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Investigating Sci-Tech Ethics & God's Medicine




The Human Cloning Investigation | Pt. 1: Cloners, Their Foundation and Global Agenda

Human clones may be around us. They may be created by government contracted scientists. We dig deep into the beginnings of human cloning, the key cloners, their possible agenda, why it is being used as a social marketing scheme and what you can do about it. Alex Hilton, an in-depth technology investigator, joins us on our 1st podcast episode of A Call to Actions - Season 2.


The Neuralink Setup



How Media is Legally Allowed to Lie to You - Smith-Mundt Modernization Act w/ Alex Hilton | ACAS#46

Returning guest, Alex Hilton, lays out the facts involving the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act, which allows the U.S. Agency for Global Media to publish deceptive, psychologically impacting lies to major media platforms in the U.S. and abroad. –– Link to Alex Hilton's Lawless Cloud of Smith-Mundt Act records: https://lawless.cloud/s/awRYQ7JEKXNTbRL


Bible Code & Visions w/ Jay Hardin | ACAS#45

Returning guest, Jay Hardin joins me to discuss interesting dynamics with the four Gospels, Noah & current Bible prophesies + The Bible Code, as he has broken open.


The Foundation of Natural Health & Wellness | Dr. Chip | ACA#44

Dr. Marlborough Spencer Nichols, aka Dr. Chip, discloses the foundation and fundamental elements of living a natural, healthy life. Digestive health appears to be the root.


Solar-Powered, Ozone-Restoring Flying Saucer – Exclusive Interview with Inventor: Herbert Martin

Link to Flying Saucer patent: https://www.freepatentsonline.com/7971823.pdf –– Paducah, KY resident and inventor, Herbert Martin, discloses his Flying Saucer patent/invention, the "Saucer-Shaped Gyroscopically-Stabilized Vertical Take-off and Landing Aircraft", which has the capability of restoring the ozone. This flying saucer invention is solar powered and can remain aloft in space indefinitely. It can completely overthrow the last 150 years of environmentally damaging potroleum-powered...


The StarPals | 7 Virtues - Childrens' Book Series | w/ Author: Kimberlee Schultz

The author of the childrens' 7-book series, The StarPals, Kimberlee Schultz, explains detailingly how children have benefitted extraordinarily from her books. The StarPals books are based on seven virtues, and each book is themed after them: • Patty Patience • Korey Kindness • Haley Humble • Tommy Truth • Shari Sharing • Toby Thankful • Livey Love To purchase The StarPals, go to https://www.thestarpals.com


The Kryptonite of Metropolis, Illinois – Atomic Whistleblower (Randy Woods) Exposes Honeywell-Metropolis' "Green Salt" Racketeering

Randy Woods, a former atomic worker of the Honeywell Uranium Conversion Plant in Metropolis, Illinois, blows the lid off of the plant's internal defective radioactive conditions; pipe seals leaking radioactive gases into the plant; management thwarting federal inspectors; and many more chilling personal testimonies. This plant is the world's largest uranium hexa-fluoride conversion facility, and the sole one within the U.S.


The World's Largest Uranium Conversion Plant in Metropolis, Illinois – Nuclear Whistleblower Admits that Plant Discharges Radioactive Air to Local Community

Former worker of the world's largest uranium conversion plant, the Honeywell Uranium Conversion Plant, opens the lid on environmental contamination occurring – the plant exhausting radioactive dusts to the surrounding communities & much more!


World's largest Uranium Conversion Plant, Honeywell Metropolis, discharges to Ohio River - Former Wackenhut Security Guard Blows Whistle on Plant

Former Wackenhut Security Guard at Honeywell-Metropolis (the planet's largest uranium hexa-fluoride conversion plant located in Metropolis, Illinois), Christopher McCutcheon, describes detailed eye-witnessed accounts of the plant discharding radioactive waste to the Ohio River; uranium being stored in open air; workers taking radioactive contamination home on their clothes & many more chilling, personal testimonies on the corrupted federal nuclear site.


Documented Evidence of America's Creation of Enhanced Potential Pandemic Pathogens

In 2017, creation of Potential Pandemic Pathogens (PPPs) was given the green light in the U.S. I investigate shocking, documented evidence of these abominal operations. Full Document (Click): Framework for Guiding Funding Decisions about Proposed Research Involving Enhanced Potential Pandemic Pathogens - 2017


Prophetic Visions & Signs of End Times w/ Jay Hardin | ACAS#37

Prophetic visionary, Jay Hardin, leads the way in disclosing personal end time revelations, the occult calendar & taking back our power from a millenia of ritualistic deception.


6G & Nano Technologies Exposed by Telecom Whistleblower |ACAS#36

Telecom whistleblower, "Scott", discloses advanced undisclosed technologies and agendas unfolding before the world stage. • Nanotech being used in implanting Humans to become technologic slaves • 6G being rolled out in the name of Covid-19 as a new savior for machine-human integration These, and much more, on this insightful investigation. 6G Links: – • How 6G Technology Can Change the Future Wireless Healthcare : https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/abstract/document/9083916 • 6G Wireless Networks:...


Covid Passports - The Global Agenda |ACAS#35|

Alex Hilton, a software and tech programmer, joins us to discuss the social ethics and technological aspects regarding the Covid-19 experimental gene-modifying injection disguised as a "vaccine"; new Covid passports being rolled out to enter certain businesses; and much more fringe Covid controversies. –––––––––––– Covid Passport links: • New York's Excelsior Pass: https://epass.ny.gov/home • Excelsior Pass - Keynote Presentation: https://www.nysca.org/downloads/files/Excelsior_Pass_V3.pdf •...


The Transhuman Cyborg – Iron Shall Not Cleave with Miry Clay | ACTAS#34

Jay Harding joins me to biblically discuss man's mingling of our God-made 'clay' bodies with Satan-made 'iron' cyborg implants. The medical industry and transhumanists believe making humans part machine are beneficial upgrades.


Secret Midnight Plutonium Burials | ACTAS#33

Former security guard and plant operator at the nuclear facility, Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, Mike Driver, exposes the secret radioactive legacy of the facility. Intentional releases into the atmosphere and water; secret midnight transuranic burial grounds in farmer's fields; and much more government/corporate crimes are disclosed.


Privacy Piracy: The Data Burglars a.k.a. Google | ACTAS#32

Tech insider and digital privacy guru, Alex Hilton, exposes how Google and other mega corporations steal and sell our personal digital profiles and data for profit. Convenience is their glimmering bait, but we don't have to bite. Alex provides us an array of better, more secure alternatives to the mainstream Data Burglars.


Satanic Ritual Abuse & Human Hunting Parties - Ties to CIA

In this hard hitter (conducted in 2017) we have guest, Judy Byington – a retired therapist who treated individuals victimized by satanic ritual abuse – provide specific details and exposes international Satanic ritual sacrifice rings. She has been doing this for decades – much before current whistleblowers. She is a foremother of satanic/pedophilia exposure with the focus on bringing justice to these pedo-maniacs. Judy delivers the hard facts and records that often fade away with time:...


Russian & American Nuclear Poisoning of the U.S. | ACTAS#31

Cold War nuclear whistleblowers Jeff Walburn (former anti-terrorism squad member) and Charles "Chick" Lawson (former Occupational Safety and Health Administration's certified investigator) join me for an in-depth investigation into the intentional Russian/U.S. nuclear poisoning of Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant workers, local schools, the surrounding population and a maximum security prison. || uranium, plutonium, neptunium, americium, technetium, etc. ||


5G Whistleblower Exposes the Matrix He Helped Create | ACTAS #30

5G / telecommunications whistleblower, "Scott", detailingly exposes 5G and the Matrix system. "I helped build the Matrix!" he admits.