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A podcast series by SAP looking behind the scenes of procurement


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A podcast series by SAP looking behind the scenes of procurement




Episode 08: E-Procurement and Beyond

In this episode we talked to Alexander Graff, Head of Corporate Business at Schweitzer Fachinformationen, about where his roots are, how his journey has led to an amazing track record in the entire procurement and software development area and how e-procurement and business networks haves been successfully implemented at Schweitzer Fachinformationen.


Episode 07: Change and Beyond

In this episode we talked with Dr. Michael Niessen, former Chief Procurement Officer at Deutsche Post DHL, about what has changed in the procurement profession in the last 10 years, why procurement is a cool profession to be in and what he would give as advice to young talents starting their journey “beyond sourcing” today.


Episode 06: Sustainability and Beyond

In this episode we talked with Jan Grothe, Chief Procurement Officer at Deutsche Bahn, about why working as a kid in his grandfather´s grocery store lay the foundations to work in procurement and how being a passionate mountaineer and father of 5 lovely children has made him a thriving advocate for sustainability. And of course we also talked with him about how Deutsche Bahn is taking sustainability seriously and how he and his team make DB a trailblazer for saving the environment.


Episode 05: The World and Beyond

In this Episode we talked with Anis Tabka, SVP Procurement & Contracts of Expo Dubai 2020, about his decision to move from a very successful career in the Telco Industry to the world of Event Entertainment which is definitely something completely different as he will explain. He will share the rollercoaster ride he and his team went through when the Global Pandemic brought the whole project to a sudden halt and how they worked hard on getting it started again to become the fantastic event it is. Check in to learn about how important sustainability was in the overall project and why Anis enjoys the Expo Dubai 2020 experience so much. And finally listen to one important advice Anis has to offer to every procurement professional.


Episode 04: Brick and Mortar and Beyond

In this Episode we talked with Hakan Akay, Global Head of SCM, Property Management Services in Luxembourg about the importance of role models in life, the similarities and differences of Trading, Finance, Supply Chain and Procurement and about seizing the opportunities when they arise. He also shares his views of the future of the traditional office as a place to work within the digital transformation, the role of retail stores as a commercial channel in a post-pandemic world and of course how to support sustainability by making conscious property decisions.


Episode 03: e-Mobility and Beyond

In this Episode we talked with Christine Cheminay, Director Global Purchasing in Germany about the influence of parents on your career inspirations and decisions, how to combine work and family, why diversity is so important for any organization and why she thinks that e-Mobility is here to stay (unlike in the 1900s where Electric Cars had their first Boom – a Fun Fact if you did not know) and the sustainability challenges that need to be tackled in the light of a need to decrease the carbon footprint.


Episode 02: The Sky and Beyond

In this Episode we talked with Angela Qu, Chief Procurement Officer in Germany about seeing everything that happens in your life as an opportunity to grow, change and innovate. Learn more about a procurement leader who has spent more than 25 years in procurement as she shares some fascinating stories with us about her professional career as well as her personal life and beliefs.


Episode 01: Kilimanjaro and Beyond

​In this Episode we talked with Nuha Luqman, Supply Chain Management Manager in the UAE about the importance of dreams, to follow them to achieve your ambitions and what excites her being in procurement.


Episode 00: Beyond Sourcing – An introduction

​In this teaser, our Host Sam Achampong, General Manager, CIPS Middle East & North Africa (MENA), explains the idea behind this new SAP podcast series for everybody in or interested in the procurement function and the people that drive procurement. Join us for interesting conversations with procurement leaders and their passions.