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Data engineering simplified with Infoworks' agile and automated platform

Data engineering and data ops are some of the most challenging and resource intensive parts of the data science process. Cory Minton and Brett Roberts sit down with Infoworks CTO and co-founder, Amar Arsikere and VP of Product, Ramesh Menon to hear about how their agile Data Engineering Platform helps automate data workflows allowing organizations to accelerate the number of use cases they can get into production while using fewer resources. The team explores the challenges organizations are...


Afraid of AI?

Should we really fear AI? What's really happening with Artificial Intelligence today? Why are enterprises struggling to adopt AI in meaningful ways? In this special episode of the Big Data Beard podcast, we share many previously unheard conversations with five of podcast guests about their view of AI today and find out if the fear we hear so often about AI is well founded. Our guests for this show include: Don't be afraid of AI. Be prepared. There's no better way to prepare for AI...


Technology and Security with CISO, Mike Watson

Thomas Henson and Erin K. Banks spoke with Mike Watson, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for the Commonwealth of Virginia. His agency ( Virginia Information Technology Agency ) has a two fold mission in Virginia, they do centralized technology providing infrastructure services for 67 lines of businesses including hospitals, museums, businesses, and public safety. They are also responsible for setting governance rules for how the Commonwealth is supposed to operate in a secure...


The Life of AI with Paul Brook

Cory Minton and Brett Roberts sit down with their friend from across the pond Paul Brook to talk about the book he wrote titled “Life of AI: AI today, tomorrow, and in the future and what this may mean for human kind. Paul talks about what inspired him to write a book (spoiler it was at a bar) about Artificial Intelligence and what went into creating it. Paul and the team then explore different aspects of Artificial intelligence from bias, regulation, hardware and discuss how AI will evolve...


Data Science Salon: A Place to Share, Grow, and Learn

Brett Roberts and Erin K. Banks met with Anna Anisin, CEO and Jeremy Mason, Head of Marketing Operations of FormulatedBy, talking about the Data Science Salon conference. Although these conferences are focused on the data and sessions, they make sure there is time for networking, a great reception, and the best coffee in town. There are four Data Science Salon conferences in 2019. The verticals they focus on are media & entertainment and finance & technology and some of the themes at the...


Beard Season with Jimmy Niggles

Jimmy Niggles, the founder of Beard Season, is selling his beard for $1,000,000. In the season 3 finale, Cory and Kyle sit down with Jimmy at Cafe Salina in beautiful Bronte Beach Australia. Jimmy shares with us the history of Beard Season, the importance of having your skin checked, and how beards can help save someone's life. We also discuss how Jimmy met Sir Richard Branson and speculate on the future of BeardCoin. The Big Data Beard Team has proudly become ambassadors the The Beard...


Immuta Platform with CTO, Steve Touw

In Episode 54, Erin K. Banks and Brett Roberts met with Steve Touw, CTO of Immuta and he runs the product roadmap for the company which means he talks to customers a lot and he plans out the vision of the company and what they work on. Immuta, is a data management platform that was built to manage access and control of data and to help manage privacy when building machine learning models. They lean towards enabling compliance and ethical data science operations in organizations. We review...


Data Wrangling Made Simple with Trifacta

Join Cory and Brett as they sit down with Joe Hellerstein to explore one of the most challenging and time consuming parts of the data science process. Regardless of if you call it Data Wrangling, Cleansing or Munging anyone who has had to do this k...


How Bühler is using Data Analytics and IOT to Feed the World

- Join Cory and Erin as they sit down with Stuart Bashford, CDO at Bühler Group to discuss how IOT, data analytics, artificial intelligence and blockchain are impacting food production. Today, we loose or waste 30% of the food we produce as it tra...


Machine Learning Projects at Shell with Dan Jeavons

Join Cory and Kyle as they sit down with Dan Jeavons, General Manager of Data Science at Shell. Dan is responsible for a team that builds data centered solutions for multiple areas of Shell. Some projects include geo-steering in wells,


RSA CTO discusses Artificial Intelligence and the Security Landscape

In episode 50, Cory Minton and Erin K. Banks talk with Zulfikar Ramzan, CTO of RSA, shares his experience in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Security. He discusses the hype of Artificial Intelligence and what are the important things to keep in mind,


A Year in Review with David Fearne: Retrospectives and Predictions

Join Cory and Brett as they sit down with Big Data Beard podcast Alumnus David Fearne one year since he was first on the podcast. A year later, David is now the Global Practice Lead for Data Analytics at ArrowECS and he gives the audience an update on some of the exciting projects he has been working on over the past year as well renewed perspectives into the world of analytics. The team also gets his thoughts on Artificial Intelligence and his predictions for the future of AI as well as its...


Splunk for Industrial IoT with Seema Haji

Seema Haji, Director of Product Marketing for IoT at Splunk, sits down at .Conf 2018 to discuss the announcemnt of Splunk's first IoT offering, Splunk for Indsustrial IoT. We discuss how Splunk is using the new platform to make data more accessible fo...


A view from the top... Splunk CEO Doug Merritt talks to the Big Data Beard

Join Cory and Brett in the special Big Data Beard episode as they sit down with Doug Merritt, leader of Splunk to get some rare insights from one of the industry's top CEOs. Doug gives his predictions and views on Artificial Intelligence and the tren...


Splunk Next with Jon Rooney

Starting season 3 off, Cory and Rob as they discuss Splunk’s newest announcements with podcast alum Jon Rooney, Vice President Product Marketing for Splunk. In this episode we dig in on Splunk Next and its components. This announcement at Splunk .Conf included the ability to use augmented reality, business process flows, natural language processing, Phantom, federated search, data stream processing, and quite possibly the most applauded announcement “Dark Mode". We dig in to the potential of...


AI Applied with Vikram Mahidhar

Vikram Mahidhar, Genpact's Artificial Intelligence Lead, sits down with Cory and Brett to provide his perspectives and insights into this blazing hot area of technology. Vikram provides the team with his views on the current state of AI,

Understanding SFDC's Einstein role in AI

More is not just the classic CRM company that you all know and love. With SFDC’s AI powered Einstein Analytics platform, you can now go beyond business intelligence. Cory and Brett sit down with Sean Alpert,

The Future of AI at Azure Data with Rohan Kumar

Cloud computing gets a lot of attention when we have any conversation about AI and Big Data. To learn more about the current state of AI in the Cloud, Cory Minton caught up with Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Azure Data,

AI and Management come Together in the Classroom at Queen's University

Brett Roberts and Cory Minton sit down with Dr. Stephen Thomas, professor at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University to explore AI in the world of academia. Stephen discusses the recently announced Queen’s University new management bu...

PowerAdvocate : Energy Intelligence Platform

Erin K. Banks and Cory Minton spoke with Rob Antczak, Chief Technology Officer of PowerAdvocate, A Verisk Analytics business. Their SaaS platform is called "Energy Intelligence Platform" and is six products focused on bringing suppliers together and a ...