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ADU 0872: Interview with Skywatch’s Brandon Packman – How Their Innovative Drone Insurance Can Empower Pilots to Fly Safely

Today we have a very special show. Brandon Packman from Skywatch joins Paul to discuss their different drone insurance products which have been creating quite a buzz. In this episode, you will discover all pertinent details of Skywatch's revolutionary and well thought of drone insurance. Does Skywatch offer liability insurance as well as hull insurance? Who is the underwriting partner for Skywatch? Skywatch's insurance products reward drone pilots for safe flying by assigning them a score....


ADU 0871: How Do You Fix a Drifting Horizon Line?

Today's episode is about fixing a drifting horizon line. A drifting horizon line is an eyesore that can potentially lead to unhappy clients. So, what are some Tips and Tricks to deal with this problem? We have another great question lined up for you today. Our caller is unsure how she can fix a drifting horizon line. Can calibrating your IMU help you deal with this issue? If yes, what are some ways to correctly calibrate your IMU? We also discuss how knowing how addressing this common pain...


ADU 0870: Will the Introduction of New Hobbyist Rules via Section 344 Bring About Greater Compliance in the Drone Industry?

Today's episode is about the proposal to introduce new hobbyist rules. Section 336 has led to an environment of non compliance. Are the new rules designed to correct this situation? Vic joins Paul and Rob to discuss the various aspects of Section 344. Section 344 is a proposed set of new hobbyist rules that might replace Section 336. AMA has been vehemently opposing these new rules. Is there any merit in their argument? We discuss why Section 344 is a win-win situation for both the AMA and...


ADU 0869: How Can a Drone Pilot Help out with Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief?

With Hurricane Florence about to hit east coast, many drone pilots have been reaching out to us - and inquiring how they can help out. While we appreciate the noble intent, flying your drone in hurricane stricken areas is not permitted unless you have proper authorization. Rather than getting in touch with the FAA, you need to get authorization from FEMA. Passing the FEMA ICS-100 online test will render you eligible for flying. Click here for step by step instructions for passing your FEMA...


ADU 0868: Can I Build My Drone Business by Processing Imagery for Other Mapping Companies?

Today's episode is about drone business. Can you build a drone business by simply offering processing services to mapping companies? How do you find clients for such a business? Our caller, Tyler from Ontario is wondering if there is a market for processing mapping imagery. Would there be mapping companies doing the data acquisition in house, and outsourcing the processing? We touch upon various aspects of drone business such as mapping software and different outsourcing platforms in order...


ADU 0867: Can I Use My Phantom 3 for Drone Mapping?

Today's episode is about the Phantom 3. Can you produce accurate 3D maps and models with the Phantom 3? Can you really substitute the Phantom 4 Pro with the Phantom 3? Our caller, Remy used his Phantom 3 Professional for drone mapping. However, the results were not up to the mark. Can switching to Pix4D from DroneDeploy help Remy? We discuss if this is a software issue or a sensor issue. You will learn if it is possible to generate accurate survey grade maps using the small GoPro sensor on...


ADU 0866: Phantom 5 – Are the Rumors True?

Today's episode is about the Phantom 5. After the Mavic 2 launch, the one question on everyone's mind is, "When is the Phantom 5 coming out?" Our caller, Kevin from Ohio already owns a Spark and Mavic Pro, and is eagerly waiting for the Phantom 5. DJI has upped the ante significantly with the Mavic 2, and there are various rumors doing the rounds about the soon to be launched Phantom 5. Has DJI really stopped manufacturing the Phantom 4? Will the Phantom 5 render the Mavic 2 obselete? And,...


ADU 0865: How Do I Rent Airspace Authorizations from Another Drone Pilot?

Today's question is about renting airspace authorizations. Are there any issues with renting airspace authorization from a fellow drone pilot? How can you expedite this process? Our caller, John from Oklahoma tried to get his airspace authorization via LAANC. But was unable to do so. Can he rent an airspace authorization from a fellow drone pilot? Does FAA allow this "give and take" of airspace authorizations? We discuss the various issues surrounding airspace authorizations, and discuss the...


ADU 0864: How Can a Drone Pilot Share Live Feed with a Client

Today's episode is about sharing a drone's live feed with a client. How do you deal with curious clients who wish to monitor your work? We discuss the various alternatives. Our caller, Greg is at a loss on how to deal with an intrusive client. Clients are prone to curiosity, and often they like to keep tabs on what is going on. How do you deal with such clients? We suggests ways via which the client can view the live feed without being intrusive. Tune in for some great HACKS which are sure...


ADU 0863: How to Create a Hyperlapse of a Construction Site

Today's episode is about creating a hyperlapse of a construction site. What camera settings and applications should you use for creating a hyperlapse? Our today's caller, Matt from Australia needs some tips in order to create a hyperlapse of a construction site. What are the commercial and technical considerations for creating a seamless hyperlapse? We discuss intelligent flight modes and applications. We also discuss how long it will take you and what you can potentially charge. This...


ADU 0862: What Are the Alternatives for Interior 3D Drone Mapping and Modeling?

Today's question is about interior drone mapping. Is interior drone mapping and modeling possible? Which tools can you use to create an interior 3D drone model? Our caller, Dave. all the way from Sydney has come up with a great question. Dave has a lucrative opportunity which requires him to create a 3D drone model. He is wondering if he can do so without GPS. You will learn about the different software which you can possibly use for interior drone mapping. We also discuss a Pix4D case study...


ADU 0861: What Happens If I Do Not Renew My Part 107?

Today we discuss the repercussions of NOT renewing your Part 107 license. Can you get into trouble for flying without your Part 107 license? Our today's caller is contemplating not renewing his Part 107. We discuss the various reasons why this is NOT a good idea. What happens if an unlicensed operator crashes his drone? Can he claim damages from the insurance company? We discuss how one freak incident can have far reaching implications. Tune in to this informative episode. Fly Safe! Get your...


ADU 0860: Mavic 2 Pro vs. Mavic 2 Zoom – Which Is a Better Buy?

Today's episode is about the new Mavic 2. Which drone should you buy - the Mavic 2 Pro or the Mavic 2 Zoom? By popular demand, today's episode is again about the Mavic 2. Drone pilots have asking us a ton of questions pertaining to the new Mavic. Is the Mavic 2 Pro a better buy compared to the Mavic 2 Zoom? Or, does the Dolly Zoom feature on the Mavic 2 Zoom make it a must buy? Among other things, we also discuss low light capability and mapping performance. Tune in to discover the answers...


ADU 0859: Reviewing the All New Mavic 2 – Specifications, Capabilities and Applications

In today's episode, we review the all new Mavic 2. We review specifications, capabilities and applications of this much awaited DJI drone. Drone U Chief Pilot, Paul Aitken joins us from New York City to review the all new Mavic 2. The Mavic 2 is available in two variants - Pro and Zoom. Michael Oldenburg from DJI shares some of the Mavic 2's coolest features. You will learn about the beautiful visual imagery you can create using the new Hasselblad sensor. Later on, we are joined by Angad...


ADU 0858: How Do You Upload Your Real Estate Videos to MLS and YouTube?

Today's episode is about uploading your real estate videos to MLS and YouTube. Are there any other platforms to which you should upload your drone videos? Our caller, AJ needs some help with uploading real estate videos to MLS and YouTube. We provide instructions on how to do just that. We also discuss some little known facts about MLS that are sure to interest you. We also discuss other platforms such as Vimeo and Zillow. Why do realtors prefer Vimeo? And, should you focus your energies on...


ADU 0857: How Do You Gauge the Skill Level of a Drone Pilot?

Today's episode is about gauging piloting skills. Is the FAA successful in accurately gauging the skill level of a drone pilot? What are some tricks for determining that a drone pilot knows his stuff? Our caller has come up with a great question today. How do you determine if a drone pilot is really good at what he does? Does getting a Part 107 certification validate a pilot's skills? We discuss some Tips and Tricks which can help you answer this question. You will also learn how Drone U can...


ADU 0856: How Do You Pitch Your Drone Services to a Construction Company?

Today's question is about getting drone business from a construction company. What is the right way to make your sales pitch? And, what are the different drone applications in construction? Our caller, Shane is confused on how he can get drone business from construction companies. There are many stakeholders in a construction company - project managers, general contractor, sub contractors, architects and designers. How do you figure out the right person to champion your cause? And once you...


ADU 0855: Do You Need a Property Release in Order to Sell Drone Footage of Private Property?

Today's episode is about selling drone footage of private property. Do you need a property release in order to do so? And, when do you need a model release? Our caller, Dan has come up with a great question today. He is wondering if he needs permission to grab drone footage of private property. Can you get into legal trouble for flying over private property? In which instances will you need a property release? And, what about a model release? Dan also expressed interest in doing wheat...


ADU 0854: DroneDeploy Is Easier to Use. Why Should I Go for Pix4D?

Today's question is about drone mapping software. When and why should you choose Pix4D over DroneDeploy? Are there any other good alternatives? Our caller, Joe is using DroneDeploy for his construction management needs. He is really happy with the results, and is wondering why we keep on recommending Pix4D. What are the pros and cons of each mapping software? It is true that DroneDeploy has better client delivery. But, can you map complex mapping jobs using DroneDeploy? We do a DEEP DIVE...


ADU 0853: How to Resolve Poor Video Transmission on Your DJI Phantom 4

Today's question is about fixing poor video transmission on your drone. Does the problem lie with your drone? Or, is it your Android phone? Our caller, Tom just purchased a Phantom 4 Pro V2. However he is experiencing choppy footage and lag. Is this because of his cheap android phone? Will switching to an iPhone resolve his issue? Is it really necessary to use a powerful phone with greater processing power? We also discuss if the issue lies with the Phantom sensor. Tune in to discover the...