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Investigating Sci-Tech Ethics & God's Medicine


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Investigating Sci-Tech Ethics & God's Medicine




The Transhuman Cyborg – Iron Shall Not Cleave with Miry Clay | ACTAS#34

Jay Harding joins me to biblically discuss man's mingling of our God-made 'clay' bodies with Satan-made 'iron' cyborg implants. The medical industry and transhumanists believe making humans part machine are beneficial upgrades.


Secret Midnight Plutonium Burials | ACTAS#33

Former security guard and plant operator at the nuclear facility, Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, Mike Driver, exposes the secret radioactive legacy of the facility. Intentional releases into the atmosphere and water; secret midnight transuranic burial grounds in farmer's fields; and much more government/corporate crimes are disclosed.


Privacy Piracy: The Data Burglars a.k.a. Google | ACTAS#32

Tech insider and digital privacy guru, Alex Hilton, exposes how Google and other mega corporations steal and sell our personal digital profiles and data for profit. Convenience is their glimmering bait, but we don't have to bite. Alex provides us an array of better, more secure alternatives to the mainstream Data Burglars.


Satanic Ritual Abuse & Human Hunting Parties - Ties to CIA

In this hard hitter (conducted in 2017) we have guest, Judy Byington – a retired therapist who treated individuals victimized by satanic ritual abuse – provide specific details and exposes international Satanic ritual sacrifice rings. She has been doing this for decades – much before current whistleblowers. She is a foremother of satanic/pedophilia exposure with the focus on bringing justice to these pedo-maniacs. Judy delivers the hard facts and records that often fade away with time:...


Russian & American Nuclear Poisoning of the U.S. | ACTAS#31

Cold War nuclear whistleblowers Jeff Walburn (former anti-terrorism squad member) and Charles "Chick" Lawson (former Occupational Safety and Health Administration's certified investigator) join me for an in-depth investigation into the intentional Russian/U.S. nuclear poisoning of Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant workers, local schools, the surrounding population and a maximum security prison. || uranium, plutonium, neptunium, americium, technetium, etc. ||


5G Whistleblower Exposes the Matrix He Helped Create | ACTAS #30

5G / telecommunications whistleblower, "Scott", detailingly exposes 5G and the Matrix system. "I helped build the Matrix!" he admits.


Kratom! God's Miracle Herb | Christopher Deany | ACTAS#29

Kratom, an evergreen tree which grows in Asia, has been used by natives for thousands of years as a treatment for chronic pain, depression, stress, muscle relaxation, and countless more benefits. I talk in depth with Christopher Deany, CEO/Owner of Christopher's Organic Botanicals, about this miraculous herb, the benefits and history. https://www.christophersorganicbotanicals.com PROMO CODE: ilovekratom - 10% Off


We are the Spiritual Anti-Virus – CHRISTopher Sweeney | ACTAS#28

Uniting as a community, as the body of Christ, we are the Anti-Virus destroying the true virus, which is evil. Now is the time for God's Children to Rise in actions to destroy the Beast!


Father of Human Cloning Speaks Out! – Dr. Zavos | ACTAS#27

How long has human cloning been researched? What is the current status of human cloning? Dr. Zavos, the "Father of Human Cloning", plans on cloning more human beings once the Covid-19 lockdown ends.


Filter 100% of Radiation and PFOA from Water with Seychelle Filtration | ACTAS#26

In a day and age where the chemical and nuclear industry discharge toxic wastes to local bodies of water, it is more important than ever to have clean drinking water. Seychelle Environmental Technologies CEO, Carl Palmer, exlpains how Seychelle water filtration filters out 100% of radiation, non-stick cookware chemicals, PFOAs, Arsenic, Lead, TCE, PCBs, plus countless more from drinking water.


Operation Warp Speed & 5G Connection to Covid-19 | ACTAS#25

Operation Warp Speed: The Department of Health and Human Services' joint project with the Department of Defense to push out 300 million Covid-19 vaccines by January 1st, 2021. Seems too fast to be safe. 5G millimeter waves actually cause coronaviruses in human skin cells according to a joint U.S., Russia, and Italy research project. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) pulled the research paper only two days after publishing. What was the NIH trying to hide? Jay Hardin joins us with a...


The Mark of the Beast Technologies | ACTAS#24

What is the Mark of the Beast? What technologies are being utilized during 'Covid-19' towards the walk-up for the beast system? Jay Hardin joins us to discuss the Biblical anti-Christ technolgies currently being rolled out and how to prepare one's soul.


The Machine's Manipulative Social Invasion | ACTAS#23

Aaron Franz, from The Age of Transitions, joins me to discuss Boston Dynamics' four-legged Spot robot public rollout; the history of the robot goes back to black Department of Defense projects and Google's military connections. Transhumanists believe they have attained God-hood and that we live in a simulated reality. All of this from an ethics and philosophical standpoint.


Secret Underground Splicing Technologies | ACTAS#22

Beneath the sea floor military bases? Skyscrapers and cars that can be grown from genetically-modified seeds? Google's father company, Alphabet, Inc., collaborating with a pharmaceutical giant to create human implants? Lets investigate these secret underground projects – with evidence from the documents from which the projects were created.


An American Nuclear Fraud Enterprise | ACTAS#21

The Nuclear Fraud Enterprise, also known as USEC, is shaken down with the release of two Investigative Reports by A Call to Actions in collaboration with JustTheNews.com. 1st Report.) "'Midnight Rockets': Whistleblower lawsuit reveals toxic releases by Ohio nuclear plant" 2nd Report) "Bill Clinton's Russian Nuclear Fraud Enterprise"


Detoxing Radioactive Elements with Far-Infrared Light | ACTAS#20

Detoxification Specialist, Frank, explains in detail the benefits of using far-infrared as a way to get rid of radioactive, chemical and plastic poisons that pollute our bodies.


Nuclear Criminal Enterprise Lawsuit Filed - Racketeering Charges | ACTAS #19

26-year Nuclear Investigations duo, Jeff Walburn and Charles "Chick" Lawson, have busted the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant for crimes including criminal racketeering, intentional radioactive environmental releases, fraud and destruction of workers' radiation records. These and many other charges against Lockheed Martin, Goodyear, United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC), Bechtel-Jacobs, etc. have been filed in a historical class-action lawsuit.


#18 | 5G Whistleblower | Frequencies & Shrouding

5G Whistleblower –for the sake of his safety– going by the alias, "Mr. Scott", opens the box of critical inside information on how these dangerous frequencies are installed; how they are disguised to look like common objects; where they are located, and what they are capable of doing. 5G Telecom / Shrouding Links sent from "Mr. Scott": • https://obscuretechllc.com/gallery/ • https://www.stealthconcealment.com/ • https://www.fibergrate.com/markets/telecommunications/


#17 | The Ultimate Holistic Anti-Virus List

Dr. Chip provides us the ultimate list of God's Anti-Viruses for protecting our temple from viral threats. Here we discuss the top 28.


#16 | The Virus Killers | The List - w/Dr. Chip

Nature provides us with all the nourishment and medicine we will ever need. Among these are super virus killers, ways to completely restore your immunity and preventing anemia by building your blood cells. Dr. Chip lays it out.