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A musical journey through MMO soundscapes, Battle Bards reviews and discusses the soundtrack of MMORPGs with a trio of engaging hosts. The world's first and only MMO music podcast.

A musical journey through MMO soundscapes, Battle Bards reviews and discusses the soundtrack of MMORPGs with a trio of engaging hosts. The world's first and only MMO music podcast.


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A musical journey through MMO soundscapes, Battle Bards reviews and discusses the soundtrack of MMORPGs with a trio of engaging hosts. The world's first and only MMO music podcast.






Battle Bards Episode 191: Digging up the past

Today's episode of the Battle Bards was phoned in -- phoned in with 2800-baud modems from the 1990s, that is! Steff, Syl, and Syp return to the early era of graphical MMOs to see what video game music existed in that time. From the bleeps to the bombastic, this show digs deep into the past to see what is waiting to be uncovered... Episode 191 show notes "Toxxulia Forest""Main Theme""Idiotic Ghost""The Streets of Furcadia" from Furcadia"Corloth" from Meridian 59"Main Theme" from AOL's...


Battle Bards Episode 190: Genshin Impact

It was the FOMO title of last fall, and now Genshin Impact is in your ears! On this episode of the Battle Bards, Syp, Steff, and the Other One explore the varied and delightfully cheerful soundtrack to this online RPG. Unless you have headphones made of live kittens, it'll be the most adorable thing you'll listen to all day! Episode 190 show notes "Make Haste, Partner," "Liyue Defense,""Dusk in Mondstadt""Beats of Water Drops""Spring in Clouds""Bustling Afternoon of Mondstadt""Welp, Didn't...


Battle Bards Episode 189: Spooky and Magical 3

Is that a chill creeping down your spine? Did your ears just perk up at the hint of fae music in the trees? Is Tinkerbell blasting you with a cannon full of musical confetti? Then you must be in a good place to listen to some more spooky and magical music from MMORPGs with the Battle Bards! Episode 189 show notes "Emerald Labyrinth""Wizard City Tower Golem" "Jawaii Town""Enraptured" from Final Fantasy XIV "Uralia" from Glitch"The Lullaby of Praxis" from Elder Scrolls Online"A Very Exile...


Battle Bards Episode 188: World of Warcraft Shadowlands

While the Battle Bards tend to agree that World of Warcraft: Shadowlands isn't as strong of an expansion soundtrack compared to the last few, it's still WoW, and it still has some gems worth uncovering. Join Syl, Steff, and Syp as they journey into the afterlife and see what the freshly dead listen to in their eternities! Episode 188 show notes "Bastion Kyrian," "Ardenweald Nocturne Mischief,""Revendreth Decadence""Through the Roof of the World""Oribos the Eternal City""Only Human""Ember...


Battle Bards Episode 187: Sewers and swamps

Oh yeah, this is destined to be our most-downloaded show ever, because the Battle Bards are bringing the THRILLS of sewer systems and the EXCITEMENT of swamps right to your eardrums! Decaying organic matter and waste disposal are always fun times in the music department! Syp, Steff, and Syl comb through their MMO soundtrack archives to see what intriguing specimens they could pull out. It's gonna be gross, people. Episode 186 show notes "Freeport Sewers""Marsh of Peril""Swamp of...


Battle Bards Episode 186: Lineage

While Lineage II is one of the absolute favorite soundtracks of the Battle Bards, the first game in this series has been shamefully overlooked on the show. No longer! In today's episode, Syl, Steff, and Syp dig into this rather lovely and expressive score for an MMO that's been around longer than some of their listeners have been alive. From the sappy to the sublime, Lineage has more than a few surprises in store for the adventurous listener! Episode 186 show notes "The Fog of Dawnlight,"...


Battle Bards Episode 185: Taking Flight

Flying has always been both beloved and controversial in MMORPGs, but no matter what your stance on it, at least you can agree that when you slip the surly bonds of earth, you need an amazing soundtrack for that moment. Thankfully, captain Steff, co-pilot Syl, and navigator Syp are here to point out some of the best flying-themed tunes found in online games. So raise your tray tables to their locked position, because this episode's about to take off! Episode 185 show...


Battle Bards Episode 184: MapleStory 2

Nexon's late, doomed MapleStory 2 gets a resurrection of sorts, as the Battle Bards salvage the soundtrack and deliver it, shining and sparkly, to you. It's a surprisingly good score with lots of interesting themes, and as such, Steff, Syl, and Syp are excited to talk about it. So rest in peace, MapleStory 2, we think you left behind a delightful musical legacy. Episode 184 show notes "Rune Blader Cave," "Black Star,""Ice Age Field""Knight Theme""Perion Field...


Battle Bards Episode 183: Theme parks

This episode is your ticket to the greatest amusement park experience known to gamers! With cotton candy and ride tickets in hand, the Battle Bards rush into the gates of their favorite theme parks -- and theme parks WITHIN theme park MMOs! So what do amusement parks sound like in online roleplaying games? Find out in this fantastic spectacle of an episode! Episode 183 show notes "Shopping Arcade 1""Nar Shadda""Dream Carnival""Themepark Overture" from Lineage 2"Mudskipper Calliope" from...


Battle Bards Episode 182: Last Oasis

What does the apocalypse sound like? That's the burning question, so to speak, that the Battle Bards are investigating this week as they dive into the soundtrack to Last Oasis. Michał Korniewicz's unique score is a haunting experience that must be heard to be believed. But at the end of it all, will it be enough to endure? Episode 182 show notes "Seven Pieces of the Moon," "Before the Reckoning,""Against All Odds""Beast from Beneath" "Growth""Woodpunk""The Old Ways""The Flotillans""Big...


Battle Bards Episode 181: Around the world

Stuck at home? Denied a vacation this year? The Battle Bards are here to help! In seven songs, the cross-continental crew travel all around the world with one pick per continent. Can MMORPGs take us on across the globe with their music alone? Indeed they can! Episode 181 show notes "American Sea""Mission Mayan 1""Four Corners"Australia: "Untamed Outback" from Elsword OnlineNorth America: "Main Theme" from Outlaws of the Old West Europe: "Eulmore 1" from Final Fantasy XIVSouth America:...


Battle Bards Episode 180: Moonlight Blade

While Moonlight Blade is not yet a known quantity over here in the west, its soundtrack has gone before it and landed right into the laps of Steff, Syl, and Syp -- otherwise known as the Battle Bards! In this contentious episode, the three dance, flow, and fly through this big and distinct score. Episode 180 show notes "Time," "Thunder,""Jiuhua Battle Music""Main Theme""Character Creation" "Game Anniversary Theme - Day" "Jinghu Day""Cloud" "Saddle""Rain""A Short...


Battle Bards Episode 179: Arrr pirates!

Shiver me timbers -- the Battle Bards are coming aboard and demanding that all capable musicians appear on the poop deck and blast out a few shanties and jigs for their pleasure! In today's episode, this motley crew examines the pirate themes that sail across many-a-MMO. Will they find rich booty -- or only a few pieces o' eight? Find out! Episode 179 show notes "Salty Sailor""The Adventure Begins""The Redmoon Marauders""Driftwood Island Combat""Pirate Ship""We Shall Sail...


Battle Bards Episode 178: The Division 2

Washington D.C. has fallen to the plague, curiously well-armed agents are everywhere, and intriguing music floats. The Division 2 features a tense and action-packed synth score that distinguishes itself among online games -- and is worth an investigation by the Battle Bards. Suit up, because today we're going to the musical dark zone! Episode 178 show notes "The Beginning is the End," "Rocket Science,""Ballroom""Prologue 2""Steps""Saint""Dock Wrecks""Keates""Hyena Hunt""Rooftops""Sanctuary...


Battle Bards Episode 177: Gone with the wind

As the weather howls and gusts around us, the Battle Bards stand in the middle of it all with their heads lifted up, listening to the music that rides on the breeze. In this episode, Syl, Steff, and Syp examine wind-themed tracks from MMORPGs. Will they find all of the wind's colors? Probably not, but nobody ever mistook these three for artistic geniuses! Episode 177 show notes "Calm Breeze""Silken Wind Through a Bamboo Forest""The Wind and the Reeds""Sign of Wind" from Lineage"Echoes of a...


Battle Bards Episode 176: Orchestral RuneScape

In 2018, RuneScape put out an official orchestral album to highlight some of the best of its remastered and re-recorded soundtrack. From delicate tunes to epic themes, the album shows just how far the game has come since its early MIDI days. The Battle Bards dive into this triumphant score and pull out some vindication for RuneScape at last! Episode 176 show notes (show page, direct download) "Sunrise," "Newbie Melody,""Waterfall II""Harmony""A Hero's Return""The Town""Aurora" "The Winding...


Battle Bards Episode 175: Prehistoric jams

Having perfected their musical time machine, the Battle Bards leap back to the past to enjoy the soundscapes of dinosaurs and other prehistoric denizens. What does the MMO soundtrack for savage wildlands and dinotopias sound like? Tune into today's episode and find out! Episode 175 show notes "Zandalari Allied Race""The Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur""Journey to the Prehistoric""Savage" from Durango Wildlands"Traces of Ancient History" from WildStar "Dinoville" from Dino Storm"Main Theme"...


Battle Bards Episode 174: Dragon Oath

Running from 2007 to 2016, ChangYou's Dragon Oath is probably one of those MMORPGs you've never heard of, nevermind actually played. Yet when Syl stumbled upon it on YouTube, she knew it was a soundtrack for the Battle Bards to highlight. Take a journey with the team today as they visit this Bhuddist-inspired MMO and hear the sounds of this Chinese soundtrack. Episode 174 show notes "Da Li," "Horse Farm,""Voodoo Sea""Main Theme""Wild Plains""Fire Palace""Malefics""Stone Forest/Jade...


Battle Bards Episode 173: Down on the farm

Seeking a simpler and more quaint life? Then come on down to the farm with the Battle Bards, as the video game music crew looks at pastoral themes from MMORPGs! From stereotypical-sounding tracks to enchanting discoveries, this episode is all about tilling the fields, living off the land, and loving the music that floats above it all. Episode 173 show notes "Pig Ranch""Farm""Cool Ranch""A Farmer's Life" from WildStar"Settlement" from ArcheAge "Farm" from Lime Odyssey"Charmin' Farmin'" from...


Battle Bards Episode 172: Lost Ark

Although Lost Ark is still making its slow journey to the west, the music arrived ahead -- on a songbird, of course! It's a flat-out amazing soundtrack by a Hollywood composer, and the Battle Bards want to make sure that you aren't missing out on its musical gifts. So settle back, put on some headphones, and prepare to be blown away. Episode 172 show notes "Ocean World," "The Ark,""Sanctuary of Arcadia""Into the Wider World""The Town of Leonhardt""Black Teeth""Silrian Theme”"Mokoko...