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Using Cognitive Services in Containers

In this video we will talk about our new capability that allows developers to deploy some of our cognitive services as containers! Get ready for the intelligent edge! Process data in the cloud or on device at the edge, the choice is yours!


What’s New? A Single Key for Cognitive Services

In this video we will talk about the work we are doing to simplify the use of Cognitive Services in your applications. We now have a single key, which eliminates having to reference and manage many keys per service for a single application. Head on over to the Azure Portal:


Building a Pet Detector in 30 minutes or less!

Ever wondered what breed that dog or cat is? In this show, you'll see us train, optimize and deploy a deep learning model using Azure Notebooks, Azure Machine Learning Service, and Visual Studio Code using Python. We use transfer learning to retrain a mobilenet model using Tensorflow to recognize dog and cat breeds using the Oxford IIIT Pet Dataset. Next, we'll optimize that model using the Azure Machine Learning Service HyperDrive service, and improve the accuracy of our model to over 90%....


Pix2Story- Neural AI Storyteller

Storytelling is at the heart of human nature and Natural Language Processing is a field that is driving a revolution in the computer-human interaction. That is why we decided to explore AI Pix2Story to see if we could teach an AI to be creative, be inspired by a picture and take it to another level. AI Lab Pix2Story link- Pix2Story Azure Website link-


LearnAI: Adding Bing Search to Bots

The LearnAI team has updated the Azure Cognitive Services Bootcamp! Tune in to get an overview of the changes and a walk through of how you can add Bing Search, LUIS, and Azure Search to bots via the Bot Framework SDK V4.


LearnAI: LUIS – Notes from the Field

Anna Thomas has been collecting notes for the past two years from field members (internal and external) who have developed complex LUIS models. In this video, we'll explore some of the limitations or challenges that are faced when you try to deploy enterprise-ready LUIS models at scale, and how they can be addressed. The related blog post can be found at The related video on botbuilder-tools is here.


An Introduction to the Intelligent Kiosk

How to use this sample application to learn cognitive services and test applications that you are infusing with AI. Learn more:


Azure ML Data Prep GUI, Its Not Just About The Code

While lots of people like to do their data prep in code some tasks are faster and more easily done in a GUI, what's even better is a set of capabilities where you can pick and choose when and how to work in code and when to work in a GUI that work together. This show will demonstrate how we make Seth's life easier and faster in terms of data prep, allowing him to focus his nerdiness on modelling. Getting Started docs for the SDK are here Access...


How the Azure ML Data Prep SDK Will Make Your Life Better

As discussed in Episode 4 data preparation can be a very time consuming and error prone part of the advanced analytics process. In this show, we look at the recently released AML data prep SDK that uses AI and ML to make the data prep process easier and faster. Getting Started docs for the SDK are here


Announcing Microsoft AI for Accessibility

This week we want to focus on sharing an exciting new program we recently announced call AI for Accessibility. If you are building a solution for this community, there is now a unique opportunity to get help, Azure services or funding to support your work! What a great time to be in AI! Resources: Blog


Why Should I Care About Data Preparation?

Data Preparation is generally regarded as taking 80% of the resources for an advanced analytics project, but does it really. Why is it so hard? What's the difference between prepping and modelling? What is featurization and how does it fit in? All these questions and more will be answered in the show, we will even shock and wow Seth with some demos. Getting Started docs for the SDK are here


Taking a Look at Computer Vision’s Object Detection

Take a quick tour of computer vision and see an example of how we used a custom vision, object detection model to solve a fun use case.


Build a Bot in Minutes with QnA Maker

In this episode we are exploring how quick and easy it is to create a chatbot that can answer top-of-mind questions for employees or customers. Leveraging QnA Maker we will build a bot in minutes from a FAQ website and even add some personality to our bot.


Learn How to Deploy Machine Learning Models!

In this episode, we will provide step by step guidance on how to deploy machine learning models using the Visual Studio Code Tools for AI extension and Azure Machine Learning service. To learn more see


What’s New in Speech Services: This Week in Cognitive

"This week in Cognitive" is focused on providing developers with a weekly look at what's new and exciting in the area of Cognitive Services and Pre-Built AI. This week we are taking a look at the newly Generally Available service called Unified Speech as well as some preview services in speech that are fun to play around with. We will walk through the resources you need to get started and show you a demo that will get you thinking about how you can use Cognitive Search, Bots and Custom...


Train Machine Learning Models with Azure ML in VS Code

In this episode, we will provide step by step guidance on how to train machine learning models using the Visual Studio Code Tools for AI extension and Azure Machine Learning service. To learn more see go to the documentation page!


Get Started with Azure Machine Learning with VS Code Tools

In this episode, we will provide a brief overview of Azure Machine Learning service and the Visual Studio Code Tools for AI extension. To learn more see


Spektacom “Power Bat"

Introducing ‘power bats’, an innovative sensor-powered sticker that measures the quality of a player’s shot by capturing data and analyzing impact characteristics through wireless sensor technology and cloud analytics. This unique non-intrusive sensor platform weighing less than 5 grams is stuck behind the bat as a sticker to measure the quality, speed, twist and swing of the bat and the power transferred from the ball to bat at impact. These parameters are used to compute quality of the...


“Snip Insights” An open source cross-platform AI tool for intelligent screen capture

Snip Insights is an open source desktop utility that enables cross-platform users to retrieve intelligent insights over a snip or screenshot. Screenshots are essentially snapshots of moments. Snip Insights leverages cloud AI services to convert images to translated text, automatically detect and tag image content, along with many smart image suggestions that improve workflows while showcasing Azure Cognitive Services’ potential. By combining a familiar tool with Cognitive Services, we have...



The Need- User Interface Design process involves a lot a creativity that starts on a whiteboard where designers share ideas. Once a design is drawn, it is usually captured within a photograph and manually translated into some working HTML wireframe to play with in a web browser. This takes effort and delays the design process. The Solution- Within Microsoft Cognitive Services we host Computer Vision Service. The model behind this service has been trained with millions of images and...