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The world's first & only dedicated MMO music podcast! Jolly talk and soundtrack discussion since 2013, every 2 weeks.

The world's first & only dedicated MMO music podcast! Jolly talk and soundtrack discussion since 2013, every 2 weeks.
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The world's first & only dedicated MMO music podcast! Jolly talk and soundtrack discussion since 2013, every 2 weeks.






Battle Bards Episode 152: Main Themes 3

Back for a third round, the Battle Bards examine a slew of main themes from MMORPGs! Considering how essential these themes are in making a strong first impression upon players, Steff, Syl, and Syp run these tracks through their paces to see which hook them on a first listen... and which put them to sleep. Episode 152 show notes "Knights of the Fallen Empire Main Theme""Main Theme""Refly Main Theme""Main Theme""Main Theme""The Dragon's Spine""Main Theme""Main Theme""Main Theme""Main...


Battle Bards Episode 151: Minions of Mirth

It's an MMORPG you've never heard of. It's an MMO soundtrack you've never heard, period. But as intrepid explorers of the musical unknown, the Battle Bards are here to unearth this tiny indie title and its score. Minions of Mirth may have died an ignoble death in 2017, but its soundtrack lives on -- and now it's immortalized in the 151st episode of this podcast! Episode 151 show notes "Main Theme," "Peaceful,""View Over the Water")"Inexhaustible Ardor""Villagers of Mirth"“Battlefield’s...


Battle Bards Episode 150: The great plains

It may not be the most sexy or exotic of biomes, but plains tend to pop up in pretty much every MMORPG -- and they always have music to adventure by! In this episode of the Battle Bards, the crew evaluates music from steppes, savannahs, and the great, great plains. Is it all dull atmospheric tunes? Far from it, as you'll soon discover. So join this eclectic team for a grand 150th episode spectacular! Episode 150 show notes "Plains of Beauty""Open Plains""The Azim Steppe...


Battle Bards Episode 149: Istaria / Horizons

Is Istaria more than just "that game where you can play a dragon?" If it is, the answer might lie in its hidden repository of soundtrack tunes! The Battle Bards once again assemble to apply their dragonish wit, tenacity, and fire-scathing critiques to a largely undiscovered score. It's more fun of an experience than you might expect, so come along for the ride! Episode 149 show notes "Saris," "Kirasanct Tundra,""Spirit Island""Main Theme""Ancient Ruins""Mahagra""Eyes in the...


Battle bards Episode 148: Composer spotlight on Inon Zur

On a special theme episode of Battle Bards, acclaimed composer Inon Zur is given the spotlight, especially for his contributions to several MMORPG soundtracks such as RIFT, TERA, and EverQuest II. If you've only known Zur as "The Fallout Guy," then prepared to be pleasantly illuminated as to the wider body of his work! Also, the crew takes in an orphaned music track and gives it the name "Steve." We will always love you, Steve. Episode 148 show notes "Homecoming""Klak'Anon""Invisible...


Battle Bards Episode 147: Continent of the Ninth Seal

Bring on the heavy makeup, electric guitars, and MMO groupies, because the Battle Bards are rock and rolling their way into Continent of the Ninth Seal (aka C9). It may not be a game -- or soundtrack -- that most know, but does that mean that there is a musical treasure trove waiting to be discovered? Listen to this episode to find out! Episode 147 show notes "Innocence RunersVill""Brotherhood of the Wolf""Main Theme""Cold Mountain""Black Yard""Blade of a...


Battle Bards Episode 146: More vocals

In another theme sequel, the Battle Bards return to the notion of vocal tracks in MMORPGs. Does singing hold a special place in online games, or is it immersion breaking? In some cases, it can be both. Join Syl, Steff, and Syp for a romp through a widely diverse array of sung tunes -- and beware the pigs! Episode 146 show notes "Singing""Song from the Woods""Eternal Love"“Dragonsong”“Glutton for Nourishment”“The Daughter of the Sea”“Dungeon Herograve”“Wild Side”“Port Lux (Vocal...


Battle Bards Episode 145: Dark Age of Camelot

It's Bard vs. Bard vs. Bard in this show, as the trio of MMO video game music lovers take sides in the Dark Age of Camelot debate! This tri-realm PvP game is rather unique for having published an "inspired by" album featuring music not in the game at all in addition to the actual soundtrack. So why not review both? Syp, Syl, and Steff are more than up for the task! Episode 145 show notes "Albion Town 1," "Vinum Bonum,""The Wizard,""Albion Campacorentin Forest"“Call to Arms...


Battle Bards Episode 144: Colors of the rainbow

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet: Combined, these forces create the awesome power of Roy G. Biv -- otherwise known as the rainbow! In today's experimental episode of the Battle Bards, Steff, Syl, and Syp attempt to find MMORPG music tracks to go with each of the seven colors that shine over a rainstorm or in a particularly oily puddle. It's a daunting mission, but these three are just crazy enough to finish it! Episode 144 show notes "Greenwood Camp""Red Menace""Purple...


Battle Bards Episode 143: Rappelz

It may see itself as an "old school fantasy MMO," but Rappelz' soundtrack is a great mixture of old and new, traditional and experimental. In this episode, the daring and ever-courageous Battle Bards plumb the depth of this score and see what can be brought out of obscurity and into the light! Episode 143 show notes (show page, direct download) "A New Epic,""Breeze of Old Forest,""Resonance of the World""Main Theme""The Deva""Crystal Mountain""The Temple of the Masters""A Horizon in the...


Battle Bards Episode 142: Sunrise, sunset

In MMORPGs across the world, days are beginning and days are ending -- and with them come the catharsis of the sunrise and sunset. The Battle Bards draw together in this special stillness to discuss some of the in-game tracks devoted to these moments. So from sunrise to sunset, here are the melodic moods that accompany our journeys online. Episode 142 show notes "The Flag at Dusk""The Warming Sunrise""A Horizon in the Sunset""Sunrise""Weeping Sunrise""Dawn Gleams on...


Retro Reprise Episode 18: Obscure Genesis games

Fans of retro video game music have heard all of the same classics over and over again, which is why in today's episode of Retro Reprise, Chaos Constant and Syp dip into the more unknown titles of the Sega Genesis library for tunes that you may have overlooked! From the tense atmosphere of Warsong to the futuristic music of Pulseman, this show might have your new favorite track waiting to be discovered. Retro Reprise Episode 18: Obscure Genesis Games "Kingdom Knight""Soltype""Wily Stage...


Battle Bards Episode 141: Riders of Icarus

The Battle Bards take to the sky to investigate the somewhat obscure Riders of Icarus and see if the lofty visuals can be matched by the music -- or if this soundtrack has been grounded for good! "Surprisingly rich" and "theatrical" are review terms that the Battle Bards are willing to license out to the studio to put on the soundtrack cover. Episode 141 show notes "Character Creation""Attauis""Main Theme""Character Selection""The Beginning""First Elite""Fort Baellus""Artisan Square""Floor...


Battle Bards Episode 140: Piano piano!

It's one of the most powerful and versatile of musical instruments, and now the piano is getting its own featured show here on Battle Bards! The crew re-assembles, not to avenge, but to uplift beautiful, striking, and moving piano themes from MMORPGs. So tickle the ivories with Syl, Steff, and Syp as they listen to today's signature tracks. Episode 140 show notes "Breezewind Park""Main Theme""Piano Works #1 Serendia""Theobomos Hotel""Purple""Kaelar and Empyrean Freeholds""Tieve's...


Retro Reprise Episode 17: The shareware show!

They might not have been the AAA-budget titles of the 1990s, but shareware games were perhaps even more well-known due to the proliferation of these demos. Studios such as id, Epic, and Apogee made their mark with these titles -- and the simple but memorable tunes from each got lodged into our brains. Joining Syp today is Chaos Constant from Occasional Hero, who is a self-professed retro game music fan and has plenty to say about the shareware era! Show notes "Cruising with Stryker""The...


Battle Bards Episode 139: Return to LOTRO

It has been a good long while since the Battle Bards walked the road that led them from the Shire to Mordor, but now they're back in Lord of the Rings Online -- and they have a lot of positive things to say about this beloved soundtrack. If the word "quaint" can ever be used as a recommendation for a score, it has to be done so here! Tune in as these three Minstrels share a few favorite tracks you may not have heard before. Episode 139 show notes "Let Us Sing Together,"...


Battle Bards Episode 138: Wild wild westerns

Boy howdy, is it time for another highfalutin Battle Bards episode? Shucks, looks like! In this week's show, the trio saddle up for a ride through the tumbleweeds and mesas of western MMO tunes. It may be slim pickins, but the pickins are actually pretty good! Episode 138 show notes (show page, direct download) "Renewal""Ashe""Crimson Hills""Calm Guitar""Thermock Hold""Way Out West""Main Theme""Eyes of Ice""Cool Ranch Tumbleweed Explorer""Main Theme""Legend of the Eagle Bearer""Into the...


Retro Reprise Episode 16: Amazing Amiga

The Amiga series of computers is renowned for its amazing sound -- and the terrific scores that video game composers were able to wrangle. In this episode of Retro Reprise, Syl joins Syp for a look and listen back at this machine and the tunes that carry on its legacy! Show notes "Space Ninja""Theme""Ending""Hymn to Aurora""Theme""Theme""Theme"


Battle Bards Episode 137: League of Legends' hero themes

What's your hero's theme? If you play League of Legends, you know the answer to that already, because every hero in that game has his, her, or its own musical motif, from the dour to the delightful. In this episode of Battle Bards, the crew turns to this popular MOBA to see what heroic themes are pure ear candy. Episode 137 show notes "Elementalist Lux," "Odyssey Login,""Snowdown 2018""Irelia""Arcade Ahri""Dragon Trainer Tristana""Kindred""Lulu""Tahm Kench""Braum""Warsongs: Silver...


Battle Bards Episode 136: Overlooked MMO soundtracks

Ever feel like the Battle Bards have covered every MMO soundtrack in existence? It's actually far from true, and today's episode is Exhibit A to prove it. The team looks at seven online RPGs that have never had a single track featured on a Battle Bards show -- and it's a fun discovery process! So settle back as we roll out 100% debuts! Episode 136 show notes "Terminus""Main Theme""A Harsh Winter Fell""Intro Theme""Aman's Theme""Outdoors""Sea of Hakanas""East Sea Plain (night)""The Magic...