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#309: Black Belt Tips and Amazon QuickSight ML Insights

In this episode Simon gives you some Black Belt tips around managing you CloudFormation stacks and how to use AWS Organizations to control access to AWS resources. He also gives you a look at Amazon QuickSight ML Insights.


#308: April 2019 Update Show

Simon and Nicki cover almost 100 updates! Check out the chapter timings to see where things of interest to you might be. Infrastructure 00:42 Storage 1:17 Databases 4:14 Analytics 8:28 Compute 9:52 IoT 15:17 End User Computing 17:40 Machine Learning 19:10 Networking 21:57 Developer Tools 23:21 Application Integration 25:42 Game Tech 26:29 Media 27:37 Management and Governance 28:11 Robotics 30:35 Security 31:30 Solutions 32:40 Topic || Infrastructure In the Works – AWS Region in Indonesia |...


#307: The AWS Developer Experience - AWS App Mesh and AWS Cloud Development Kit

How do you build applications that are loosely coupled but reliable? How can you take an even more abstracted view of cloud infrastructure? Simon is joined by Adam Larter (Principal Solutions Architect, AWS) to discuss options available to developers using AWS. Links: AWS App Mesh: AWS Cloud Development Kit:


#306: [Provable Security Podcast Series Episode #1]: Automated Reasoning’s Past, Present, and Future with Moshe Vardi

Provable Security: Conversations on Next Gen Security. We published a podcast ( on provable security ( last fall, and, due to high customer interest, we decided to bring you a regular peek into this AWS initiative. This series will cover how the traditionally academic field of automated reasoning is being applied at AWS at scale to help provide higher assurances for our customers, regulators,...


#305: Saving Money with EC2 Spot

Did you know you can save 70-90% on compute costs easier than ever? Or that you can get more work done for the same spend? EC2 Spot is more powerful and easier to use than ever; Simon takes you through some of the new capabilities and benefits that you can use today. EC2 Spot Instances: EC2 Spot Instance Advisor: EC2 Spot Instance Data Feed:...


#304: March Update Show Part 2

Simon and Nicki run through some interesting new AWS capabilities for customers as well as a look at the upcoming re:MARS conference ( 0:29 - Databases 1:20 - Analytics 1:52 - Compute 3:22 - IoT 4:05 - Customer Engagement 5:07 - Networking 5:34 - Developer Tools 7:46 - Application Integration 8:20 - Game Tech 8:42 - Media Services 9:24 - Management and Governance 12:41 - re:MARS Topic || Databases Amazon DynamoDB adds support for switching encryption keys to...


#303: Are You Well-Architected?

How do you know if you have built your system the best way possible? How can you track this over time, and see and share improvements with others? The AWS Well-Architected Framework now has a customer-accessible tool - free to use! Simon speaks with "Fitz" (Philip Fitzimons) who leads the Well-Architected team at AWS about how customers can make the most of this new capability. Links: AWS Well-Architected Home Page:


#302: March 2019 Update Show Part One

Simon is joined by new update co-host Nicki Klein (Senior Technical Evangelist, AWS) to discuss all the latest features and capabilities available to AWS customers! Chapters 1:57 Mobile 5:21 Solutions & Quickstarts 7:53 Database 13:51 Storage 17:46 Analytics 20:58 Compute 24:32 Certifications 26:11 Machine Learning 27:25 Developer Tools 28:31 Networking 29:07 Media Services 30:37 Security 31:30 IoT 32:30 Management & Governance 33:43 Customer Engagement 34:30 End User Experience 34:59...


#301: Getting the most out of the AWS Developer Experience

What does a modern software development look like? What are some of the optimised approaches you can use? What is the state of play when it comes to developer tooling and the cloud? Simon is joined by Adam Larter (Principal Solutions Architect, AWS) to discuss options available to developers using AWS. Links: DevOps and AWS landing page: Keep up to date with the AWS DevOps blog: What is SAM?:...


#300: Amazon ElasticSearch Update

Do you have lots of data to search, analyze and visualize? The Amazon ElasticSearch service is used by customers large and small to do just that! Simon speaks with Jon Handler (Principal Solutions Architect, AWS) about some exciting new capabilities and also how to size, tune and optimize your clusters. Links: Amazon ElasticSearch: T-Shirt size blog:...


#299: February 2019 Updates

Simon guides you through lots of new features, services and capabilities that you can take advantage of. Including the new AWS Backup service, more powerful GPU capabilities, new SLAs and much, much more! Chapters: Service Level Agreements 0:17 Storage 0:57 Media Services 5:08 Developer Tools 6:17 Analytics 9:54 AI/ML 12:07 Database 14:47 Networking & Content Delivery 17:32 Compute 19:02 Solutions 21:57 Business Applications 23:38 AWS Cost Management 25:07 Migration & Transfer 25:39...


#298: [Public Sector Special Series #6] - Bringing the White House to the World

Dr. Stephanie Tuszynski (Director of the Digital Library - White House Historical Association) speaks about how they used AWS to bring the experience of the White House to the world.


#297: Reinforcement Learning with AWS DeepRacer

How are ML Models Trained? How can developers learn different approaches to solving business problems? How can we race model cars on a global scale? Todd Escalona (Solutions Architect Evangelist, AWS) joins Simon to dive into reinforcement learning and AWS DeepRacer! AWS DeepRacer: Open Source DIY Donkey Car: re:Invent 2017 Robocar Hackathon -...


#296: [Public Sector Special Series #5] - Creating Better Educational Outcomes Using AWS

Cesar Wedemann (QEDU) talks to Simon about how they gather Education data and provide this data to teachers and public schools to improve education in Brazil. They developed a free-access portal that offers easy visualization of brazilian Education open data. (


#295: Creating a DevOps Workflow for Machine Learning Models

Training your ML model is just one part of the puzzle; retaining it and deploying into production on a regular basis is key for great business outcomes. Simon speaks with John Calhoun (Machine Learning Specialist, AWS) about how to implement this in your business using the open source AWS Sagemaker Build CloudFormation. Shownotes: Source Code: Blog Post:...


#294: [Public Sector Special Series #4] - Using AI to make Content Available for Students at Imperial College of London

How do you train the next generation of Digital leaders? How do you provide them with a modern educational experience? Can you do it without technical expertise? Hear how Ruth Black (Teaching Fellow at the Digital Academy) applied Amazon Transcribe to make this real.


#293: Diving into Data with Amazon Athena

Do you have lots of data to analyze? Is writing SQL a skill you have? Would you like to analyze massive amounts of data at low cost without capacity planning? In this episode, Simon shares how Amazon Athena can give you options you may not have considered before. Shownotes: Amazon Athena: Top 10 Performance Tips: Using CTAS for Performance:...


#292: [Public Sector Special Series #3] - Moving to Microservices from an Organisational Standpoint

Jeff Olson (VP & Chief Data Officer at College Board) talks about his experiences in fostering change from an organisational standpoint whilst moving to a microservices architecture.


#291: January 2019 Update

Simon takes you through a nice mix of updates and new things to take advantage of - even a price drop! Chapters: Service Level Agreements 00:19 Price Reduction 1:15 Databases 2:09 Service Region Expansion 3:52 Analytics 5:23 Machine Learning 7:13 Compute 7:55 IoT 9:37 Management 10:43 Mobile 11:33 Desktop 12:30 Certification 13:11 Shownotes: Topic || Service Level Agreements 00:19 Amazon API Gateway announces service level agreement |...


#290: [Public Sector Special Series #2] - Using AWS to Power Research with the University of Liverpool and Alces Flight

Cliff Addison (University of Liverpool) joins with Will Mayers and Cristin Merritt (Alces Flight) to talk about High Performance Computing in the cloud and meeting the needs of researchers.