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Keeping you ahead of the curve on Bitcoin price and fundamentals analysis, news and economics. - | @BTCMRKTS

Keeping you ahead of the curve on Bitcoin price and fundamentals analysis, news and economics. - | @BTCMRKTS


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Keeping you ahead of the curve on Bitcoin price and fundamentals analysis, news and economics. - | @BTCMRKTS






Reaction to DiMartino Booth Interview and Show Update - E217

The beloved bitcoin podcast is back with a reaction and hot takes on a recent interview between Danielle DiMartino Booth and Bitcoin Magazine's show Fed Watch. The show starts with an update on this podcast's current and future direction, then we listen to the recent interview, and finally react to it.


Bitcoin Mixing, Wasabi, and Coinbase - E216

In this episode, I read through the new Europol EC3 Cyber Bits April and May issues where they talk about Wasabi wallet and bitcoin mixing in general. Full show notes at My copy: Original: Next part is on why you should Delete Coinbase. They are trying to sell your data to the DEA and the...


Comparing BTC and ETH Inflation - E215

In this episode, I base a discussion about bitcoin and ethereum inflation around a tweet from Ryan Sean Adams, a popular etherean. I touch on the bitcoin halving, the fact that bitcoin's supply is not changing, and how ethereum wants to copy bitcoin and make unwarranted comparisons. Tweet: Full show notes at


The Case for Deflation Part 4 Liquidity and REPO - E214

In this episode I walk through an understanding of Liquidity and how the actions of the Federal Reserve can't increase liquidity and flow in the economy. I also give a quick definition of the REPO market and interpret it as a money substitute factory - a place that creates and destroys money substitutes. This is the consensus layer of the global financial system and how we need to define what money is. It's money substitutes that flow through the REPO and money markets. Mises on money​...


The Case for Deflation Part 3 - E213

In Part 3, I answer some critiques and questions from the audience. The discussion on liquidity and Repo, the base layer of the Eurodollar system is now moved to Part 4 coming up soon. Questions from Epistemicrisis, Xan, CryptoGamer and Colin Harper. WTF is happening with the Fed?! - Is this inflation w/ Ansel Lindner - WTF 5 Website:


Case for Deflation part 2 - E212

In this episode I tackle different types of money, debt, fiat and commodity monies. I discuss how they behave differently as a global money standard. Debt has a unique aspect of global deflation that's not shared with other forms of money. I discuss bailouts at money replacement, not money expansion. Finally, I wrap up with how this all ends.


Case for Deflation Part 1 - E211

In part one of this series I describe two important schools of thought on the global monetary system and the future of the dollar: the Dollar Milkshake and the Eurodollar. Then I try to establish a definition for inflation as a monetary phenomenon based on mainstream Milton Friedman, Mises and my own defintition. Lastly, I ask the question if what we think of as monetary expansion today, is actually monetary expansion. In part two, I'll discuss the differences I see between debt based...


Bitcoin Market Commentary, Read Through - E210

Hi Bitcoiners, I'm reading through my Friday newsletter The Fundamentals Report along with my extra commentary. Topics covered are the virus and effects of lock downs and shortages in gold and the dollar. I also talk about how bitcoin fits into this market. Show notes post: Report:


General Update, Virus, Dollar, China and Japan - E209

In this episode I discuss the bullish case for bitcoin being driven by QE but not via a weaker dollar. The dollar will continue to strengthen in a volatile way. Bitcoin will be bid because the traditional market will get worse and worse at price discovery and bitcoin will get better and better. I bring in two articles. The first one is about China's consumer credit bubble popping and the second is about primary dealers in Japan refusing to sell their JGB's to the Bank of Japan. That...


A Devalued Government - E208

In this episode I use a tweet by Pierre Rochard and a video from Daniel Hannan as a jumping off point to talk about globalization, the growing distrust in our institutions, non-monetary rewards, and what this current crisis will lead to. Links: Pierre's tweet: "If everyone added to their cash balances during the good times, they wouldn't need to beg politicians and central bankers for bailouts during the bad times. But...


Fed Panic Dollar Melt Up - E206

In this episode, I break the news that the Fed has cut interest rates to zero and launched QE 5. The Fed is not in charge of interest rates, they follow the market. Interest rates were already close to zero in the market, so this move by the Fed was reactionary. They have lost control. I also talk about currency swaps and how to position yourself for the coming financial reset. Image link: News article:...


51% Attacks Arent That Easy - E205

In this episode I discuss ideas around the misunderstood concept of 51% attacks in mining, drawing inspiration from a tweet by @SGBarbour. Tweet: Website:


Coronavirus and Macro Update - E204

In this episode we discuss the historic times we are living in, focusing on the evolving situation and effects on the markets of the coronavirus. I touch on the stock market, bonds, yield curve, prepping, what you should expect to develop over the next few months. We also speak briefly on the bitcoin price, why it's falling, and what we can expect over the next few weeks going into the halving.


Externalities of Non-Native Assets - E203

On this episode I walk through a very deep tweet that will help us understand multiple assets on one chain. These I call these non-native assets and they have non-native incentives. I bring in many connected ideas and try to make sense of it all. @BobMcElrath tweet:


Safe Harbor for Scams? - E202

In this episode I talk about the recent proposal to offer a "safe harbor" to ICO scams for 3 years. This proposal was put forth by Hester Pierce, a previously bitcoin friendly Commissioner at the SEC. I question the intentions behind this proposal and the totality of the SEC's actions in the space. Article link:


Wuhan Coronavirus and Bitcoin Mining and Price - E201

This is a quick discussion on how the coronavirus is affecting bitcoin mining in China and the price. I give you an update on the virus and then read a couple articles, and finally discuss the economics of supply and demand in the shadow of the third halving. Articles mentioned are: Decrypt Coindesk:


Tron: The Real ETH2.0 on Bitcoin - E200

Hello Bitcoiners! I'm back with a short discussion of the Tron vs ETH2.0 debate. Is Tron better or the always delayed ethereum centralized ethereans? I give you a quick rundown of the situation and a based assessment. Bitcoin is King, Eth is a scam, Tron is a scam. We are seeing the beginnings of the scam coin conflict. Website: Article: NVK's tweet:...


More ETH2.0 Hype After Another Delay - E199

I go through as article from Coindesk that is very misleading about ETH2.0. Don't believe the hype. This is only phase zero they are trying to launch this year. Phase zero does nothing to immediate scale ethereum, it's only a preliminary step in an overly complex 5 year plan for ETH2.0. Website: Article link: Annotated article: Parity client DAO: ...


Fedcoin: A Detailed Discussion E198

In this episode I go through Federal Reserve Governor Brainard's recent speech on Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). I cover all aspects but focus on money versus means of payment, free market value versus central planner force / central banker legal tender laws. Link:


Coronavirus and Taproot - E197

In this episode I discuss the bitcoin price in and where it's going. Bitcoin is in the big leagues and part of every important panel discussions and on the lips of every powerful financial person in the world today. Next, I talk about the upcoming bitcoin upgrade called Taproot. Show notes: Links: Taproot Taproot explanation