or marketer of an...


Digital Darwinism

In this episode, Ciaran talks to Tom Goodwin, the Executive Vice President and Head of Innovation at Zenith Media USA about his new book Digital Darwinism which launched this month. Tom has been voted a top 10 voice in Marketing by LinkedIn, one of 30 people to follow on Twitter by Business Insider, and a "must follow" by Fast Company. Ciaran and Tom explore some of the themes of his new book including what we can learn from the mistakes of shifting industries of the past when trying to...


Creating Engaging Digital Advertising in 2018

Ciaran speaks to Richard Jones, the CEO of Wayin, a platform that sets out to help marketers to easily configure engaging digital experiences that can be published to owned, earned and paid channels. We discuss why Richard started Wayin and explore some of the challenges marketers face when trying to connect with consumers in the fragmented digital landscape of 2018. Faced with such a fragmented landscape, how should marketers and brands be connecting with consumers? Which platforms and...


#NotesToStrangers - An interview with Street Artist, Andy Leek

This week we have a much longer episode than usual. If you have ever travelled around central London, you may well have come across a unique brand of self-help street art created by artist Andy Leek and branded under the now famous Instagram hashtag #NotesToStrangers. Through his spontaneous street art, artist Andy Leek has grown a loyal following of over 70,000 followers on Instagram who document and photograph his work when they find it posted randomly around the capital. ( Since we...


5 Google Analytics Reports You Should Probably Ignore

In this episode, we explore some of the commonly misunderstood Google Analytics reports and metrics and how to avoid misinterpreting them. When you are using Analytical data to tell a story, there is a real danger you will come to the wrong conclusions and tell a story that isn't really happening.


Single Customer View And How To Achieve it

Daniel and Ciaran explore the single customer view. What is it, how does it potentially work, and what benefits can it bring to your customer and your business in a progressively noisier and noisier marketplace. Sounds great right? But creating a single customer view is one of the most challenging IT headaches any organisation can face. In this episode, we explore some of the barriers to achieving this marketing utopia and give help and advice on steps you can take to move closer to it. We...


User Journey Mapping

Daniel talks us through the process of User Journey Mapping, a simple method to get us all thinking very hard about what content we need and where to place it within your content marketing strategy. We talk through building effective persona’s and how to go about making use of those personas to aid building a compelling user journey into your digital strategy. We also explore how Persona’s fit into building your sales funnel model and talk about how to create content to engage with your...


How to Build Online Communities

We speak with Arjun Jolly, COO and co-founder of adQuadrant, about how to go about building communities online. A veteran online community builder and participant, Arjun has many years experience of building active online communities for a variety of different brands both in the green products and gambling sectors. Ciaran and Arjun explore how communities form, and how marketers can go about building effective communities. How do you get started from scratch? What techniques can you use...


Effective Email Marketing

How well integrated are your email programmes with the rest of your marketing communications? In this episode, Ciaran talks to Philip Story from Enchant about email marketing and what marketers can do to further supercharge what is traditionally the most productive of the online communication channels. Enchant is a specialist email marketing, CRM and marketing automation agency founded by Philip Story in 2014. They specialise in helping marketers to access expert guidance and achieve...


Effective Snapchat Marketing

Miri Qylafi from Social Influencer Agency Fanbytes talks to Ciaran about Snapchat. We discuss where marketers and big brands often go wrong when marketing on Snapchat and Miri shares what Fanbytes have found works well for an effective campaign on this youth focussed social media platform. Whether you are using the platform for your own campaigns or have always wanted to just understand the Snapchat platform a little bit better than you do, this interview will help you to get a better...


Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Business

This episode was recorded back in November, but we have been saving it for the new year as we felt it might well inspire the budding entrepreneurs among you. We were invited to speak to an audience of tech entrepreneurs and App developers at the GDV Dev Fest Event, London. GDV DevFest is the largest free community-created tech conference in the UK and a joint event run by the Google Developer Group Community and University College London ( UCL). The topic we were asked to talk about was...