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Craig Settles and guests discuss business strategies for putting broadband networks into place, as well as policy issues that affect community broadband.

Craig Settles and guests discuss business strategies for putting broadband networks into place, as well as policy issues that affect community broadband.
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Craig Settles and guests discuss business strategies for putting broadband networks into place, as well as policy issues that affect community broadband.






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Free At Last, TN Co-op Dives Into Broadband

Last year, the Tennessee governor and legislature freed co-ops of restrictions on delivering broadband to its members. Last month, the first co-op out of the gate announced its partnership with a local ISP to provide gigabit service to its members. Smart grid, public safety, and consumer and business services are some of the benefits middle Tennesseans will reap from the partnership. Chris Jones, President and CEO of Middle Tennessee Electric Member Corporation, William Bradford, president...


Tele-stroke Services Saves Lives In Arkansas

Arkansas used to lead the US in stroke deaths. Less then 1% of stroke patients statewide received the de-clotting drug alteplase (TPA). Renee Joiner, (BSN, RN) Director of Arkansas SAVES Stroke Telemedicine Program and Tina Benton, (BSN, RN) Oversight Director of the Center for Distance Health explain how telehealth turned around the state's stroke recovery in the state. Arkansas's state healthcare broadband network, the Center for Distance Health at the UAMS and the Arkansas Department of...


Chattanooga Doc Shows Community Broadband the Linchpin To Great Telehealth!

Chattanooga soon will reach 100,000 subscribers for its public broadband network. And the telco/cable incumbents would love nothing better than to crush the life out of the city’s network. Telehealth could keep EPB, the city public network, a step or two ahead of competitors. Dr. Laurie Davis and her medical practice (In Good Health) were part of a pilot test for a telehealth product and service and conducted by EPB. She recounts her experiences with telemedicine and how it has improve the...


Psst! FCC. Crappy Broadband Means Crappy Telehealth!

We could lower the nation’s collective healthcare bill if we leveraged telehealth. The FCC apparently got the message and plans to launch the Connected Care $100 million grant program. But some worry that the grant will become one more taxpayer-financed giveaway to giant telco/cableco. Former Commissioner Mignon Clyburn discusses the importance of community broadband to telehealth delivery. People who are the most vulnerable economically are affected most by FCC broadband and telehealth...


Move Over Silicon Valley – The Gig City is the New Innovation Powerhouse!

Just up the highway from Silicon Valley, the Bay Area’s first gigabit city is transforming a former manufacturing powerhouse into a test bed of technology and other innovations. San Leandro joins Chattanooga and Kansas City with broadband-inspired economic development, government efficiency, education and telemedicine. City Hall, the Police Department, and all City facilities are connected to a 10-gigabit port via Lit San Leandro, which has increased the facilities City Hall bandwidth by...


SHLB Tools Help Anchor Institutions Boost Broadband Adoption

The Schools, Health and Libraries Broadband (SHLB) Coalition developed not one but 10 policy proposals to address broadband. Called the “Connecting Anchor Institutions: A Broadband Action Plan”, these documents provide ideas and actionable policy recommendations for government leaders at the federal, state, and local levels to address the broadband needs of anchor institutions. John Windhausen, SHLB Executive Director, explains our audience how these policy directives are part of the...


Transforming Underserved People Into an Economic Force with Broadband

Digital inclusion – bridging the divide between the technology haves and have-nots. 15% and 30% of our urban citizens are shut out of the digital economy, while that and maybe more in our rural lack Internet access. Input and participation must come from the communities themselves for digital inclusion to work. Executive Vice President Brigitte Daniel at Wilco Electronic Systems, Inc. in Philadelphia and Bruce Montgomery, CEO of Chicago-based Technology Access Television gives listeners...


We Won the Net Neutrality Battle! Now What?

The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit recently turned down big telecom companies’ efforts to derail the FCC “net-neutrality” rules. It took 14 years of fighting, wrangling, enduring short-term defeats and a certain amount of uncertainty, but led by a former lobbyists the FCC prevailed prevailed in the public interest. But after the sounds of popping champagne corks have faded, we have to ask “What’s next?” Was this a victory over corporate lobbies?Are there any...


What Happens When Gigabit Wireless Hits Urban American?

One of the fading myths of our time is that large metro areas don’t need a gig, and another myth is that you can’t make a business case for delivering a gig to low-income communities, even if they need it. A wireless ISP (WISP) located in Cleveland, Ohio has been providing homes and businesses there with a gig wirelessly, and is getting ready to extend services to New York City. Ron Deus, CEO of regional WISP NetX, describes his formula for success. It starts with an understanding that a...


A Co-op. Just for Broadband? Of course!

People say, “broadband is just like electricity in the 1920s. That’s why electric co-ops were formed, and why they need to build community broadband.” But why not build a co-op specifically for broadband? In Minnesota several communities recently started a broadband co-op. Are more on the way? Chris Mitchell, Director of Community Broadband Networks at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR), makes the case that more rural communities need to create broadband co-ops to address the...


Community Broadband Feasibility Study: Does It Do More Harm Than Good?

It could be time for communities to re-think the feasibility study process. They can spend up to $150,000 to complete a study, but are communities really resolving the questions they need to pursue? Some feel that a process with its roots in the 1970s needs an upgrade to keep pace with 21st-Century infrastructure. Richard Frank created custom GIS and other technologies to streamline the engineering-planning and design phase. He feels the typical feasibility study for a public network adds...


First Gig City in Ohio Brings the Best of Both (fiber & wireless) Worlds

With all the hype about fiber, we sometimes forget wireless still has an important role to play. Fairlawn, Ohio supports over 22,000 people every day in addition to its 7,400 residents, so they had to have guaranteed super-fast, reliable and flexible Internet access. Their infrastructure solution made them one of the highlights of the recent Broadband Communities Summit. Ernie Staten, Dep. Director of Fairlawn’s Public Service Department, and Mitch Drake, Fujitsu Network Communications’...


Broadband Does More for Local Government Than Make PCs Run Faster

Many people think broadband benefits local governments by making PCs, apps and systems run faster. But what happens when the process of governing accelerates into gig speed? In two months, Next Century Cities expects to find out. At the Broadband Communities Summit, cities were offered a $30,000 prize as a reward for creative thinking on using broadband to tackle local challenges. Next Century Cities announced their “Next Generation Engagement Awards” for three cities (up to $30,000 each)...


What Can You Do with a Gig? Should be: What Have You Done With a Gig Lately?

We are at the point where we have scores of public highspeed networks delivering an array of benefits for businesses and consumers. Kansas City, the original Google Fiber network, weighs in their accomplishments and challenges as they push the gig envelope. Our Gigabit Nation guest is Aaron Deacon, Managing Director of KC Digital Drive, and a panelist on one of the Broadband Communities Summit sessions entitled “What can you do with a gig?” He believes many cities have answered this...


Libraries: Broadband Leaders of the 21st Century.

With this week’s modernization of the FCC’s Lifeline, the impact of libraries in this program is a crucial discussion, though I’m still trying to understand how community broadband can be used in the program. Don Means, Director of the library advocacy group Gigabit Libraries Network, explains how libraries can facilitate broadband planning, financing and the marketing of the networks once they are build. Looking at the public networks that have been built, some communities could have...


Telemedicine - the Secret Community Broadband Killer App

Healthcare and medical service delivery are the future killer apps of the community broadband networks. Possibly even than economic development, the potential to use these networks to impact practically every injured, sick and even healthy constituent is mind-boggling. Nizan Friedman, Ph.D., President of Flint Rehabilitation Devices, manufactures and markets technology that helps people affected by strokes, injuries and surgeries progress faster through the rehabilitation process. Internet...


After Raising $1.6 Billion for Communities, Firm Targets Community Broadband

National Community Development Services (NCDS) leads multimillion-dollar economic development fundraising drives, and the firm is partnering with Craig Settles to bring NCDS’ success to broadband. Both believe that there are more people and organizations than communities realize that are able and willing to financially support broadband deployments to their communities. NCDS President Tom DiFiore presents highlights of the firm’s methodology that has raised over $1.6 billons for 500...


Get Your Broadband Plan, Stan - Courtesy of the EPA

The Obama Administration was deadly serious in September when they called for all Federal hands on deck to meet the challenges of deploying broadband everywhere. The EPA – yes, that EPA – along with the USDA’s Rural Utilities Services is rolling out a pilot program to offer communities broadband strategy planning assistance. Ed Fendley lays out plans for Cool & Connected, the service he heads for the EPA. The program targets communities interested in using broadband to help revitalize...


40 Acres and a Good Broadband Connection

In the 1860s, the progressive thinkers of the time felt that giving newly freed people their own land and leading edge technology – in this case, a mule – would jump start the poor on a journey to a better life. 150 years later, we are dealing with similar issues as we try to bridge the economic gap with the leading edge technology of our time – broadband. Will we find our way this time? Colin Rhinesmith, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the School of Library and Information Studies at...


Attacking the Urban Digital Divide – with Vigor!

There is a huge need to put our urban broadband house in order. ConnectHome is the Obama administration’s latest salvo to narrow the gap between the digital have’s and the have not’s, particularly in urban areas. Michael Liimatta, newly appointed Manager of ConnectHome by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, lays out the goals and strategies for the agency in the upcoming months. ConnectHome works with ISPs, non-profits and the private sector to offer broadband access,...