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The Radio Show about Computers, Technology and the Internet - Hosted by Andy Taylor and Justin Lemme along with Shawn DeWeerd, Slick and Broadway! TechtalkRadio has been on the air since 1997, The show began broadcasting in Palm Springs, California. The radio show features discussions on New Tech, Old Tech and Cool Tech. Websites, Gadgets for Easy Living and Health, Video Gaming, Mobile Devices and even drones.


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The Radio Show about Computers, Technology and the Internet - Hosted by Andy Taylor and Justin Lemme along with Shawn DeWeerd, Slick and Broadway! TechtalkRadio has been on the air since 1997, The show began broadcasting in Palm Springs, California. The radio show features discussions on New Tech, Old Tech and Cool Tech. Websites, Gadgets for Easy Living and Health, Video Gaming, Mobile Devices and even drones.






Episode 380 - The Shiny New Thing!

For this Weeks TechtalkRadio Show Shawn, Justin, Matt and Andy address a question from Listener Lou regarding getting a PC System for his 14-year-old son for the Holidays. Lou stated that the specific system his son was looking at was a Gaming Rig put out by NZXT Computers, the "Player One." The crew talks about some of the considerations in getting this system and wonders about the 14-year-old purchasing parts and building his own or the idea of a Console instead of a PC. While the NZXT Player One has some great features it is a good idea to look at the options. This brings up the choices of the Xbox gaming system from Justin along with the Xbox Game Pass and with Matt telling us about the Sony PlayStation systems. Matt likes the new PlayStation Handheld while Andy shares the Asus ROG Ally Extreme as an option, he was able to share on KMSB Fox 11. There is a downside of building your own which the guy’s share. Matt also recommends Xidax Custom Built Computers as a good pre-built system. Custom Building your own system does require choosing a case with good Airflow. Andy tells us about his early choices of Cooler Master which is great but also recently has chosen Fractal Designs G Cases. Justin takes a Road Trip in his Tesla Model Y across states and shares the experience of Charging along the way and driving in Icy weather. Switching to the Drama at OpenAI, Justin shares why he felt the board did the right thing in the removal of CEO Sam Altman. The guys discuss the events surrounding this which now has Altman and his Co-Founder back at OpenAI with a New Board. Colin S Levy visits to discuss the events surrounding the removal of Sam Altman at OpenAI and how this all unfolded which was a surprise to many. Colin has written books on the Legal Aspects of Technology with the Most recent "The Legal Tech Ecosystem - Innovation, Advancement and the Future of Law Practice." While A.I. has been in front of many with News Stories of it used in the Workplace and still unknown aspect, how will regulation legally effect the use in business. Colin shares with us how organizations will need to understand the legalities and practices within their companies which could present some challenges. Colin shares with us how his career has seen the impact of technology and highlights many of these different areas which have seen a need for this regulation. Colin tells us that there has always been tension between technology and the boundaries of what that should be, technology has advanced so quickly it has caught some by surprise. Colin does share that a mistake some will use with tech it some utilizing a tech solution without realizing the implications in regard to legal matters. The question of what problem is trying to be solved should always be pondered. The idea of the Shiny New Thing may not always be the best. Shawn shares with us a great gift he will be giving to himself for the holidays! This Years Microsoft Christmas Sweater. While last year featured the Loveable Clippy, this year is built on the famous landscape photo from Sonoma in Northern California featured in Windows XP. Portions of the Money Raised will go to support The Nature Conservancy, whose mission is to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends. As of posting the Sweater is Sold Out however you can be added to the wish list at


EPISODE 379 - Is That an Osmo 3 in Your Pocket?

In this Weeks TechtalkRadio Show Shawn, Justin and Andy are joined by Matt Jones to talk the latest about Technology, Computers, and the Internet. Matt tells us about growing up and the first computer in the house which inspired him to explore technology after that computer failed. Justin tells us about Mark Rober on YouTube, his channel explores engineering videos and is best known as the Glitter Bomb guy! Mark has a company called Crunch Labs which inspires young minds in STEM Learning through special packages. Andy asks Justin and Shawn if they would be introducing their children to STEM. While Justin doesn't feel Home Economics is needed in Education, Andy and Matt have a different opinion on this and believe while STEM is great, the trades and budgeting need to be offered. Matt has an interesting take on Language Learning. Over the years the guys talk about holding on to old tech hoping to one day teach the young ones to build systems however in reality as Justin says, it will more than like be a cube. Andy has that giant box of tangled cables and found one, he has no idea what it was for - A USB 2.0 to a Male Aux Audio Jack. Audio over Ethernet and Video is discussed with how it used at Water World near Denver. Andy has had a great experience testing out Tablo TV. The Tablo is a way to Cut the Cord and also have access to a DVR within the Tablo TV Device to watch when you want. The only issue Andy is experiencing is the Antenna so he could pick up KMSB Fox 11. Justin talks about Antenna waves and how the Fractal design within the antenna works. Local TV is discussed and how the future of our local community broadcasters is under the same issues that Local Radio faces. Andy has noticed that more local TV stations are adding to the News Lineups. This is a way to maximize revenue. There also has been changes in Radio broadcasting and Andy who has worked in the broadcast industry for almost 35 years has seen some stations not wanted Time and Temperature or in some cases no local content which has been trends for some broadcasting companies. Shawn shares info on the DJI Pocket OSMO 3 which has everybody on the show wanting one! There are some great features and what it is capable of producing in high quality video content is amazing. Matt shares the amazing battery recharge time of 80% within 16 minutes versus the 80% in 40 minutes for the DJI Pocket OSMO 2. The guys wrap the show with a contest seeing who can figure out the Acronym! Matt this week was our big winner in the Pop Culture Version. Connect With Us on social media Facebook @techtalkers Twitter @TechtalkRadio Instagram techtalkradio Web: TechtalkRadio.Com Subscribe and Like on Audacy, iHeart, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Google, Spotify and Spreaker!


Episode 378 - Do Not Adjust Your Antenna!

In this Episode of the TechtalkRadio Broadcast Show Shawn, Slick and Andy talk about past Halloweens and collecting candy throughout most of the night and filling pillowcases with a haul of candy. Andy remembers one year that somebody was giving out 1.44 Floppy AOL Install Disk. Slick shares his costume, a Star Trek Discovery Shirt. Shawn talks about dressing up as a Christmas tree and one year a tube of Toothpaste. Slick comes up with the idea of giving away USB Flash Drives with utilities in the kid's bags. Andy has an issue with this since he is usually harping on not to install strange USB Drives into your computer. Android trackers, similar to Apples Air Tags will be available for the android platform. Shawn shares info of checking out the Apple M2 devices with the upcoming announcements of the M3 line. With Technology advancing, Slick wonders about the number of people that would adopt a chip impedded and Shawn shares his surprising thoughts about it. While Shawn has dabbled with Dall-E, the talk continues in the direction of A.I. Cable Television is great for many however with more of us watching content with services like Paramount +, Hulu, Netflix, and others - The Antenna still has a purpose and while Cable TV delivers many options, at a cost - Over the Air television signals can still be received and now even tied with a Digital Video Recorder from companies to allow Cord Cutting. In 2010 when The United States switched to a Digital Transmission Standard, and it became easier to receive high quality video over the air. Grant Hall, CEO of Tablo TV visits to talk about the development of the Tablo TV Device and how it easily can be used to watch content and place the antenna just about anywhere for the best reception, not just where your TV is and then within the home network stream the Tablo TV Signal to Smart Televisions, Tablets and Smartphone while also with its comprehensive program guide schedule recordings with the device to watch when and where you want to. Great Quality and Easy to set up with a simple to use interface, the Tablo TV also can be used without a Subscription Fee. The Company also provides other FAST Free Ad Supported TV channels for more programming and more on the way. Grant tells us about the ease of use and setting it up. Find out more at A recent article was put together by Journalist Michael Liedtke of the Associated Press about the service from friend of the show Mitch Goldstone of Scan My Photos. In the Article, Michael talks about getting his recently passed father’s photos digitized and the process made easier by Scan My Photos. Mitch also tells the story of doing the same for the Late Ed Asners family. The discussion of the importance of getting photos, slides and even film to preserve memories. Mitch tells us of how they do this, and the easy steps involved, and, in some cases, the Scan Fast Service can be done in One Day. This has allowed families to put together tributes for birthdays, anniversaries or sadly memorial services with photos that may have never been digitized. A Big task of trying to do this yourself, is the organizing. Scan My Photos can help collate the images. Mitch tells us how Scan My Photos can digitize about 1000 photos in five minutes with care and amazing detail in the finished results. Mitch shares how the Frame By Frame Capture for 16mm and 8mm Film is handled and the benefits. Find out more at In our Wyze guy Update, Shawn tells us about the new Video Doorbell from Wyze and the benefits of getting this for monitoring your exterior of the home and a price point well below what we have seen from other video doorbell devices. Connect With Us on social media Facebook @techtalkers X @TechtalkRadio Instagram techtalkradio Web: TechtalkRadio.Com Subscribe and Like on Audacy, iHeart, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Google, Spotify and Spreaker!


Episode 377 - My Extra Bag of Screws!

For this Weeks TechtalkRadio Show Shawn, Justin and Andy talk about the busy week in work projects as well as tech news. Shawn tells us about the Football Season and some of the other sports programs they are putting together. Justin decides to upgrade his Pixel Smartphone from Google and tells us about the reasons he has ordered the Pixel 8. Justin is very happy with the Android device and tells us about the Best Shot Feature. When it comes to Smartphone Cameras, Andy has checked out the Samsung S23 from Verizon and loves the Zoom feature and quality of the pics. Listener Andrea sends an Email to the show wanting to know about Google Fi and how the service works, Justin has it and tells us about the Carrier Justin also shares some of the other features when having the service. Justin shares a recent story he came across regarding a company called TenCent. Amazon just wrapped its Sales Event which will give the company data to introduce sales to the consumer during the holidays for items checked looked at. Andy tells us about a story on many sites about Google wanting to do away with passwords and move to a Passkey System. The guys talk about Passkeys and how this could work and why it’s not such a bad idea. A Couple of products mentioned include a key from Kingston and the USB-C YubiKey device. Shawn tells us about a story at Toms Hardware of an upcoming Windows 12. Shawn tells us about the 3-year turnover of Operating Systems and asks if we remembered when Windows 10 was released. It was in 2016. Andy tells us how this can be good for the Sales of PC's since many people are still holding onto computers for 9 to 10 years. Gartner Group’s recent sales info on PC Sales has shown a decline. Shawn and Justin attribute it to the many different mobile devices, smartphones to tablets that can be used instead. Building a computer versus buying a Rack System is discussed as well, although personal injuries can happen when building! Justin and Shawn talk about Forza Motorsports Racing Simulator that they are both downloading on Game Pass during the Show. Justin shares a Website of the Week with Pi AI. A more conversational AI that has some nice features. Check it out at Connect With Us on social media Facebook @techtalkers Twitter @TechtalkRadio Instagram techtalkradio Web: TechtalkRadio.Com Subscribe and Like on Audacy, iHeart, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Google, Spotify and Spreaker!


Episode 376 - No Tay Tay Today!

For this Weeks TechtalkRadio Show Andy is joined by Justin, Shawn and Slick while it starts off a little strange with Justin and Shawn sharing the impact on Tay Tay in the News. The Overheating of the iPhone has since been fixed with the 17.0.3 Update however this issue was not limited to the new iPhone 15, as Shawn reports some users of the iPhone 14 experienced overheating however Andy did not experience issues with the iPhone 14 Pro Max. This week saw the announcement of the Pixel 8 from Google and Shawn covers some of the features. Shawn and Andy disagree with Justins opinions regarding Apple which has Andy wondering how the shift from Apple/Mac to PC happened for some with the Apple2 used predominantly in Education in the 80's. Shawn talks about the status involved with Mac systems vs PC Systems. Thinking about finally upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10? Some changes may have your needing to purchase the update instead of grabbing it off the Microsoft Website. Andy tells us of an Issue on his Windows 11 Pro build after needing to change out his motherboard. Shawn is wondering though since his Windows 10 machine came from a Windows 7 Update if he needed to update would he be unable to use a license. Slick comes up with a great solution! Justin tells us what type of deal you are getting from DirectDeals or StackSocial with Windows11. We also share info on the reported Amazon investment in AI with Anthropic and its Claude platform. The beta platform is available at Looking for a better solution for Data Connectivity? Eric Flam of Solis talks with Andy about the Solis Wireless Hotspot. An Alternative means for that connectivity with benefits over a Smartphone Hotspot or one from your carrier. Solis offers this connectivity to not just one carrier but many others. Solis is offered in over 130 countries and with over 200 carriers. This can be a great benefit for those traveling, especially overseas. Redundancy is the key with the Solis Wireless hotspot making sure you can always have the connection. The security benefits are also there with the elimination of using a public Wi-Fi which could open the user to a man in the middle attack. Can more than one person connect to the Solis hotspot? Eric tells us about speeds, ease of use, Powering the device and availability of the Solis Hotspot optimized for connectivity. In our discussion we learn of the different devices available including 4G and 5G. To find out more, check them out at There are so many streaming channels of content and more will be launched. How do these options get discovered? Andy tells us about usi9ng the Gatsby.TV app and realizing he was paying for a streaming service while having the programs he enjoyed watching on another paid service that he also subscribed to. Andy welcomes Gatsby Frimpong, Co-Founder CEO of Gatsby.TV to TechtalkRadio to share info on the creation and use of the App. Gatsby has worked in the industry with Stops at Cisco, Microsoft and Google. Gatsby tells us how algorithms may not always be the best way to find programs and how some of the algorithms can add you to the Echo Chamber and not see shows or content out of your regular zone. With the Social aspect of Gatsby.TV this can give you recommendations and allow you to share, almost bringing a watercooler type discussion on content all within the App. Available at Shawn begins to experience some AI Creation with Dall-E for his Dungeon Master Campaign. Slick, Andy and Justin are wondering why he created a giant rubber duck boss and after discussions at GenCon, it was recommended to create characters to add some fun to the campaign. Connect With Us on social media Facebook @techtalkers Twitter @TechtalkRadio Instagram techtalkradio Web: TechtalkRadio.Com Subscribe and Like on Audacy, iHeart, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Google, Spotify and Spreaker!


Episode 375 - That's Entertainment!

For this Weeks TechtalkRadio Show Justin, Shawn and Andy take a look at the cost increases in Software and Services. Google Nest services, Disney Plus and Intuit Quickbooks are a few of these that are on the increase. Andy tells us about seeing a deduction from his bank account from Intuit for an Annual Subscription which has increased dramtically without notification. Andy makes the decision to cancel the Quickbooks Desktop yet has to jump through hoops to get this accomplished however was able to get that done. This ties in to the discussion of AlternativeTo.Net for options for programs to get task done. Shawn tells us about a story in the New York Times Wirecutter Tech Blog about Wyze and how the recommendations for the Wyze Cams have be taken back due to Camera feeds inadvertently showing up on other user accounts. Shawn shares the statement from the company yet is dismayed at followup from Wyze and is hoping they beef up the security of the products. The Holiday's are not that far away and the Music Director, Founding Member and Guitarist of Trans Siberian Orchestra Al Pitrelli returns to TechtalkRadio to discuss the upcoming Tour - The Ghost of Christmas Eve, The Best of TSO and More, which begins November 15th and stops in Phoenix December 3rd . Al tells us about the begininngs 28 years ago of the band with the late Paul O'Neill and the creation of Christmas Eve in Sarejevo 12/24 which is one of the most downloaded christmas songs to date. Al tells us about the story behind that Musical tale. The Live shows for Trans-Siberian-Orchestra are a combination or Visual, Lighting, Pyrotechnics and musical performances. To see the tour schedules be sure to check out There are so many choices available when it comes to video content streaming. A company based in Arizona that serves creators and business globally is Nimbus99. CEO Tim Freres visits the show to tell us about how Nimbus99 can enhance, change and build on the talents of content creators to get their programs seen. Using OTT, Over the Top Streaming, the options for providing content for distribution and revenue to a users own channel is available using other then YouTube and Vimeo for content to be seen. Nimbus99 puts the power and ROI capabilities back into the hands of creators with an easy interface/platform for dragging and dropping programs specifically for your audience. Nimbus99 also offers managed services for creators and Tim tells us how many different options could be used to help getting the programs seen and about the Nimbus99 Player. Business could also benefit with a One Time stream service for Clients, customers and ithers through subscription. Analytics are also available through the Nimbus99 Platform. For more check out the many different offerings at Justin checks out Starfield and tells us about the expectations and gameplay for this Xbox/PC Exclusive title from Bethesda. Justin also tells us why he won't share his Avatar with us! Connect With Us on social media Facebook @techtalkers Twitter @TechtalkRadio Instagram techtalkradio Web: TechtalkRadio.Com Subscribe and Like on Audacy, iHeart, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Google, Spotify and Spreaker!


Episode 374 - Tossing Axes with the Kids!

For this Weeks TechtalkRadio Show Andy Taylor is joined by Shawn DeWeerd and Slick. They recap last week’s episode which looked at Midjourney with Justin's scary images created on the platform. The Video from the Show with those images is available on the Slick, Shawn and Andy talk about doppelgangers and who each member of the show looks like. Andy shares that he believes Shawn looks like the grown-up version of the kid from Two and Half Men. Slick has been told he looks like Gil Scott Heron and Shawn brings up his image during the show which surprises everybody at the resemblance, almost as much as Andy's likeness in the 80's to film director John Landis. Andy shares a story of Driving on the Studio Lot at Universal and getting waved through. In a Non-Tech Direction in our idea to occasionally Unplug, Shawn tells us about Outdoor Axe Throwing during his recent Camping Trip. How much do your photos on services like Google Photos say about you? A discussion on how the services can identify products and images and share where you could buy products in your photos. Speaking of Google Photos found at through a google account, the crew shares how to upload photos from the computer to share on the service then be downloaded to a smart device. Microsoft has made the announcement that WordPad is going away from the Windows Operating System. Slick gives us a background about Notepad and WordPad from his days working in Support and how these programs were created and why. Shawn shared info on an Alternate program to WordPad, Notepad ++. Slick tells us why he has loved that program. We find out that Slick has not heard about AlternativeTo.Net which can offer many Open-Source alternatives to programs for WordPad and office type apps. One of the recommendations is Open Office. Also discussed is alternatives to Video, Audio and Photo Editing. Shawn loves DaVinci Resolve. Andy Taylor shares a product he will be featuring on this week’s KMSB Fox 11 Segment, the Sabrent USB 3.1 Enclosure for NVMe PCIe M Key M.2 SSD Enclosure. Make a Clone of your M.2 Drives or Connect to your USB 3.1 Port for a System without M.2 On Board. Andy also shares the ShiftCam Snapgrip which can not only turn your Smartphone into a more easily controlled camera, almost replicating the feel of a DSLR with its grip but also for QI capable devices, charge/power the smartphone while using it. Snapgrip connects the trigger button to the device via Bluetooth. Shawn shares with us some of the many great different products from ShiftCam. Connect With Us on social media Facebook @techtalkers Twitter @TechtalkRadio Instagram techtalkradio Web: TechtalkRadio.Com Subscribe and Like on Audacy, iHeart, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Google, Spotify and Spreaker!


Episode 373 - The Pumpkin Party

In this Weeks TechtalkRadio Show Justin, Shawn, Andy and Slick tackle the latest in Tech News and Trends. This Week's Show begins with a discussion about Midjourney. It is all about creating Media with Artificial Intelligence and Justin has been experimenting with the service. His examples are humorous and a little intimidating at the realism of the Artificially created scenarios. Justin asked the Midjourney Bot to create an image of three ready to do a show on Technology and, with surprising results got close to nailing it! Then, it got weird, very weird when Justin asked the Midjourney Bot to create images of Women celebrating October and Pumpkin Spiced flavors! The Discussion on AI whether it be ChatGPT or Midjourney or even Voice.AI centers on the need to understand and learn the uses of this technology for the business world which is continuing to evolve. Justin shares with the crew a AI Photo of what was supposed to be TuPac enjoying an Ice Cream, he recommends the facebook group Cursed AI, great for an Authentic Laugh. With the AI discussion continuing, some companies are limiting use of AI. Andy tells us about a radio group he worked for which issued a corporate memo forbidding Voice AI in Commercials and in radio shows even as parody. Others are restricting AI use in Zoom Meetings which could be used to recreate transcripts which could be a privacy concern due to information shared with those third party Apps. Andy tells us about some new TV Screens and Monitors from Samsung. The Disney 100, the Neo G9 57" Curved Monitor and the Samsung Terrace which is an 85" huge screen made for outdoor watching and priced around $20,000. The guys talk about 4K and if it is something that is "needed" and the benefits of having it. Shawn and Justin talk about ATSC 3.0 and how that is going to bring more programming. Shawn finds that there are currently 112 active stations using ATSC 3.0 Apple has announced it's next big event, coming up September 12th with an predicted announcement of the iPhone 15 with USB-C. Some of the benefits of having USB-C are discussed. While Andy admits to playing Windows Solataire on his computer, hed would like to try our Baldurs Gate 3 which now has been played by Shawn and Justin and they share there thoughts on the new title. Andy Shares a cautionary story of a friend request from Instagram about how it turned into a attempt to gain access to an account. When it doesn't feel 100% it never hurts to check out the search engines. Don't click on links sent to you via SMS even when it seems to come from Instagram or the Social Media Provider.


Episode 372 - All In on the Tesla - A First Hand Experience

In this week's TechtalkRadio show, We get the insight on Justin's Purchase of his Tesla. Shawn and Andy talk with Justin about the reasons for his buying the Tesla Model Y and the State of Colorado Tax Incentives which benefit the buyer. Justin tells us about the Controls inside the Model Y and how the experience for the owner is very new but also very convenient. Why is the Tesla so fast? Justin shares the difference between the traditional vehicle and Tesla. Justin tells us about the purchasing of the Car which is all done through the App and how it was built for him and his wife. The experience was something to be enjoyed until he left the lot with his brand-new Tesla about 3 and a half weeks later. What Went wrong? After it was determined to be a bad sensor after taking a look at a secret maintenance mode, Justin gets a firsthand look - with the vehicle cameras at the repair process. You won't believe how they serviced this Tesla! DJI has introduced its new DJI OSMO 4, Shawn gives us a breakdown of some of the features of this new Action Camera and how it can compare to the GoPro Hero 11. Andy talks about the Megapixel information and how that has been used as a sales tool yet there can be some misunderstanding in relation to the sensor size of the device. Shawn explains about Megapixels work in delivering a better picture when in conjunction with the sensor. Shawn delves into how DJI and GoPro have competed in the Drone Marketplace with GoPro Karma and how that played out. The discussion also centers around how this Action Camera sector has changed over the years. Andy gets a look at the EK-7000 Akaso Action Camera and gives us a look at some of the features. However, he does recommend this as a first action camera for the younger users. Justin gives us his review of Baldurs Gate 3 and how this is not a typical RPG Game and can create strategies and thought provoking gameplay. Steam was reporting over 900,000 playing at launch. Shawn and Justin talk about the Minimum requirements to play. For a Website of the Week, Justin shares Harkening back to the Text style Game Adventures which Justin compares to Zork. Facebook @techtalkers X @TechtalkRadio Instagram techtalkradio Web: TechtalkRadio.Com Subscribe and Like on Audacy, iHeart, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Google, Spotify and Spreaker!


Episode 371 - Powering the Outdoor Tech!

In this week's show, Shawn and Andy cover the TechtalkRadio Show with Shawn back from a getaway to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. In Shawn's brief vacation, he gets to experience Starlink in a remote location however really doesn't try to use the devices. Shawn does share how he was able to create some Time Lapse Videos with a Wyze Outdoor camera. The camera, which is battery powered, gets the power for this task from a Solar. We also learn how Raspberry Pi is utilized by connecting a TP Link Micro Wireless Routers and then is connected via a iPad to the Router to stream content for this remote getaway. Shawn tells us about moving from Plex as a media server to Emby and the reasons why he made that move. More about Emby can be found at, other options for streaming your personal content include Jellyfin, Kodi and Stremio. Shawn and Andy talk about Solar Panels for Tech and how Cameras can be powered by Solar which can remove the need to charge them more often, it may not completely remove the need to remove and charge the camera. Andy tells us about the Reolink System he looked at which offers great quality and a Solar Panel Connection. Shawn moves from Xfinity to a new service provider in Indiana called Metronet and tells us the reason, a lot of it was communication. Wyze has announced a new Outdoor Camera and Shawn, our official Wyze Guy tells us about this latest battery powered outdoor camera The Wyze Battery Camera Pro. Shawn explains how this Camera is the outdoor V3 and No Bridge is needed for the cameras and the Batteries are removable although the price point is a little bit higher than the previous cameras. Shawn has a lot of products from Wyse including Wyze Socks, he is surprised to learn they also have a Wyze Hat. Shawn is ready to buy! Andy shares the info on the Samsung QLED 4K Q80C 98" Television and how Installation and setup can feature White Glove Installation. Andy stresses for any electronics a Highly Rated Joule protected UPS. Shawn and Andy talk about Battery Plus and replacing the battery in a UPS when needed and how easy it is. Andy shares with us the product he featured on KMSB Fox 11, The Epson ET-2850. This Eco Tank Printer from Epson uses Refillable ink and even though there have been stories of other printers and ink filling, this is an easy non-messy task which can save up to 90% of printing cost. Andy tells us about the process of filling, easy use with the Epson Smart Panel App and Wi-Fi Direct printing. Shawn shares how he loves the idea of how easy to refill bottles can be used and features a visual representation of how much ink is left. Andy shares a story which panics Shawn, according to reports, Google will begin in December once again deleting inactive accounts. Facebook @techtalkers Twitter @TechtalkRadio Instagram techtalkradio Web: TechtalkRadio.Com Subscribe and Like on Audacy, iHeart, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Google, Spotify and Spreaker!


Episode 370 - A Slim Jim and Bag of Chesters

In this week's show, Justin and Andy are joined by Slick to cover the latest in Tech News and Trends. This week kicks off another discussion on Artificial Intelligence after an email from Mario, who enjoyed the exchange of ideas in last weeks show. Andy shares that he believes that A.I. could be used for good and non-tracking purposes, while Justin and Slick think that Andy may just be living under a rock. Film Director James Cameron, has stated that this is exactly what he was warning about in the film "Terminator" with Skynet and Self-Learning Technology. How could writing code for technology be made faster and easier with AI? Andy talks about how we have used technology to replace certain jobs, with one example being the very basic self-checkout at stores. However, there has been a backlash from people who use self-checkout and hate sharing the receipt when leaving the store. We received a text to the show from Cecilia asking for guidance on hooking up a wireless printer. Justin has a unique and different approach to this repair. The guys also share an extra step in securing serial numbers and master passwords, which requires some "Old School" methods. Last week, the big movies released to theaters were "Oppenheimer" and "Barbie." The film industry has changed quite a bit, and the guys wonder why big blockbusters like "Mission Impossible" and "Indiana Jones" don't seem to have the staying power as movies did in the past. Are viewers wanting the movie experience in their homes, and how can theaters continue to attract moviegoers? The SAG/AFTRA Strike could be having an effect as those actors and actresses are not allowed to promote the films they have done under SAG/AFTRA rules. The guys also discuss how this strike has affected Comic Con in San Diego. On last weeks show, Justin told us about a not-so-pleasant experience with a computer he ordered. Slick shares with us his updated laptop and how even adding 128GB of memory hasn't fixed the issue of slow performance. When the guys question Slick on other important specs, it turns out he was running on a 256GB hard drive and had hibernation mode enabled. Andy talks about a product he is taking a look at, which is designed to clean the print heads on a clogged Ink Jet Printer. The XC Inkjet kit is specifically designed to clean those blocked heads of a printer, especially if it has been in storage for a while. Justin tells us about his Color Laserjet printer and how he has been impressed with the printouts from that printer. The guys also discuss "X," formerly known as Twitter, and they wonder why this rebranding has happened. Justin gives us his take on what is happening and believes that Elon Musk is looking to replicate WeChat's many features, including payment systems. Connect With Us on social media Facebook @techtalkers Twitter @TechtalkRadio Instagram techtalkradio Web: TechtalkRadio.Com Subscribe and Like on Audacy, iHeart, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Google, Spotify and Spreaker!


Episode 369 - Spinning The Wheel of Tech

In this week’s show, Justin, Shawn and Andy talk about the abundance of Technology News and Applications in the last couple of weeks and come to this broadcast with so many different subjects. The guys decide we could just spin a wheel of Tech Subjects and go with those. Shawn finds a website with a wheel that can be customized for just this purpose at Some of the topics include, Listener Email, Threads, Elon, Giant Screen Televisions, The Sphere in Las Vegas and Video Games to name a few. The First Subject it lands on is Android vs iPhone and Shawn brings up the Beta release of iOS 17. The guys talk about the different Audio Assistants. Technology in Vehicles is also discussed with Car Play. A discussion on the sometimes scary world of AI talks about the WhyFiles segment on the dark side. Andy talks about the Screen Actors Guild strike in place and he shares the impact on AI for those working in the Industry and how the recent new season of Black Mirror on Netflix has an episode which highlights a twist on this idea. Andy talks about the Cricut Maker 3 and setting it up and building a new computer for Gloria. This new build comes after building one for a Graphics Shop in Tucson. For that build he purchased an OEM Licence from Amazon through the Microsoft Store and it cost about $160.00. For Gloria's build he stumbled about StackSocial and decided to give it a shot. A Winows 11 Pro Licence along with Office and Digital Storage, only around 50.00 from StackSocial. Justin talks about a similar way to save with DirectDeals. Andy also gets himself a new Graphics Card in this build swapping his 1030 out for a 3060. Maybe now he can finally play some game titles. Justin tells us about his New System and what he received after ordering it! Andy shares a listener email from Kristi on trying to find a GoPro for her Grandson yet with a Budget of around $100. Justin and Andy both agree this would be out of the budget however recomend based on price and specs an alternative brand including Akaso V50. Justin tells us about test driving a Tesla and his decision to purchase. Connect and subscribe with us on social media YouTube @techtalkradio Facebook @techtalkers Twitter @TechtalkRadio Instagram techtalkradio Web: TechtalkRadio.Com Subscribe and Like TechtalkRadio on iTunes, Spreaker, iHeart, Audacy, Amazon Music, Pod Bean!


Episode 368 - One Vision

In this week’s show, Shawn and Andy are joined by Slick and they talk about the WWDC put on by Apple and why the move from Apple into Virtual/Augmented reality was so well executed. The guys also talk about the other announcements from Apple and how the innovation continues for the company. Slick shares how he has not had a Mac but really would love to give it a try. Making the move from the PC Windows World to the Apple OS is not as difficult as some have thought. Shawn shares a great way to experience how easy the Mac can be to use and how it can integrate with an iPhone. The M2 Ultra chip from Apple offers a lot for broadcasters and video professionals and Shawn tells us why. The Apple Vision seems to be the big draw for many during the Conference and the guys talk about how this is different from what we have seen from Oculus. The only drawback for this technology was the price point at almost $4000. June is Internet Safety Month and Andy gets a chance to talk with Netgear Senior Product Line Manager Shalini Sengupta to talk about the history of Netgear and the many different solutions they offer for Consumer and Business connections. Shalini talks about the number of connected devices within the home, on average 46, which increased the need for threat protection. Shalini shares some tips on Safety for the family while online. Andy asks about the need to upgrade older equipment due to changes in technology and security. Shalini tells us about some great solutions for the upgrades and newer equipment from Netgear which can not only enhance the security but increase the bandwidth throughout the home. Mesh systems are perfect for larger homes and how easy is it to deploy them. Shalini and Andy also talk about owning your own equipment instead of renting from your Internet Provider. If you are traveling, the Nighthawk M6 Pro is a great solution when traveling or needing a Hot Spot without jumping onto an unknown network. Shalini also tells us about the Armor Service which can add enhanced updated protection for the Netgear Products. In this Segment Andy talks with Irrigreen CEO/Co-Founder Shane Dyer about the technology that can not only help to conserve water but with Smart technology utilize the idea of "printing" the water. It uses the same idea of Ink Jet printing as the technology was co-founded by an innovator in Ink Jet Printing. Andy and Shane talk about how easy to set up the system is with information on the Irrigreen Website. Connect and subscribe with us on social media. YouTube @techtalkradio Facebook @techtalkers Twitter @TechtalkRadio Instagram techtalkradio Web: TechtalkRadio.Com Subscribe and Like TechtalkRadio on iTunes, Spreaker, iHeart, Audacy, Amazon Music, Pod Bean!


Episode 367 - I'm Kind of a Big Deal!

For this week’s show, Justin, Shawn and Andy talk about Justin's Absence the previous week, it was due to his working with the crew to get ready for the opening of Water World. Justin also needed to record the messages for attendees to Water World and tells us about the fun putting it together. A couple of years ago Justin told us about Casa Bonita which will be re-opening in the Denver Area under ownership of Trey Parker and Matt Stone - Shawn, Justin and Andy are commiting to get together when it reopens. Shawn tells us what we need to know about the newly announced DJI Inspire Professional Grade Drone. Andy wants to know about venturing in the area of Drone Photography and Shawn and Justin let him know what he would need to do to be able to market those services. Andy talks about his recent feature on KMSB Fox 11 which highlighted your own Home Security Monitoring with products from ROKU. The company can tie in the Security Cameras from the Company and Alerts to your Roku Enable Devices. A Home security Kit SE sells for about 99.00 and features the control pad, Sensor and 2 sets of door/window monitors and hub. Justin is upset, it's all due to his special ordering the pre-release play of Diablo 4. He dropped alot of money in this special deal but a problem caused issues for Sony Playstation 5 Users which included Justin. While the Story was trending some Websites turned to posting clickbait for those wanting to find a solution online.The guys shares the disdain for Clickbait and how big media companies are also going this route. Shawn tells us about Reddit and how he has used the App Apollo to connect to the stories on Reddit. As Shawn says it has been the best 3rd Party App to Connect to Reddit. Unfortunatly, Reddit has decided to start charging for its API Access and it is causing all kinds of trouble for Apollo. Since Publishing this Show, Apollo announced they were ceasing operations June 30th. Andy talks about Meural II from Netgear which he will be showing on KMSB Fox 11. Connect with Us on social media! Facebook @techtalkers Twitter @TechtalkRadio Instagram techtalkradio Web: TechtalkRadio.Com Subscribe, Share with a Friend and Like on Spreaker! Please leave a Review at Apple Podcast, Also Available on Audacy, iHeart and Amazon Music!


Episode 366 - Is Resistance Futile?

In this week’s show, Shawn and Andy discuss recent issues they had with Streaming while on with the Metacast Podcast earlier in the Week which works into a discussion on Tech Support and how easy it is to troubleshoot new Tech versus what we had to do 15 years ago. Andy tells the story of how phone calls came into Radio Shows and got on the air compared to tech today from VoxPro and other companies. Shawn and Andy talk about how technology in Education changed from Mac systems to PC's. Some employers are looking for workers that understand AI and how to work with it. Andy talks about how we could see AI used in Radio Broadcasting and even Television Newscasting and points out Synthesia at and how training videos could all be done using that platform. How will sports be influenced by AI and the predictability of plays viewed by opposing teams. Andy talks about some products he featured on KMSB Fox 11. Kingston sent over an Ironkey 200 Flash drive with AES 256 Encryption and Military Grade Security to protect the device from prying eyes or in the event of a loss of the drive. After 10 Attempts to enter a password incorrectly, the drive will wipe its data off the drive and make it unrecoverable. Sizes vary from 8GB to 128GB. This also serves as a good reminder to never plug in a USB Flash Drive that you "find." as it could compromise your system or even damage circuitry. Andy also shared a USB diskette Reader from Tandek that he shared on the Segment. Shawn feels there may at some point a Digital Revolution with consumers wanted content. Shawn looks at the new Adobe Photoshop Beta with Generative Fill which uses AI to fill a background or part of an Adobe stock image with artificial intelligence and is very impressed with the results. What's also nice is that while some programs use AI to complete images, this will stay within the Adobe Family pulling images only from Adobe Stock Images. Shawn and Andy share a great website for learning more about working with Photoshop and Graphics programs. The host also goes into a more in depth discussion on the Generative Fill Tool. Connect and subscribe with us on social media YouTube @techtalkradio Facebook @techtalkers Twitter @TechtalkRadio Instagram techtalkradio Web: TechtalkRadio.Com Subscribe and Like TechtalkRadio on iTunes, Spreaker, iHeart, Audacy, Amazon Music, Spotify, Pod Bean!


Episode 365 - It Was The Rat's Fault!

For this week’s show, Justin, Shawn and Andy get together to talk about the latest in Tech. Shawn kicks off the show with a talk about his New Camper and how easy it was to install his backup camera from Furrion on his RV. Shawn said it took longer to open the box then to install the camera itself because it was a pre-wired system. The guys talk about how vehicles have changed so much over the years with items that have been removed from cars and trucks including lighters. The discussion moves to how Ford was talking, since changed, about removing AM Radios out of Vehicles. Why is this happening with Electric Vehicles? Justin and Andy talk about working together at a station in Tucson and how an AM Station went across the country, all due to a Rat. Justin is now thinking about getting himself an Electric Vehicle and talks about what he has been looking at and the buying process he has experienced with Tesla. Andy talks about a product he featured on a TV Segment on KMSB Fox 11, The EcoXGear Eco Tundra. A massive Protable AM/FM Radio that also features Bluetooth Capability and it is IP65 Rated and will float in the Pool. Andy gets a product that missed this weeks segment and shares it here, the Area Bluetooth Portable Fold up Keyboard. Andy shares an App of the Week, Artifact was started by the creators of Instagram. It is a News app that uses AI to curate the top stories to your device. Connect and subscribe with us on social media YouTube @techtalkradio Facebook @techtalkers Twitter @TechtalkRadio Instagram techtalkradio Web: TechtalkRadio.Com Subscribe and Like TechtalkRadio on iTunes, Spreaker, iHeart, Audacy, Amazon Music, Spotify, Pod Bean!


Episode 364 - Justin Flips Out!

In this week's episode, Justin, Andy, and Shawn come together to deliver a public message about the perils of outdoor activities and the importance of embracing life to the fullest, inside on the Computer, inspired by Justin's personal experience. Justin recounts his adventurous endeavor of venturing outdoors, only to encounter an unfortunate incident where his well-built bicycle lost a wheel, causing him to take a tumble over the handlebars. Undeterred, he charmingly narrates his mishap as a tale akin to becoming Iron Man, sharing it with his son. Justin hopes that a neighbor captured the incident on their Ring Cam. The conversation then shifts towards the use of Peleton for virtual indoor cycling and the recent challenges faced by the brand. Shawn introduces Holofit from, an innovative virtual reality fitness solution that offers alternative workout experiences without leaving the comfort of home. The guys engage in a discussion on smartwatches, expressing their preferences for various brands such as the Pixel Watch, Apple Watch, and even mentioning the WYZE watch. Andy, examining the Health Section of his iPhone, realizes the need to be more active and take breaks from sitting. He also shares his affinity for Kardia Systems. Shawn shares his recent purchase of a backup camera for his new camper, highlighting Furrion as a manufacturer offering technology integration solutions for the RV world. He also delves into the topic of RV traveling, recommending the website as an excellent resource. Justin mentions his OpenAI ChatGPT being available for the show, which evokes some apprehension. He further elaborates on Geoffrey Hinton's perspectives on artificial intelligence (AI). The guys engage in a discussion about AI's role in media, including the creation of songs, commercials, and synthetic voices. Shawn concludes by recounting a story about the unfortunate leak of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2, where the game surfaced online prematurely. Connect, Share with a Friend and subscribe with us on social media YouTube @techtalkradio Facebook @techtalkers Twitter @TechtalkRadio Instagram techtalkradio Web: TechtalkRadio.Com Subscribe and Like TechtalkRadio on iTunes, Spreaker, iHeart, Audacy, Amazon Music, Spotify, Pod Bean!


Episode 363 - Stick It In a Big Bag of Rice!

In this Weeks Show, Justin and Andy handle the show while Shawn is working on a Big Event at his work. Andy talks about the issues that can come from what he calls "Over Troubleshooting" which can cause systems to be in a further state of kabungle! We still don't know what that word means but changes and fixes made before calling for Support can cause even more issues. Andy and Justin talk about the need to make the call for support but also equipment that doesn't work should be removed. The guys are hoping this could serve as a cautionary tale to make a note of the problem and to call support so they can troubleshoot. New Data shows the Age groups best working with Technology and surprising it involved the Age Group that has most worked with Tech, this due to the last 20 years of Tech has had most solutions done for the User. Andy calls out the mind sets for the Boomer Generation because they had to learn on DOS, learned to disconnect, reconnect and even learn patience with Dial Up. Justin shares an interesting recommendation for cleaning the PC. Andy refers to a PC Gamer Column from a couple years ago about cleaning the PC which is great for Spring Cleaning. The link to read it is Andy and Justin also share a reminder of leaving your electronics and dash cams in your vehicle and under the hot sun can damage the units. Justin gets a great deal on a New Sony PlayStation 5 Disc Edition and the guys share thoughts on points to consider when buying one of these from a Private Sale. Justin also tells us how he spun a yarn to get the deal. He also signed up for the PlayStation Network and shares why this is a great idea. Justin also has an XBOX and has loved Remote Play on the past however after some changes it had issues, but now PlayStation also features a Remote Play and Justin is loving it and tells us why! With the New Season of Undercover Underage, the show shares an Interview with SosaTogethers and Host of the Show Roo Powell talking about the dynamics of the show. Andy wants to get himself a new comfy chair. He has been looking at Secret Labs and Justin tells Andy in all honesty why Facebook Ads are pushing Titan from Secret Labs to his feed. It’s Because Andy is a Fan of Hostess and Lil Debbie’s! Connect, Share with a Friend and subscribe with us on social media YouTube @techtalkradio Facebook @techtalkers Twitter @TechtalkRadio Instagram techtalkradio Web: TechtalkRadio.Com Subscribe and Like TechtalkRadio on iTunes, Spreaker, iHeart, Audacy, Amazon Music, Spotify, Pod Bean!


Episode 362 - An Ode to Hee Haw!

In this Weeks Show, it kicks off with Justin and Andy starting the show without Shawn while he deals with Internet Issues. Justin and Andy talk about some of the issues that can happen without rebooting the computer. Justin tells us about finding a client computer that was task oriented without restarting for over 760 days! Justin shares how he feels about some in the younger generation not understanding the basics of smart computing. Andy talks about how some business owners with specialized software may not upgrade and if connected to the Internet this could cause issues. Shawn fixes his issues and jumps back into the show and tells us about the connectivity issues he has been facing and they guys share https;// which can let you know of issues with your service and accounts you may connect with. After last week’s re-airing of the Interview with Ben Sawyer - Coauthor of the Book MP3Power from 1999 - Andy sees a story at ZDNet about MP3 Players that are still available. Justin shares his complete mis knowledge of Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart getting them mixed up with Wilson Philips. Diamond Multimedia is talked about and how they had super great products over the years, and they are still around. The crew shares info on Password Managers after a recent store of the Wonderful AI cracks a 4–7-character password, under and lower case in a minimal amount of time. Justin shares why using a browser based Password Manager is not a safe solution. The guys talk about 1Pass and why it's the perfect solution. Justin shares his review of Super Mario Brothers while Shawn tells us about Dungeons and Dragons. The guys share the thoughts of social media and alignment of like minds and opening up to other opinions yet it's important to form your own identity and thoughts. Andy tells the story of the Strong National Museum of Play announcing a 20-foot-tall Arcade of Donkey Kong. Andy tells about the warning from the FBI regarding using Airport, Hotel, Coffee Shop Charging Stations and how malware could be introduced to your device. Connect, Share with a Friend and subscribe with us on social media YouTube @techtalkradio Facebook @techtalkers Twitter @TechtalkRadio Instagram techtalkradio Web: TechtalkRadio.Com Subscribe and Like TechtalkRadio on iTunes, Spreaker, iHeart, Audacy, Amazon Music, Spotify, Pod Bean!


EPISODE 361: A Look ahead and a Flashback

This week on TechtalkRadio, Justin and Shawn are out, and host Andy Taylor speaks with James Czerniawski, who holds the position of Senior Tech and Innovation Policy Analyst at Americans for Prosperity and serves as a commentator for Young-Voices. James has written extensively on various topics such as Section 230, antitrust, commercial drones, and Spencer Cox - The Governor of Utah's recent bill proposing time limits and a digital curfew for minors. In the interview, James shares his insights on this legislation and its potential for adoption in other states. Andy recently stumbled upon a treasure trove of old TechtalkRadio Show Interviews from the time when the show was known as Techtalk with Mike and Andy in the Coachella Valley at Palm Springs. Among these archived interviews are some real gems, and Andy is excited to share a few of them with the audience. The first interview he wants to share is with Ben Sawyer, who visited the show in 1999 to discuss his book "MP3 Power", which he co-wrote with Dave Greely and Justin Frankel, The Creator of Winamp. The book delved into the increasing use of MP3 technology and the benefits of audio compression. During the interview, the hosts also talked about Justin's creation of Winamp and Shoutcast for streaming audio content. Justin's inspiration for creating Shoutcast was his love for the KROQ Loveline Radio Show and his desire to hear it beyond the confines of LA radio. The follow-up book, "Online Broadcasting Power", even gave a nod to TechtalkRadio, as fellow host Bill Grace would stream the show across the country, making it the first in the Coachella Valley to do so. In addition, Andy shares an interview with Michael Giacchino, a prolific music composer known for his work on popular TV shows such as LOST, numerous blockbuster movies, and several beloved video games. During the interview, Michael gives insights into his creative process and even shares anecdotes about meeting legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg. This week's episode of TechtalkRadio is full of engaging conversations and enjoyable flashbacks. Connect, Share with a Friend and subscribe with us on social media YouTube @techtalkradio Facebook @techtalkers Twitter @TechtalkRadio Instagram techtalkradio Web: TechtalkRadio.Com Subscribe and Like TechtalkRadio on iTunes, Spreaker, iHeart, Audacy, Amazon Music, Spotify, Pod Bean!