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The world's first & only dedicated MMO music podcast! Jolly talk and soundtrack discussion since 2013, every 2 weeks.

The world's first & only dedicated MMO music podcast! Jolly talk and soundtrack discussion since 2013, every 2 weeks.
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The world's first & only dedicated MMO music podcast! Jolly talk and soundtrack discussion since 2013, every 2 weeks.






Battle Bards Episode 124: Old MMOs, new music

It's a catch-all, catch-up episode for the Battle Bards as they dig through new soundtrack releases from MMORPGs that they've covered in the past! You may be prepared for an eclectic and enjoyable mix of music -- but there is no way that you can steel yourself for the raw and heartfelt confessions that take place on this show. Episode 124 show notes (show page, direct download) "Tiragarde Tavern""Never Look Back""Mellow""The River Running""The Last Train to Cairo""Old Wisdom Tree""The...


Battle Bards Episode 123: Guild Wars 2's Path of Fire

With eagerness in their hearts, the Battle Bards rush toward another Guild Wars 2 soundtrack, ready to bask in the aural glory of this MMO that's known for its incredible music. But hark! What is this Path of Fire? Join us for a listen through a soundtrack that one unnamed soundtrack reviewer has termed "bland and generic." If that isn't a back-of-the-box quote, we don't know what is! Episode 123 show notes "On the Banks of the Elon,""Highland Hares,""Undead of Elona""Main Theme""Sands of...


Battle Bards Episode 122: Happy town

In peaceful villages and bubbly burgs, you just know that there's bound to be an abundance of happy music! Whenever the Battle Bards regroup to lick their wounds and drink the terrors away, they often find that happy town music is perfect to soothe jangled nerves and re-center one's heroism. There's plenty of those tunes in today's episode, so recoup with them as they listen to the songs of the common folk. Episode 122 show notes (show page, direct download) "Kamasylvia Town""Medieval...


Battle Bards Episode 121: Myst Online

The world's first, best, and only MMORPG music podcast is back to venture into a rather obscure title, Myst Online! The Battle Bards delve into this odd, atmospheric soundtrack that isn't quite like what we're used to hearing in online games. There's some love, some hate, some snark, and some indigestion. Also, we discover several of Syl's greatest fears and force her to live through them. Episode 121 show notes "Spore Me," "Convergence,""Kadish Tolesa Future Vault""Badlands""Trailer...


Retro Reprise Episode 13: '90s studio fanfares

After an incredibly long absence, Retro Reprise is back for a kind of weird episode -- but aren't those the best? On this week's show, Syp listens to many video game studio logos and fanfares from the 1990s. These jingles may be short, but we heard them so many times they became burned into our brains! Which one was your favorite? Show notes Origin SystemsRareCapcomApogeeHot-BBlizzard EntertainmentKonamiMicroproseInterplayCrystal DynamicsLG SoftwareMicronetOcean SoftwareSeta...


Battle Bards Episode 120: Short stuff

Look down -- and it'll be the last thing you'll ever see! That's because fury and death arrive in the form of short character races in MMORPGs. Even if they hit below the belt, their music is sweet to the ears! In this episode of Battle Bards, the crew take on themes from Gnomes, Halflings, Dwarves, and other short races in MMOs. Episode 120 show notes "Dwarf Tavern""The Gnomes""Exploring the Shire""The Call of Stone""Gnomes""Asura Theme""New Tinkertown""Gnome Village II""Thorin's...


Battle Bards Episode 119: Skyforge

Believe it or not, it's the Battle Bards' fifth anniversary! From its weirdly humble beginnings back in 2013 to our arrogant ramblings here in 2018, coverage of MMO music must continue! In today's episode, we'll be listening to a surprisingly good soundtrack: Skyforge. Yes, that Russian sci-fi MMO from the Allods team that lets you grow into your ego as a god. Groove on these tunes and see if there's a new sleeper soundtrack waiting for you! Episode 119 show notes "Pioneers," "Story...


Battle Bards Episode 118: More starting zone themes

What are your favorite memories of those first few days in a brand-new MMORPG? Chances are that those memories are inextricably connected to the music of these beginning areas. On today's episode of Battle Bards, the crew revisits starting zone themes to talk about the experience of those first critical steps in an online game -- and the songs that connect us forever to that. Episode 118 show notes "Dun Morogh""Autumn in Ascalon""Silverwood""Emerald Falls""Bleakrock...


Battle Bards Episode 117: Destiny

Two Destinies for the price of one! For this episode, the Battle Bards are gearing up in their favorite space armor to take on highlights from both of the Destiny soundtracks. From buyer's regret to confusing the gender of a key character, there is all sorts of on-air therapy happening with this kooky trio! Episode 116 show notes "Sepiks Prime," "The Wilds,""Ikora""Inner Light""The Traveler""The Ecstasy (Jupiter)""Lost Light""The Last City""Holliday""The Farm""Becalmed""Track...


Battle Bards Episode 116: There be dragons

Mighty and majestic, scaly in hide and shrewd of mind, smoking with fury unabated... these are the Battle Bards! Also, dragons. Yes, in today's episode, the Bards tackle the soundtracks to one of the most iconic fantasy creatures of all time. So call over your good luck dragon and get your best Sean Connery voice on as we loot the musical hoard of these beasts. Episode 116 show notes "Bash the Dragons""Shinryu's Theme""Drakonspire Depths""Sindragosa""The Valley of Dragons""A White Dragon...


Battle Bards Episode 115: EVE Online

Forgettable ambient noise or entrancing space sounds? This is the debate that's at the core of today's episode, as the Battle Bards take on EVE Online's beloved and perhaps misunderstood soundtrack. It's a journey that goes far beyond our galaxy to one full of intrigue, industry, and space discotheques! Episode 115 show notes "Below the Asteroids," "Odyssey,""I Saw Your Ship (symphony version""Akat Mountains""Minmatar Rock""Hail to the Explorer""Theme from Jita""Red Glowing...


Battle Bards Episode 114: Vroom vroom!

Yes officer, these Battle Bards were well above the speed limit and violated many noise complaints in the local neighborhoods. But it was for a good cause, sir! This music from vehicular MMOs is just way too good to keep quiet! What's that? You'll let them go with just a warning? You only know they're going to peel out and look for another score to settle! Episode 114 show notes "Snowmobile Chase""Harmonic Vengeance""Racing 4 Pinks""Garage""Smuggler Track S Two""Assault of Fort...


Battle Bards Episode 113: Anarchy Online

Alien, quiet, and weird -- that's the Anarchy Online soundtrack for you in a nutshell. For the first episode of 2018, the ever-contentious Battle Bards are back to quibble about, gush over, and nitpick the score to one of the older sci-fi MMOs on the market today. Episode 113 show notes "Seascape," "Spiritual Elysium,""The Cup""Main Theme""Majestic Omni""Omni-Tek Theme""Ancient Civilizations""Dungeon Dub""Shadowlands Battle Music""Amongst the Trees""Simmering Steeps""I Am Justice""First...


Battle Bards Episode 112: MMO minigame music

It's time to take a diversion to play -- and listen -- to the minigames tucked inside of our MMOs! The Battle Bards haul out their last show of 2012 with an eclectic and fun assortment of minigame soundtracks. While minigame-specific music might be hard to hunt down, this trio did their best and are reasonably satisfied with the result. Which is good, because no refunds on this podcast! Episode 112 show notes "Darkmoon Faire""Artifact Hunt""Sneaky Block""Bonus Stage""Pet Battles""Triple...


Battle Bards Episode 111: Cabal Online 1 and 2

The Battle Bards are always up for a musical bargain, and on today's episode, they'll deliver two MMORPGs for the price of one (sitting)! It's a look at two rather obscure eastern MMOs, Cabal Online and Cabal 2, both of which have some surprisingly good music tucked away. So expand your video game musical horizons with this show! Episode 111 show notes "Frozen Tower of the Undead""Freii Hills""Altar of Siena""Green Despair""Desert Scream""Mission Battle""Illusion Castle""Forest of...


Battle Bards Episode 110: Acoustic guitar

The Battle Bards are quite familiar with the power of the strummed guitar and lute, knowing that such simple instruments can bring down walls, devastate armies, and dethrone monarchs. But on their off days, acoustic guitars are simply pleasurable to hear and are sprinkled throughout many a-MMO's soundtrack. It's six-stringed serenity in the 110th episode of this podcast! Episode 110 show notes "Sunlight of Morning""The Fringes (Daytime)""Hills of the Shire""Auf zu neuen...


Battle Bards Episode 109: Club Penguin

When you've got a club full of penguins overseen by the Mouse House itself, you know things are going to get both wacky and weird! Club Penguin may not be everyone's go-to MMO for music, but its wide array of simplified genres certainly give the Battle Bards a lot to discuss on this week's show. Episode 109 show notes "Hello Yellow,""Extra Planetary Force,""Cabin Trails""Starting Fresh""Medieval Theme""Cart Surfer""Bull's Eye""Pizza Parlor""Ocean Voyage""Rock the Boat""Divine's...


Battle Bards Episode 108: Vampires and werewolves

Here's a musical episode that you can really sink your teeth into! Your... ear teeth? In any case, the Battle Bards are evaluating our Dark Masters this Halloween season to see which has the best music: vampires or werewolves. It's a sinister, gothic show with several first-time MMO appearances for the podcast, so check it out! Episode 108 show notes (show page, direct download) "Gilneas""Werewolf Camp""Transylvanian Rain""Clan (Pride Theme)""Werewolf""Main Theme""Kindred...


Battle Bards Episode 107: Blade and Soul expansions

After 50 episodes, the Battle Bards have made the brave decision to revisit the hallowed lands of Blade and Soul to look at two of the soundtrack expansions. The team combs through The World and Silverfrost Mountain albums to see what bounty can be harvested. It's another lively episode with plenty of upbeat music, so what are you waiting for? Episode 107 show notes "Hammer of the Dog Sorcerer," "The Dreamdrift,""Hogshead Hamlet""The Road/Lycandi Foothills""The Pot Fighter""Pine Stone...


Battle Bards Episode 106: Early access themes

Instead of looking back at MMORPGs this week, the crew of Battle Bards launches forward into early access! What would a show about music from MMOs that aren't even officially out yet be like? We're going to find out in this wild and woolly episode! Episode 106 show notes "Pre-Alpha Music""Main Theme""Rhyldan""Main Theme""Main Theme""Main Theme""Another Story Begins""Main Theme""Bay Theme""Winter is Here""The Wild White Yonder""Main Theme""A Threatin' Zeppelin""True Pirate" Talk to the...