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Gem FM 058 - Klangkuenstler

This week we have Klangkuenstler; a young artist from Germany who is breaking through big time! Gem's own Reinier Zonneveld released Klangkuenstler's previous EP on his Filth On Acid label (link below). Catch Klangkuenstler and Reinier Zonneveld at Lagoa, Belgium this weekend June 22. TRACKLIST 01. Fjaak - Gewerbe 15 02. Klangkuenstler - unreleased 03. Arjun Vagale - Photon (Ramiro Lopez Remix) 04. Industrialyzer - Solid Buzz 05. Charlotte De...


Gem FM 057 - Cari Lekebusch

Swedish legend Cari Lekebusch needs no introduction. So instead we will use one of the most kind and down to earth founders of techno's own words to describe this episode: "The mix starts off a bit mysterious and goes slowly into party mode, to eventually peak out before getting more trippy and ending in a strange Alice in wonderland." TRACKLIST Cari Lekebusch - DJ Set, June 02, 2018 - For GEM FM. 63 minutes 13 seconds. WAV (44.1kHz) tracklist: Linn Elisabet - Brittle Agenda (Street Life...


Gem FM 056 - SAMA DJ set @ Café d'Anvers - 27 April 2018

Secret Cinema has been hammering SAMA's music for a while now. His releases on Kraftek, Persuit and Noir Music have all been spot on. So enjoy an hour of SAMA in episode 56 of Gem FM! TRACKLIST 1: Rodrick - Storming 2: Michel Lauriola, Juan Trujillo - Death (Callum Plant Remix) 3: Frank Deka - Plastique 4: Marco Faraone, Hertz Collsion - Solar Shade 5: Steve Mulder - Phenom (Filterheadz Remix) 6: Hyperloop - In Your Mind (Reflections) 7: Pig&Dan - On The Way To Holland (Uakoz Remix) 8:...


Gem FM 055 - Industrialyzer live @ Manizales Colombia - April 28, 2018

This week we have Industrialyzer on Gem FM with a live set recorded at Manizales Colombia. After having previously released a remix on Gem Records he now has a new EP out (link below) on Second State run by our friends Pan-Pot. A good moment to get this Amsterdam based techno beast on the show! TRACKLIST Industrialyzer - Multiple Walls Industrialyzer - Live Sugar Industrialyzer (Unreleased) Industrialyzer (Unreleased) The Advent &...


Gem FM 054 - Secret Cinema @ Shelter Amsterdam - 12 May 2018

Enjoy two hours from Secret Cinema's 8 hour marathon set at Shelter Amsterdam in episode 54 of Gem FM TRACKLIST Akenaton - Concept And Meaning VNTM - High Above Benshock - Ravas ARKVS - Lack Of Transparency Oktet - Quasar (Inland Remix) Spiros Kaloumenos - Electric Loneliness (Michel Lauriola Remix) Beautiful Noise - On Glass Detroit Grand Pubahs - I Didn't Want To Party - Lad Remix Billy Turner - Raisin (Original Mix) Eitan Reiter - Flux Roman Poncet - Piège Alex Ground - Lie to Kick It...


Gem FM 053 Steve Parker

Steve Parker just released an amazing album on Glenn Wilson's Planet Rhythm (link below). His productions are regularly featured in Secret Cinema's sets and have been for many years. A good moment to invite him for an extra long two hour episode of Gem FM. TRACKLIST 01. Edit Select - Intra-Grain 02. Mass - Interpretation Of Nowhere 03. Steve...


Gem FM 052 - Secret Cinema - Shelter Amsterdam preview set

Secret Cinema delivers a preview of what to expect from his 8 hour set at Shelter Amsterdam, May 12 in the one year anniversary show of Gem FM! FB event: Tickets: TRACKLIST 1 Deepbass - Departure 2 Samuel_L_Session_-_Drumwerk 3 Patrick Siech - Sektor 214 4 Ferdinand Dreyssig - Shades Of Prey 5 Akenaton - Concept And Meaning 6 Sodeyama - Test Pttrn UUU 7 TWR72 - Juicy Grey (Original Mix) 8 Aempty - Dictum 9 Entropy Frequency - A Waking Dream...


Gem FM 051 - Mark Reeve

Mark Reeve is one of our favorite techno producers of the moment. He spent most of April at the #1 chart position on Beatport with his Far Away EP on Drumcode (link below). Now he joins us with a one hour mix in episode 051 of Gem FM! TRACKLIST Tim Green - Echoes Shimza - Secret Melodies Butch - Countach Fideles - Cerchio Bart Skils & Rainer Zonnefeld - Snake Charmer (Pig&Dan Remix) Mark Reeve - Redemption Robert Hood - Red Machine...


Gem FM 050 - Rob Hes

This week we welcome one of the fastest rising talents from the Netherlands: Rob Hes. After releasing music on most of the big and relevant techno labels he went on to launch his own Persuit. His podcast includes the upcoming release by SAMA (link below). Enjoy Rob Hes in episode 50 of Gem FM! TRACKLIST Noraj Cue - Opdringerig Hooi | Pursuit The Deals - Raw War | sci+tec LAAT - Take Me Back | Tronic Rob Hes - Brute Sine | Tronic SAMA - We...


Gem FM 049 - Remy Unger

This week we have one of the pioneers of the Dutch techno scene, Remy Unger. Since the start of his career at the legendary Club Roxy in Amsterdam he has always constantly delivered his signature hypnotic brand of techno. He released on Gem Records twice before and now he is our guest on Episode 49 of Gem FM. TRACKLIST Petrichor vs Alex Bau Remy Intro Edit Ray Kajioka - 12 Hours (Truncate Remix) Deniro-Kairuku Akrvs-Navigator Tracey-Stratosfear Roberto - Into The Blue Radio Slave & Danton...


Gem FM 048 - Secret Cinema @ Thuishaven Amsterdam - March 24 2018

This week we have an extra long show with Secret Cinema recorded live at Thuishaven Amsterdam. This year round festival location is home to some of the best parties in the city. Enjoy episode 48 of Gem FM! TRACKLIST Pleasurekraft - G.O.D. (Gospel of Doubt) part 1 Noemi Black - From The Dark Synebot - X-press (Damon Wild rmx) CNCPT - Peonia 1 Sama - We Thought (Hatzler Remix) Hedrome - Waingro A Morgan - New Dimensions ARKVS - Lack of Transparancy Pfirter, Monoloc - Trucker 1 2pole -...


Gem FM 047 - Paride Saraceni

Paride Saraceni has been on our radar for a while now with his many releases on Christian Smith's Tronic. Paride also gives us a sneak peek of his soon to be launched Post Scriptum Music in episode 47 of Gem FM. TRACKLIST 1. Reset Robot - Held Note [We Are The Brave] 2. Secret Cinema - Timeless Altitude (Heiko Laux remix) [Gem] 3. Alan Fitzpatrick - Joy Rider [We Are The Brave] 4. Petter B - Autonomous Overdrive [Odd rec] 5. Paride Saraceni - One Sided Heart [Unreleased] 6. Petter B - Sokt...


Gem FM 046 - Joran van Pol

This week we have Joran van Pol in episode 46 of Gem FM. Be sure to check out his new EP on Pig&Dan’s Elevate label. All three tracks are in the mix and available on Beatport here: TRACKLIST 01. Nuno Lisbon - Anxious 02. Hollen - Sleeping Dogs 03. Abstract Division - Relevance (Forward Strategy remix) 04. Redhead, Vril - Target Line 05. Maksim Dark - Stronger 06. Joran van Pol - Outsider 07. Egbert - Zaag 08. Joran van Pol - Edge 09....


Gem FM 045 - Secret Cinema

This week on Gem FM a DJ set from Secret Cinema himself. Live and direct from his secret kitchen table in Episode 45 of Gem FM! TRACKLIST 1 Dubspeeka - Aakash 2 Ray Kajioka - RC14 3 Darren Emerson - Brooklyn 4 Anja Schneider - 'Prosperity' (Original Mix) 5 Noemi Black - From The Dark (Original Mix) 6 Morgan - New Dimensions 7 BiLY - Neuronal 8 Mark Reeve - Redemption 9 Johannes Volk - Sandcrawler 10 Mark Broom - Loop132 11 Moteka - Asgardia (Jeroen Search Remix) 12 SAMA - We Didn't Know 13...


Gem FM 044 - Kevin de Vries DJ set @ Lehmann Club DE, Feb 9 2018

Secret Cinema has been a big fan of Kevin de Vries' music for a while now and even did a remix for his Infinity EP on Unrilis. It was about time to invite him for a set on Gem FM. Enjoy! TRACKLIST - Voices From The Dawn - Afterlife & - unreleased - Jupiter - Watergate Records - Far Away - Drumcode Unknown...


Gem FM 043 - Roberto Capuano DJ set @ 1988 Club, Rennes FR

This week we have one of the talents responsible for bringing the Itialian sound to every festival club and techno chart on the planet: Roberto Capuano! TRACKLIST Spektre - Halcyon (Roberto Capouano remix) Weska - Voyage Format B - Magic Button (Wehbba Remix) Andrea Oliva - Preset The Reset (Philip Bader remix) Cari Lekebusch - Cicada The Advent - Valiant Keys (Egbert remix) Luigi Madonna & Roberto Capuano - Midfield Mark Reeve - Are We Different Ellen Allien - Innocence (Truncate remix)...


Gem FM 042 - Gregor Tresher DJ set @ Bolgia, Osio Sopra, Italy, 10 Feb 2018

One of Germany's most import techno producer, DJ and label boss Gregor Tresher honors Gem FM with a DJ set this week. Recorded live at Bolgia in Osio Sopra Italy, the set consists of the powerful pumping techno with which Tresher never disappoints. TRACKLIST 1. Patrick Siech - Tetrahedon Cluster (Mary Go Wild) 2. Cari Lekebusch - Endurance (MoIn) 3. Marco Faraone - Modular Day (OnEdgeSociety) 4. Gregor Tresher - Inhale (Atoll Remix) (GTO) 5. Tensal - Fano (Soma) 6. Andre Kronert - Roll The...


Gem FM 041 - Secret Cinema

This week the Gem Records front-man Secret Cinema dives into the new music out there and delivers a studio set with lots of fresh tunes. Enjoy an hour long techno journey in episode 043 of Gem FM. TRACKLIST 1 Remy Unger - No Stopping Here 2 Patrick Siech – Tetrahedron Cluster 3 Orbe - Last Minute In Space (Original Mix) 4 Steve Parker - Firefly 5 3KZ -A Love Supreme 6 Janice - 4 out 3 7 Rene Wise - Hinder 8 Spiros Kaloumenos – Electric Loneliness (Michel Lauriola Remix) 9 Wehbba -...


Gem FM 040 - Hatzler

This week we have the third artist in a row affiliated with Oliver Huntemann's record labels: Hatzler. Enjoy an hour of powerful, synth heavy techno from Hamburg. TRACKLIST Hatzler - A1 Two Sided Agency - Universal Binary BEC - Forward Motion Metodi Hristov - Impuls Schach Matt - Liberation The Southern - Workout ( Loco & Jam Remix) Petter B - Autonomous Overdrive Gary Beck - Round my place Bart Skills - Ocean Drive Anna - The Dansant Ilario Alicante - The eye of Virgo Sama - We always...


Gem FM 039 - Wigbert

One of our favorite artists of the moment graces Gem FM with an amazing deep hypnotic techno set. Enjoy an hour of Wigbert in episode 39 of Gem FM! TRACKLIST 01. Juan Atkins, Moritz Von Oswald - Transport (Original Mix) / Tresor Records 02- Sefton - The Dawn Of Man (Original Mix) / Ellum 03. Dold - Pushing (Original Mix) / MindTrip 04. Destination Unknown - Theme 1 (Original Mix) / Kuiper Noise 05. Henning Baer - Code Buster (Original Mix) / MANHIGH Recordings 06. Ellen Allien - Innocence...