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Three nerds discussing tech, Apple, programming, and loosely related matters.

Three nerds discussing tech, Apple, programming, and loosely related matters.


New York, NY


Three nerds discussing tech, Apple, programming, and loosely related matters.






381: Uncomfortable Truths

11 Things You Can Do to Help Black Lives Matter End Police ViolenceHow to Safely and Ethically Film Police MisconductHow to Be an Activist When You’re Unable to Attend ProtestsHow to Protest Safely in the Age of SurveillanceBooks About Race & RacismPodcasts that Talk About RacismResearch-Based Solutions to Stop Police Violence by Samuel SinyangweTrevor Noah’s TakeObama’s list of resources and and ways to take actionTim Cook’s statementEqual Justice InitiativeTalking to Kids About Racism,...


380: Wires Are Great

THE ATP STORE IS BACK!! Make your purchases until June 7th. icecastFlexboxEbay port scanningPublish by John SundellLittle SnitchSonnet Fusion Flex J3iDisabling Chrome’s async DNS resolverHBO ditches Apple TV ChannelsJoe Rogan himself13” MacBook ProMicrosoft’s Fluid Office “document”OpenDocObject Linking and EmbeddingEeroUbiquiti UniFiDream MachinenanoHD Access PointWindows RegistryDLL HellChris NilesTom Bihn masksMarco’s awesome Phish-donut maskProcedure masks Sponsored by: Basecamp


379: The Everything’s OK Alarm

THE ATP STORE IS BACK!! Make your purchases until June 7th. new websiteNeutralJohn talks about Flatland on Sophomore LitLime-a-RitaDestiny & CursorsiOS 13.4 adds Shared iPad for BusinessSir CathyJohn’s smoke detector story from HypercriticalJoe Roganhis showNetNewsWirePlay My JamAlfredPastebotLaunchBarBoot Campsomeone Sponsored by: SquarespaceATPLinodeatp2020


378: Whale Quench

Dave Matthews Band was liveTotally unrelatedInstagram StoryRaspberry Pi High Quality CameraSynology Cloud Sync & DropboxWriting Perl by voice by Emily SheaTatsuhiko MiyagawaHand free computingPhonetic AlphabetCraig Federighi on AppStories #162Cursor controlCoyote timecode examplegame developer tricksCeleste platforming mechanics designPlaying for Fun #2: CelesteClosing appsDun & BradstreetMini-DViDiveSuper 8RCA VHS CamcorderCVC GR-C1MKBHD's videoJamie BenderUnai HerránOptimizing Apps for...


377: $10 Worth of Headaches

AppFiguresLLCDBAInstagram StoryRaspberry Pi Zero WRaspberry Pi 4ATP #285 @ 3m48sATP #306 @ 1h36mThe Talk Show #227EtcherWWDC date announcedFedoraCowboy hatFlat capNew 13" MacBook Pro! Six Colors reviewRene Ritchie's video reviewRene Ritchie's comparison vs. MacBook AirTurbo buttonTGProThom AnthonyJack JohnsonATR2100xMicrophone Mega-ReviewKerryUnbox TherapyPorsche Classic Communication ManagementBMW stops European Delivery for American customersNeutral #12: Vomit Ruins Everything Sponsored...


376: Monogamous Gaming Lifestyle

Synology DriveTransmitJohn's new video cardIt's bigMac Pro Wheels & Feet MeasurementDangerous keyboard useCar alternators do generate ACReally really use an unpainted post when jump-starting a carCOVID-19 Exposure NotificationNSHipster's OverviewiOS 13.5 ImprovementsGoogle Making its own ChipsARM chips in Macs Sponsored by: ExpressVPN


375: Wobbly Goblin

Homeowners associationsLienLaw of large pull requestsiPad Pro Magic KeyboardSOAPWSDLThe Guerilla Guide to Interviewing (Joel on Software)Fizz BuzzApple's IS&TAsajz Sponsored by: Linodeatp2020Mack Weldonatppodcast


374: Screwdriver Testing Harness

PHP: A Fractal of Bad DesignApple Push Notification Service: Token AuthenticationECDSAJWTMarco's resulting APNS-JWT PHP functionOpenEmuProvenanceMiSTerJames Thomson360° audioIbrahim Al-Alalinugs.netMac Pro feet/wheelsRadeon Pro W5700Xnow available for orderingScreensDr. Drang's keyboard-weight speculationNew iPhone SEOvercast usageHunter HollandBetterTouchToolBetterSnapToolATP #96: Windows of Siracusa CountyThe state of Mac web browsingATP #205: Chris Lattner InterviewATP #317: We're...


373: This Jerk, Right Here

WebTVBNC connectorGetting progress Dark Sky's data sourcesTrump continues to fill the swampBBEditArq BackupNew PS5 controllerHypercritical #49: Pinching the HarmonicaxScopeForce TouchRaspberry PiPi-HoleInstallation instructionsCanaKitRaspbianTiff ArmentRetroPie8bitdo SN30 ProWave Race 6432XNeo Geo3DOSega SaturnRotary phoneKontra/Konami CodeFamicom vs. NES controllersNintendo Switch OnlineNES Classic EditionAnalogue ConsoleFPGA8bitdo M30 2.4G for SEGA GenesisEverdrive flash...


372: Things Are Degraded

RetroPieretro gamepadA12Z is the A12X with all GPU cores working properlyChip binningAll 2020 iPad Pros have 6 GB RAMPart-name theoriesDS1813+S.M.A.R.T.Backblaze Hard Drive Stats for 2019Apple Acquires Dark SkyCARROT WeatherWeather LineYou can buy/rent video from the Amazon iOS app without using in-app purchaseBreakpointsThe Road to PS5Xbox Series X Hands On, Gameplay & Controller!Head Related Transfer FunctionBinaural recording Sponsored by: PostmatesATPEeroATPSquarespaceATP


371: Four-Letter Technologies

Chris LattnerHigh Output ManagementTensorFlowCaffeTPUPythonPyTorchSwift for TensorFlowSwift TensorFlow tutorialsFortranSwift for TensorFlowClangJupyterPython interop workbookDynamic CallableDynamic Member LookupNumPyMLIR: Multi-Level Intermediate RepresentationSIL: Swift Intermediate LanguageSiFiveASIC: Application-specific integrated circuitRISC-VBSDPA-RISCMachKHTMLWWDCBriskSelf-hostingSwift Ownership ManifestoRust2019 LLVM Dev Meeting: Ownership SSAC++20ClangSwiftUICombineVariadic...


370: Ghost Finger

WWDC 2020Press releaseOriginal GravityIncoherent TootsApple Style GuideMac miniMacBook AiriPad ProLiDARMagic Keyboard for iPad ProSmart Keyboard FolioiPad Pro Cursor with Craig FederighiThe Test Drivers #3: Xbox Series X Exclusive, and the Z Flip GangXbox Series X Hands On, Gameplay & Controller!The Road to PS5 Sponsored by: SquarespaceATPEeroATPExpressVPN


369: Brown Big Bear

Marco's image-retention testApple Cinema Display HDRecommended info sources on COVID-19:Flatten the CurveCDC: COVID-19Exponential Growth and EpidemicsWWDCSanta Clara County bans gatherings of 1000+Adjective orderCommand keyDefaultFolder XScreen shotting/screen captureBrian Ski's tweetNew homescreenAccessibility features, wallpapers, and GIFWrappedOCR capabilitiesTranscriber in Windows MobileGraffitiInkwellBlack InkApple Watch flag facesGeneral Apple Watch improvementsTachymeterthe best...


368: A Jacket and Some Pins

Pegasus J2iMountainBen ThompsonnvALTJust Enough GrammarSynologyBackblaze B2Amazon GlacierArqWWDCUnder the Radar #186: Replacing WWDCAn Event ApartPlain Text app for iOSJon MitchellNicholas GaffneyNeutralNew BMW logoConcept i4 Sponsored by: SquarespaceATPAwayKolide


367: Antitrust Relief Valve

SwitchGlasshigh-quality streaming Swift and static analysisMicrosoft Defender ATPComing for iOSSafari and long-lived HTTPS certificatesLet's EncryptApple considering allowing users switch default appsSpotifyTime to Play FairThingsstarsasumiG-SYNCFuture Ben Sponsored by: IndeedLinodeatp2020ProClip USAatp10


366: There’s Nothing You Can Fix in a Day

Machine-gun trackpadMarco on OS upgradesCasey's RadarGrasshopperLogoMac malware getting worse?What does Apple need to make most?Mail toolbar fixesCabel's takeLouie MantiaCasey's answerBrian HamiltonWallpaper creation toolCold medicines Sponsored by: HandyIndeedSquarespaceATP


365: Day-One Cowboy

Gualtiero FrigerioNSHipsterSnow Leopard ReviewJan VitturiRichard KansonJohn's new app (‼️)Keyboard MaestroPastebotTaika Waititi on Apple KeyboardsIBM Model MBest Laptop Ever MadeSwift Playgrounds on macOSGatekeeperChris Wright Sponsored by: BlueVineLinodeatp2020Bombas


364: A Casey Settings Screen

Casey's new app (‼️)Detecting Guided AccessSwiftUIKnife SwitchGoogle Photos Privacy BreachhomebrewMacPortsOrigin of the ⌘ keySave for Web Claws"Free Public WiFi"iOS auto-joins AT&T Wi-Fi networks without user permissionThe mechanism by which Apple does this: carrier bundles Sponsored by: Jamf NowKolideSquarespaceATP


363: The Floor is Lava

Marco's replaced BMW linkThe actual linkReconcilable Differences #121: Impotent HydraWegmansSMC resetPro Display XDR reference modesUnboxingFan noiseA pro's thoughts on TrueToneISO 12646Video demoLocalization warningsTechnical Q&A QA1606No Overview AvailableiOS 14 ShakeupThe iPad Awkwardly Turns 10Working CopyWIMPSurface/iPad Lineup in 2020 Sponsored by: YES PLZMARCOSENTMELinodeatp2020BlueVine


362: Xcode in Anger

That's the Microsoft logo, you foolsRedesigning the Windows LogoRemoving the Dropbox Finder extensionAerial screensaverLogitech G305 mousePacifistJonathan Mann on his post-WWDC songFront and CenterApple acquiesces to the FBI regarding encrypted iCloud backups?Gruber's initial reactionGruber on Tim Cook on Der SpiegelApple on end-to-end encryption in 2016Android does encrypt backupsBen Thompson's takeNeutralCasey's answerMarco's answerbackup answerJohn's answer Sponsored...