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Episode 48: Crypto 2020, with Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang

On this episode of BlockChannel, Mckie and Dee get to talk to their first ever Presidential candidate, Andrew Yang. They discuss his platform running as a Democratic candidate for the U.S. 2020 Presidential election, Universal Basic Income (UBI), and his vision to help America and how it aligns with crypto. This is a very patriotic episode, so go ahead and do your duty and have a listen - Uncle Sam is watching. Show Link(s): Andrew Yang 2020: Campaign...


Episode 47: Make You Say My Name, with Namebase

On this episode of BlockChannel, McKie, Dee, and Dr. Petty get to have an exclusive discussion with the Co-Founder of the upcoming exchange and naming service built on the Handshake(HNS) blockchain, Namebase leverages the decentralized root DNS that HNS provides with its unique naming based (think domain names), blockchain. Learn more on how Namebase is jumping head-first to take be a first-mover with the launch of Handshake. Show Links: Namebase: Handshake:...


Episode 46: Believe in Your Dreams, with TrustWallet

On this episode of BlockChannel, McKie, Dee and Petty are back for a new season with Viktor Radchenko of Trust Wallet. Fresh off the back of an acquisition by Binance (those guys are on fire), he's taking his vision for a decentralized dApp browser to the next level with the backing of Binance's vast resources. Come learn about Viktor, his background, and his vision for Trust Wallet going forward in the future post-acquisition. Show Link(s): Trust Wallet:


Episode 45: The Future of Geo-Spatial Mapping, with FOAM

On this episode of BlockChannel, McKie and Dee sit down with Ryan King, co-founder of the geo-spatial mapping and proof of location project, FOAM. Ryan explains to us his diverse background and skills and how the original idea of FOAM formulated, and what his vision is for their company over the next few years. Ryan shows us his expansive knowledge-base and we toy around with ideas on how his project could be used -- we think he's on to something. Show Links: FOAM Project:...


Episode 44: Catching All the Non-Fungibles, with CryptoPets

On this episode of BlockChannel, Mckie, Dee and Dr. Petty sit down with Blake Richardson and Luke Bateman from the upcoming Ethereum-based gaming platform, CryptoPets. CryptoPets takes some of the long-standing gaming mechanics that we've grown to love, and married them happily with the scarcity and extendability of non-fungible assets (ERC-721, etc). We sit down to discuss their vision for building a truly sticky game, one that users will enjoy playing - and because CryptoPets are...


Episode 43: Zero Games, Big Visions, with the ZCash Foundation

On this episode of BlockChannel, McKie and Dr. Petty sit down with Josh Cincinatti of the ZCash Foundation. At the ZCash Foundation his job is to steward their open source development projects, evangelize privacy and educating developers of its importance, and helping to aid in building a positive culture/community that promotes sound governance. Josh is a wealth of knowledge filling us in on the Powers of Tau ceremony, upcoming changes to the ZCash protocol, and his vision for the ZCash...


Episode 42: It's All About the MoneyShot, with Arjun Bhuptani

On this episode of BlockChannel, McKie, Dr. Petty, and Erica Amatori sit down with Arjun Bhuptani, CEO and Co-Founder of Connext. Connext builds and maintains scalability solutions for crypto payments. One of their first major PoCs for the tech they're working on is called "MoneyShot". It's a service to quickly send micro-payments on the Ethereum network by utilizing what are called "state channels". We discuss the implications of this tech for developers, and lessons Arjun's team has...


Episode 41: Simplifying Bitcoin Development, with Bcoin

On this episode of BlockChannel, Mckie, Dee, and Dr. Petty sit down with Buck Perley, one of the core developers for Bcoin, the node.js fullnode implementation of Bitcoin. Their team has been hard at work on new modular components and plugins that make interacting with the bitcoin blockchain, and building applications atop of bitcoin, more seamless. Their newest project, bPanel, is the first ever Blockchain Management System (BMS) that takes advantage of bcoin, to allow developers to...


Episode 40: Easy Money, Hard Regulations, with

On this episode of BlockChannel, McKie, Erica, and Dee sit down (literally this time, in the same room!) with Mason Borda of Tokensoft. Tokensoft is a compliance, white-label platform that assists companies/engineers bring their ICO to fruition in a legally compliant manner. As we’ve see the recent crackdown from regulators on ICOs in many jurisdictions, we’ve reached a point where you have to do thinks by the book. Mason is the one helping to write that book, so we got him on the show to...


Episode 39: Bridging Crypto Funds and Venture, with Lisa Cuesta

On this episode of BlockChannel, McKie, Dee, and new guest host Erica Amatori, sit down with Lisa Cuesta of Next Gen Ventures to discuss investing and the parallels between crypto investing and traditional VC investing. Lisa previously worked at Google, Pepsi, and holds an MBA from Harvard -- she's a seasoned tech-focused professional, and we discuss insights and lessons learned she's picked up through her career thus far. If you're keen on crypto investing and its many nuances, this is...


Episode 38: Crypto Taxes Made Easy, with TokenTax

On this episode of BlockChannel, McKie and Dr. Petty sit down with Zachary McClure of They're essentially the Turbo Tax of crypto. They provide a service for the most cost effective method for crypto tax accountancy (a magical science); enabling you the ability to calculate and claim your capital gains on your crypto taxes in the most sensible way possible. It has a great UI and UX, and we wanted to help bring this service to everyone's attention as tax season in the U.S. is...


Episode 36: Coinbase, Women, and Empowerment, with Kristen Stone

On this episode of BlockChannel, McKie, Petty and Demetrick finally sit down with our first female guest on the show, Kristen Stone from Coinbase. Don't judge us, we're gonna ensure she's not the last, not to worry. Kristen took time in her busy day working hard behind the scenes to help build and scale Coinbase, to discuss with us her past, insights on Coinbase's day-to-day culture, and how our rapidly evolving industry can work to empower, involve, and create an inviting environment for...


Episode 34: Developers Developers Developers, with

On this episode of BlockChannel, Mckie and Petty sit down with Mahesh Murthy, CEO and Founder of If you've ever used Code Academy or Udemy to get up to speed on a technical topic, then you'll love Zastrin. His platform has been bootstrapped, designed, built, and managed from the ground up, solo dolo. Mahesh is a gift to the Ethereum community; his dedication has created many new novice and intermediate developers, on-boarding them into this exciting new way to build...


Episode 33: Incentivizing Creators Online, with Props

On this episode of BlockChannel, Mckie and Dee sit down with tech veteran Adi Sideman, as we discuss his latest project "Props" by the existing company "YouNow". Props plans to be a live streaming video platform/social network with built in rewards and incentives powered by their ERC20 "Props" token. Listen as we dig in and try to figure out whats got Union Square Ventures and Comcast Ventures excited; while getting the lowdown on the technical aspirations behind the platform. Show Links:...


Episode 32: Greasing the Blockchain, with Spankchain

On this episode of BlockChannel, McKie, Dee and Petty sit down with the Founder and CEO of Spankchain, Ameen Soleimani. Spankchain is a platform for monetized webcam streaming; utilizing what are called Ethereum "state channels" to facilitate realtime payments over live-streaming adult video content. Spankchain also plans to debut the first ever "state-channel ICO" which will enable them to more precisely price their token before it reaches market, alleviate congestion on the Ethereum...


Episode 31: Settling the Score, with CoinScore

On this episode of CoinScore, McKie and Dee are joined by Aram Barnett of Alluminate/CoinScore. Aram's company have a multiple strategic business units, and one we're really excited about it CoinScore. Their platform will be a Bloomberg like solution for analyzing crypto coins/tokens, providing information and tools for institutional investors, private investors, and more. A platform this robust deserves a discussion (we got a sneak peak). CoinScore launches late-October, this should get...


Episode 30: To Bee or Not to Bee

On this episode of BlockChannel, McKie, Corey Petty, and Dee sit down with Jonathan Chou from Bee Token. Jon is working with a word-class team of Silicon Valley engineers and designers on a AirBnB-esque service for the Ethereum public blockchain; complete with its own token, of course! We discuss his background, vision for the platform, and what lead up to its creation. At some point, McKie copies the voice of the pervert from Family Guy, the moviephone guys voice, and Dee pretends he’s...


Episode 29: Making Sense of

On this episode of BlockChannel, McKie and Petty sit down with the founders of, Max Brody and Cameron Hejazi. Cent, presently, is a Quora-like Q&A platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. Their service allows you to post questions with monetary bounties via Ethereum smart-contracts. By being a member of Cent, you can then answer questions, and in return received Ether for your valuable insights/contributions. Members of the site then vote on the various answers posted to each...


Episode 28: Securing the Metaverse, with Decentraland

On this episode of BlockChannel, Mckie, Dee, and Petty take a trip into the crazy world of Ethereum + VR. Yeah that's right, 2017 is lit, and Decentraland is about to combine two very pivotal, innovative technologies to create a completely free, sovereign virtual reality where we can truly express ourselves; free from centralized control or potential corruption. VR is about to take over the world in a big way, what better than to blend that with another world-changing technology like...


Episode 27: and We Didn't Even Know It

On this episode of BlockChannel, Mckie and Dee sit down with Tyler and Max from the Poet team. Poet aims to solve the problem content attribution, by utilizing blockchain technology (bitcoin), their service allows you to submit timestamped metadata to create an immutable timestamp of original written work/media. This will prove authenticity of a piece of written work online, and allow content creators to more effectively get credit for their hard work online. Show Link(s) Poet...