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Episode 12 - Putting the Social back in Social Media with Nick Entwistle

In this episode, I'm talking with Nick Entwistle, Founder and CEO of Bank of Creativity and the amazing One Minute Briefs creative community (with more than 20k followers) on Twitter. We're exploring social media and how brands create content that's right for their audience, and most importantly, content that starts conversations with their audience. Going through some of our favourite brands, like Innocent or KFC UK, it's all about being personable and having fun. Most people set out to...


Episode 11 - Podcasts, Podcasts and Podcasts with Matt Johnson

Hey everybody. Chris here, and today we have a special guest, Matt Johnson, who is ALL ABOUT podcasts. Matt runs an agency, Pursuing Results which is focused on providing turn-key podcast productions services and PR. Suffice to say he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to podcasting. As we continue to create new episodes for the All About Digital Marketing podcast, I’m happy to say, I’ve taken away loads from our conversation and I’m sure you will too. Whether you’ve already...


Episode 10 - Storytelling and Creativity for Brands with Eugene Kan

We’re talking all about storytelling and creativity with Eugene Kan, co-founder of MAEKAN and ex-editor of HYPEBEAST. Storytelling has been around since the beginning of time. We’ve used this as a means to pass on information to educate and warn each other as well as to entertain. When it comes to your digital marketing, storytelling plays a massive role in the development of your brand online. Going even deeper, it plays a role in how you see your business as the owner, too. Hope you...


Episode 9 - Anna Talks About How Vanity Can Ruin Your Strategy

In Episode 9, Anna Simmonds, social strategist and Head of Social at Social INK, confesses she's a recovering follower addict. In business, it's easy to be seduced by "vanity metrics" - definition explained in the episode - and lose track of what your actual goals are. You did set goals, right? Here's a quick dive into what metrics to avoid, which metrics actually matter, and how to choose the right KPIs (key performance indicators) for your digital marketing. Chasing the wrong metrics can...


Episode 8 - Gareth talks about Who, What, Where, When, Why and How

In Episode 8, Gareth, Head of Content at Social INK, is talking about how to create engaging content for your blog posts and articles that you're writing. It's an old technique, and you may have even been taught about it in school (who remembers those days, right?). When you're writing an article asking, and answering questions, is a great way to help readers engage with your content. As most journalists will tell you, the key to a great article lies in the 5 W's and the H. Yep, that's...


Episode 7 - Talking About SEO for Small Business with Konstantinos Ntoukakis

We're back with our 7th Episode of All About Digital Marketing, and today marks a big occasion, our first guest on the podcast. We're talking with Konstantinos Ntoukakis from Studio For Digital Growth about why SEO is important for your business online and how you can make the most of it. Konstantinos has worked with the Social INK team over the last few months to help us create a complete strategy for our SEO internally. We enjoy working with him and we love the results we've seen already...


Episode 6 - Chris Talks About Why You Need A Professional Website Design

Hey everybody, I'm Chris, CEO at Social INK and in Episode 6, I've taken over the podcast, all by myself. You see, since founding Social INK in 2008, I've lost count of the number of conversations I've had with potential clients and leads over new websites. Worse than that though, I've also lost count of the number of conversations that end up with the potential client telling me that they have a nephew, or a friend's daughter, that's pretty nifty with websites and has agreed to do it for...


Episode 5 - Gareth Talks About Creativity and One Minute Briefs

In Episode 5, Gareth, Head of Content at Social INK, talks about creativity and especially One Minute Briefs. If you haven't heard of OMB before, it's a simple premise. Creatives from around the world get together on a daily basis to create a concept ad for a brief in just 60 seconds. Here at Social INK, we've been involved in OMB now since March and in that time, we've had a few successful wins, including for KFC for the #ILoveYouBaconBurger brief, something we're all really proud of. You...


Episode 4 - How To Come Up With Ideas For Your Digital Marketing

Welcome to Episode 4 of All About Digital Marketing podcast. In this episode, we're talking about how to come up with ideas for your digital and content marketing. Now for us, these things come easy, but that's not always been the case. It comes easy to us after years of trying, after years of doing and most importantly, years of experience. We don't always get it right the first time, and that's fine. How you come up with ideas for your marketing is just as important, if not more...


Episode 3 - Strategic Social Media Marketing

In episode 3, I'm (Chris) back with the team from Social INK and we're talking all about strategic social media marketing. You see, way too many businesses we meet, we speak to, are just, doing social media. But they don't know why and they don't know what for. If you don't start with a strategy, with specific goals and a way to achieve those goals, how can you ever complete them? A strategy should form the foundation for everything that you're doing on social media, and in fact, with all...


Episode 2 - Why Content Marketing is so Important to Small Businesses

Episode 2, and we finally have a name. Welcome to the All About Digital Marketing podcast, "it does what it says on the tin". In this episode, I'm (Chris, CEO of Social INK) joined by Anna Simmonds, Head of Social Media, and Gareth Alvarez, Head of Content. We're talking all about content marketing and why it's so important to small businesses. The potential ROI (return on investment) is huge, especially compared to many other options online right now, and the best news is, it could cost...


Episode 1 - We've Decided to Create a Podcast!

So, our team at social media marketing consultancy, Social INK, decided to create a podcast as part of our monthly challenges. Yes, that's right, we started this as a challenge, to be able to showcase to people, just what's involved in creating a podcast. This first episode is very meta. It's a podcast about a podcast. At the time of recording, our podcast had no name, so G.O.T, right? But that didn't stop us either way. In fact, it's one of the biggest factors in everything we do,...