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Craig Settles and guests discuss business strategies for putting broadband networks into place, as well as policy issues that affect community broadband.

Craig Settles and guests discuss business strategies for putting broadband networks into place, as well as policy issues that affect community broadband.
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Craig Settles and guests discuss business strategies for putting broadband networks into place, as well as policy issues that affect community broadband.






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Move Over Silicon Valley – The Gig City is the New Innovation Powerhouse!

Just up the highway from Silicon Valley, the Bay Area’s first gigabit city is transforming a former manufacturing powerhouse into a test bed of technology and other innovations. San Leandro joins Chattanooga and Kansas City with broadband-inspired economic development, government efficiency, education and telemedicine. City Hall, the Police Department, and all City facilities are connected to a 10-gigabit port via Lit San Leandro, which has increased the facilities City Hall bandwidth by...


Libraries: Broadband Leaders of the 21st Century.

With this week’s modernization of the FCC’s Lifeline, the impact of libraries in this program is a crucial discussion, though I’m still trying to understand how community broadband can be used in the program. Don Means, Director of the library advocacy group Gigabit Libraries Network, explains how libraries can facilitate broadband planning, financing and the marketing of the networks once they are build. Looking at the public networks that have been built, some communities could have...


How Do You Spell Community Broadband Success? Hint: Constituents hold the a

A large majority of municipal and public utility broadband networks are successes. Next Century Cities lays out several paths to help your community to reach this winner's circle. NCC Executive Director Deb Socia describes for listeners a range of business and funding models for community broadband that are creating success stories around the country. Communities such as Santa Monica, CA and Mount Vernon, WA built success by using their networks for replace T1 lines and other old...


Playing to Win At the Broadband Ballot Box

State laws mandating these public-owned broadband networks get voter approval through referendum campaigns used to mean near-certain death for any project. Kiss those days goodbye! Meet the winners who have turned the tide. November 4, EIGHT towns and counties all passed ballot initiatives to return the authority to pursue broadband to their constituents. With 70% or more of the vote. Predominately Democrat or Republican didn’t matter. How did they do that!? Representatives of Boulder, Rio...


They owe us $400 billion! Why trust the telcos with an open Internet?!

If someone owed you $400 BILLION, would you really trust them to look out for your best interests? Currently, Comcast is trying to convince regulators that it's in consumers' best interest if they swallow up Time Warner, AT&T apparently wants to broker a grand compromise on net neutrality and several giant incumbents are arguing that public-run networks are the scourge of Satan. A just released book provides a mountain of data that suggests regulators should take great caution in assessing...


Congress Seeks to Destroy Broadband Lifeline to Urban & Rural Poor

Congressional reps, in theirannual pique over the abuses of a couple of wireless companies, are attempting to once again throw out the broadband baby with the water of a corrupted few. Atty. Anthony Veach, from telecom industrylaw firmBennet & Bennet PLLCjoins us to discuss House bill 5376'sthreat to broadband usage in underserved communities. Veach describes how thecurrent FCChas made reforming its telecomindustry-funded Lifeline grant program a priority, and discusses whetherCongress's...


The great thing about community broadband marketing is…it works!

Many communities must understand that, without a well-crafted and executed creative marketing strategy, their broadband networks will have limited success. This is particularly true in states such as North Carolina that have a hostile political climate for public networks. Salisbury, NC has held their own for four years, but plans to turn on the marketing afterburners to accelerate their growth and impact on the community. Salisbury Mayor Paul Woodson and Mayor Pro Tem Maggie Blackwell...


Get your head in the clouds! That's where the community broadband money is.

As the endless stream of RFPs for community broadband feasibility studies widens, are these communities considering the intersect between broadband and cloud computing? It's important to have quality infrastructure that reaches all constituents, but it's equally important to build an infrastructure that supports applications that make the network financially sustainable. Learn how to create a role for cloud computing in your broadband planning. Bernie Arnason, publisher and editor of...


3D printing & community broadband will change the world! Are you ready?

Feetz don't fail me now! Chattanooga this week unveiled several awe-inspiring 3D applications that development teams created this summer on the city's gig network. As broadband champions get their brains wrapped around 3D printing and the technology's potential benefits, it's immediately clear why your broadband plan should include 3D printing apps. Two companies from Demo Day give you an eye-opening peek at the future. Feetz This is is a 3D printing manufacturer and retailer that creates...


Live from Chattanooga! Gigabit Nation 3rd Anniversary Broadcast.

Three years ago, July 27, 2011, Gigabit Nation launched to help public, private and nonprofit organizations get better broadband everywhere it needs to be. Chattanooga's gig network was my first feature. Join the show's 3rd Anniversary broadcast live from EPB, Chattanooga's public utility and operator of the first U.S. citywide gigabit network. Chattanooga is one of the rock stars of U.S. broadband. Meet key players from center stage and behind the scenes driving innovation, economic...


The Name's Bond. Muni Bond. I've Come for Dr. No Broadband.

As an increasing number of communities begin seriously exploring options for a community broadband network, it seems municipal bonds are once again being considered as a serious funding option. This year's survey of economic development pros reveals that just over half feel their communities could successfully launch a bond measure, or that their chances for success are 50/50. Three factors lead to the success of issuing muni bonds to fund community broadband networks: the political will...


Fact-checking Opponents' Lies, Distortions about Public-owned Broadband - J

How do you know when a public or community broadband project presents a serious threat to telco and cable incumbent providers? The flood of lies, half-truths and outlandish distortion of relevant issues. The only cure for the dark clouds that opponents try to cast over public-owned networks is to shine the bright light of fact-checked truth over errant anti-muni network statements. In Utah, a group of cities in the UTOPIA fiber project are evaluating a potential deal with...


Toronto Selected Intelligent Community of the Year - Broadband Plays Role -

Though occasionally the butt of political humor, Toronto is no joke when it comes of using technology to improve Canada's largest city's economic future, Toronto began serious efforts to capitalize on Internet networks when Muni WiFi was all the rage in 2005, and WiFi emerged again in 2013 as a key technology for the city as they tackle digital inclusion issues. However, its plans to use a gigabit network as part of an aggressive economic development project on the waterfront helped...


Broadband, Innovation and Jobs: The Trifecta of Economic Development - Jun

Every time you read about some city or county announcing plans to build a highspeed Internet network, it is almost certain you will read that the broadband network is expected to improve the local economy by bringing more innovation and jobs to town. But is this a guaranteed conclusion? Is it enough just to get a gig to every business, or do communities need to wire every home as well? How much innovation is needed before you see new jobs? And how many jobs equal success? To answer these...


What Do Communities Need to Know About Broadband, But Aren't Being Told - J

Community broadband project teams and stakeholders always hear that these network services are the new utility, they improve economic development and people use broadband to find jobs. But what's missing? After the news stories, conferences, Webinars and calls to colleagues, what do those folks driving broadband deployments still need to know? Jeffrey Gavlinski, one of the two primary people behind this year's successful Mountain Connect rural broadband conference, shares what he finds are...


What's Working, What's Not in the Community Broadband World - May 27,2014

Community highspeed Internet networks really started to become prominent in the media during 2011 - 2012, but broadband has been playing key roles in some communities for a decade or more. It is good to occasionally stop and take stock of what this technology is accomplishing. Norm Jacknis, Senior Fellow at the think tank Intelligent Communities Forum (ICF), studies the economic and social development of 21st Century communities. He offers detailed analysis on what uses of broadband networks...


Broadband Stimulus: What have we accomplished, where do we go next? - May 0

In 2009, the Dept. of Commerce's BTOP agency, and the Dept. of Agriculture's RUS agency committed $7.5 billion to organizations and companies to deliver broadband infrastructure, adoption programs and computing centers to communities in need across the U.S. This week many of the BTOP grant recipients gather in Washington, DC to compare notes and progress at the Schools, Health & Libraries Broadband (SHLB) Coalition's annual conference. SHLB Executive Director John Windhausen gives us an...


Like Politics, Successful Digital Inclusion Is Local. - May 06,2014

Digital inclusion - closing the technology gap between the have's and have not's - may be a priority for some federal and state agencies, but the delivery of measurable results happens mostly at the local level. This is particularly true for broadband. Too many variations between cultures, geography, economic priorities, languages and other factors exist for cookie cutter attempts to get underserved constituents online AND maximizing broadband technology. A Broadband Technologies...


Re-Thinking Broadband, eRate, Education and Your Local Economy. - May 01,20

It is accepted in economic development and public policy circles that a strong K-12 education system attracts and retains businesses, while contributing some of the local workforce. What may be less understood is how to maximize broadband networks to drive the economic outcomes that education promises. EducationSuperHighway is a nonprofit that provides services, staff and public policy advocacy to help schools maximize their use of broadband and lower the technology's cost. Of particular...


Who Will Carry the Flag for Broadband - Apr 14,2014

Community broadband success usually does not ride solely on one person's shoulders. However, there is a type of person who is critical to a network project's success - the broadband champion, that local person(s) who figuratively carries the flag and supports the project to friends, neighbors, colleagues and even strangers. Mark Latham, City Manager for Highland, IL, recently finished overseeing a broadband stimulus-funded gig network project for his community of 10,000 citizens after 78% of...