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Welcome to The Big Data Beard podcast, where we explore the trends, technology, and talented people making Big Data a big deal.

Welcome to The Big Data Beard podcast, where we explore the trends, technology, and talented people making Big Data a big deal.


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Welcome to The Big Data Beard podcast, where we explore the trends, technology, and talented people making Big Data a big deal.






Data Makes Us Faster: Apex Pro Digital Driving Coach

You’ve heard Cory Minton talk about his love of cars a lot on the Big Data Beard podcast, and in this episode he is joined by two fellow automotive enthusiasts, Andrew Raines and Austin Gurley, who founded Apex Pro. Building on their experiences in FSAE while attending Auburn University, these two used their unique combination of skills….Austin as a talented engineer and Andrew as an professional racing driver, to create a device that would give drivers like Cory real-time feedback on the...


Streaming Storage Reimagined

The Big Data Beard Podcast is back! To kick off our first episode of season 6, Cory Minton sits down with Amy Tenanes, Product Marketing Manager at Dell Technologies and Flavio Junquiera, Senior Distinguished Engineer at Dell Technologies to talk about all things streaming. In today's modern analytics world, streaming data is critical component that allows organizations to get the real-time insights to drive business decisions. Streams however provide challenges to traditional analytics...


The past, present, and future of the Big Data Beard

2019 has been a wild ride for the Big Data Beard podcast with a ton of great shows, all culminating in Season 5 and the epic Road Trip to Splunk .conf. During this episode, the team shares stories from the road, hard lessons learned in building the IOT RV and discuss the key takeaways from all of the incredible conversations we had in 2019. And with the holidays just around the corner, we talk about the tinkering we have planned for the holiday season and why Erin is considering crafting a...

Moving Data from Legacy to Next-Gen Platforms with Syncsort

This week's podcast, we meet with Dave Normandeau, VP Global Technology Alliances and Business Development from Syncsort. And Dave Hodgson, Chief Product Officer, from Syncsort. We review their 51 year old business and how they built the company around innovative data management products. Syncsort are specialists in moving data from the legacy platforms, like mainframes, to all the next gen platforms, like Splunk. We discuss use cases, the data types, and their Ironstream product which is...


Signalfx and Other Splunk Aquisitions with Rick Fitz

We're at Splunk's .conf 19 with SVP & GM Rick Fitz. Rick climbs in the #IoTRV with Cory Minton as they discuss Rick's history around campervans and IT software tools. We also hear about Splunk's recent acquisitions of SignalFX among other new logos to join the family. Rick shares what exactly goes into acquiring a company (hint: its not just the tech) and how AI plays a role in the new announcements from Splunk!


Big Announcements Coming From .conf: A talk with Chief Product Officer Sendur Sellakumar

Recorded at Splunk’s .conf 2019, Cory sits down with Sendur Sellakumar, Chief Product Officer at Splunk to dive into all the great product announcements unveiled at the 10th annual .conf. Every year, Splunk releases multitudes of features into Splunk Enterprise to provide customers with a best in class product but Sendur talks about how this year, Splunk has gone above and beyond the stack that is Splunk Enterprise. Cory and Sendur unpack some of the major announcements such as Data Fabric...


Splunk & DevOps with Andi Mann

Passing through Colorado on our Road Trip 2 .conf19, we caught up with Andi Mann, Chief Technology Advocate for Splunk in the final podcast before Splunk .conf19. Tune in to hear Andi share innovative stories from his work in DevOps and how organizations use the powerful Splunk platform to mine valuable insights from all the emerging ops categories. You'll get a preview of Andi's sessions at .conf19 and hear his passion for this exciting gathering of techies from around the world. Follow...


Security & IOT: How Arrow is powering innovation

On day 11 of the Road Trip 2 .conf, Cory and Brett sit down with Davitt Potter, Global Security Practice Lead and Frank Lyles, Splunk Sales Engineer to hear how Arrow is helping customers manage the complexities and ever the evolving landscape important areas like security and IoT. At the beautiful Arrow HQ in Denver, Davitt and Frank talk about how Arrow's mission and strategy and the partner ecosystem they are leveraging to help their customers. Cory and Brett hear about Arrow's...


A Peek Inside Splunxter with Gregg and Noah Woodcock

Join us in Dallas, Texas when we catch up with Gregg Woodcock & Noah Woodcock to learn why and how they built Splunxter, their Splunk consulting practice during The Big Data Beard Road Trip to Splunk's .conf 2019! We also chat about Gregg's activity on Splunk Answers as well as the Dallas Splunk User Group he started. We also get a preview of Gregg's new venture, Siemplicity, and how it will utilize Splunk to simplify for SIEM. Be sure to checkout their 2018 .conf talk here. Find out more...

Duration:00:44:23 Site Reliability Engineering with Splunk

10/15/2019 is one of the most frequently visited eCommerce sites and is a major contributor to Dell Technologies revenue. Where even minutes of downtime could cause millions in lost revenue, it's up to the Dell Technologies Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team to ensure continuous availability. On day 9 from our #RoadTrip2conf, Kyle and Brett sit down with the team charged with ensuring is always up and running. Scott Mosqueda, Sr. Director for SRE and Tanuj Arcot, Lead SRE...


A Glimpse into Dell's Digital Transformation Journey with Jen Felch

On the 8th day of our Road Trip 2 .conf, we find ourselves at the Dell Technologies headquarters in Round Rock, TX. Cory and Brett sit down with Dell's new Chief Digital Officer, Jen Felch to hear about Dell's vision for digital transformation. In a organization where digital transformation is a never ending journey, Jen talks about the role that people, process technology and culture play in driving Dell's strategy and next phases of digital transformation.


An Inside Look at The Splunk Trust

Join Cory and Kyle in Nashville, TN as we go under the Fez, into the mind of the Splunk Trust. We chat with Splunk Trust members Duane "DuckFez" Waddle and George Starcher, discussing the history of Splunk Trust, how Duane became "DuckFez", and what really goes into being able to wear the black fez. We also chat about the community surrounding Splunk Answers, icq, and the slack channel.


How Red River Technology is Solving Data Analytics Challenges

It's Day 4 of our #RoadTrip2conf! In our journey so far, we have traveled across 9 states and have had some excellent conversations. For the podcast today, Kevin Steeprow and Ramon Taylor join Cory and Kyle for round 2. Kevin and Ramon provide a deeper look into the tools and technologies that customers are using to solve their analytics challenges and further their AI capabilities.

Splunk Powering Public Sector with Splunk's Juliana Vida

We are just outside Washington DC on day 2 of the #RoadTrip2Conf. Join us as Brett and Cory sit down with Navy veteran and Splunk's Public Sector Chief Technical Advisor, Juliana Vida. Juliana shares insights from her career as a naval officer turned technologist. She also provides advice for military personnel wanting to broaden their career in IT. Then we dive in on the power of data and how its helping transform experiences from higher education to military intelligence.


Red River Technologies: Powering the Journey to AI

It's day 2 of our #RoadTrip2conf and today we are in Washington D.C meeting with Red River Technology. In today's podcast Cory and Kyle sit down with Kevin Steeprow, VP of Design Engineering and Ramon Thomas, Design Engineering Manager. Kevin and Ramon provide a glimpse into how Red River is helping customers make sense of their data and turn insights in actionable intelligence.

Splunk Architecture with Splunk's Jeff Champagne

Its finally here! The Big Data Beard team has started its epic Road Trip 2 .conf today. I can think of no better way to kick off our Road Trip series of podcasts than with Splunk's very own Jeff Champagne. In the first episode of season 5, Brett and Kyle sit down with Jeff and get his thoughts on how customers are deploying Splunk at scale, deployment trends and the evolution of SplunkNext.


Season Five - The Road Trip and .conf19

Season four of the Big Data Beard podcast was 36 weeks of episodes following the trends, technology, and talented people making AI, IoT, and Big Data a big deal. In season five, you're in for something different. This is going to be a very short, but crazy busy season of podcasts from the Big Data Beard. Starting October 7th, you'll see a new podcast post every day, Monday to Friday until October 18th. Then you'll see the podcasts we record during Splunk's .conf19 publish each Tuesday...


Analyze, Act THEN Store: How SWIM.AI is changing data processing

Data processing today is based on a “Store then Analyze” architecture born in the big-data era. Cory and Brett sit down with SWIM.AI CTO Simon Crosby to hear about their recently launched DataFabric software is changing how organizations can stream, analyze and store data. Announced on September 18th, DataFabric software lets businesses interconnect all data-generating assets and provides real-time data classification, reduction, analysis and prediction. Simon talks about how this technology...


From the Lab that Brought you Spark comes Alluxio, the Data Orchestration Platform of the Future

Decoupling compute from storage has been a growing trend in the enterprise as organizations turn towards a data driven business. Cory and Erin sit down with Haoyuan (HY), Founder and CTO of Alluxio to talk about the importance in data orchestration and how Alluxio provides customers with the ability to bring data closer to the compute across clusters, regions, clouds and countries. Created in the same lab as Spark and other widely known open-source technologies, HY talks about the inception...


Decision Science at Disney with McKay Curtis

There may be an art to business, but there is science in data science. In this episode of the Big Data Beard podcast we talk with McKay Curtis, Senior Principal, Decision Science at The Walt Disney Company, about tackling the challenges of real world business with scientific experimentation. Hear best practices on how his team works across this giant enterprise to power incredible experiences with data driven insights. This podcast was recorded at the Disney Data and Analytics Conference in...