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BONUS: Drone News – DJI Osmo Mobile 3, Phantom 4 Advanced DJI Mavic Mini, Fire Fighting Drones, Flying Over People

DJI launches a foldable Osmo Mobile 3, Phantom 4 Advanced availability, DJI Mavic Mini to weigh less than 250 grams, flying over people waiver, shoot downs and more... Our biggest news story this week is the launch of the DJI Osmo mobile 3. DJI has launched the latest iteration of the Osmo which is cheaper, lighter, and most importantly, foldable. While a lighter DJI Osmo Mobile 3 may be easier to use, there are certain stability and design issues that you need to be aware of before you go...


BONUS: How the FDNY is Successfully Using Fire Fighting Drones

Interview with Fire Department of New York - How to Safely and Successfully Implement a Fire Fighting Drone Program In today's show, we are joined by John and Mike from the Fire Department of New York to discuss the nuances of implementing a successful fire fighting drone program. This show starts off with John and Mike describing the various end uses for firefighting drones. Listeners will learn how firefighting drones equipped with EO and thermal cameras enable accurate inspections of...


ADU 01022: Expert Tips for Safely Taking off Your Drone from a Moving Boat

How do I take off my drone from a moving boat? And, can I change the shortest interval for hyperlapse mode on the Mavic 2 Pro? What challenges will drone pilots encounter while taking off from a moving boat? And, what are some recommended steps to overcome these challenges? Our caller for today, Josh from Alaska regularly sets flight from a commercial fishing vessel. Josh flies a Mavic 2 Pro. What precautions should Josh observe to ensure safe takeoff from a moving boat? Also, will he have...


ADU 01021: Can I Use the Parrot Anafi Thermal Drone for Solar Inspections?

Parrot Anafi Thermal for Solar Inspections? Today's question is about the Parrot Anafi Thermal drone. Can you use this drone for inspecting solar panels? Our caller, Dave from Kansas City, is thinking of using the Parrot Anafi Thermal drone for solar panel inspections. Is this a good idea? Can you capture accurate radiometric data that is compatible with Raptor Maps using the Parrot Anafi thermal drone? In this show, we reveal some vital information about using drones for solar inspections....


BONUS: Drone News – Skydio, Fatshark Googles, DJI News, New Drones 2019, First BVLOS Flight

Skydio 2, Fatshark Googles Coming out with its Own HD FPV System, DJI News, New Drones 2019 (Mavic 2 Pro + and Mavic 2 Zoom+), First FAA-Approved BVLOS Flight We kick off this week's drone news with the biggest drone news story of this week. According to the latest industry reports, DJI will be launching the all-new DJI Mavic 2 Pro+ and DJI Mavic 2 Zoom+ in January 2020. Drone enthusiasts have been disappointed with the lack of new DJI drone launches in 2019. However, this is all set to...


ADU 01020: DJI Care Refresh – Does Coverage Provide A Replacement for the Phantom 4 Pro?

DJI Care Refresh - How is DJI providing a replacement for the Phantom 4 Pro? Today's show is about DJI Care Refresh. With production halted for the Phantom 4 Pro, how is DJI providing replacements to policyholders? Our caller for today, Cameron from Kauai, Hawaii has a question about DJI Care Refresh. For those who are unaware, DJI Care Refresh provides a replacement in the event of a drone crash. Now, with DJI halting production for the Phantom 4 Pro, Cameron is wondering if it is...


ADU 01019: Should You Use a Map for Organizing Ground Control Points (GCP’s)?

Ground Control Points - How to Accurately Mark and Organize them Today's question is about Ground Control Points (GCP's). What steps can you take to mark GCP's correctly, and ensure accuracy in drone mapping? Our caller, Nate has come up with a great question that has not been asked on Ask Drone U before. Nate's question is about organizing GCP's in drone mapping. Should you use a map depicting the numbering and location of Ground Control Points? In this show, you will learn how to mark and...


ADU 01018: How Can Drone Pilots Lobby Against the Drone Ban in National Parks?

Is the Drone Ban in National Parks Justified? Today's question is about the drone ban in National Parks. How can the drone industry join forces and lobby for the right to fly in National Parks? Our caller, Chris from Ohio, is an enthusiastic drone pilot who loves to shoot with his Mavic 2. On a recent visit to Las Vegas, Chris was irked by the ban on National Parks and the missed opportunity of grabbing some awesome footage. He reached out to some Congressmen who predictably gave him the...


ADU 01017: I Failed My Part 107 Exam. What Do I Do Now?

Can you retake the Part 107 exam if you fail once? Today's question is about the steps that you should take once you fail your Part 107 exam. How do you retake and clear the test on your second try? Our caller, Ricky, unfortunately, could not attain the minimum passing score of 70% on his Part 107 exam. On flunking the exam, Rocky received a letter from the FAA stating that Ricky needs to get his drone training from an FAA-certified professional. Is this true? Can Ricky retake his Part 107...


BONUS: Drone News – Drone Delivery, DJI News, Osmo Mobile 3, Industrial Drone Uses

Swiss Post Halts Drone Delivery Services, Everdrone Makes its First Drone Delivery, DJI News, DJI's New FPV Transmission System, DJI Osmo Mobile 3, Drone Usage Results in Rising Worker Safety Swiss Post Halts Drone Delivery Services Our first drone news story this week is about Swiss Post halting their drone delivery services. Swiss Post, in association with Matternet, had completed nearly 3,000 flights. However, recently, they experienced their second drone crash. While the parachute safety...


ADU 01016: Phantom 4 Pro vs Inspire 2 Drone Comparison – Which is the Better Buy?

Drone Comparison - I Need to Buy a Backup Drone. Should I Buy the Inspire 2, or Settle for the More Affordable Phantom 4 Pro? In today's show, we have a fascinating drone comparison. We compare the Inspire 2 to the Phantom 4 Pro and reveal the best option for you. Our caller, Kyle from Idaho, recently attended our in-person mapping class in San Diego. This proved to be a game-changing experience for Kyle as he was able to add new clients and scale up his drone business significantly. Now,...


ADU 01015: Is Matrice 210 RTK V2 the Best Drone for Electrical Switchyard Inspections?

Should you use an enterprise drone like Matrice 210 RTK V2 for electrical switch-yard inspections? Today's show is about using drones for electrical switch-yard inspections. We do an in-depth comparison of the Phantom 4, DJI Inspire and Matrice 210 to reveal the best option for you. Our caller for today, Skylar, is thinking of flying the Matrice 210 RTK V2 for electrical switch-yard inspections. Such a job requires a drone capable of withstanding interference and a powerful camera to go with...


BONUS: Drone News – LAANC for Hobby Drones, Drone Market Analysis, UPS Drone Delivery, Parrot

FAA Announces New LAANC System for Hobby Drones, Changing Dynamics of the Global Drone Market, UPS Enters the Drone Delivery Market, Parrot Exits the Toy Drone Market FAA Announces new LAANC System for Recreational Pilots Our first and biggest drone news story this week is about FAA's new LAANC system for recreational pilots. Effective July 23rd, FAA has expanded its LAANC system to provide hobby drones the option to fly in controlled airspace. While this is a significant development,...


ADU 01014: How to Correctly Use Ground Control Points in Drone Surveying

Drone Surveying - Can I Reuse Known Ground Control Points Without Compromising on Accuracy? In today's show, we reveal various best practices for correctly using ground control points to enhance accuracy in drone surveying. Our caller for today, Mark has a great question about setting up GCP's. Mark is wondering if he can reuse known ground control points for drone surveying. Because most construction sites already have ground control points, reusing these known points will save considerable...


ADU 01013: DJI Matrice 200V2 vs Inspire 2 – Which Is the Best Drone for Cellphone Tower Inspections?

Why the DJI Matrice 200V2 is not the best choice for cellphone tower inspections Our show for today is about enterprise drones. You will learn some important and little-known reasons why you are better off using a consumer drone like the Inspire 2 over an enterprise drone like DJI Matrice 200V2. Our caller for today, Jason is in a bind. His brand-new DJI Matrice 200V2 is not compatible with the iPad. Jason switched over to Android and discovered that the DJI Matrice 200V2 only works with the...


BONUS: FAA Launches New LAANC System – Hobby Drones Can Now Fly in Controlled Airspace

In today's show, we have some excellent news for recreational pilots. FAA has expanded its LAANC system giving hobby drones access to controlled airspace. Kevin Morris from the FAA joins us today to discuss the implications of this new development on hobby drones. This show starts with Kevin sharing some background information about the 2018 FAA Reauthorization Act and how it impacted hobby drones. This Act, signed by President Trump in late 2018 repealed Section 336 and placed greater...


ADU 01012: 400 Feet Rule | Can I Fly Higher in Controlled Airspace If My Takeoff Point Is Higher?

Can you fly at higher elevations in controlled airspace if your takeoff point is higher? What if you are breaching the shelf of controlled airspace? Today's question is about the 400 feet rule. What are the rules for flying your drone from higher takeoff points? Can you fly higher on doing so? Our caller for today, Mark from Arizona, has a great question about the 400 feet rule. Mark has the authorization to fly 100 feet AGL in Class E airspace. As you might know, the 400 feet AGL rule...


BONUS: Drone News – Phantom 4 Pro Back in Production, Ronin-SC, New York City Drone Laws, Anamorphic Lenses for Mavic 2

Exciting DJI News, DJI Rumors and other Drone News... In our first big drone news story, we have some exciting news for you. DJI has resumed production of their flagship drone, the Phantom 4 Pro. We have repeatedly discussed why the Phantom 4 Pro is unmatched when it comes to reliability and versatility. But, will DJI again discontinue production in 2020 when ADSB receivers on all drones become mandatory? Will we see a slew of DJI drone launches in 2020 when this new requirement kicks in?...


ADU 01011: DJI Phantom 4 Pro Rumors – Will DJI Revive Their Flagship Drone?

As per Latest DJI Rumors, Will DJI Kill the Phantom 4 Pro? As a Phantom 4 Pro User, What Should I Do? Today's show is about the Phantom 4 Pro. Our caller, Ken from New Jersey, has a question about the DJI Phantom 4 Pro. So far Ken has been unable to find a good replacement drone for the DJI Phantom 4 Pro. Like many in the drone industry, Ken is worried about the lack of availability for the Phantom 4. He is wondering if the industry rumors are indeed true. Is DJI killing it's most popular...


ADU 01010: Why Your Mavic 2 Pro Needs Attitude Mode for a Truly Safe Flight

How do you activate Atti Mode on your Mavic 2 Pro? And, what are the benefits of doing so? Today's question is about hacking your Mavic 2 Pro to fly in Atti Mode. Liz, a Drone U member, checked out our new Mavic 2 Pro - Don't Crash Course. In this course, we talked about the many benefits of flying the Mavic 2 Pro in Atti Mode. Folks who already own the Mavic 2 Pro might be aware that Atti Mode is not a default option on the Mavic 2 Pro. So, how do you hack the Mavic 2 Pro to fly in Atti...