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Insights on the latest in marketing and voice technology. Listen to grow your brand or your brain. Answering to no one, always raw. Start the clock on your beetle moment... now!

Insights on the latest in marketing and voice technology. Listen to grow your brand or your brain. Answering to no one, always raw. Start the clock on your beetle moment... now!
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Insights on the latest in marketing and voice technology. Listen to grow your brand or your brain. Answering to no one, always raw. Start the clock on your beetle moment... now!






035 - Micro Moment Marketing - Melanie Touchstone

The key idea with micro moment marketing is to embrace the idea that you have but a few seconds to capture the attention of your target consumer. In those brief seconds, brands are challenged to convey a concise message that is relevant to the consumer. Otherwise, they're on to the next article, tweet, or email and you've lost their attention. On average, 150 times a day consumers experience purchase moments, research moments, and discovery moments, just to name a few. How can marketers be...


034 - Unilever’s Voice Marketing Play on Spotify

Not every marketing activity needs directly measurable ROI. Most branding tactics have never had clear ROI. But they're still important. Early voice-enabled ads like Unilever’s AXE ad on Spotify hint at the wide open space for a new, frictionless way to access sponsored content or helpful information from a brand. Click here for full show notes. "Spotify debuts voice-enabled audio ads with Unilever" Subscribe to this podcast: NEW: 1-click to subscribe or play this podcast in your native...


033 - Top Five Tips for a Great Alexa Flash Briefing - Daniel Hill

What makes a great Flash Briefing? Daniel Hill, creator and host of The Instagram Stories Flash Briefing is our guest. Daniel and Emily Binder, creator and host of Voice Marketing - Daily Beetle Moment Flash Briefing discuss the top five tips for creating a popular Flash Briefing. Why Daniel has the #1 Alexa Skill for search term “Instagram”: Show notes here Subscribe free to this podcast: Apple PodcastsStitcherSpoitfy


032 - Simple Works: Voice Marketing for Brands with Michelle Excell

My SXSW interview with Michelle Excell of The Antipodean. Michelle is an innovation strategist in the emerging technology space. Show notes and timestamps: What is an Antipodean? 01:41 Discussing voice and Michelle’s clients: what are you noticing with recent briefs? 02:25 Brands are interested invoice but unsure where to start 02:40 Some agencies are jumping in head first 04:15 Brands must start somewhere: they should start small with voice marketing and smart speakers 04:50...


031 - Simplify Your Marketing: Email, Social, and More - Melanie Touchstone

Full show notes and video coming soon! Email marketing Social media Design, graphics, and what works Personalize messaging Keep it simple - black and white can beat flashy design and color Interview with Melanie Touchstone


030 - How to Ask for an Introduction the Right Way: Stop Wasting Time

1:30 I want to share this on a Wednesday because it matters 2:20 Skip the weather and generic pleasantries: personalize 2:40 Sample introduction request to Susan 3:02 It’s okay that it’s one-sided sometimes 3:15 Don't sound entitled 3:37 People love the power of saying “no" 4:05 Book: Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss - negotiation (thanks for the rec, Mitch Joel) 4:44 Give them an OUT. Include two things: 5:17: The easy out: “I would appreciate the intro if possible but if...


029 - Amazon Alexa In-Skill Purchasing Gets Upsell

Announcements - what's happening in February 2019 (first two minutes of show): This Week in VoiceAtlantaFebruary 6How Voice Will Disrupt the Buyer Journey - Innovation Series presented by Nebo AgencyAlexa in Canada, the Voice ExperienceFebruary 11Social Media Week Austin Show notes:


028 - Curating Customer Experiences with Voice Assistants - Jon Chu

If you are a food brand (like an FMCG such as cereal or canned food, or like food delivery such as Uber Eats), what should you consider in creating a voice skill for Alexa, Google Home, etc.? Why A.I. isn’t the best term, but curated intelligence is more apt. Intent matters. Focus on solving one particular customer problem at a time. Mentioned: Domino’s AnyWare Betty Crocker Alexa Skill The Alexa Conference 2019 (read Emily's wrap-up and see photos and videos) Voice Summit 2019


027 - How to Make the Voice Assistant Like Your Brand

How the future voice assistant will judge your brand. We spend major ad dollars on the duopoly (Google and Facebook) with Amazon a distant third. Those ad dollars will shift. Telenav announced that it is integrating Amazon Alexa into its automotive navigation system offering. 1.0: The voice assistant we know today will be so much smarter tomorrow. Your shadow, your assistant: The voice assistant will be every person’s personal assistant, their shadow, their life historian and...


026 - Marketing in 2019 and Beyond

Year end episode. Two areas of focus: Facebook (including Instagram), Twitter, and LinkedIn: the revenue models are based on manipulation through constant feedback loops that surveil users (the product). This is the new fast food.


025 - Bonus Content - Instagram's Toxic Energy Drink Culture (Jamie Stuckert Part 2)

This is Part 2 - bonus content. Hear or watch Part 1.


024 - Instagram Influencer Marketing - Jamie Stuckert, Wild Foods

I spoke with Jamie Stuckert, Marketing Manager at Wild Foods. We talked about marketing on Instagram, influencers, and what works and doesn't work on Instagram for building an authentic brand and educating people about health. Hear bonus content: part 2 Video here 3:18 We don’t throw just any picture up for the sake of having content 3:40 Goal on IG is to educate 4:20 KetoLikeJamie - personal brand 6:00 Overcoming self-consciousness and being really honest - imperfection is okay 6:26...


023 - Easy Alexa Skills for Brands - Brielle Nickoloff, Witlingo

Brielle Nickoloff, Voice UX Designer at Witlingo Brielle Nickoloff is a Lead of Voice User Experience Design and Research at Witlingo, a Washington D.C., based startup that builds products and solutions for Voice First devices and platforms, such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant and Microsoft’s Cortana. Brielle earned dual Bachelor’s degrees in Linguistics and Neuroscience at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Much of Brielle’s research in the space began with a closer look at the...


022 - Coca-Cola's Ultimatum to Atlanta's White Elites - Melanie Touchstone Interview Part 2

An inspiring story from 1964 where a corporation took a huge risk to do the right thing. Full video interview here. This is part 2 of my interview with Melanie Touchstone, Director of Digital Marketing for the Metro Atlanta Chamber. Listen to part 1 here. Read more about this story from NPR.


021 - Marketing a City: Atlanta - Part 1 (Interview with Melanie Touchstone)

Part 1 of 2 Interview with Melanie Touchstone, Director of Digital Marketing for Metro Atlanta Chamber


020 - Voice Marketing on Alexa Flash Briefing (Interview with KiKi L'Italien)

Watch the full video interview here. I interviewed KiKi L'Italien, CEO & Creative Technologist, about Voice Marketing with Alexa Flash Briefing. Topics: 1. How are you using voice for marketing? For yourself, #assnchat (Association Chat), or your clients? 2. What do you see being the biggest ways voice tech will impact marketing and business? 3. The popular stat is 50% of searches will be screenless by 2020: What can brands and marketers do now to prepare for how prevalent voice search...


019 - Marketing Yourself (Interview with Kristen Knepper)

Kristen Knepper from Work Like a Girl interviewed me about how to market yourself. We covered some of the challenges we face as women, especially young women, when trying to market ourselves to advance our careers or build our personal brands. You can watch the full interview here. COMING SOON: Tune in next week for my upcoming interview with Kiki L’Italien about Voice Marketing with Amazon...


018 - What You Pay - How to Be Value Driven

Are you value-driven or paying too much? From business to relationships to everyday life, seeking real value can save you in big ways. Two podcasts mentioned: 1) Heard on Barry Ritholtz's podcast, Masters in Business (some really smart guests on this show, you should listen. There is a solid episode with Barbara Kahn about the retail revolution.) "Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Howard Marks, the CFA and co-chairman of Oaktree Capital Management, in his third...


017 - Alexa Skill Today, Amazon SEO Tomorrow

Why you should put content onto Amazon Alexa today. Echo Auto (pre-order available by invitation here - $24.99 for Prime members)My predictive tweet about Echo Auto Subscribe to this podcast for convenient weekly play (always under ten minutes.) Enjoy the show? Please rate and review on iTunes to help others find it. I appreciate your review - thank you! Visit to book a voice marketing consultation.


016 - Voice Marketing from Stubb's BBQ

Neat use of real audio - true voice of a brand - that offers novelty, fun, and some utility. Good example of early voice marketing. Stubb’s Legendary Bar-B-Q Sauce was created by the west Texas barbecue hero and beloved Stubb’s founder, C.B. Stubblefield. Now Stubb has his own Alexa skill. The “Ask Stubb” skill pieces together past voice recordings of Stubblefield to bring recipes, stories, cooking tips, BBQ tunes, and some larger than life personality to Alexa users, straight from the man...