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Episode 120- Give Me a Hammer, I'll Fix it!

In this Weeks Show, Justin decides to give Darkness429 Madrinas Coffee a try and gets hooked. In the past coding and gaming was aided by Jolt Cola and now special brews from companies such as Madrinas and Black Rifle have made the coffee drink a new alternative. Gaming and Fortnite are discussed. Questions for this weeks show included How to handle a hard drive in a system being given to charity. Should the drive be destroyed? Listener Mike gets a Drive Caddy to copy data over from an old...


Episode 119- Fred Mertz and His Magical Pants

In this Weeks Show Justin and Andy are back in studio after Justin takes a trip to Chicago. Justin had no idea there was a Caddyshack restaurant owned by The Murray Brothers which has them talking about the many different members of the Murray family. The website for the restaurant has a great photo of them on the front page. Mounting a Security Camera can be an easy task to accomplish however if you aren’t good on a ladder this can be something left to the...


Episode 118- Behind The Darkness

In this week’s show Justin and Andy talk with special guest Tim aka Darkness429 who recently moved from the Twitch Platform to Facebook for Live Video Streaming. We learn about the process in moving between the platforms as well as what motivated Darkness 429 to decide to full time game stream. What’s the reaction from the parents when you tell them; I want to be a professional videogamer. Andy shares his ancientness asking what games did Darkness429 start playing, we do find out which...


Episode 117- Professor Nimble Fingers Strikes Again

In this Week’s show Justin and Andy take a quick look back to how the TechtalkRadio show changed since it took to the airwaves in 1996. One of the first guests on the show was from Motorola and talked about chip and phone technology (Flip Phone!). HBO did a free preview over the weekend and Andy catches up on Silicon Valley! How did the season fare without TJ Miller? So Far So Good as they weave his absence into the show. There are so many options for streaming media, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon...


Episode 116- Vacation In Siberia

In this Week’s show Justin and Andy back at it as Justin comes back from the high seas after diving deep into one of the latest games Sea of Thieves. Justin talks about the Play Anywhere title which covers a large open world game which enables the user to become a pirate as an individual or as member of a team. The Graphics are amazing however Justin does comment on the repetitive play. What type of computer is needed to play this title? For the user that feels like building their own...


Episode 115- Cheese Talk with The Curd Brothers

In this Week’s show Justin is out sick and sitting is John Broadway on the show from Wisconsin! With John we get a really great view of Consumer Electronics for the House. The latest in appliances with technology embedded are focused on. John is a new owner of the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator and gives us a user overview. How does the Samsung Family Hub achieve more than the Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant. John tells us about the Google Mesh is supposed to do as opposed to what...


Episode 114- Is It Plugged In?

In this Week’s show Justin and Andy deal with the Technology Gremlins with Andy sharing a story of Power and UPS systems. Andy finds very quickly he isn’t immune to the “Is it plugged in” question as the first line of questions in Tech Support. What happens when Power into the building is not delivered at the proper voltage? Justin shares info on the difference between US power and the system in Japan. Protecting your equipment with a UPS Smart System and Line Conditioner is smart with...


Episode 113- G'Day Mate

G’Day Mate - In this Week’s show, Justin and Andy discuss the Man Flu – it’s nothing Norton or Eset can take care of yet dealing with it can mess up the week. Listener Pete Cole from The UK sends a Twitter Message complimenting the show and it sends the guys off on the subject of accents. Social Media lights up to the prospect of a Dundee movie to really happen after the ad campaign to travel Australia, Put the knife away Paul, Justin only feels you need more sunscreen. Scams, they exist...


Episode 112- The Old Man and The Kid

In this Weeks Show, It’s Age verse beauty as Andy shares info on listeners that stopped by to visit during a broadcast radio remote to extend compliments on Justin’s contribution to the show. Listeners shared how they enjoyed the youth which Justin brings to the show along with his insight on Video Games. Justin shares some of the finer points of Fortnight and why this large multiplayer game has become so popular. PUBG, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Battle Royale is also a latest trend in...


02/10/2018- Leftover Cupcakes and Fruit Punch

In this Week’s show, Justin and Andy discuss the trend in naming Podcast and Television Shows. With this, Justin finally finishes Season Two of Stranger Things and describes the show for those that haven’t watched it yet. No Spoilers. Crypto currency is once again discussed with the latest drop and the guys muse on the possible reasons. Will this digital currency go away? Why is HODL so important to learn and understanding the technology is a key for peace of mind in the volatile crypto...


01/27/2018- Travel Tips and Staying Demented

In this Weeks Show Justin is back from his trip to Japan. We share information on traveling and using technology on the United Airlines Dreamliner 787-8. Justin talks about the changes in entertainment options on aircraft, the days of one screen to watch a movie are gone while in seat screens allow for many different choices of content. Justin recommends for you to Research before you leave on a vacation on power requirements for continued use of your tech. For some reason Andy thinks he...


01/06/2018- The Tech Time Machine

In this Week’s Show, Justin takes a trip and is out of the studio. Andy Taylor shares info on the bumpy wild ride of Bitcoin and Alt Coins and again recommends Crypto Coin Trader on Facebook. Slick checks in and prepares to leave for Las Vegas for CES2018. With 2018 here, TechtalkRadio enters its 20th year of broadcasting. The history of the show is covered with its beginnings in Palm Springs and friendship with Mike O’Brien. We interview Brad Doslyn of Boot Magazine in this Segment from...


12/24/2017 - Bits R Us

In this Weeks Show, Justin and Andy start off the show with a discussion of Crypto Currency with Joe Blackburn, Founder of Crypto Coin Trader on Facebook. Dispelling the Myths and uncovering the news amongst the trading of Crypto Digital Currency. The group on Facebook, which has been growing in size, has core principals such as No Politics, Treat Other with respect. As Justin says “It’s not gospel but it’s darn near close. “ We talk with Joe about success stories, helping others and the...


12/16/2017 - Don't Miss Supper Now Ok?

In this Weeks Show Justin and Andy talk about The weather around the country and dramatic changing in the temperatures, the guys share some sites they get weather updates from. Justin is particularly fond of with a humorous take on reporting the weather. What is ARM Architecture and what will it be bringing to the table for 2018. The guys discuss the future of Laptop Computing and with tablets and Smartphone’s so advanced is a laptop still in demand? Justin...


11/25/2017 - Tech the Halls!

In this Weeks Show with Black Friday out of the Way, Retailers hope for a succesful Cyber Monday. The guys talk about how Black Friday deals are extended to those in line which in some cases has those extending capitalism to its finest by selling the Black Friday Pledges to others in line. Andy vents at Nintendo on making enough product for people to purchase during the holidays. Justin talks about some of the venting happening at EA with the title Star Wars Battlefield II due to it's...


11/18/2017 - Where Do I Stick the Pen?

In this Weeks Show, Listener Roberta wants to know about securing your PC when at work and should she be concerned her computer was logged in. Passwords and the IT Manager, Do they know your password? Should they? Should you always trust your IT guy with your personal technology? Data Recovery, What's involved with the Process and finding the correct Tech Person to trust your data too. Justin decides to throw Andy during the show and introduces his Justin Bobble head. The guy talks about...


11/11/2017 - Goldfish Teeth and Rabbit Ears

In this Weeks Show, Justin and Andy discuss the location of another Amazon facility and how both Tucson and Denver would love to have the company locate to their respective cities. With the numbers of Porch Thefts after deliveries increasing, the guys share some solutions on accepting deliveries. Justin shares info on a company, however isn't sure on the practicality of the device. Andy shares some info on a service from the Postal service...


10/28/2017 - Shaving My Gold for a Chalupa

In this Weeks Show we pay tribute to The Digital Answer Man Jim Barry who passed away. We remember Jim's many appearances on TechtalkRadio and guesting on the KOLD/KMSB TV Segments. What was Jim thinking the first time he looked at Slick? Did he want to touch the Hair? In a recent discussion with Jim, he commented on this being one of the best times ever to purchase a television. Recent stats said that 34% of youth under 18 would prefer content viewing on a Smartphone rather than a large...


10/21/2017 - Best I Can Do Is 5 Bucks

In this Weeks Show, Andy Taylor gives is a look at the Braven Styde360 Bluetooth Portable Speaker. Incredible sound and design make this one of the nicest new portable speakers. Connect your smart device, put it in a cupholder and a up to 12 hour battery life. Justin makes a jump into Bitcoin only to find out he already had some since some years ago. The experience of buying Bitcoin today and the technology behind the BlockChain. We discuss the steps and about the site CoinBase. What is...


10/07/2017 - Farmer Ted Wants His Net

In this Weeks Episode Justin is back and shares his experience in the News Copter flying over Oklahoma. Andy shares an Instagram feed for those that enjoy Aviation, @studiowings flies for Motion Picture and Television. Google and the Fiber that couldn't be deployed and what the plan could be for reaching rural communities. Just how much should Gig Per Cost? Some major funding is in talks for those in Rural Areas. Tech in Tractors, Learning what’s done via Snapchat. Andy shares his Issue...