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In this podcast we share our experience with you to learn and entertain. Peeking behind the screens of IT and Tech in general at Showing you our approach to IT, e-commerce and retail platforms.

In this podcast we share our experience with you to learn and entertain. Peeking behind the screens of IT and Tech in general at Showing you our approach to IT, e-commerce and retail platforms.




In this podcast we share our experience with you to learn and entertain. Peeking behind the screens of IT and Tech in general at Showing you our approach to IT, e-commerce and retail platforms.




Maximize cloud benefits – Podcast

Next level leveraging cloud computing We moved 70% of our services to the cloud and new services start in the cloud unless… Time to dive into a topic brought up by our tech leads. Want to know how you can maximize your cloud benefits? Alexandra wrote a blog post on Horizontal Pod Auto-scaling, HPA. It triggered us for this episode. Maximizing cloud benefits can be done in many different ways. For this episode, we dive into auto-scaling. Cloud computing brings great features for scaling up...


A lot of tech people are leaders – Podcast

Writing an article is reflection, publishing it is getting feedback Learning from our colleagues. That is important to us. So, we were delighted when we found another great piece of this on LinkedIn, Elinore shared. to inspire others who are thinking of transitioning from tech into a leadership role or are just curious about my experiences and thoughts. The transition from tech into a leadership role is actually a very hot topic and not only within We learn this from the job...


The 5th anniversary of the Spaces Summit – Podcast

From how it was born to what it is now in 45 minutes One of the things that make us really proud about working in Tech at is our annual Space Summit. Our internal tech conference by developers for developers. And maybe you can recall we had quite some interesting episodes, blogs and videos about it and some of the talks given there in the last 2 years. This year is a special edition! We celebrate our 5th anniversary!! In June 2018 Peter published an article on Linkedin with… The...


Data Maturity and Data Literacy – Podcast

Data Maturity Model as common ground, Data Literacy Model to measure the level of speaking, writing and reading data To state as a company we want to become more data-driven is the first step. To truly understand what this means and define a common ground to discuss the progress is the second. Back in the eighties, the Capability Maturity Model was defined to develop and refine software development processes. Later on, many more Maturity Models were introduced like the Business Maturity...


The data-driven approach to supporting products with KPIs and OKRs – Podcast

Supporting products with KPI’s and OKR’s We had previous episodes on how is moving to a product organization. In this one, we’ll dive into how to measure the success of these products and set objectives for them. Including measuring whether we are getting the desired results. Being the data-driven company that we want to be we asked our data people to help us to get the right KPI’s for all our product and support the products in defining proper OKR’s. Data availability should never...


Father & Son into IT – Podcast

Every time I look at you. I see myself. I’m so proud of you. For you help make me what I am. A better man. I’m just so proud of you. ~ Lyrics by Alain Clark A special episode comes with a special opening. In February we had an extraordinary occasion during our onboarding. Father and Son in the same ‘virtual room. Father started as Software Engineer in the security department and son started as… Software Engineer in the security department, doing his final intern assignment. We have...


Software engineers on Duty – so you sleep well at night

The why and what of our Software engineers on Duty Let’s be honest about this, nobody likes to be woken up at night to react to an alert whether it’s a text- or whatsapp message, (automated) phone call or traditional pager. But every company taking his 24/7 run seriously has to organize their on call duty in a scalable and sustainable way. Initially organized it in a traditional way, meaning a team of system engineers with different specialism took care of the duty. Only a couple of...


What you should know building a Tech Lead community – Podcast

Don’t miss our story of the introduction of the Tech Leads During the podcast, you will find out what Tech Leads are and why we need to build this community of Tech Leads at You will learn how we approached this and avoid hiding the Tech Leads in ivory towers. The two tech leads and an IT director share best practices and pitfalls (and what we learned from them). The Why and What of our Tech Lead Community Tech Lead Community Why did we start to define the role?… The post What you...


Applied Improv in Business

Introduction Peter is very honest in this episode (the stage is not the place he is really comfortable at) and Peter Paul is sharing his first experience with Improv (is it a small trauma Peter Paul?). So time to talk about Improv, Improvisation Theatre and applied Improv because we do want to learn about it and we are really curious how this relates to our Tech Community. Our guest Burgert prepared this along with these main topics Mindset, Skills, Culture, Structures and Who benefits....


Google Assistant – The potential of brand recognition

Introduction In July 2019 we had our first podcast episode on voice and Google Assistant. Back then Marieke and Marvin introduced us to the future of interaction by voice. In this episode, we dive into the potential of brand recognition. Many people in The Netherlands will recognize the voice we use in our commercials on radio, television and social media as the voice of The value of this brand recognition is the starting point of the journey to get this voice into the Google...


The YP Bookclub – Never Split the Difference – Podcast

Introduction Another week another book discussion. Maybe we can start a second Techlab Podcast dedicated to interesting books? We got some great responses on the last week’s episode about team topologies and we had a good opportunity. So it is time for the Never Split the Difference – Podcast. In earlier episodes, we talked with YP’s about their side projects (behind the mask – platform for the hospital to share experiences and Real-time sales dashboard), about the YP program itself and...


Team Topologies a DSL for organizational design – Podcast

Introduction A lot of people involved in the design and structuring of organizations could learn a lot from the book Team Topologies. Our guest describes it in the episode a Domain Specific Language (DSL) for organizational design and evolution. The header of the website and the subtitle of the suggest that it is the way for organizing business and technology teams for fast flow. In the episode, we discuss the 4 kind of teams and the 3 ways of interactions between these teams that are at the...


TypeScript, where we love strict

Introduction It sparked in the episode Interactive heavy applications we should record a podcast episode on TypeScript. Around the same time, we came in contact with Hackages. A company focusing on learning tech. Time to bring the engineers together and dive deeper into TypeScript. Typescript is mentioned amongst the 5 most promising languages in 2020. We talk about: What is typescript and how do you benefit? What are good implementation strategies? examples Examples from Hackages...


GraphQL – start but start small

Introduction We want to share our approach to IT to learn and entertain you. In this episode, we are happy to have an external guest at the table discussing with our internal guest. GraphQL stands for Graph Query Language and is used for interacting with services from the frontend. We are talking about API’s here. Explore with us the possibilities this approach has to offer and how it could even help you to speeds up innovation in the front-end. Like our guest mentions: GraphQL is a...


BAPC2020 – Olympic spirit or serious business?

Introduction No rhythm like algorithms. We have been talking in the podcast about programming contest before. For example, about our own Spaces Championship and Advent of code, which also takes place at the end of the year. Today we’ll be talking to some participants in the BAPC – The Benelux Algorithm Programming Contest. Like stated on the website of BAPC, it is a contest in which about 90 teams from leading universities in Luxemburg, Belgium and The Netherlands participate. The teams have...


The Storybook story

Introduction It happens a lot that listening to a podcast sparks new questions. So, after our episode on Front-End quality, we wanted to know more about Storybook. This coincided with some people reaching out to us to collaborate in the podcast. And look where we are now: creating a new podcast on this subject. We asked our selves the question: Could it be the holy grail for front end development? Topics discussed: What is Storybook? What problems does it solve? How does it support app...


Service Mesh – a must have for a dynamic infrastructure

Introduction Weaving a Service Mesh for Multiple Clusters at – that was the title for the presentation our guests gave during the virtual KubeCon and CloudNativeCon 2020 earlier this year. This triggered our curiosity. We have questions like what is this service mesh about? Why do we need it? How did we implement it? Guests Remco Overdijk; Tech Lead Provisioning Fleet / Expert System Engineer at You might know him from the episode where we spoke about Kubernetes. James...


Real Time Sales – In 100ms from sales to dashboard

Introduction One of the purposes of this podcast is to share our unique culture with you. Traditions play an important part in culture. So, in this episode, we share a view on the evolution of a tradition. A tradition that underlines our focus on data. In this sales season, everybody in wants to know how we are doing, preferably Real-Time. With the latest version of the Real-Time Sales dashboard, our guests managed to get the information within 100ms from sales to the...


To become official F/OSS committer and eventually PMC member

Introduction In this episode we are sharing something that is unique at least in the Tech Community here at To become official F/OSS committer and eventually PMC member. Without spoiling too much, I think this contribution will make a positive impact far beyond the Tech landscape and serve in an enormous number of companies. Helping engineers all over the planet. Hoping to inspire you as well to become official F/OSS committer and eventually PMC member. Our guest is the...


Proof data consistency in a micro service landscape

Introduction Even if it doesn’t appeal to you, you might want to think about it when you work in a larger microservice landscape or have a serious big data platform…Proof data consistency in a microservice landscape. When we google this subject I already get 1.2 MLN results so there’s something going on here. To ensure data consistency several practices are available: Saga Pattern Reconciliation Event Log Orchestration vs. Choreography Single-Write With Events Change-First Event-First...