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Employee Advocacy At Scale with Hootsuite Amplify

Ciaran talks to Alistair Beech from the University of Manchester and explores how they are using Hootsuite’s Amplify App to engage senior staff advocates to help spread the word on the University’s amazing research and campaign initiatives. Based at the largest single-site university in the UK, Alistair shares with us how his communications team went about persuading influential members of the University’s community to engage with their advocacy programme. How do you go about convincing busy...


Revisiting 'The 4P's of the Marketing Mix' with Mike Berry

Is Marketing in your organisation seen as less important than Finance, Sales, Operations or HR? Distracted by digital, does your Marketing team find itself relegated from the top table of decision-making, focusing purely on Marketing Communications? Ciaran talks to Mike Berry, an author, digital consultant, trainer and academic, about the famous "4P's of the Marketing Mix: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion." We discover that the 4 Ps is still as fresh and relevant today as it was when it...


Future Gazing with Matt Ward from podcast

With many of you are gearing up around the start of a new academic year we thought we'd indulge in a little future-gazing. This week we talk with Futurist and Angel Investor Matt Ward from The podcast. With a background in building and selling ecommerce platforms, and as a podcaster interviewing the leaders in the disruptive space, Matt has a unique take on what the future holds. Which current Sci-fi-Esque developments will be transformational and disruptive? Which technologies...


Exploring Instagram Influencers and Fake Social Influence Part 2

In a follow up to our last episode on fake social metrics and engagement, Ciaran speaks to Anders Ankarlid from A Good Company, whose original research into Influencer marketing sparked our interest in effective Influencer marketing measurement. Anders shares the full story behind his research and explains how his organisation have changed how they approach influencer marketing as a result of what they learned. Is your influencer marketing programme at risk of being gamed? Listen in and...


Exploring Instagram Influencers and Fake social Influence Part 1

"Fake it till you make it" is how the old saying goes, but have too many social influencers taken that old adage too much to heart in the race to look as popular and as influential as possible? In the wake of some interesting in-depth research into levels of fakery on popular social media channels, Ciaran and Daniel explore fake social accounts and followers and fake interactions. We’ve spent some time investigating the dark side of Social media metrics so we can explore how they get gamed....


B2B Conversion Optimization

Discover how can you get the most out of the traffic you already have with effective CRO. To aid us with this task, we speak to Jeff White, a leading conversion optimization specialist from Kula Partners in Canada who focus their work helping B2B organisations and manufacturers. We explore what Conversion Optimization is, and what it can offer marketers brave enough to admit their website and content could be working much harder. If you are interested in learning more about Conversion...


Heartificial Empathy

For any marketer with a heart who wants to connect with their audience, empathy in business has always been important. We explore with Author Minter Dial how empathy is effectively used in the workplace and how important it is as the marketing world embraces artificial intelligence. Are you hard baking enough empathy into the culture of your organisations? Are you exploring how you can work that into any chatbots or AI you may have already launched or are planning to start? Listen in and...


Exploring SEO Link Building Techniques

Daniel and Ciaran explore the slightly controversial subject of link building. Inspired by a post one of our LinkedIn group members wrote and shared we decided we should explore some the link building techniques we’ve come across and debate how useful they are in terms of adding value to what you do. In our opinion, effective link building is all about adding value around the content you link from and to. It shouldn't be about gaming algorithms, but as you will see, some of these techniques...


Personal Voice Assistants

Over the last few months, we've been taking a closer look at voice assistant devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. In this episode, we share how we overcame our scepticism of their usefulness and explore how these devices are used. We also question what effect they might have on future marketing. Ciaran took up a challenge laid down by digital marketing author, speaker and podcast listener, Dr Geraint Evans. Geraint agreed to try and convince Ciaran of the voice assistant's value...


Nine Years of The Digital Marketing Podcast

This week we are celebrating our 9th Birthday. 9 years ago this week we launched The Digital Marketing Podcast. We take a look at a couple of news events in the news that week nine years ago and to celebrate with you all we invite you to try out a whole suite of useful tips and tools to give presents to everyone. There are some games to play, ( Pac man is 39 years old this week so happy birthday to him- check the link below to play!) We also have some face changing video apps plus we explore...


A Planning Masterclass with Peter Morville

Daniel and Ciaran take a closer look at planning with an in-depth interview with Peter Morville, the father of information architecture and the author behind the book Planning for Everything: The Design Of Paths and Goals. Peter walks us through the principles and practices of great non-linear planning, which he uses to help both himself and his clients build a better future. In today's world, almost anything is possible, but to achieve it, you need to know how to plan and how to adjust the...


Podcast Marketing Strategy

In celebration of their book Podcast Marketing Strategy launching, Daniel and Ciaran explore some of the strategies that make podcasts such an effective content marketing vehicle for so many businesses. Listen in an discover what Podcasting could do for your business. We want to encourage more people to try podcasting. It's a lot easier than you think and the format is just so flexible. It's also a great way to build an engaged community of listeners in a way that other content mediums never...


Personalized Marketing

Daniel makes a case for the importance of marketing personalization. A lot of this years trend reports have claimed personalization is a big focus for 2019. Daniel shares with us why he thinks this is more important than ever. So exactly how do we provide relevant, personalized content at every stage of our marketing funnel, and how do we take this process and perfect it beyond delivering emails? What systems can we use to provide an improved and more personalized marketing experience for...


Larry Kim, Chat Marketing, Facebook Messenger Chatbots and MobileMonkey

We take another look at Chat Marketing with Special Guest Larry KimCEO of>MobileMonkey. Ciaran and Daniel introduce this episode and share their journey with Chatbots and explore some of the scepticism surrounding them. If you are cynical about Chatbots and what they might offer your organisation have a listen to this episode and also catch up with our earlier episode on Conversational AI Larry Kim Anyone active in social media in the marketing space cannot have failed to have been...


Discover Valuegraphics

Are you looking for techniques and methodologies to further improve the effectiveness of your content marketing campaigns? This week's podcast guest may well rock your world and open your eyes. ( In a good way) After a successful career in marketing, developing ideas and concepts to engage stakeholders for several hundred organisations, David Allison recognised the need for a more scientific method to determine what influences a target audience. Like many of us, David realised that so many...


How To Create And Produce Great Brand Video

Ciaran talks to Matt Green, the Founder and Executive Producer at Evo studios, a Los Angeles based creative content studio. Evo has been creating waves in the video content world since 2011. Their Creative team is trusted by many global brands to produce outstanding content, including Google, The BBC, Samsung, Jim Beam, Victoria's Secret, Reebok and Sky Sports. Matt and his team specialise in bringing first-class creative ideas to life, so we thought we would set him up with Ciaran to delve...


How Secure Is Your Website?

Do you understand how secure your website is from hackers? If you have never looked into this, it might be a lot more vulnerable than you think! It's so easy to overlook Website security and to tell ourselves it is someone else's problem until the worst happens and you get hacked. At that point, you'll wish you had paid more attention and taken a proactive interest in keeping your site and content more secure. To help all our listeners understand website security and what you can do to...


The State of Content Marketing 2019

Daniel and Ciaran discuss the state of content marketing and the ever-changing relationship between content creators and search engine functionality. We also give Ciaran a few moments to explain why he is so rattled about recent video embed changes that have been happening on Youtube. We cover the issues of tracking surrounding dark social and ways to better track which social channels are driving shares that your analytics can't measure the source of accurately without a little help from...


Digital Marketing New Year Resolutions 2019

Ciaran and Daniel are back to kick the new year off on the podcast with the exciting announcement about our new Digital Marketing Podcast Awards. We want to hear about your favourite digital marketing tools and resources for our soon to be launched Digital Marketing tools and resources. Just head over to to nominate your favourite and most trusted tools. We also share some new year resolutions with a few changes we are making to the podcast which we hope...


Does Content Marketing Convert?

Earlier this year, Ciaran got to talk with Oli Gardner from Unbounce, a Leading conversion rate optimisation tool. We explored a little of what Unbounce does but mainly focus on an exciting experiment that Oli ran earlier this year on blog content. The aim of Oli's experiment was to see what effect writing a storm of regular content to promote key features their platform offered would have on conversions and the bottom line. The challenge... create content that drives both product awareness...