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A view from the top... Splunk CEO Doug Merritt talks to the Big Data Beard

Join Cory and Brett in the special Big Data Beard episode as they sit down with Doug Merritt, leader of Splunk to get some rare insights from one of the industry's top CEOs. Doug gives his predictions and views on Artificial Intelligence and the trends that he is seeing. Cory and Brett also chat with Doug about the culture of Splunk and how it has helped propel this company into the billions. You know who else is on Spotify? The Big Data Beard! Music from this episode is by Andrew...


Splunk Next with Jon Rooney

Starting season 3 off, Cory and Rob as they discuss Splunk’s newest announcements with podcast alum Jon Rooney, Vice President Product Marketing for Splunk. In this episode we dig in on Splunk Next and its components. This announcement at Splunk .Conf included the ability to use augmented reality, business process flows, natural language processing, Phantom, federated search, data stream processing, and quite possibly the most applauded announcement “Dark Mode". We dig in to the potential of...


AI Applied with Vikram Mahidhar

Vikram Mahidhar, Genpact's Artificial Intelligence Lead, sits down with Cory and Brett to provide his perspectives and insights into this blazing hot area of technology. Vikram provides the team with his views on the current state of AI, its challenges and opportunities and what Genpact is doing to help driving AI and Digital Transformation. Mixing the technical and practical, Vikram paints a picture of where AI is today and provides real world examples of how organizations and industries...

Understanding SFDC's Einstein role in AI

More is not just the classic CRM company that you all know and love. With SFDC’s AI powered Einstein Analytics platform, you can now go beyond business intelligence. Cory and Brett sit down with Sean Alpert, Vice President of Product Marketing and Jonathan Wray, Director of Einstein Analytics Product Management to explore what Salesforce is doing in the analytics space and how they are providing an AI engine to discover insights, predict outcome and find recommendations. Sean and...

The Future of AI at Azure Data with Rohan Kumar

Cloud computing gets a lot of attention when we have any conversation about AI and Big Data. To learn more about the current state of AI in the Cloud, Cory Minton caught up with Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Azure Data, Rohan Kumar for a discussion around the reasons public cloud providers are working to enable new services, why data is so critical to any AI endeavor and understand the real impacts that his team is delivering around the world. Full show notes can be found at -...

AI and Management come Together in the Classroom at Queen's University

Brett Roberts and Cory Minton sit down with Dr. Stephen Thomas, professor at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University to explore AI in the world of academia. Stephen discusses the recently announced Queen’s University new management business degree in artificial intelligence (MMAI) that will help fill the talent gap for much-needed managers who can apply AI strategies to business decisions. The team explores some of the core AI concepts with Stephen to get his opinion on AI today...

PowerAdvocate : Energy Intelligence Platform

Erin K. Banks and Cory Minton spoke with Rob Antczak, Chief Technology Officer of PowerAdvocate, A Verisk Analytics business. Their SaaS platform is called "Energy Intelligence Platform" and is six products focused on bringing suppliers together and a mechanism to understand where the dollars are going. The platform provides insight to Electric Utility and Oil and Gas customers. They have 85% of the North American market in electric utilities and oil and gas. The platform is to improve and...

Living the Beard Life with Taylor Welden

In honor of World Beard Day taking place on September 1st and to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the Big Data Beard Podcast, we thought we would do something a little special. Cory and Brett waxed up their beards and sat down Taylor Welden, VP of Austin Facial Hair Club and reigning U.S. National Beard Champion to talk about the other part of the Big Data Beard Podcast… the beard. Cory and Brett dive into the world of facial hair competitions and learn about what truly goes on during...

BlueData brings Big Data expertise to Kubernetes

The team sits down with Tom Phelan, Chief Architect, and Joel Baxter, Senior Engineer, both with BlueData, a container-based software platform for Big Data Analytics. While BlueData has been on the podcast before, we wanted to have a technical discussion about their recent announcement regarding Bluek8s. First we dig into the tech behind BlueData and the options it can bring to a data engineer/data scientist, the problems it can solve, and why containers. While kubernetes is great for...


Palmaz Vineyards: Innovating Wine Through Data

We met with Christian Palmaz, CEO of Palmaz Vineyards and President and CEO of Vactronix Scientific, a material science company based in Silicon Valley. Palmaz Vineyards has been able to pull together wine and data together to not make better wine but how can big data make the process less prone to error, more sustainable to quality and to allow the wine makers to focus on what is most important, making the best wine possible... to enhance the human element which makes wine beautiful,...

Smartware: IoT Food Storage from Ovie

Ovie, a Chicago based tech startup, has combined hardware, software, and machine learning to create a smart food storage system that will eliminate waste and change the way people eat, save, and shop for food. Founders Ty, Dave, Stacie sat down with the Big Data Beard to talk about how their innovative, IoT-enabled food storage solution can help solve the massive problem of food waste around the world. This absolutely beautiful and stunningly simply product aims to integrate into your...

SAS Chief Data Scientist Get's Real with The Beards

Anytime you talk big data these days, you are bound to hear machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence brought up and often by folks who really don't understand the difference. That's ok; that's the fun with buzzwords. On this episode, Cory Minton and Thomas Henson talk to someone who knows the differences and knew them before they were trending on google. Wayne Thompson, Chief Data Scientist at SAS, is a globally recognized presenter, teacher, practitioner and...

Exploring the magical world of Disney Data Analytics

Cory and Brett chat with Disney’s very own Becky Kirby and Teddy Benson about the most magical technology conference of the year… Disney Data Analytics Conference. For years, Disney has been a data analytics pioneer using their massive amounts of data to enhance their customer’s experience from the second they arrive at the park to the moment they leave. The team chatted with Teddy, Director of Data Integration at Disney, about his team’s role in integrating and analyzing the tons of data...

Putting AI to work with MLOps powered by ParallelM

Cory Minton and Kyle Prins sit down at the Spark+AI Summit in San Francisco, sponsored by DataBricks, to talk with the founders of ParallelM, Sivan Metzger, CEO and Nisha Talagawa, CTO. As a reminder, we are a partner for the Disney Data Analytics Conferencetaking place in Orlando, FL on August 28th & 29th 2018 and you can save $400 off your pass to this magical conference using our promo code "DATABEARD-2018" during registration. Music from this episode is by Andrew Belle. Show Notes:...

Conversational Artificial Intelligence with SAS

Recorded at the Spark+AI Summit, we sit down with Ben Tomlinson and Andre Violante from SAS to learn how they giving AI and ML technologies a voice. We discuss the the basic technical process for approaching natural language processing project, use cases for these technologies like chatbots, and the implication this work has on the future of big data. We are reminded that while SAS has been in the big data game before it was a game, they are actively evolving their technologies and...

Dataiku with Dr. Ken Stanford

Recorded at Spark+AI Summit in San Francisco, Cory Minton & Kyle Prins sit down with Dr. Ken Stanford to learn how Dataiku collaborative data science platform is powering powerful innovation in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for enterprises around the world. The team explores how Dataiku’s platform spans all the different areas of a machine learning project from data ingestion through DevOps. We are excited to announce that the Big Data Beard is now a partner of the Disney Data...

Big Data Under Control with Blue Talon

Cory Minton and Kyle Prins chat with Pratik Verma Founder and Chief Product Officer, and Carey James, VP of Alliances for Blue Talon. Pratik shares with us how he went from a chemist to the founder of Blue Talon and how they've integrated their platform into the big data ecosystem. Pratik and Carey also discuss BlueTalon’s rules based security engine, security on read, and unified access control for modern data applications. After that, the team learns about the future for BlueTalon and hot...

A shot of espresso with Scott Kahler from Pivotal

In episode 30, Cory Minton and the Big Data Beard gang chat with Scott Kahler, a Data Product Manager at Pivotal who focuses on driving Greenplum innovation and development. Scott and the gang dive into the Greenplum Database Software and explore what Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) is and how this technology benefits the database world. Scott also details the various use cases for Greenplum that includes data science tools. The team then gets some insight from Scott on the future and...

Enabling exploratory analytics with SAS & Blue Data

Cory Minton sits down with John Lambert from SAS & Matt Maccaux from Dell EMC to understand how these companies are partnering together to enable exploratory analytics to organizations. John talks about some of the technology advancements that SAS has made in recent years around its new cloud based platform SAS Viya and how this is proving modern techniques and tools to help facilitate the citizen data scientist. Matt goes on to discuss how Blue Data and containerization is enabling...

Better Data from Big Data with The Celebrus Platform

Cory Minton and Thomas Henson talk with Luke Vant Land from D4T4 Solutions to understand how their patented Celebrus platform delivers a real-time capture, connection, transformation and delivery platform powering a GDPR-compliant path to feed your AI and Machine Learning with better data from a variety of sources, including experiential web sources without the pain of manual tagging. If you want better data that is compliant and easy to work into your pipeline, you really should be checking...