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A musical journey through MMO soundscapes, Battle Bards reviews and discusses the soundtrack of MMORPGs with a trio of engaging hosts. The world's first and only MMO music podcast.

A musical journey through MMO soundscapes, Battle Bards reviews and discusses the soundtrack of MMORPGs with a trio of engaging hosts. The world's first and only MMO music podcast.


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A musical journey through MMO soundscapes, Battle Bards reviews and discusses the soundtrack of MMORPGs with a trio of engaging hosts. The world's first and only MMO music podcast.






Battle Bards Episode 169: Wild Things

Do you ever walk on the wild side in MMOs? Do you have a penchant for beastly races that aren't merely reskinned humans? Then you might find something to like in today's offerings from the Battle Bards. It's a show full of tracks that pay homage to the animalistic races in MMORPGs, but the most savage thing of them all? Syl's put-downs. Episode 169 show notes "A Savage Beauty""Scatherran Forest Critter Glen""Kloro""The Charr Triumphant" from Guild Wars 2 "Namazu Beast Tribe" from Final...


Battle Bards Episode 168: Big bad boss battles of FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV know full well how Square Enix loves to dote on its huge and often bizarre boss battles -- and includes the lengthy themes to match! This week, the Battle Bards have formed a light party to tackle several of the more unique and memorable boss themes from this MMO. Will they loot a few favorites in the process? Episode 168 show notes "Alexander," "Bismark,""Garlean Leader""Shinryu""Omega Sigmascape""Titania""Sephirot""Calcabrina""Susano""Eden Titan"muggler-in-a-YT"Towards...


Battle Bards Episode 167: Childlike wonder

Tapping into their inner children, the three Battle Bards get into the spirit of name calling, trading stickers, and goofing off in kiddie MMOs. It's another episode devoted to 100% kid-themed games and their soundtracks and the weird rabbit hole tangents that the hosts find themselves pursuing. Did you know Switzerland has a Not-Fun Zoo? Never, ever go there. Just trust us. Episode 167 show notes "Main Theme"Shrouded Glade""Aerokid" "Character Creation" from FusionFall"Jammer Anthem" from...


Battle Bards Episode 166: LEGO Universe

Who knew that interlocking brick systems would result in so many video games -- and a pretty good soundtrack? The Battle Bards step on many small bricks on their way to reach LEGO Universe, the now-defunct MMO that only ran for a couple of years. Tune in for a high-octane trip through toys, tunes, and alliteration as Syp, Steff, and Syl regress to their childhood! Episode 166 show notes "Spaceship Entrance""Pirate Cove 1""Our Universe""Tortoise Terrace""Darkling Battle" "Pet Rock" "Nimbus...


Retro Reprise Episode 21: Sunsoft’s NES classics

For those who played the Nintendo Entertainment System, the name “Sunsoft” conjures up memories of intense gameplay, slick design, and — of course — terrific music. On today’s episode of Retro Reprise, Syp and Syl delve into the 8-bit treasure trove of video game music from this studio. Grab these vibes and don’t let go! Retro Reprise Episode 21: Sunsoft’s NES classics “Area 3”“Stage 1”“Stage 1”“Streets of Desolation”“Good Weather”“Main Theme”“Stage 1”“Boss Battle”“Stage 3”


Battle Bards Episode 165: LOTRO Composer Bill Champagne

On this Very Special Edition of the Battle Bards, Lord of the Rings Online's Bill Champagne sat down for an interview to talk about his tenure in this long-running MMORPG as its lead composer. From his surprising origin story to tales behind the scenes at Standing Stone Games to his favorite soundtracks, Bill gives the flip-side of MMO music production while still sharing the love that we all have for these scores! Special note: Bill picked specific LOTRO tracks for us to feature on today's...


Battle Bards Episode 164: Away with the fairies

If you ever walked into a forest glade at the light of the first full moon of the year, you may spy an impish fae dancing among the moonbeams and singing to all of the woodland creatures that come out for the annual concert. And if you ever tune in to Battle Bards -- in particular, this episode -- you may hear a rare recording of fairy music along with very serious discussion involving (a) aerial kung-fu, (b) the taste of fairy wings, and (c) didgeridoos. You are so not prepared for any of...


Retro Reprise Episode 20: Chrono Cross

While the game itself was a messy and convoluted sequel to a classic RPG, Chrono Cross has nevertheless persevered over time to become a cult classic that is incredibly beloved for its amazing soundtrack. On the show today, Syl and Syp share a conversation about their favorite tracks and just what made this score so special to hear. Retro Reprise Episode 20: Chrono Cross Intro"Time's Scar""Reminiscence""Dreams of the Shore Near Another World""Forest of Cutting Shadows""Dead Sea""Radical...


Battle Bards Episode 163: EverQuest upgraded

The Battle Bards return to the verdant fields of EverQuest for a look at the updated and remastered soundtrack that came out last year. If you only know EverQuest's music in its MIDI format, why not venture into the modern era of the game's score? It's a trip down Norrath lane, just slightly belated from the MMO's 20th anniversary! Episode 163 show notes "Main Theme," "Boomba's Exchange,""Faydwer's Dusk""The Jaunty Bardic Song""Dawn Over Norrath" "The Gates of Qeynos" "The Gypsy's...


Battle Bards Episode 162: Mystery abounds

Do you love a good mystery? A hidden secret? A riddle wrapped in an enigma and presented on a platter of puzzle? Then you're in for a treat with today's Battle Bards, as mystery-themed music from MMORPGs is served for dinner! Also, Syl and Syp finally throw down over a long-standing criticism regarding song picks. It's brutal. Episode 162 show notes "Wintertide""A Lost and Secret Island""Mystery Forest of Vikings""Mystery" from Astellia"Heart of the Ocean" from Runes of Magic"Winter's...


Battle Bards Episode 161: Dragon Quest X

While Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIV is enjoying rousing success here in the west, its other MMO -- Dragon Quest X -- never made it across the Pacific. Today, the Battle Bards assemble to examine the soundtrack to this overlooked fantasy game and see how it holds up by itself and in comparison to the Dragon Quest franchise. Episode 161 show notes "Bright Horizons," "Soprano of Blue,""The Race of Water""Overture""The Heavens" "Good Night Villagers""Town Music""Melody of the...


Battle Bards Episode 160: MMO cover songs vol. 2

For the first time since Episode 50, the Battle Bards crew returns to the theme of cover songs of MMO tracks. Several extremely musicians tackled their favorite MMORPG tunes to our delight, taking us on a breathless tour of their spin of these classic tunes. Since we want to give all of the artists full credit, you can find links to their full tracks in the show notes -- give them a listen! Episode 160 show notes "Grizzly Hills Theme""Main Theme""Fear Not This Night""Gondamon Theme" from...


Battle Bards Episode 159: Black Desert revisited

It's a return to a soundtrack that, over the past couple of years, experienced a lavish remastry. This week, the Battle Bards explore the wild notes of Black Desert, a soundtrack that relishes its situational and ambient tracks. It might not be the most memorable soundtrack, but enjoyable? Yes, we'd advocate that. Also, Steff finally snaps and tells her co-hosts off. Draaaaamaaaaa! Episode 159 show notes "Florin," "The Capital City," "Glish""Serendia""Valtarra Mountains""Treant...


Battle Bards Episode 158: Winter returns

Do you feel a little... frozen this winter season? Winter is something amazing to behold, especially when video game composers attempt to capture its unique magic in their songs. Today, let the Battle Bards warm up your bones and your ears with tunes from the snowy vales and icy wastes of MMORPGs! Episode 158 show notes "Another World (Winter Journey)""The Long Winter" "Sorceress of Melted Snow""Sea of Snow" from Runes of Magic"Violet's First Adventure" from RuneScape"The Snow Falls" from...


Battle Bards Episode 157: Chronicles of Spellborn

An odd, offbeat, and short-lived MMO, Chronicles of Spellborn hardly registered on most of the gaming community's consciousness. However, this fantasy title has not escaped the attention of the Battle Bards, especially with Assassin Creed's Jesper Kyd composing most of the score. It's a strange score, with plenty of otherworldly tunes, but just perfect for this team to tackle! Episode 157 show notes (show page, direct download) "Main Theme," "Lullaby,""Palace at Night""Armada...


Battle Bards Episode 156: Feeling blue

Is blue a color? An emotion? A song? An overused alien skin tone? One thing is for certain: Blue shows up an awful lot in MMORPG soundtrack, which is why the Battle Bards have mined their music libraries for the bluest of blue tunes to share. Will they come to a conclusion as to what "blue" means? And will Steff ever let go of a grudge? Probably never, but it'll be a fun listen even so! Episode 156 show notes (show page, direct download) "Blue Dots""Limitless Blue""Engage Blue""Sapphire...


Battle Bards Episode 155: FFXIV Shadowbringers

Welcome to the "Cursed Episode" of Battle Bards, where you'll be risking bad luck and poor RNG rolls just by hearing it! But it is totally worth it, because this week the trio is tackling the astounding Shadowbringers soundtrack and it's impressive addition to the FFXIV music library. Also, if you listen very, very carefully, a certain "la-HEE" might make a cameo! Episode 155 show notes "Prologue," "Amaro Mount Theme,""Figments""The Source""Civilizations""Kholusia Night""The Dark Which...


Retro Reprise Episode 19: The music of Halloweens past

Do you remember what Halloween looked like when you were a kid? What about what it sounded like? In today's special edition of Retro Reprise, Syp returns to the Halloweens of the past to listen to some of the best themes from horror video games. It might not all be scary, but don't let your guard down too quickly -- your doom might lurk just around the next note! Retro Reprise Episode 19: The music of Halloweens past


Battle Bards Episode 154: Death and decay

Get an early jump on Halloween with the Battle Bards, as they grab the nearest shovel and start unearthing all sorts of morbid and macabre tunes from MMORPGs! In this grim grinning episodes, Syl, Steff, and Syp explore the musical side of the afterlife in online games. Listen to it... at your own peril. Episode 154 show notes “Paths of the Dead""Graverobbing""Dead Forest""Crypt of Decay""Secrets in a Shallow Grave""Graveyard""Silent Death""Korriban Tombs""Lullaby of...


Battle Bards Episode 153: Elder Scrolls Online Summerset

Gryphons, Elves, and gobs and gobs of singing people -- that's Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset for ya! The Battle Bards return to Tamriel to rate and review the second expansion soundtrack from ESO. Aside from practically non-stop choral contributions, the Bards quite enjoy this trip to a high fantasy land full of wonder and power. Episode 153 show notes "Even Paradise Has Shadows," "Here Be Wonders,""Interlude""From the Abysses Below and Beyond""Past Defines Future""Gryphons Soar in the...