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014 Heatseeker

Turning up to a gunfight with a knife in your hand is not a good idea,(unless you’re Britt from the Magnificent 7) but the 95% do just this when they jump into a market with little planning, dreams of avarice in their heads. Being aware of what you’re up against is half the battle. The other half is mastering your emotions. Begin your journey towards 5% club membership by flipping your mental focus away from profits and towards risk.


013 The 4th Dimension

The 4th dimension is fear, and if you could measure it, you could gauge the panic level in the market. If you could gauge the level of fear, not in decibels, but in how much price movement Bitcoin is likely to move in the future, it would give you a way to measure the fear. And if the level of fear is at an extreme, just like the screams and shrieks from an old-school squawk box, it means that traders are trapped — if prices reverse.


012 Escape Velocity

Trading and investing in cryptocurrency markets has the potential to change your life. It has the potential to give you access to a commodity almost everybody wants, but so few people have. The freedom to live life your way. Beholden to none. But what can give you freedom, also has the power to destroy you. The journey towards self-sufficiency and freedom begins with trust. Trust in the information and trading strategy you have figured out, and not in a tip received on YouTube. The journey...


011 Thinking In Threes

Success in the cryptocurrencies markets is about timing. You can have a great idea, and you could be proved exactly right over time, but if your timing is off, or you use the wrong trading strategy for the specific situation you’ve uncovered, then you’ll struggle to make a profit. The Key to being a gatekeeper is being able to drill down and ask the market clearly defined questions. And clearly defined questions come from translating the price action into behavioural conditions. You are...


010 Revolver

Understanding how expectancy works, along with the risk of ruin, is the 5% club’s key to understanding it’s not the market they have to defeat, but themselves. The voice inside your head, the voice that keeps you safe, is the greatest enemy you will ever face. Expectancy is a tool that will help you understand how you behave. It’s your protection against how you react to the internal and external shocks waiting to keep you out of the game. Awareness of your behaviour and biases is how you...


009 Shapeshifter

What separates the 5% club who generate consistent returns in the cryptocurrency markets from the 95% who don’t? The 5% club focuses on the size and probability of their losses instead of fantasising about how much they’ll win. When you understand your edge, you can begin to use risk management and position sizing to take advantage of the opportunity. When you know how much you’re risking, the size of your position, and the probability of success, you can calculate the probability of going...


008 Chariots of the Gods

You thought you’d found the perfect vehicle, your chariot of the gods, to help you master the cryptocurrency markets. If you’ve been frustrated with your results, it’s not because you’ve not found the right transport. It’s because you don’t know how to drive it. It’s not charts, indicators, and stop losses. This is what the 95% use and this is why they keep crashing. If you want to get to your destination, it’s edge, position size, and money management. These are the steering wheel, brakes,...


007 Electronic Cocaine

Prices transition between trends in phases. And knowing what phase you are in can help you manage your emotions. It works like this… Down Trend — Emotion Bar — Accumulation — Base — Break out — Up Trend — Emotion Bar — Distribution — Break down — And the cycle begins again. All hidden in plain sight. Conventional market dogma says markets are essentially random because they are efficient. But they don’t factor-in the math of emotions and assume market participants act rationally at all...


006 The Hidden Hand

Do the right thing. Be right, study hard, work hard, get the best grades, go to the best schools, win the race, kick the goal, score the touchdown, hit the home run. It’s competitive and exhausting. Would you ever pay the sticker price for a car in a car showroom? We ask, why does the general public get it so wrong when it comes to trading and investing? Why is our timing so bad? Our intuition serves us well during everyday life, but why does it abandon us when we interact with...


005 Puppet On A String

Anyone who places a wager on a market outcome exposes themselves to built-in natural biases and behaviour patterns. From cryptocurrencies to real estate, prices move through a cycle of accumulation and distribution. How prices move and your built-in behaviour patterns are closely related. If you’ve ever bought an asset when all around you are doing the same, you’ll know how this feels.


004 The Bitcoin Hash Rate Tell

The Bitcoin Hash Rate Tell (And how it’s related to Supply and Demand) As the price of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies continue to go down — have you asked yourself why the Bitcoin hash rate is at all times highs? And when you are bailing out and selling do you ever think about this — who is the counter-party? Who’s on the other side doing the buying? This week John Jameson talks about: • Who's taking the other side of your trade, and why it’s something most people don’t think about. • What is...


003 Money Without Borders

A long time before the instant communications we use today, somebody had to dream it into existence and think up this world— This week John Jameson talks about; • Why it takes time for great ideas to become a reality. • How great ideas sometimes have to wait for a catalyst. • How cryptocurrencies democratise asset management, and why governments can’t allow it to happen— (without them) • The reaction of governments to cryptocurrencies and why it’s a huge “tell” for the future of blockchain...


002 Games Without Frontiers

In a week where the UK and Europe had an unprecedented interruption of the Visa network, leaving millions stranded at checkouts, and Google announcing a ban all cryptocurrency related advertising— John Jameson talks about; • Why 2018 is the perfect environment for the mass adoption and roll out of blockchain technology. And discusses • Why a move towards nationalism in Europe and the United States is leading to a lack of international trust. And why blockchain technology is the most obvious...


001 Guns and Butter

Throughout history, countries have had to decide between feeding the people or protecting them. But there’s another war being waged in the background. A hidden war. A financial war. And not one in 100,000 realises it’s happening. And if you understand why it’s happening, how it’s related to the release of Bitcoin in 2009 and the technology that powers it, and why governments around the world scrambled to shut down the gates in 2017, it will give you an edge in understanding the problem a new...