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ADU 0785: Which Is the Best App for Creating a Real Estate Virtual Tour?

Today's episode is about apps for creating 3D virtual tours. Which is the best app for creating a real estate virtual tour? What are its capabilities? Matterport is the most powerful and popular app for creating 3D virtual tours. Why so? What are its various capabilities? We also discuss some strategies for surviving and thriving in a tough real estate market. Tune in to learn more. We thank our caller for the question. Fly safe! The 2018 Drone U Fly-in is your opportunity to build...


ADU 0784: 2018 FAA Reauthorization Bill

Today's episode is about the 2018 FAA Reauthorization Bill. How does this new Reauthorization Bill affect commercial drone operations? Will this Bill levy additional taxes on drone pilots? In this informative and engaging episode, we share details of the 2018 FAA Reauthorization Bill. Is this Bill positive for commercial drone pilots and drone business? Will this Bill lead to safer skies? We also discuss the possibility of additional taxes being levied on drone pilots. What is the purpose...


ADU 0783: What Is the Best Way to Get Your Part 107 If You Have a Private Pilot License?

Today's question is about private pilots getting their Part 107 certification. Do you need to get your Part 107 certificate if you have a Private Pilot License (PPL)? What is the easiest way to do so? Our caller, Tom is planning on getting his Private Pilot License. And his Part 107 certificate is about to expire soon. Does he need to retake the Part 107 test? Is there an easier way for Part 61 pilots to get their Part 107? Tune in to find out. Fly Safe! The 2018 Drone U Fly-in is your...


ADU 0782: Can I Bootstrap a Drone Mapping Business?

Today's question is about drone mapping. Can you start a drone mapping business with a small budget? What is the basic equipment and software for starting a mapping business? Our caller from Canada has been working for realtors. Because he feels that opportunities have dried up in the realty sector, he wishes to taking up mapping jobs. However, he owns a Phantom Pro 3. Can he build a solid mapping business with a Phantom Pro 3? Can he build accurate maps and models using an entry level...


ADU 0781: Can You Build Better Maps and Models Using the Yuneec H520 and Pix4D?

Today we talk about the Yuneec H520 and Pix4D. Should you use the Yuneec H520 and Pix4D for mapping? Is the Yuneec H520 better than DJI's Phantom 4 Pro? Our caller, Gerald from Ireland has come up with a great question today. Because Pix4D is now available on the Yuneec H520, Gerald is wondering if he should use this drone for mapping applications. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the H520? We discuss features such as flight modes and data capture capabilities. Can you...


ADU 0780: How Will the Passage of the “Tort Law Relating to Drones Act” Affect Commercial Drone Business?

In today's episode, we talk about the Uniform Law Commission (ULC) and their work on the "Tort Law relating to Drones Act". How will the passage of this law affect commercial drone business? Will this Tort Law increase the chances of drone pilots being sued? Will airspace be severely limited? Vic joins Paul for this extremely important and animated episode. We decide to dive deep and discuss the contents of this proposed law and it’s far reaching implications. We share how the passage of...


ADU 0779: What Is the Best Way to Deal with Realtors Hiring Unlicensed Drone Operators?

Today, we talk about realtors hiring unlicensed drone operators. What is an effective way of dealing with these realtors? How can you market your market your services and compete against illegal drone operators? Real estate is a tough segment for drone pilots. And understandably, our caller today is frustrated as he tries to break into this segment. How can you compete against unlicensed drone operators offering dirt cheap services? How do you deal with realtors with zero respect for the...


ADU 0778: Building Your Own Drone vs. Buying DJI – Which Is the Better Option?

Today, we talk about building your own drone. Is it wise to build your own drone? Or should you rather buy a DJI product? Our caller, Ken is wondering if he should go ahead and build a custom drone. Building a custom drone is a complex and cumbersome task. Can a custom drone have the same capabilities as a DJI product? What about ease of use? Which is the best drone to build? We also talk about factors such as applications, gimbal control and camera control for custom built drones. Which...


ADU 0777: Should I Use DJI’s Zenmuse Z30 for Infrastructure Inspections?

Today's question is about DJI's Zenmuse Z30. Should you use DJI's Zenmuse Z30 for infrastructure inspections? Are there any disadvantages to using a small sensor? Our caller is unsure about using the Zenmuse Z30 since it is only a 2 MP sensor. Can he get good results by using a small sensor? In order to answer his question, we first discuss sensor size and construction. What is the reason for using a small sensor on a drone? Is it possible to use a bigger sensor on a drone? Would you need...


ADU 0776: How Do I Find Clients for My New Drone Business?

Today's question is about finding clients for a new drone business. How do you find clients for a new drone business? What are some tips and tricks for sales and marketing? Our caller, Carl has already purchased a thermal camera. But he is having difficulty getting his business off the ground. What sort of clients should he be targeting? Why is it important to deal with knowledgeable clients? Should he approach high profit, high maintenance clients? Or, should be start off with smaller...


ADU 0775: Should You Use Airdata for Storing Your Flight Data?

Today's question is about Airdata. Should you use Airdata, a cloud platform for storing your flight data? Should you upload your maintenance logs to Airdata? What are the benefits of using Airdata? Should you be worried about data security? Airdata is a popular tool for analyzing flight data. Our caller is wondering if there any caveats that he should watch out for. Can Airdata help you in the event of a flyaway? Will using this tool increase your credibility and help you get more clients?...


ADU 0774: Should You Get Drone Jobs Through Websites?

Today, we talk about drone jobs. Is it lucrative to get drone jobs through websites? What are the normal terms and conditions for such drone jobs? While, such drone jobs can be considered as "paid practice", doing such jobs is not a wise long term career strategy. Why so? We discuss various issues such as copyrights, pay and exclusivity to strengthen our argument. Are there any benefits to getting a job through websites such as DroneBase? Can you market yourself to a client that you meet...


ADU 0773: What Are the Rules for Flying Your Drone in a National Park?

Today's question is about flying your drone in a National Park. What are the rules for flying your drone in a National Park? Can you takeoff your drone from within a National Park? Our caller wishes to know if he can fly the DJI Spark in a National Park. Because he wishes to take off the Spark from the palm of his hand, he feels that he is not breaking any rules. Is this permissible? We also discuss the urgent need for coming up with a new set of rules for flying your drone within a...


ADU 0772: Swellpro’s Splashdrone – Should You Buy This Waterproof Drone?

Today's question is about the SplashDrone. Should you buy this waterproof drone? How does the SplashDrone compare to the Phantom 3? Is the SplashDrone a good drone for subject tracking? The idea of a waterproof drone is intriguing to many. But, is the SplashDrone really waterproof? Is camera quality on par with the best? What about payload delivery mechanism and ease of use? Tune in to find out if you should really consider buying this drone. Thanks to Ken for the question. Fly safe! Make...


BONUS EPISODE: RMUS Joins Us to Discuss DJI Releasing the XT2 Thermal Camera, Skyport and PSDK

Today's show focuses on the new enterprise and public safety equipment released by DJI. We discuss the XT2, Slantrange, Skyport and PSDK solutions with Jon Mcbride from RMUS. Jon outlines the real world expectations and limitations with this new equipment. What drone will these new accessories work on? Today we give you the nitty gritty details of what you need to know. Fly safe!


ADU 0771: Can You Open Multiple Applications While Flying Your Drone?

Today's question is about drone applications. Can you open multiple applications while flying your drone? Is it a good idea to open a secondary application along with DJI Go 4? Because some secondary Apps might be prone to glitching, you might need to have DJI Go 4 open at the same time. Will opening multiple drone applications while flying cause any problems? How does DJI Go 4 interact with these secondary applications? Does DJI Go 4 override these secondary applications? Paul also suggests...


ADU 0770: How Do I Apply for a Daytime Waiver to Fly at Night?

Today's question is about daytime waivers. What are the chances of getting daylight operations waived so that you can fly at night? Does FAA have a system for reviewing your waiver application? Our caller, Cody wishes to fly at night in Class G airspace. He needs to fly over multiple locations which are spread over a couple of counties. How can he increase the probability of his application being accepted? Should he make a single application or multiple applications? We decide to dig deep...


ADU 0769: Can You Ruin Your Drone Batteries If You Don’t Fly for a Long Time?

Today's question is about battery maintenance. What are some best practices for ensuring long drone battery life? Can you damage your drone batteries if you are not flying for a long duration? Our caller cannot fly for two months at a stretch due to harsh weather conditions. He is wondering if this period of inactivity affects drone battery life. How often do you need to fly to ensure that your drone battery is not damaged? Tune in to this short but informative episode to find out. Fly...


ADU 0768: How Can You Use Drones for Making Building Inspections?

Today, we talk about using drones for building inspections. How can you make an accurate building model using a drone? Which software can you use for making great client deliverables? Because, folks in the construction industry are used to working with models, they have extremely specific requirements. And, your data acquisition technique is ultimately dependent on client's requirements. What are some tips and tricks to accurately acquire data? Can drones be used by insurance companies to...


ADU 0767: How Can You Claim Insurance If You Are Flying Someone Else’s Drone?

Today's question is about drone insurance. Can you get insurance if you are flying someone else's drone? Which insurance providers can you consider in this scenario? Our caller, Ignacio wishes to fly his friend's drone. How can he receive proper coverage? In event of a crash, can Ignacio claim damages using his friend's policy? Or, does he need to buy a separate drone insurance policy? We also talk about different insurance providers. Is on-demand insurance by Verifly a good option? Which...


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