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A weekly review of the Microsoft 365 Message Center, with Daniel Glenn, Darrell Webster, and special guests. #365MCS

A weekly review of the Microsoft 365 Message Center, with Daniel Glenn, Darrell Webster, and special guests. #365MCS


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A weekly review of the Microsoft 365 Message Center, with Daniel Glenn, Darrell Webster, and special guests. #365MCS




Microsoft Teams revised in-meeting experience - #179

Out with the full-width Share tray. In with a compact Share pop-up menu. Presenters in Teams meetings will share content using a new menu that clarifies the choices and leaves more room for future in-meeting apps. In this episode: - Yammer Reactions are now inclusive - Microsoft Teams will queue sent messages when offline - Microsoft Teams Revised In-meeting Share Experience - Updates coming to SharePoint Site usage report - Outlook on the web - New search in compose mode 📢 Quick mentions...


Task publishing for frontline organisations - #178

Coordinate tasks across your organization. Publish the same task to different locations for teams to complete. This is ideal for retail stores, healthcare and any organization that needs to manage standard tasks across multiple groups and locations. Also in this episode: - Microsoft Lists and SharePoint Lists: column settings in Grid view - New usage report for Microsoft Teams in Microsoft 365 admin center - Outlook on the web - Message reminders We introduced two new segments to the...


Simple automatic recaps for Teams meetings - #177

In this first episode of 2021, the 365 Message Center prepares us for a time-saving update. Quickly catch up with meeting details and discussions using the new Teams meeting recap. Find the recording, transcript and conversation together in the Chat for the meeting. Also in this episode: - Introducing Approvals in Microsoft Teams - New meeting options for managing large Teams meetings in Outlook for Windows - SharePoint page authoring - new first run experience - Microsoft Teams: Touch...


Shared calendar app for Microsoft Teams - #176

At long last, Microsoft Teams brings back access to a team's shared calendar. An app will be available to add to a channel, simplifying coordination of team events and meetings. Channel meeting invite notifications will behave the way they should too. Also on the show this week: - Shared calendar app for Teams channels - Insights app for Teams - Meeting Reactions in Teams Meetings - Introducing an enhanced Teams Calling experience - Audience Targeting capability for Quick Links -...


Text predictions for Outlook for Windows / iOS - #175

Write faster using text predictions in Outlook. Available in Outlook on the Web, predictions are coming to Outlook for Windows and iOS. Will they really help you write faster? This Microsoft 365 connected experience is one of the intelligent technologies slowly coming into the places we work. Will this be a help or a hinderance? In this episode: - Teams and OneDrive destinations in Migration Manager - Multiple number dialing available in Microsoft Teams chat - Presenter View in Teams...


A change in guest access for Microsoft Teams - #174

Using Microsoft Teams? Are you still deciding whether you should allow guests into your teams to collaborate? Guest Access is off as a service default. But that is set to change. Watch the 365 Message Center Show live or later as we discuss the impacts of this change and what to consider when choosing to enable guest access. In this episode: - Microsoft Teams: use an iPad to present in a live event - Shifts app groups will automatically have a tag in Teams - Send SharePoint pages to...


SharePoint, Microsoft Lists, list rules and notifications - #173

Get notifications when items change in a list that you contribute to. When items are updated or added in Microsoft Lists and SharePoint lists, visit the list to find out what has changed. Basic rules for lists open up a number of interactive possibilities for monitoring and actioning information. In this episode: - List rules make it easy to set up notifications of changes - Configuring list or library forms for Microsoft Lists and SharePoint - Introducing SharePoint Portal Launch...


Add Microsoft Teams to your SharePoint team site - #172

Teamify your SharePoint site but with a difference. Now you can add tabs to some of the content from your team site as you create the Microsoft Team. Pin useful and familiar lists, pages and libraries to the General channel of the team get off to a good start. Also this week: - New immersive experience for Yammer live events attendees - Secure by Default - Honoring EOP/ATP detonation verdicts - Use SharePoint tab to add pages, lists or document libraries to a channel in Teams -...


Updates to Microsoft Teams meeting chat membership - #171

Your access to Microsoft Teams meeting chat will depend on how you are invited to the meeting. Those invited part way through a meeting will only see the conversation for the duration of the meeting. Why is that important? Watch this weeks episode to find out why. Also this week: - Full screen support in new meetings experience - Microsoft Teams: Accounts - Office Client Service health communications - Updates to meeting chat membership - Exclude specific files from OneDrive sync -...


Announcing Forms polls in Microsoft Teams meetings - #170

Who doesn't love a good poll in an online meeting? Results will be shared live during this episode of the 365 Message Center Show, as we discuss polls coming to Microsoft Teams meetings with Microsoft Forms. In this episode: - Extending the temporary limit increase for live events - Announcing Forms polls in Microsoft Teams meetings - OneDrive: Bookmark for OneDrive for iOS - New feature: Adding personal accounts in Teams coming soon on desktop - Microsoft 365 admin center: Simplified...


New Scenes for Together Mode in Microsoft Teams - #169

New scenes for Together Mode bring meeting attendees together with different backgrounds. Four new scenes for displaying video from up to 50 attendees and two scenes of a new 5-attendee size. Don't worry if you haven't chosen the right size. Other attendees will display below the scene and you can change to a different scene if the meeting size increases. In this episode: - Teams support for 3x3 recordings - Announcing Teams public preview for end users - Introducing new scenes to...


Reducing background noise in Microsoft Teams meetings - #168

Microsoft Teams will soon offer AI powered background noise suppression. We've seen it in demos. How will it work in reality? How will it perform in an open floor office? A café? Or is it meant to help remote workers who have to work in shared spaces at home? In this episode: - Increasing team membership to 25,000 members per team - Microsoft Teams: Increasing the org-wide team limit from 5,000 to 10,000 - Play My Emails in Outlook for iOS and Android launching internationally - Reducing...


Microsoft Teams Virtual Breakout Rooms - #167

Improve the level of interaction between meeting attendees with virtual breakout rooms. Limitations of audio technology mean only one person can speak and be clearly heard at one time in an online meeting. Teams breakout rooms provide a smaller, isolated place to converse, collaborate and create. In this episode: - Sharing links that block video file download - Outlook on the web, Project Moca preview - Microsoft Teams - Virtual Breakout Rooms - Modern capability to add custom content...


New personalisation with My Feed web part - #166

Organizations that personalize their Intranet and team sites have another tool at their disposal. The My Feed web part shows content specific to you, based on your activity and contacts within your organization. Content includes your next meeting, a Microsoft Team and channel you frequently visit, or a recording of a meeting you attended recently. Where would you use this new web part? - My Feed web part - Forms: Specific user sharing for response collection - Set duration on presence...


Prevent attendees from unmuting in Teams Meetings - #165

There are some Teams meetings you run where you wish you could have prevented attendees from unmuting. Education are happy to see this update. But it also makes it possible for organizations to run more controlled, large format meetings. Here what Daniel has to say as he covers this update. That is, if Darrell doesn't prevent him from unmuting as he organizes the meeting. - Prevent attendees from unmuting in Teams Meetings - OneNote feed in Outlook for the web - SharePoint: Organization...


Microsoft Teams meeting recordings saved to OneDrive / SharePoint - #164

Sharing meeting recordings with guests is about to get easier. Microsoft Teams will soon record meetings to OneDrive or SharePoint. Then you can share the recording like to share any file with a guest. - New Power Automate for Teams - Microsoft Teams: meeting recordings saved to OneDrive and SharePoint - Calendar view on Microsoft List and SharePoint Lists - Push notifications for work accounts in To Do - List creation from templates visual refresh - Introducing tags in the Message...


Introducing Microsoft Teams templates - #163

Create a new Microsoft Team based on a template and get your team off to the right start. 13 new base templates will soon be available to support activities such as managing a project, onboard employees. Use one of the 13 or as an admin, create your own template. Set channel structure, Team level settings, pin tabs and pre-install apps to show in a template. - Microsoft Teams: Windows 10 native notifications in Teams ANDIntroducing macOS native notifications in Teams - Introducing...


Microsoft Ignite Schedule Builder and a few other MC updates - #162

Schedules. When they're live, we get dates and times and can make plans. In this episode we discuss a mysterious "2020 Release Wave 2" message you have to look at closer, the Gallery view for Microsoft Lists and SharePoint. We also talk about the #MSIgnite schedule builder going live, and our recommendations for sessions and tips for attending this colossal virtual conference. - Feature update: Gallery view in Microsoft Lists - New Feature: Inline message translation for Android -...


Teams custom meeting images - #161

Welcome your attendees with your organization's logo in Microsoft Teams meeting lobby and pre-join screens. This small change confirms the organization the meeting is being hosted by. Available to meeting organizers using an Advanced Communication license. - Teams custom meeting images - Introducing floating call controls in Teams meetings - Change to the minimum iOS system requirements for Outlook for iOS and watchOS - Teams meeting participant report updates - Updates to Discover...


Introducing live transcription in Microsoft Teams meetings - #160

Live transcription for Microsoft Teams meetings offers another level of engagement. Attendees can follow along with what is said and who said it, the live transcript during the meeting. The transcript is available immediately after the meeting. - Introducing additional message labels in Message center (private preview) - Introducing live transcription in Microsoft Teams meetings - Forms coming to the Office Mobile App - Search improvements in OneDrive for Business - Outlook for Android:...