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33 Tangents - Episode #16 - Analyzing Utah air quality data with Randy Zwitch

What does air quality have to do with data and collaboration? This week Randy Zwitch, Senior Developer Advocate at MapD, joins Jason and Jim. Randy and Jason have been working together on a project using MapD’s platform and air quality data from Jason’s home state, Utah. The conversation starts off talking about the specifics of the project but then moves onto the broader topic of remote collaboration and there is even mention of a spicy sushi challenge from 7 years ago. Links to blog...


33 Tangents - Episode #15 - Keeping things simple and the paradox of more data

Having more data available is always good and you can never have enough, right? What could go wrong with having many sources of data? This week Jim, Jason, and Jon tackle the paradox of having too much data and what leads to it. Often times we see organizations that are struggling to understand exactly what to track so they become stuck in a cycle of implementing one tool after another thinking the technology itself will solve the problem. Without investing in the right people, they end up...


33 Tangents - Episode #14 - Being “Always On” and DIstractions

This week Jim, Jon, and Jason discuss two different, yet related problems faced by remote workers today. The first is the concept of being “always on”. The expectation, explicitly stated or implied, that you’re always accessible via phone, or email, or a messaging platform such as Slack. The second piece is distractions. This could be the latest email that comes into your inbox, the tweet you just got, or the alert that just popped up on your phone. Both of these take discipline to manage to...

33 Tangents - Episode #13 - Remote Work Bloopers & Overcompensation

Remote workers often feel the need to take extra steps to prevent exposing they are not in a corporate office, unlike their counterparts who are in a corporate office. The most common example of this is background noise during a call. Remote workers often take every precaution to prevent anything being heard in the background while those in an office don’t notice how noisy it sounds on the other end. At the root of this is a need for the remote worker for their professionalism and ability...


33 Tangents - Episode #12 - Designing Solutions

Please Note: We ran into some technical difficulties recording this week’s episode so the sound quality suffered at times, but the content was great and wanted to make sure we still shared it. This week Jason and Jim are joined by Jenn Kunz, Principal Architect and implementation extraordinaire, to discuss the finer points of designing solutions. Components such as wiring up a tag or building a feed are only a part of the entire solution. The ability to keep a view of the bigger...


33 Tangents - Episode #11 - Flexibility

There is a growing desire across many industries for flexible working terms. What does it mean to work in a flexible work environment? What are some of the common pitfalls when moving from a rigid to flexible work arrangement? This week, Jim, Jon, and Jason tackle the topic of flexibility and work. With each having spent time in very rigid organizations that dictated everything from where, when, and how work will be done, there was desire to seek out or create the opposite type of...


33 Tangents - Episode #10 - Stability and Security With Your Job

Growing up and early in our careers many of us were taught to seek out employment with a large company or in government in order to have a safe and secure job; job security should be our number one priority. Do job security and stability really exist? Is there greater risk in avoiding what appears to be risk in the pursuit of stability and security? What are those risks? Having spent time working for large corporations in a “safe” job, Jon, Jason, and Jim talk about the lessons they have...


33 Tangents - Episode #9 - Meetings, meetings everywhere

It’s easy to lose control of your calendar and have how you are going to spend your time dictated to you. Have you ever looked at your calendar and wonder if all of those meetings are necessary and important? What are some ways to ensure you control your time and schedule? The struggle is real. This week Jim, Jon, and Jason discuss the ever present problem of too many meetings, not enough time to work on the critical items, and steps they’ve taken to prevent their calendar from being...


33 Tangents - Episode #8 - Thoughts for those looking to pivot

Are you established in your career and looking to make a change to digital analytics? Do you know others in the space and what they do interests you? Continuing the topic from the previous two weeks, Jason, Jon, and Jim discuss their thoughts on steps people can take when they’re looking to make a pivot to digital analytics when they’re already established in another field. If you’e ever wondered what The Simpsons and the Albuquerque Isotopes have to do with analytics, you’ll find out this...


33 Tangents - Episode #7 - Thoughts for those getting started

Previously, Jason, Jon, and Jim discussed the unique paths and experiences in their career that brought them into the Digital Analytics field. As we’re approaching season, they discuss the advice they would give to those about to enter college and those about to start their careers and who are interested analytics. They talk about the experiences that have played a significant role in getting them to the point they are today and what they have learned along the way. Website:...


33 Tangents - Episode #6 - How We Got Here

There are many careers for people to choose from that have a predefined path from beginning to end, starting with school and ending with retirement. What many of us have found is that Digital Analytics presents something different, a career and industry that is wide open with people from many different backgrounds and educational training. After getting frequently asked how they got into this career, Jason, Jon, and Jim decided to talk exactly about this this week. They talk about what...


33 Tangents - Episode #5 - Social Media and the Impact on Your Team and Products

Recently the use of Twitter by high profile people has been in the news again, and not in the good way. As a leader of an organization being authentic and genuine on social media can enhance how you are viewed and add value to your brand and products. With one misstep however, things can easily backfire. This week, Jason, Jon, and Jim talk about the use of social media to promote your brand and how certain uses of it can sabotage your team and product. Website: www.33sticks.com Email:...


33 Tangents - Episode #4 - Challenging Clients

When you provide a service, having a client that get’s it can make your job easier allowing you to focus on the project itself, what do you do when you have a client that doesn’t get it? Stakeholders whose expectations are not aligned with yours bring additional challenges. What do you do when you have a prospect that isn’t a perfect match? Do you still attempt to close the deal just to add the logo? This week we start off talking about how to approach a client whose understanding may not...


33 Tangents - Episode #3 - Success Stories

Failure is a key step before you can experience success, but why does it seem like the struggles and failures are downplayed, or left out entirely, when stories are told of those that have reached a high level of success. Do success stories give us a false idea of what it takes to reach a certain milestones or objectives? This week Jim and Jason tackle what it means to be successful, how adversity is an important component to it, and how social media is making an impact in this...


33 Tangents - Episode #2 - Corporate Culture

Company culture has be hot topic for a number of years, but what actually goes into having a healthy culture? Is it having ping pong tables and videos games in the lounge or is it some less tangible? The culture that has developed in Silicon Valley has always been what everyone points to as healthy and the example to model, but has it lost it’s luster and become toxic? Website: www.33sticks.com Email: Podcast@33sticks.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/33Sticks Facebook:...


33 Tangents - Episode #1 - Successfully working remote

Working remote always seems to be a polarizing topic. Companies and individuals are either all in or all out. For those that want to work remote, what are they happens that can make you successful at it? What benefits do companies see when they embrace remote working options for their employees? Contact Us Website: www.33sticks.com Email: Podcast@33sticks.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/33Sticks Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/33sticks/