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Ep: 34 - Putting AI to work with MLOps powered by ParallelM

In this episode of the Big Data Beard Podcast, Cory Minton and Kyle Prins sit down at the Spark+AI Summit in San Francisco, sponsored by DataBricks, to talk with the founders of ParallelM, Sivan Metzger, CEO and Nisha Talagawa, CTO. As a reminder, we are a partner for the Disney Data Analytics Conferencetaking place in Orlando, FL on August 28th & 29th 2018 and you can save $400 off your pass to this magical conference using our promo code "DATABEARD-2018" during registration. Music from...

Ep: 33 - Conversational Artificial Intelligence with SAS

In this episode of the Big Data Beard Podcast recorded at the Spark+AI Summit, we sit down with Ben and Andre from SAS to learn how they giving AI and ML technologies a voice. We discuss the the basic technical process for approaching natural language processing project, use cases for these technologies like chatbots, and the implication this work has on the future of big data. We are reminded that while SAS has been in the big data game before it was a game, they are actively evolving...

Ep: 32 - Dataiku with Dr. Ken Stanford

In episode 32, recorded at Spark+AI Summit in San Francisco, Cory Minton & Kyle Prins sit down with Dr. Ken Stanford to learn how Dataiku collaborative data science platform is powering powerful innovation in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for enterprises around the world. The team explores how Dataiku’s platform spans all the different areas of a machine learning project from data ingestion through DevOps. We are excited to announce that the Big Data Beard is now a...

Ep: 31 - Big Data Uner Control with Blue Talon

In episode 31, Cory Minton and Kyle Prins chat with Pratik Verma Founder and Chief Product Officer, and Carey James, VP of Alliances for Blue Talon. Pratik shares with us how he went from a chemist to the founder of Blue Talon and how they've integrated their platform into the big data ecosystem. Pratik and Carey also discuss BlueTalon’s rules based security engine, security on read, and unified access control for modern data applications. After that, the team learns about the future for...

Ep: 30 - A shot of espresso with Scott Kahler from Pivotal

In episode 30, Cory Minton and the Big Data Beard gang chat with Scott Kahler, a Data Product Manager at Pivotal who focuses on driving Greenplum innovation and development. Scott and the gang dive into the Greenplum Database Software and explore what Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) is and how this technology benefits the database world. Scott also details the various use cases for Greenplum that includes data science tools. The team then gets some insight from Scott on the future and...

Ep: 29 - Enabling exploratory analytics with SAS & Blue Data

In episode 29, Cory Minton from the Big Data Beard team sits down with John Lambert from SAS & Matt Maccaux from Dell EMC to understand how these companies are partnering together to enable exploratory analytics to organizations. John talks about some of the technology advancements that SAS has made in recent years around its new cloud based platform SAS Viya and how this is proving modern techniques and tools to help facilitate the citizen data scientist. Matt goes on to discuss how Blue...

Ep:28 - Better Data from Big Data with The Celebrus Platform

In episode 28 Cory Minton and Thomas Henson talk with Luke Vant Land from D4T4 Solutions to understand how their patented Celebrus platform delivers a real-time capture, connection, transformation and delivery platform powering a GDPR-compliant path to feed your AI and Machine Learning with better data from a variety of sources, including experiential web sources without the pain of manual tagging. If you want better data that is compliant and easy to work into your pipeline, you really...

Ep: 27- Extra Extra, Read all about it! Data Analytics is driving growth at the Globe

“Ink or pixels, journalism doesn’t change.” In episode 27, the Big Data Beard team sit down with Greg Doufas, CTO of The Globe and Mail, the national Canadian newspaper and a 170 year old media company, to explore how data analytics is being used to enhance customer experiences, drive engagement and fuel growth. Erin K. Banks & Cory Minton dive into the pages of this brilliant company’s history and understand how The Globe and Mail is using analytics to write their future by retaining...

Ep:26 - Tim Hortons, Justin Bieber, and The Flames: How Analytics is Fueling Calgary

What does Tim Hortons, Justin Bieberand the Calgary Flameshave in common? In episode 26 of the Big Data Beard podcast Brett Robertsand Erin K. Banks explored just this with Deniece Kennedy, Senior Director of Business Intelligence and Special Projects and Ziad Mehio, Senior Director of IT and Food and Beverage from an operations side from the Calgary Sports and Entertainment. We talk about their business problems and how they are able to solve them with data analytics. One of them being...

Ep:25 - Fighting Cancer with Machine Learning

In episode 25 of the Big Data Beard podcast, the team wraps up an exciting Strata Data San Jose conference talking about driving human progress with data and analytics. Cory & Rob sit down with Wei Lin and Mauro Damo, two data scientists from Dell EMC who have been working on fighting bladder cancer using machine learning. Wei and Mauro detail their approach to identify bladder cancer in patients using nonsupervised and supervised machine learning techniques. Tune in to get an insight into...

Ep:24 - Changing the Processing Paradigm with Pravega and Apache Flink

In episode 24 of the Big Data Beard Podcast live from Strata Data San Jose, the team dives into the world of batch and stream processing with guests Fabian from Data Artisans and Flavio from Dell EMC. Our guests detail an open source streaming data stack consisting of Pravega (stream storage) and Apache Flink (computation on streams) that offers an unprecedented way of handling “everything as a stream”. Full show notes can be found at

Ep:23 - A Glimpse Under the Hood of Cloudera with Amr Awadallah

In episode 23 of the Big Data Beard podcast live from Strata Data San Jose, the team sits down with CTO and Founder of Cloudera, Amr Awadallah. Amr dives into some of the cool Cloudera announcements from the conferences ranging from cloud to machine learning. The team also discusses the latest trends and its impact on Cloudera's vision. A full list of show notes can be found at The AI Conference returns to New York, April 28–May 2. Early...

Ep:22 - Why Tasting Whiskey is Like Data Analytics

In episode 22 of the Big Data Beard podcast, the team sat down with Anthony Dina, Director of Data Analytics Solutions at Dell EMC. Anthony recently release a blog describing the ways in which tasting whiskey is like data analytics. Clearly this required a deeper conversation, and perhaps a bit of sampling. A full list of show notes can be found at

Ep:21 - Big Data Makes Skiing More Awesome: Squaw Alpine Resort Talks with Big Data Beard

In Episode 21 of the Big Data Beard podcast, the team ditched the desks, grabbed our skis and jackets and headed out to Squaw Valley & Alpine Meadows to ski and learn about how big data is impacting the ski industry. We learned from RJ & Tom how Squaw is disrupting the industry through their ski app and how the data is driving growth through enhancing the customer experience. A full list of show notes can be found at For a video of this...

Ep:20 - Software Composable Infrastructure with DriveScale

In this episode of the Big Data Beard Podcast, Cory Minton & Thomas Henson discuss software as infrsturcture with Tom Lyons and SK Vinod from DriveScale. Tom Lyon is Co-founder and Chief Scientist at DriveScale. Tom had a hand in the creation of iconic products and technologies like UCS, Nexus switching, IP switching in general, NFS and SPARC as employee number #8 Sun. SK Vinod is VP of Product management at DriveScale and has a diverse background in bringing emerging technologies to...

Ep:19 - Architectural Tenets of Deep Learning with Keith Manthey

In this episode, Cory Minton, Brett Roberts & Kyle Prins chat machine learning and deep learning with Keith Manthey. Keith is the Global CTO, Unstructured Data Solutions at Dell EMC. We'll about the differences in machine learning and deep learning, architectural tenets of deep learning. and different ML and DL libraries. We also chat about some great customer use cases for these new technologies, such as building movie trailers using artificial intelligence. Full show notes can be found...

Ep:18 - A Look at the Modern Data Architecture with Hortonworks CTO Scott Gnau

In Episode 18 of the Big Data Beard Podcast, Cory Minton and Brett Roberts talk with Scott Gnau, CTO of Hortonworks and they learn why Hadoop is absolutely not dead. Scott shares his top trends in Big Data that shaped 2017, what a modern data architecture means in 2018, and why San Diego is a pretty ok place to call home as long as you don't like the NFL. A full list of show notes can be found at

Ep:17 - Hindsight and Insights with Speaking In Tech

In this special episode of the Big Data Beard podcast, the popular Speaking in Tech team join Cory Minton, Kyle Prins & Rob Hout to kick off the year by giving their 2018 technology predictions. Nothing is off limits as the team discusses what 2018 has in store for AI, Machine Learning, Cloud, Containers and more. A full list of show notes can be found at

Ep:16 - Everyone is a Unicorn with Data Robot

In episode 16 of the Big Data Beard Podcast Cory Minton, Kyle Prins,Thomas Henson talk with Dr. Greg Michaelson, VP at Data Robot about all things machine learning. Machine learning was one of the top trends in 2017 and 2018 looks to be no different but with the shortage of data scientists organizations are limited to what they can do. Greg and the team explore Data Robot and how their platform allows organizations to expand their machine learning capabilities through the democratization...

Ep:15 - Hadoop Community Updates with Alan Gates from Hortonworks

Join the Big Data Beard Podcast in episode 15 where have special guest Alan Gates from Hortonworks. In this week's episode we explore where the Hadoop community is headed in 2018 and what's new with Apache Hive. We also take time to dive into Alan's background at working with Hadoop, Hive, and Pig in the early days at Yahoo. A full list of show-notes can be found at