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The Official AWS Podcast is a podcast for developers and IT professionals looking for the latest news and trends in storage, security, infrastructure, serverless, and more. Join Simon Elisha and Hawn Nguyen-Loughren for regular updates, deep dives, launches, and interviews. Whether you’re training machine learning models, developing open source projects, or building cloud solutions, the Official AWS Podcast has something for you.


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The Official AWS Podcast is a podcast for developers and IT professionals looking for the latest news and trends in storage, security, infrastructure, serverless, and more. Join Simon Elisha and Hawn Nguyen-Loughren for regular updates, deep dives, launches, and interviews. Whether you’re training machine learning models, developing open source projects, or building cloud solutions, the Official AWS Podcast has something for you.




#624: AWS and DeepLearning.AI release "Generative AI with Large Language Models" on Coursera

DeepLearning.AI and AWS have jointly launched “Generative AI with large language models”, a new hands-on course that prepares data scientists and engineers to become experts in selecting, training, fine-tuning, and deploying LLMs for real-world applications. Tune into this episode, with host Jillian Forde, to hear from Tommy Nelson (DeepLearning.AI) and Antje Barth (AWS) the course highlights, prerequisites, and some fun behind-the-scenes details. DeepLearning .AI website:


#623: API Modernization Strategies Episode 2

AWS AppSync is a serverless GraphQL and Pub/Sub's APIs that simplify application development through a single endpoint to securely query, update, or publish data. Tune in to listen to Hawn Nguyen-Loughren, Sr. Manager, Solutions Architect and Venugopalan Vasudevan, Sr. Specialist Solutions Architect discuss cross-team API development considerations for enterprises, introduce AWS AppSync, dive deeper into how AWS AppSync enables enterprise developer teams to consolidate APIs owned and managed by independent teams into a single, federated API exposed to clients, and how this helps setup crucial guardrails to promote team collaboration and performance at scale. Merged APIs on AWS AppSync blog: AWS AppSync Merged APIs developer guide:


#622: September 2023 Update Show 2

Simon flies the show solo to share a raft of very cool things to help you build! Chapters: 00:34 AWS Marketplace 00:58 Analytics 03:28 Application Integration 05:17 Business Applications 06:01 Compute 06:54 Cost Management 07:33 Customer Engagement 10:23 Databases 14:30 Developer Tools 15:09 End User Computing 15:33 Front End Web & Mobile 16:15 Machine Learning 20:24 Management & Governance 21:21 Media Services 21:35 Migration & Transfer 23:32 Networking & Content Delivery 24:55 Security, Identity, & Compliance 27:02 Storage Shownotes:


#621: AWS Control Tower and Cloud Governance in 2023

AWS Cloud Governance is the set of rules, practices, and reports that ensure your cloud use meets your business requirements. Tune into this episode, with host Jillian Forde, to hear from two Cloud Governance Specialists, Al Destefano and Nivas Durairaj, on how your organization can benefit from a multi-account strategy, meet regulatory requirements at scale, leverage AWS managed controls to meet business objectives and ensure data residency requirements are met by using services like AWS Organizations, AWS Config and AWS Control Tower. AWS Control Tower website: AWS Cloud Governance options:


#620: AWS DMS Serverless

Jillian Forde and Michael Surkan discuss how AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) is simplifying migrations with AWS DMS Serverless. Learn how AWS DMS Serverless automatically provisions, monitors, and scales migration resources to the optimal capacity needed to meet demand, so you don't have to. AWS DMS Serverless blog: AWS DMS Serverless website: AWS DMS Serverless website AWS Database Migration Serverless:


#619: Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink

Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink makes it easy to build and run real-time streaming applications using Apache Flink. Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink takes care of everything required to run streaming applications. There are no servers and clusters to manage, no compute and storage infrastructure to set up, and you only pay for the resources you use. You can easily setup and integrate data sources or destinations with minimal code, process data continuously with sub-second latencies, and respond to events in real-time.


#618: September 2023 Update Show 1

Simon, Hawn, and Jillian cover the latest AWS updates. Chapters: 01:07 AWS Marketplace 01:41 Analytics 04:54 Application Integration 06:32 Compute 08:34 Database 10:33 Developer Tools 11:08 Game Tech 11:18 Machine Learning 12:58 Management & Governance 13:47 Media Services 14:19 Migration & Transfer 16:39 Networking & Content Delivery 17:52 Security, Identity, & Compliance 18:46 Startups 20:29 Storage Shownotes:


#617: Amazon Managed Blockchain announces Access and Query

Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) is a fully managed service which makes building with blockchain technology accessible and affordable for all developers. AMB' two new services, AMB Access and Query expands AMB’s capabilities to help developers build scalable applications quickly and securely. AMB Access provides a new serverless offering for non-mining, full blockchain nodes. With AMB Access, developers can instantly call standard remote procedure calls (RPCs) to interact with digital assets and distributed applications built on multiple blockchains, starting with Bitcoin, without specialized blockchain infrastructure. AMB Query delivers standardized and formatted blockchain data from multiple blockchains, starting with Bitcoin and Ethereum, which applications can consume quickly without having to perform complex data transformations or pay expensive storage costs. AMB Access and Query blog: AMB Access and Query website:


#616: Mountpoint for Amazon S3

Mountpoint for Amazon S3 is a new open source file client that you can use to mount an S3 bucket on your compute instance and access it as a local file system. In this episode, Simon is joined by Devabrat Kumar, Sr. Product Manager for Amazon S3, to discuss the launch of Mountpoint for Amazon S3 and how customer feedback has driven the evolution of this feature. Mountpoint blog: Mountpoint website: Mountpoint user guide:


#615: AWS Payment Cryptography

The new AWS service, AWS Payment Cryptography simplifies cryptography operations in your cloud-hosted payment applications. Tune in to hear Mark Cline, Senior Product Manager, discuss how you can get started with AWS Payment Cryptography and simplify the exchange of encryption keys with partners and customers. Payment Cryptography website: AWS Payment Cryptography blog: AWS Payment Cryptography workshop:


#614: August 2023 Update Show 2

Simon and Jillian take you on a journey of AWS discovery! Chapters: 01:01 Analytics 02:52 Application Integration 13:52 Customer Engagement 20:24 Developer Tools 23:40 Front End Web & Mobile 24:17 Game Tech 25:04 Internet of Things 29:37 Management & Governance 33:33 Network & Content Delivery 36:25 Security and Compliance 36:55 Storage Shownotes:


#613: Well-Architected Deep Dive

In this episode, Hawn sits down with Ilana Morris and Samir Kopal from the Well-Architected team to discuss a brief history of AWS Well-Architected. They dive into how to use the AWS Well-Architected Tool as a mechanism and the latest Well-Architected features including Consolidated Report, the integration with Service Catalog AppRegistry, and Profiles. AWS Well-Architected Tool website: AWS Well-Architected Tool Documentation: AWS Well-Architected Labs: AWS Well-Architected Partner Program:


#612: I4g storage instances powered by AWS Graviton2 processors

Learn more about the recently launched I4g AWS Nitro SSDs. AWS Nitro SSDs build on the AWS silicon innovation with the AWS Nitro System and are custom-designed to deliver the best storage performance for your I/O intensive workloads running in Amazon EC2. I4g instances offer similar memory and storage ratios to existing I4i instances and are optimized for workloads with small to medium sized datasets that perform a high mix of random read/write and require very low I/O latency, such as databases and real-time analytics. I4g instances deliver the best compute price performance for a storage optimized instance, and best storage performance per TB for a Graviton-based storage instance. Amazon EC2 I4g instances deliver up to 15% better compute performance compared to similar storage-optimized instances. Amazon l4g instances website: Blog: Amazon EC2 I4g storage-optimized instances:


#611: API Modernization Strategies part 1: Security

AWS AppSync is a serverless GraphQL and Pub/Sub APIs that simplify application development through a single endpoint to securely query, update, or publish data. Tune in to listen to Jillian Forde, Sr. Startup Solutions Architect and Ozioma Uzoegwu, Sr. Solutions Architect talk about the functionalities we have on AppSync that can help you implement enterprise level security on your GraphQL APIs on AppSync. Recently we launched the support of Private APIs on AppSync, the most requested feature on AppSync, so listen in to also learn about this new feature and how you can get started.


#610: August 2023 Update Show 1

Two of our hosts are in the Big Apple to share lots of big updates! 01:05 Analytics 03:06 Application Integration 04:29 Compute 10:30 Customer Engagement 10:55 Databases 13:08 Developer Tools 09:52 End User Computing 14:16 Front-End Web & Mobile 15:27 Internet of Things (IoT) 15:55 Machine Learning 18:31 Management & Governance 19:42 Media Services 20:40 Migration & Transfer 21:14 Networking & Content Delivery 22:46 Security, Identity and Compliance 23:07 Storage Shownotes:


#609: AWS Entity Resolution

Is your company faced with inaccurate and fragmented data, scored across applications, channels, and data stores? Find out how AWS Entity Resolution helps you match and link related records with configurable workflows that take only minutes to set up. Tune into listen to Shobhit Gupta, Principal Product Manager, Technical, talk about how this new new service helps you easily set up matching workflows and configure advanced matching techniques, while helping you better protect your data.


#608: Generative AI Roundup - August 2023

Simon takes you on a tour of your GenAI options. From software development, to AI policy, to trialling FMs, to new instance types, and CPUs. Referenced Links: - URL: Title: Optimize software development with Amazon CodeWhisperer | AWS DevOps Blog - URL: Title: 10 ways to build applications faster with Amazon CodeWhisperer | AWS DevOps Blog - URL: Title: Build data integration jobs with AI companion on AWS Glue Studio Notebook powered by Amazon CodeWhisperer - URL: Title: Use generative AI foundation models in VPC mode with no internet connectivity using Amazon SageMaker JumpStart | AWS Machine Learning Blog - URL: Title: Llama 2 foundation models from Meta are now available in Amazon SageMaker JumpStart | AWS Machine Learning Blog - URL: Title: Use Stable Diffusion XL with Amazon SageMaker JumpStart in Amazon SageMaker Studio | AWS Machine Learning Blog - URL: Title: Efficiently train, tune, and deploy custom ensembles using Amazon SageMaker | AWS Machine Learning Blog - URL: Title: Quickly build high-accuracy Generative AI applications on enterprise data using Amazon Kendra, LangChain, and large language models | AWS Machine Learning Blog - URL: Title: Foundation Model API Service – Amazon Bedrock Features – AWS - URL: Title: Preview – Enable Foundation Models to Complete Tasks With Agents for Amazon Bedrock | AWS News Blog - URL: Title: Announcing Generative BI capabilities in Amazon QuickSight | AWS Business Intelligence Blog - URL: Title: Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL now supports pgvector for simplified ML model integration - URL: Title: Introducing the vector engine for Amazon OpenSearch Serverless, now in preview | AWS Big Data Blog - URL: Title: New – Amazon EC2 P5 Instances Powered by NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs for Accelerating Generative AI and HPC Applications | AWS News Blog - URL: Title: Maximize Stable Diffusion performance and lower inference costs with AWS Inferentia2 | AWS Machine Learning Blog - URL: Title: New technical deep dive course: Generative AI Foundations on AWS | AWS Machine Learning Blog - URL:...


#607: Amazon Verified Permissions

Permissions management is the undifferentiated heavy lifting of application development. Amazon Verified Permissions decouples authorization from application logic saving developers time and resources. Developers can reuse centralized policies as well as define and manage policies for their applications to accelerate time-to-market. Security and audit teams can better analyze and audit who has access to what using Verified Permissions. In this episode, Jillian is joined by Abhi Panday, Product Manager at AWS, to discuss how developers and security teams are using the service to build fine-grained authorization within their applications. Amazon Verified Permissions Blog: Amazon Verified Permissions website: Amazon Verified Permissions resources:


#606: July 2023 Update Show 2

It is sharp, informative, and fun! Simon, Hawn, and Jillian take you through all the latest AWS updates! Chapters: 00:47 AWS Marketplace 02:03 Analytics 03:57 Application Integration 04:00 Business Applications 05:26 Compute 06:47 Customer Engagement 07:30 Databases 08:57 Developer Tools 09:45 End User Computing 10:52 Front-End Web & Mobile 11:42 GameTech 12:17 Internet of Things (IoT) 12:27 Machine Learning 16:21 Management & Governance 17:42 Media Services 17:53 Migration & Transfer 19:26 Networking & Content Delivery 19:51 Security, Identity and Compliance 20:47 Storage Shownotes: AWS Podcast Audio Feedback:


#605: AWS Trainium-powered Amazon EC2 Trn1n instances

How to get the best price performance in Amazon EC2 for the most demanding machine learning training workloads? Tune in to learn how AWS Trainium-based Amazon EC2 Trn1n instances can help you train your network-intensive generative AI models at scale. Amazon EC2 Trn1n instances double the bandwidth offered by Trn1 instances to 1600 Gbps of EFA and deliver up to 20% faster time-to-train than Trn1 instances. Both Trn1 and Trn1n instances deliver up to 50% savings on training costs over comparable Amazon EC2 instances. Tune in to learn more about this new launch that helps you increase performance, reduce costs, and also improve energy efficiency when training your large-scale ML models. Trn1 Website: AWS Neuron Website: AWS Trainium Website: AWS Inferentia Website: