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Keeping you ahead of the curve on Bitcoin price and fundamentals analysis, news and economics. - | @BTCMRKTS

Keeping you ahead of the curve on Bitcoin price and fundamentals analysis, news and economics. - | @BTCMRKTS


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Keeping you ahead of the curve on Bitcoin price and fundamentals analysis, news and economics. - | @BTCMRKTS






Deglobalization, Depression, Depopulation, and Deflation - E250

Join the Telegram! Support the show as a member on! This episode is a short clip of my Telegram live stream (also doing them as Twitter spaces) on 8 Sept 2022. The topic was a tweet thread by Mark Moss. This is clip I detail why it is important for people to define inflation and deflation properly as changes to the money supply, and not falsely label all price level changes to "inflation". It is extremely misleading. Mark tells us that the price decreases we've seen...


The Geopolitics of Power - E249

This episode is a recording of my telegram live stream today. In it I discuss a recent video sent to me by a member on I took the opportunity to describe how power difference appear in the geopolitical chess board. We get into the history of power, the geopolitics of Athens and Sparta, Britain vs France, why some areas have different cultures and economics versus other places, and finally, where is it all going. Original video: (give it a watch and a like)...


Reflexivity and the Merge - E248

This episode is a read through and reaction to Arthur Hayes' recent post about Ethereum's merge from a reflexivity perspective. A summary of my major gripes can be found in full show notes:


When Money is Credit, All Problems Look Like Elasticity - E247

Full write up here: In this episode, I react to another Jeff Snider interview, this time on the Mark Moss podcast. In the interview, Jeff response to Mark's questions about why QE doesn't work and is not money printing. I expand on Jeff's points by describing how QE actually handicaps future growth, and in a credit-based system, it also effects growth. I wanted to tackle the specific arguments Jeff makes about elasticity next. Jeff claims that the...


Bitcoin, Ukraine, Taiwan, Richard Werner | Telegram Live Stream rebroadcast - E246

Member access to the shared Drive with all live streams can be found here. Website show notes: This is day #10 in my 30 in 30 live streams on Telegram. If you aren't in there, you should be. In this episode, I discuss the bitcoin price, stocks, the catalyst for a bullish rally, Ukraine situation, Taiwan and China threat or not?, and Richard Werner on credit-based money. I do expect the bitcoin price to rally along with stocks over the next 6 month back...


Fear Hustlers and Alarmist Pimps - E245

Member video Full show notes Article read from This is a discussion and read through of a recent article that I adapted from last week's rant on the Fundamentals Report newsletter. The main ideas are that we should not abide catastrophism. Cries about the end of Western Civilization are overblown to sell books, get clicks and sell subscriptions for more alarmist macro content. It's...


Response to Jeff Snider's Criticism of Bitcoin - E244

Member video Full show notes As listeners to this podcast know, I've been pretty well convinced of the Eurodollar system framework. Jeff Snider is the primary expert on this field today, and his popularity has started to spread rapidly. Though Jeff is an expert in the current system, his critique of bitcoin leaves room for improvement. In this episode, I breakdown part of a recent podcast he was on where he...


Energy Crisis and Recession | A Reaction to Peak Prosperity - E243

5/24/2022 In this reaction video, I listen to a Chris Martenson from Peak Prosperity in a recent video titled I Give Up. I have the utmost respect for Chris due to his sound money views and priceless expert opinion during the early days of the Corona Virus, but his economic claims about energy and the economy required a response. I cover a lot of ground in this episode, including basic economics of complex systems, the central planning fallacy, US oil production,...


Biggest mistake Boomers make about Bitcoin, Confuse it with Crypto - E242

Full show notes: Member video version: In this reaction video I listen to a segment of a Lance Roberts morning show available on YouTube. It's a radio show out of Texas that discusses investing and personal finance. I'm a fan of the show, and think they usually do a good job evaluating the stock market and basic market sentiment. However, in this particular segment, Lance attacks Bitcoin from a very naïve angle...


Maximalism Works, NFTs Don't - E241.1

The second of two episodes this week is on Clown World topics like Ripple's Garlinghouse complaining that Bitcoin Maximalism is working in DC, and the implosion of the NFT delusion. You can see the original content in the newsletter, issue #188 of the Bitcoin Fundamentals Report. Clown World Brad Garlinghouse of Ripple infamy, claimed that tribalism in crypto is muddying the messaging in DC. Well, good. Ukraine bans bitcoin 2 months after making it completely legal. Yet another example of...


New Investment Narrative for Bitcoin - E241

Discussed in this episode of #Bitcoin and Markets is the concept that the inflation-based investment thesis for bitcoin is dangerous and offering an alternative group of points that form a better more sustainable thesis. You can see the original version in issue #188 of the Bitcoin Fundamentals Report, or the edited and more complete version at Dangers of the Inflation Narrative There are a couple reasons that the inflation-based narrative is dangerous for bitcoin: 1) It doesn't...


Bretton Woods 3 is Silly, Here's Why! [Reaction] - E240



Attacks on Bitcoin: Proof-of-Work and Privacy - E239

In this episode, I expand on my commentary in Bitcoin Fundamentals Report #185. The first segment is on the game theory that keeps bitcoin secure from hostile hard forks like the proposed by the Green Peace and the scammer Chris Larson of Ripple. The main point is that coordination to kill the PoW version of bitcoin is impossible because of Bitcoin's decentralization, so there is no future that doesn't involve incentives to defect from that coordination. Hark forks only create altcoins...


My Model: Making Sense of Ukraine - E238b

This is the second episode of the week, covering my personal model by which I evaluate the market and important geopolitical news. The main outline can be found on the Bitcoin Fundamentals Report #183. Complete show notes at


Bitcoin's Performance Under Recent Stress - E238a

This is the first part of two episodes that will cover my recent Bitcoin Fundamentals Report #183, specifically the Market Commentary section. Part A is much shorter than part B. Bitcoin has generally performed well when compared to gold and stocks since Russian military operations started in Ukraine on 24 Feb. I give a run down of that performance here. Every bitcoin bull should be happy with how stable bitcoin has been despite the massive geopolitical upheavals.


A Little Bitcoin Game Theory - E237

In this episode, I discuss two articles on bitcoin's game theory by Jeremy Garcia, which appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine. I take a critical stance on many parts of his analysis, but I think it is important that there is more discussion on this topic. I thank Jeremy for writing them. I discuss bitcoin's game theory, cooperative games, infinite vs finite games, changing the rules, and the game theory of nation-state adoption. Article 1: A Look at the Game Theory of Bitcoin Hypothesis link...


Bitcoin Czar & Clean Bitcoin Mining - E236b

Part 2 this week is the rest of the news of the week, price analysis and Bitcoin mining news. Bitcoin is becoming a major player in the great game of international politics. I also get into the conflict in Ukraine a bit at the end. Follow along at Episode post


Bitcoin's Canada Experience - E236a

This is part 1 of this week's episodes. I'm not going to rehash all that has gone on in the last week, since it is so fast paced. I'm going to concentrate on some takeaways and lessons learned by bitcoin from this situation. Follow along with the Bitcoin Fundamentals Report at Episode page


Bitcoin Mining News - Intel, Blue States hate bitcoin, and Mempool rising - E235c

This short episode is the third part of the series examining the current news of the day in the bitcoin mining industry. Intel has announced it will be making bitcoin ASIC computer chips, Lansing Michigan is trying to crush bitcoin mining in their city, and the mempool is rising meaning there is an increase in the demand to receive bitcoin. Report: for more links.


Bitcoin Price - CPI, Dormancy Flow and Bloomberg - E235b

Part 2 of this week's report all about the price. I talk about CPI not being a measure of money printing, but of prices and the explanation for 7% CPI due to supply chain issues. Next I introduce the Bitcoin Dormancy Flow. I thought this chart was interesting and will be looking into more in the future. Lastly, I welcome Bloomberg to the bitcoin prediction party, finally. They all of a sudden have what they think is a good model for price based on volatility, but a week later and it's...