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Is your organization agile and secure enough to survive? Join us as we chat with industry leaders about information technology trends and their impact on people, business, and our world. From IT security to cloud technology, learn how your business can not only survive, but thrive. Presented by Sirius.

Is your organization agile and secure enough to survive? Join us as we chat with industry leaders about information technology trends and their impact on people, business, and our world. From IT security to cloud technology, learn how your business can not only survive, but thrive. Presented by Sirius.


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Is your organization agile and secure enough to survive? Join us as we chat with industry leaders about information technology trends and their impact on people, business, and our world. From IT security to cloud technology, learn how your business can not only survive, but thrive. Presented by Sirius.




Network Virtualization of the Future: All You Need to Know About NSX

Transform your organization’s IT environment with a virtualization platform that has capabilities that improve virtually all functionalities previously performed on traditional hardware-based networks.


How to Get Started with Digital Transformation

“Digital transformation” is a popular business buzz word, but what exactly does it mean? When people talk about digital transformation, a lot of times they actually mean “digital modernization.” While these terms sound synonymous and are often used interchangeably, it is important to recognize key differences. Digital transformation is much more than simply going digital. It is the process of taking advantage of innovative technology to reimagine an organization’s processes, culture,...


How To Achieve a New and Improved App Environment

Understanding what applications you have and what roles those applications play within your business is the first step to improving your application environment. Application rationalization will help improve efficiency, reduce complexity, and start you on the path to application clarity. Tune in to the latest “ and there you have IT” podcast to learn:


Preparing your E-Commerce Site for the Holiday Shopping Season

The busiest shopping days of the year happen during the holidays. Can your website survive Black Friday? Join us as we discuss tips for preparing your e-commerce website for the holidays, the top 3 things retailers should focus on, and small improvements that most organizations would find easy to accomplish.


The Future of Cloud and Data Analytics

Listen to part four in our podcast series Ten Things Traditional Enterprises Can Learn from Cloud-Native Companies to hear Alan Grantham speak about the importance of cloud governance, and why the governance engines you use must enable business and enhance cloud guidelines. Mr. Grantham also touches on where he thinks cloud is headed, and what the state of cloud will look like in the next ten to fifteen years.


Critical Cloud Conversations: Imposter Syndrome, the Cloud Mindset, and Why Empowering Failure Is Vital to Success

The term cloud can be a nebulous one. Cloud is a broad concept that can involve public, private, hybrid, colocation,multiple platforms, and multiple models. Any conversation around cloud should really be a conversation that incorporates the business, security, data, labor and resource components of your impending journey. When it comes to cloud strategy, the list of considerations is long. Successbegin with a shift in mindset, a shift in culture, and a team of empowered humans ready to...


How is Cloud Security Like a Pinball Machine?

An increasing number of traditional organizations are turning to cloud in an effort to increase scalability, flexibility and productivity. While the benefits are clear, many IT security teams are struggling with the possible security implications associated with a shift to cloud. Building in security controls during development, along with continuous and programmatic evaluation of those controls is necessary to avoid placing the entire environment at risk. Listen to this episode to learn:


Why the Cloud Journey Must Be Transformational

In the drive to transform and modernize IT, a successful and agile journey to the cloud starts with a clear understanding of an organizations culture. A move to cloud must be viewed as transformational, and companies must be poised to foster long-term changes in their people, processes and culture. Listen to this episode to learn:


The Big Data Theory: The Peculiar World of IoT

IoT Technology is extremely complex, but its true value lies in its unlimited possibilities to improve business outcomes. Are you leveraging any Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to enhance your customer experience, improve efficiency, or reduce overhead? Do you have access to all of the data you need to be a strategic player in your industry? We’re speaking with industry expert Scott Davis to learn how to best navigate the big data and IoT space. Listen to this episode to learn:


Optimizing End User Experience in a BYOD World

The age of the digital workforce has arrived, and with it comes a new set of expectations from employees in the workplace. Next-gen professionals want real-time data at their fingertips. Embracing a digital workspace results in a more productive and empowered workforce by delivering an enhanced employee experience through smarter connections, collaboration and communication. Listen to this episode to learn:


Building a Secure Digital Workspace

In today’s digital age it has become expected for businesses to provide a great employee experience, especially around the ability to work remotely. But how does a business start developing a remote workforce strategy and how can they address their concerns about providing a digital workspace? Listen to this episode to learn:


Why Are IT Leaders Making the Shift Toward IT Services?

One common IT issue every business can relate to: effectively managing their business-critical data. If you can get past dealing with unpredictable growth, over-provisioning and under-provisioning, you’ll also have to survive painful forklift upgrades every three to five years. Sweet. It can be tough to forecast your organization’s needs. The purchasing and procurement process can be time consuming and inefficient, often accounting for the peak, or worst-case scenario, rather than the...


The Critical Condition of Healthcare IT

With advances in technology, healthcare providers now have access to sophisticated imaging systems that have improved medical diagnostics. Newer digital modalities produce higher resolution and better-quality images that enable more accurate clinical decisions. But this benefit comes at a cost. From MRIs to multi-slice CTs, tomosynthesis, cardiac imaging, and more, imaging data is growing at a staggering rate. As we transition from the digital age to the data age, an increasing number of...


Overcoming 5 Challenges Associated with Future-Proofing Your Enterprise Network

Transforming enterprise networks and investing in improved technology can create a more secure organization, and one better aligned to tackle the demands of today’s always-on IT landscape. Become better prepared for seamless integration into future-state IT by listening to these 5 tips on overcoming some of the challenges associated with future-proofing enterprise networks: MAXIMIZE NETWORK SECURITYCOPE WITH NETWORK EVOLUTIONRE-ARCHITECT WIDE AREA NETWORKSCAPTURE NETWORK ANALYTICS AND...


6 Guidelines for Crafting a Charter for Your Business Transformation

Business transformation is not a roadmap that your business will follow, step by step, milestone after milestone, until you reach a destination or end-goal called “digital transformation.” A final destination does not exist—transformation is more like an on-going charter—you set out with well-reasoned and well-supported intentions (a strong business case and buy-in from the C-suite) for your business to venture into the future. The unexpected will occur, but your business will learn from...


3 Keys to Web Application Security

Web applications are under siege as hackers work around the clock to identify weak spots and steal data. Last year’s Equifax data breach put a spotlight on web-application vulnerabilities, which can be used to target any organization with an internet presence. Cyber attackers have embraced the use of automation to scan applications for vulnerabilities. Protecting against application-layer techniques such as SQL injection (SQLi), cross-site scripting (XSS), cross-site request forgery...