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Helping 1,000 podcasters launch, sustain, and improve their shows.

Helping 1,000 podcasters launch, sustain, and improve their shows.
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Helping 1,000 podcasters launch, sustain, and improve their shows.




Do you have what it takes to be a podcaster? - 1KP0048

Thinking about starting a podcast? Maybe you've heard that EVERYBODY should have a podcast. And, while I love that podcasting makes it possible for nearly everyone to have a voice, there are some questions you might want to ask yourself before you start planning and spending. The easy questions are things like "are you comfortable sharing your thoughts verbally?" But there are harder, deeper questions that you should ask yourself before you get started. Listen to six...


Can I record my podcast with Apple AirPods? - 1KP0047

I was recently asked this question: "Should I use my Apple AirPods to record a podcast?" There are some good reasons you might want to record with them but also some reasons why they might not get you the best recording. Listen to discover what I shared. Resources Mentioned ART Dual PreApple Lightning to USB Camera AdapterShure MV88 Subscribe for Free! Make sure you never miss an episode of 1,000 Podcasters. Subscribe for free to have each episode delivered...


Four ways to fix uneven sound levels in your podcast - 1KP0046

You want to make your podcast sound great and you want everyone to be able to hear clearly but you’re struggling with how to get the volume on a track to be more consistent. Listen to discover four ways to do just that. Subscribe for free! Make sure you never miss an episode of 1,000 Podcasters. Subscribe for free to have episode delivered to your favorite podcast app as soon as it’s available. https://1000Podcasters.com Want to set up a...


Having one of these saved my podcast - 1KP0045

This episode is inspired by a segment of Better Podcasting called “How I Saved My Podcast.” A couple weeks ago, I almost lost an episode of my flagship podcast - the Engaging Missions Show - due to a couple of errors. But because I had a couple of things in place, I was able to save that episode and ended up with a great recording of a great conversation. Today I’m going to share exactly what happened (it’s a little embarrassing) and what I did to save my...


How to keep voice volumes balanced for your podcast - 1KP0044

You’ve done everything you can think of to balance the voices for your podcast but it’s just been hard to dial in. Here’s a little trick that’ll make it faster and easier. https://toptieraudio.com/1kp0044_master_channel_loudness/ Have you ever listened to a podcast where one speaker is much louder than the others? If so, you know that it’s hard to listen to. And if you’re like me, you may have gone on to the next show in the queue because you simply couldn’t hear one person...


🤦 Stop pulling out your hair to get your podcast done - 1KP0043

Producing a podcast is an amazing experience. It’s creative. It’s fun. It’s a powerful way to connect with people, to share your message, to build relationships, to nurture potential customers, and to brighten someone’s day. But sometimes it’s also excruciating. Like when your publishing deadline is looming and it just seems overwhelming. Today I’m going to talk about one of the things I do to make it easier to produce a great show, stay on top of things, and still be creative....


What are you willing to invest 🤲 in improving your podcast? - 1KP0042

Whether you already have a podcast or are planning to launch one, you almost certainly want to have a GREAT show. The thing is, though, that GREAT changes. And one thing is sure: if you don’t invest in your podcast, what’s great now might be mediocre in just a few months or years. Whether you choose to invest in tools, skills, or people, the right choice can give you immense benefit in time, cost, or quality. Even if it’s not a big investment. Today I’m sharing a...


Doing this will speed up your podcast production ⚡ - 1KP0041

If you’ve been producing a podcast for a while, you know that sometimes it can seem like producing a podcast can take FOREVER. Whether it’s outlining and researching, recording, editing, or writing show notes, there’s a lot to do. However, there are some ways that you can streamline your process to take out unnecessary work. Especially when it comes to post-production. Today I’m sharing one of the keys to producing consistent, great-sounding podcast episodes...


3 ways your podcast will make you grow 🌱 - 1KP0040

If you're thinking of launching a podcast, you have probably though of some of the reasons why you want to get started. Maybe you want to attract new customers who need what you offer. Maybe you want to add your voice to a social issue. Maybe you like telling jokes and adding a little joy to the lives around you. If you are focused on benefits for your listeners, you're on the right track. But those are only SOME of the potential benefits. Because there are benefits for you,...


Why it’s good that you don’t know everything 👊 - 1KP0039

You don’t know it all. And neither do I. But did you know that can be a good thing for your podcast? And for you? Do your research and learn what you can. Plan and set goals as best you can. But always leave yourself open and remember that you don’t know it all. When you do that, you’ll be willing to take more risks and be open to what might be some unexpected benefits of podcasting. Subscribe for free! Make sure you never miss an episode of 1,000 Podcasters....


💭 The one part of your podcast you can never outsource - 1KP0038

Have you ever gotten overwhelmed producing your podcast? Or maybe just overwhelmed in general with all that’s going on in addition to your show? When you’re in that place, there are some things you might consider doing. But there’s one thing you can NEVER outsource. Listen to discover what that one thing is and why it’s important for you to hang on for it, even when it feels like you’re just hanging on for dear life Subscribe for free! Make sure you never miss an...


What Podcasters can learn from jazz soloists 🎷 - 1KP0037

Jazz musicians work hard to hone their skills and podcasters do too. But there’s something special about an improvised jazz solo that podcasters can learn from. If we get this right, we’ll sound natural and professional at the same time. Just like a great jazz solo. What about you? Do you have a framework that works for you? If so, share your experiences in the comments. If not, now's the time to create one. If you're struggling, hit me up and I'll share my...


This high school science experience can help you keep your podcast going - 1KP0036

It’s been a couple of weeks since I published my podcast because of some vacation and other “life” stuff. Not bad stuff. But I wasn’t consistent. I haven’t lost my passion but I’m hesitant to publish again because I feel like a failure. Maybe you’re like that too. Or maybe you’ve lost your passion. If so, maybe there’s something that you can learn from a high school science class that will help you keep going. Subscribe for...


How a understanding a plane ride can help you find your podcast passion again - 1KP0035

Have you lost your passion for your podcast topic or audience? It can happen to the best of us. We get tired or overwhelmed. Or maybe we can’t remember why we started at all. If that’s you, you’re going to want to know what I discovered on a recent airplane ride. It might just help you rediscover your passion if you’re willing to do one or two simple things. Subscribe for free https://1000Podcasters.com Want to set up a consultation? https://m.me/TopTierAudiobryan@toptieraudio.com


The 2 keys to producing a better podcast faster - 1KP0034

Have you ever listened to your podcast and thought, “That could have been better?” Or maybe listened to someone else’s show and wondered if you could aspire to what they have done? If you have...and I think we ALL have...the two keys I’ll share today will help you to begin to improve your show episode after episode, produce it more consistently, and even get faster. Interested? Listen to today’s episode and subscribe for free! The episode I was talking...


I scrapped a podcast episode because of 3 Uber drivers - 1KP0033

Have you ever scrapped a podcast episode before you’ve even published it? I’ve done that a couple of times over the last 5 years, but usually because a guest became concerned about security. Almost never because of the content. But I scrapped one yesterday, even after missing the 3 previous days. In today's episode, you'll discover I'd like to hear from you! Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever scrapped a podcast episode. And, if so, why you did...


Sometimes, the best mic for your podcast is... - 1KP0032

It seems like nearly every podcaster has asked, “What is the best microphone for my podcast” at least once. Per day. I’m no exception. But today I’m going to share a surprising perspective on the best microphone for your podcast, along with a few reasons you’ll want to consider taking advantage of my free download. Your free gift for signing up for my email newsletter. And as a bonus, you'll get show notes delivered right to your inbox. Grab the Free Download Subscribe...


Can I produce my podcast from a mobile phone without Anchor.fm? - 1KP0031

Have you ever wondered if you can produce a podcast from your mobile phone and have it sound great? If so, the answer is "yes." And you don't have to be tied into a particular media host's ecosystem either. In fact, that's what I've done with most of the episodes of this show. Recorded on my phone, sitting in my car. Or on the road in a hotel. If you'd like to do the same, you'll want to download my free mobile podcasting kit guide. You'll find some microphone recommendations, as...


Should I use Anchor to launch my podcast? - 1KP0030

It seems like every other day I'm seeing questions in forums and Facebook groups about whether Anchor.fm is a good solution for podcasters launching their shows. And the answers are often all over the place - everything from "I've never had a problem." to "You should NEVER trust Anchor. They steal your content and sell it." (Not actually true) Listen to discover my thoughts on what Anchor.fm is good for, check out Dave Jackson's article on Anchor.fm, and then decide for yourself...


The power of the HoRNet Angle plug-in - 1KP0029

If you're like me, you've probably invested hundreds or even thousands of dollars (or euros) in equipment or software for your podcast. But what if a free plugin ended up being the one you needed. That's what happened to me when I was working on a client episode a couple days ago. Listen to discover what happened. Here's the plugin: HoRNet Angle Subscribe for Free https://1000Podcasters.com Have a Podcast Question? bryan@toptieraudio.com Want a...