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33 Tangents - Episode #59 - Netflix Queues and Documentary Recommendations

As a follow up to last week’s discussion around reading lists and book recommendations, this week Jim, Jason, and Jon discuss what is in their Netflix queue and documentary recommendations. THANK YOU We know your time is limited, so it means a lot to us that you would spend some of your time with us. If you have found this episode to be valuable, we would appreciate if you would share using one of the social media buttons bellow And if we are getting you hooked, don’t forget to...


33 Tangents - Episode #58 - Summer Reading List

It’s that time of year when many are preparing for vacation and looking for some reading material to take with them. This week Jim, Jon, and Jason discuss what is on their summer reading list and other recommendations they have. BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS The Laws of Human Nature The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail--but Some Don't The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference Let My People Go Surfing: The Education of a Reluctant Businessman--Including 10...


33 Tangents - Episode #57 - Starting a Family and Maintaining Balance

The concept of Work-Life Balance started out like all things do, as something that is well-intentioned. It feels like that in recent years “Work-Life Balance” has become cliche and is used as a recruiting tactic employed by companies. Using Jim as an example, Jason, Jon, and Jim talk about how to maintain balance in your life and with your career when major life events happen and your circumstances change. THANK YOU We know your time is limited, so it means a lot to us that you would...


33 Tangents - Episode #56 - Talking New Age-y Business Trends with Evan LaPointe and Randy Zwitch

This week Jason and Jim are joined by friends of the show and past guests Evan LaPointe and Randy Zwitch. What started as a comment on twitter lead to this conversation about new age-y business stuff; the trends in business that often turn out to be fads. THANK YOU We know your time is limited, so it means a lot to us that you would spend some of your time with us. If you have found this episode to be valuable, we would appreciate if you would share using one of the social media buttons...


33 Tangents - Episode #55 - Dealing With A Client That Micromanages

As consultants, we’ve all been there. You come across that one client that wants to micromanage you as if you were one of their own employees. This kind of practice is unhealthy when it comes to employees and can be downright disastrous with consultants. What are the issues a consultant can experience when a client tries to micromanage the relationship? How should it be dealt with to ensure a health, productive relationship? THANK YOU We know your time is limited, so it means a lot to us...


33 Tangents - Episode #54 - Dealing with the Analytics Turnover Problem

The Analytics space is one that sees rapid turnover. According to Corey Prohens at IQ Workforce is that most who work in analytics, either on the implementation or on the analysis & insights side, move jobs every 18 months. This results in a feeling of repeated reset and slow progression. What are some other issues that are the result of this constant change? What can be done to mitigate the issues and reduce the churn? This week Jim and Jason sit down and talk through the complicated...


33 Tangents - Episode #53 - We’ve been podcasting for a year

It’s hard to believe but it's been a year since we launched the podcast and published our first episode. This week, Jason, Jon, and Jim take a moment to look back and discuss how we got started, what we’ve learned, and where we think we’ll go next. Most Downloaded Episodes Episode #37 – Talking Analytics Product Management with Ben Gaines Episode #51 – Talking Data Layers with Jim Gordon – Part 1 Episode #44 – Talking Analytics and Psychology with Evan LaPointe The Episode that...


33 Tangents - Episode #52 - Talking Data Layers with Jim Gordon - Part 2

This week Jim and Jason welcome back Jim Gordon to continue their discussion regarding data layers. While last week focused on the technical intricacies of data layers, this week the attention turned toward the business need for data layers and why they are needed. STUFF WE MENTIONED Exploring Abandoned Places [YouTube.com] Hog Hollow Trail [AllTrails.com] Adobe Launch Data Layer: An Appeal [jimalytics.com] Jim's Burger Place [Skips] Jason's Burger Place [Burger Bar] Dunning–Kruger...


33 Tangents - Episode #51 - Talking Data Layers with Jim Gordon - Part 1

This week Jason and Jim are joined by TMS Guru Extraoidinaire, Jim Gordon. For those that don’t know Jim, he spent time with Search Discovery as they were building Satellite which became DTM after it was acquired by Adobe. He’s the author of the frequently used and referenced “DTM Cheat Sheet” and over the last 5 years he’s been building Tagtician which is a browser companion tool to help users debug, export, and explore their DTM, and now Adobe Launch, libraries. The Jims had a recent...


33 Tangents - Episode #50 - Talking Mentoring and Coaching with Stephen Marshall

This week, Jim and Jason are joined by Stephen Marshall. Stephen is an Associate Professor and the Department Chair at East Tennessee State University. He is responsible for the vision and management of the Department of Media and Communication which consists of 15+ full and part-time faculty and staff as well as 400+ undergraduate and graduate students. Over the last 2 years Jason has worked with Stephen in coaching college students and in recent episodes we’ve talked about the importance...


33 Tangents - Episode #49 - Adobe Summit 2019 Recap

It’s the week following Adobe Summit and the team sits down to recap the events, discuss what they found most interesting, and talk about what it’s like to present at an event of that scale. THINGS WE MENTIONED The T-Shirt Cannon The T-Shirt Cannon 360 Version Attendees lining up for Hila Dahan's Summit Session Adobe Experience Platform Sizmek Files For Bankruptcy And Faces An Uncertain Fate Yardbird Bouchon UnSummit THANK YOU We know your time is limited, so it means a...


33 Tangents - Episode #48 - How do you develop a level of mastery that enables you to slow things down?

On a recent episode, Jason discussed the idea of developing mastery in one’s craft. As part of that conversation, both he and Jim talked about how elite athletes develop their mastery to such a degree that they are able to slow the pace of a game down to a level where they can be 2 steps ahead of anyone else on the playing field (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBgsRbOl7X4). How can an individual go about creating mastery in their craft so as to slow the pace down to the level they need it...


33 Tangents - Episode #47 - When Is It Time To Switch Tools/Vendors?

We frequently come across 1 of 2 scenarios. We either have a company that has a tool (or set of tools) that are in place and no matter the work they put into them, the tool doesn’t fit their need and they don’t move on and find a better tool, or we have a company that switches tools or vendors the minute there is a sign of trouble. Neither of these are good or healthy. This week Jason and Jim discuss when it is the right time to switch to a new tool or vendor. What should be taken into...


33 Tangents - Episode #46 - You Take Your Bracket Seriously, Why Don't You Take Your Testing Program Seriously?

With March Madness right around the corner, you’re going to see many spending a great deal of time putting their tournament brackets together. Why does if feel like some of these people spend more time and effort on that than their testing program? We’ve come across many who don’t take their testing program seriously and just slap stuff together. There’s no planning, there’s no deep analysis, and the results show. What do you do to convince people that to get the most out of a testing...


33 Tangents - Episode #45 - How Do You Get Experience?

At some point in your career, you will face the paradox of needing to gain experience to move your career forward, but no one is willing to giving you a chance because you don’t have the experience. This is often seen early in one’s career when searching for that first or second job out of college. In this scenario, you have very little on the job experience. It is also seen later on in one’s career if they are trying to make a pivot. In this scenario, you have some skills that are...


33 Tangents - Episode #44 - Talking Analytics and Psychology with Evan LaPointe

On this week’s episode of 33 Tangents, Jason and Jim sit down with Evan LaPointe, the founder and CEO of Core Consulting as well as the creator of Satellite (now Adobe DTM) that was acquired in an industry defining acquisition by Adobe in 2013. THINGS WE MENTIONED Jim's wife powerlifting 6 months pregnantSwarm AppAdobe Acquires SatelliteCore ConsultingMicrosoft ClippyRadical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your HumanityMalcolm Gladwell - TED2004 - Choice, happiness and...


33 Tangents - Episode #43 - When to Breakup With a Client

As we wrap up our episodes for the month of February, Jason, Jon, and Jim talk about breakups. There are those clients that come into our lives that stay there for the long term and they are wonderful to work with. There are those that we realize at some point the business is better off without as the relationship is not healthy and not mutually beneficial. When should you make the decision to break up with a client? What should go into that decision and what should you consider? What...


33 Tangents - Episode #42 - Understanding the Customer Journey

Many companies still make decisions about their online presence (marketing, webstore, lead generation), about what they want the customer to be and how they want the customer to engage instead of learning what is really going on. How can Analytics help inform who the customer is and how they want engage? This is something that we would have expected 10 years ago, but we still see it today. Why hasn’t this changed? Is it arrogance? Is the data not trusted? Is it something else? THANK...


33 Tangents - Episode #41 - Coaching and Mentoring Your Team

This week Jim, Hila, and Jason to continue part of the theme from last week’s episode around giving tough love to your customer; having those honest, hard conversations in order to build a strong relationship. In our last episode, Jason mentioned this quote by former UCLA basketball coach John Wooden “One of the greatest motivating factors is the pat on the back, although with some individuals, you have to make the pat a little lower or a little harder.” Coaching and mentoring a team is not...


33 Tangents - Episode #40 - When To Give A Customer a Little Tough Love

There is a perception that you need to be a “yes person” to have a successful client engagement. In our last episode Jason mentioned that the low barrier to entry in our space is partially responsible for this. In order to have a happy, satisfied client, you need to give them everything that they want, when they want it. In actuality, however, there are times when you need to exercise tough love with a client. This can also be extended to the pre-sales process when dealing with prospects....