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BONUS: Drone News | DJI Spark 2, New FAA Drone Hobby Rules, Osmo Action Camera, US-China Trade Wars

The New & Improved DJI Spark 2 in stores by July 2019? Our Biggest drone news story this week is about the DJI Spark 2. According to our reports, we can expect an updated DJI Spark 2 as early as July 2019. The new and improved Spark will allow you to shoot 4K video at 30fps. Moreover, according to industry rumors, the new Spark with come with an improved 3-axis gimbal, ActiveTrack 2.0 and 2x digital zoom. For more information about specs, cost and expected launch date, tune in to our show...


ADU 0981: Can I Fly My Drone Along the US-Canada Border?

Canada Drone Laws for Part 107 Pilots Today's question is about flying your drone along the US-Canadian border. Do Canada drone laws permit Part 107 pilots to cross over and fly in their airspace? Our caller, Tyler from Michigan is planning on filming a marathon with his drone. Because Michigan shares a border with Canada, Tyler might need to cross the US border and fly in Canadian airspace. But, do Canada drone laws allow US pilots to fly in their airspace? Great question, Tyler. While...


ADU 0980: How Do You Acquire the Most Accurate Data for Drone Mapping?

Today, we discuss workflow for acquiring the most accurate drone mapping data. We also compare DroneDeploy and Pix4D to reveal the best mapping software for professional drone mappers. Our caller Chris wants to take up drone mapping jobs with his Matrice M210. Firstly, Chris is wondering if he can use drone mapping software like Pix4D or Deploy with his Matrice M210. Chris is also looking for some tips & tricks which will help him acquire the most accurate mapping data. To answer Chris's...


ADU 0979: Best Websites and Other Tips for Selling Your Drone Footage

What is the BEST and SAFEST way to sell my Drone Footage Online? In today's show, we share some of the best websites for selling your drone footage. You will also learn how to set up a completely autonomous sales workflow for scaling up your drone business. Our caller Desi is an avid ADU listener. Having listened to our past shows, Desi knows the importance of protecting her drone footage using copyrights. Today, Desi wishes to know the best and safest way of selling her drone footage...


ADU 0978: Should I Form Business Partnerships to Grow My Drone Business?

Drone Business | How to Form Business Partnerships Today's question is about the Pros & Cons of forming business partnerships in your drone business. How do you protect yourself, especially if a business partnership goes sour? Our caller, Ana, a drone business owner is wondering if she can potentially partner up with other drone service providers and surveying companies to grow her drone business. Cautiously optimistic in her approach, Ana is well aware of the negative repercussions in case...


BONUS: Drone News | Drone Delivery, DJI News, DJI Rumors, DJI Phantom 4 RTK, Drones in Hollywood, Drone Laws

In today's drone news show, we discuss drone delivery services, the latest DJI news, DJI rumors, Drones in films and much, much more. Will we see a new DJI drone on May 15th? Tune in to find out! Will New Firmware Upgrades for Phantom 4 Pro RTK Enhance Drone Mapping? Our first DJI News is about the Phantom 4 Pro RTK. DJI has introduced new firmware upgrades for their mapping drone, Phantom 4 Pro RTK. These new firmware updates introduce new flight modes, one of them being terrain awareness....


ADU 0977: What Happens After You Pass Your Part 107 Recurrent Test? Should I Even Bother Taking the Test?

Part 107 License Renewal Today's question is about the Part 107 recurrent knowledge test. With FAA's utter lack of enforcement, why should you even bother renewing your Part 107 license? Check out our show to find out WHY! Our caller, Joe from Nebraska has come up with a question that has resulted in many animated (and sometimes heated) discussions within the drone community. Recently, Joe gave his Part 107 license renewal test. On clearing the test, Joe just received a confirmation on an...


ADU 0976: Is DJI Mavic 2 Pro the Best Drone for Posting on Social Media?

What Is the Best Drone for Posting on Instagram, YouTube, and the Other Social Media Platforms? Today's show is about the best drone for posting to Instagram and other social media. We discuss the DJI Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic 2 Zoom, Phantom 4 Pro, and Autel Evo, and recommend the best option for you. Our caller Richard is from the beautiful country of Ireland. Wishing to capture the beauty of his country through aerial photography and videography, Richard is looking for a capable drone that is...


ADU 0975: How to Start a Drone Business | Marketing and Pricing Strategies

Effective Marketing and Pricing Strategies for a Drone Business Today's question is about how to start a drone business. What marketing and pricing strategies should drone pilots adopt in the initial stages of their business? Our caller, Ian, is an ambitious 15-year old who is planning on getting his drone pilot license next year. Ian is worried that clients will not take him seriously because of his age. Should Ian under-price his services to build up his client base? What other strategies...


ADU 0974: Drone Mapping | Drones in Construction, 4D BIM, Pix4D

How Can I Segue into the Drone Mapping Business? What Are Some Client Deliverables That I Should Be Aware Of? Today's show is about using drones in construction. You will learn how to use drone mapping for creation of 4D BIM models, hyperlapses, and volumetric measurements. Our caller, Trent, after attending our Austin mapping class is thinking of starting a drone mapping business. Trent already has some clients in the construction and real estate industry for whom he is doing aerial...


BONUS: How Raptor Maps Solve Systematic Problems for Solar Farms via Drone Thermal Mapping

Drones are efficiently and autonomously inspecting Solar farms from install to maintenance via thermal drone mapping software Raptor Maps. Our interview discusses the best drones for solar inspections and how to best utilize Raptor Maps for solar inspections. How does Raptor Maps Work? While drones provide an acquisition mechanism, Raptor Maps utilizes traditional aerial photogrammetry with radiometric thermal mapping to produce interactive maps for solar farms to inspect when problem areas....


BONUS: Drone News | DJI Phantom 5, Mavic 2 Pro vs Phantom 4 Pro, Drone Deliveries, Drones for Good

BIGGEST Drone News Story of This Week: Has DJI Killed the Iconic Phantom Series? Will We Ever See a DJI Phantom 5? And a Showdown: The Mavic 2 Pro vs. Phantom 4 Pro In our BIGGEST Drone News story this week, you will learn if DJI has KILLED their plans to launch the DJI PHANTOM 5. Has DJI permanently shut down their iconic Phantom series of drones? This news might upset a lot of dronies, who like us are huge fans of the Phantom's versatile capabilities. We also speculate if DJI plans to...


ADU 0973: 14 CFR Part 107 | How Can I Fly Commercially Without a Drone License?

Can an Unlicensed Drone Pilot Fly Under the Supervision of a 14 CFR Part 107 Licensed Pilot? In today's show, we discuss IF an unlicensed drone pilot can fly under the supervision of a 14 CFR Part 107 licensed pilot. If yes, what are the dangers of doing so? Our caller, Adam, is wondering if a 14 CFR Part 107 license is necessary for commercial drone pilots. Adam's peers informed him that he could fly without a drone license, as long as a licensed pilot supervises him. Tempted at the...


ADU 0972: What Are the Drone Laws for Flying in Restricted Areas like Virginia and DC?

Today we discuss drone laws in restricted areas like Virginia and DC. How can you fly in such sensitive and controlled areas? Our caller, Mo offers ground and aerial photography for real estate and construction in Northern Virginia. However, Mo is unable to take on many drone jobs because of heavy flight restrictions. Can he find a way to resolve this issue which is hampering his drone business? Mo faces an uphill task, which can, however, be resolved by a systematic approach. Paul shares...


ADU 0971: Drones for Beginners | Phantom 4, Mavic 2 Pro, Inspire 1 vs Inspire 2

Can I Replace a Phantom with a DJI Inspire or Mavic 2 Pro? In today's show, we reveal some of the best drones for beginners and discuss their pros and cons in great detail. Our caller, Chris from California is a Part 107 certified pilot. Chris, who is on the verge of starting his own drone business is confused by the different drone options available in the market. Which is the best drone for beginners like Chris? Is there a versatile, all-in-one drone that will allow you to take on a wide...


ADU 0970: LiDAR Drone for Search and Rescue

Can a Lidar Drone Penetrate Snow, and Help in Search and Rescue? In today's show, we reveal whether a LiDAR drone can penetrate snow, and facilitate a successful search and rescue. Our caller, Scott from Denver has come up with a rather unique question today. Scott's question is about using a LiDAR drone in search and rescue. LiDAR or Light Detection and Ranging, unlike photogrammetry, can penetrate dense vegetation to accurately map earth's topography. However, can a LiDAR drone penetrate...


BONUS: Can Drone Pilots Create Drone Maps Without Being a Surveyor?

In today's show, we discuss whether current drone laws permit pilots to take up land surveying jobs. This question comes in all time; how can drone pilots create aerial maps without being a surveyor? Walter Lappert has been flying drones for a long time, and he has also been involved with many high-level photogrammetry projects over the years. Last year, the North Carolina Board of Surveyors decided to go after Walt's drone mapping business. After months of back and forth infighting, the...


BONUS: Drone News – Mavic 2 Firmware Update, Notre Dame Cathedral Fire, XDynamics Evolve, Drones for Good

In this week's drone news, we first discuss the devastating fire that ravaged the beautiful 850-year old Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. According to reports, DJI drones were used to help firefighters in their efforts. Drone images were able to capture the extensive damage caused to the cathedral's roof and help direct firefighters to the most significant threat. In our next big drone news story, we share details about the recently released Mavic 2 firmware update. Why is DJI coming up with...


ADU 0969: Where Can I Fly My Drone? Should I Rely on Drone Apps for Checking Airspace?

In today's show, we share how you can ACCURATELY check airspace. Can you rely on apps like Skyvector and Kittyhawk for checking airspace? Our caller, Dave from Michigan, is confused, and we don't blame him. He is attempting to figure out if he can fly his drone near the South Haven Airport in Michigan. Dave referred to multiple drone apps like Kittyhawk, Airmap, and even UAV Forecast - and each app depicted airspace differently. What should Dave do now? To answer Dave's question, we first...


BONUS: Drone News This Week – Parrot Anafi Thermal, FAA’s 2019 NPRM, Shotgun Russian Drone, Hobby Pilot Flouts TFR, Drone Deliveries by Google, Drones for Public Safety

We start this week's drone news by announcing the LAUNCH of the new Parrot Anafi Thermal. Priced far lower than DJI's Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual, the Parrot Anafi Thermal comes with a Sony and FLIR sensor. How does the Parrot Anafi Thermal compare to the Mavic 2 Dual in terms of build and specifications? Is the Parrot Anafi Thermal a good option for drone pilots and public safety officials? Next, we urge listeners to comment on FAA's 2019 NPRM that might make it possible to conduct night ops...