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The CES Tech Talk podcast features industry experts talking about the latest consumer technology trends and what to expect at CES. You'll be counting down the days until CES Digital in January with this insiders' look brought to you by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, producers of CES.

The CES Tech Talk podcast features industry experts talking about the latest consumer technology trends and what to expect at CES. You'll be counting down the days until CES Digital in January with this insiders' look brought to you by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, producers of CES.


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The CES Tech Talk podcast features industry experts talking about the latest consumer technology trends and what to expect at CES. You'll be counting down the days until CES Digital in January with this insiders' look brought to you by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, producers of CES.








Putting People First: A Conversation With Sony

How do you make life somewhat "normal" for your employees during COVID - how do you do it as a leading global technology brand? Find out Sony's approach to adjusting to work life during the pandemic, as well as take a deeper dive into the company's corporate social responsibility initiatives in this latest episode of CES Tech Talk. Guest:


Agility in the Age of COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled technology companies to rethink their approaches to business, workforce culture, customer service and more. Hear from one of the original CES exhibitors on how they have navigated the pandemic and what they are looking forward to in an all-digital CES 2021. Guest:


A Look Back at CES 2020 Highlights

CES 2020 featured remarkable innovations from both long-time exhibitors and companies you might not typically think of as tech companies. We also unveiled our Global Tech Challenge, calling on innovators to use their tech for good. There was so much to see and do over just a few short days. Join us as we look back on highlights from this year’s show with leaders from Samsung and Sony, two of the most talked-about brands at CES 2020. Guests


A New World for Branding in Esports

Sponsored by Dell This week’s episode was recorded live at CES 2020. Brands are benefiting from backing esports. It offers direct access to a prime consumer group: 18-35 year olds who may have already parted ways with traditional TV. We hear from a star esports athlete, the CEO of his team and Dell discussing how brands must find unique ways, such as esports, to share their message. Guests


The Future of Self-Driving Vehicles

Sponsored by Aptiv We’re looking into the safer, greener and more connected technology behind self-driving vehicles. Our episode sponsor, Aptiv, unveiled their flexible and scalable smart vehicle architecture at CES 2020. They joined us to explain how these advancements will reduce complexity and offer better control for users. Guest


Day 3 of CES 2020: Vehicle Tech in Action on the Show Floor

Sponsored by Deloitte We’ve talked about the latest in vehicle tech all year, but at CES 2020, we got to show you. On the show floor, vehicle and automotive companies demonstrated the innovations driving the consumer tech industry forward more safely and effectively. Media experts share their experiences from the show floor. Guests


Day 2 of CES 2020: Digital Health Trends on the Show Floor

Sponsored by Deloitte Digital health is one of the hottest and fastest-growing tech categories, not just at CES but throughout the entire tech industry. Join us for a roundtable with media experts discussing health innovations at CES 2020, the growth potential for the health care market and more. Guests


Day 1 of CES 2020: An Inside Look at the Show Floor

Sponsored by Deloitte The countdown is over. The first day of CES 2020 kicked off highlighting the most innovative tech from across the globe in every industry. We spoke to media experts all day to hear what they discovered on the show floor and to learn what to expect throughout the rest of this exciting week. Guests


Gearing Up for CES 2020

CES 2020 is almost here. As our team and exhibitors prepare for the show floor to open tomorrow, the leaders of CES share what new technologies to look out for on The Global Stage for Innovation. We also hear from the leader of a returning CES 2019 exhibitor about what has changed for them since last year and how they have prepared “to soar” at this year’s show. Guests


Eureka Park: The Launching Pad of Innovation

Startups from all over the world gather at Eureka Park in Las Vegas to showcase their great ideas. Industry leaders and media come to seek the next products that will change the tech market and the world. The mayor of international tech hub, Seoul, an e-commerce startup founder and a tech HR expert give you an idea of what to expect at this center for innovation. Guests


The Future of Creativity

Emerging media platforms allow companies and consumers alike to share their stories in more innovative ways. Executives from Facebook and world-renowned public relations company, WPP, join us for this episode to share how tech is elevating their content and helping captivate audiences. Guests


Tech Solutions for The Greatest Health Challenges

This global healthcare company offers a wide variety of products covering medical devices, medicines and more. Thanks to their digital health-focused research, the healthcare industry has seen significant advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of some of the world’s most prevalent medical challenges. In this bonus episode sponsored by Abbott, three experts explain how tech is improving patients’ health and comfort. Guests


Every Company is a Tech Company, feat. Weber Grills and CVS Health

This episode highlights what may be a familiar mantra: every company needs to be a tech company. At CES, we showcase ways that nontraditional companies must integrate emerging tech into their business to satisfy evolving consumer demands. So what do a grilling company and a health care innovation company have to do with tech? Tune in to find out. Guests


Taking Control of Your Health and Health Care with Rally®

Rally Health, Inc. sponsors this special episode highlighting their data-driven digital health platform, Rally, that helps people better manage their health and health care. With Rally, people can assess their health, pursue wellness, manage their health benefits, and when it's needed, find and price care and engage more effectively with the health care system. Guests


A New Way to Pay

Cryptocurrency can offer businesses greater financial security from their supply chain operations to payment processing. In this episode, an expert CNN correspondent and the founder of a cryptocurrency startup share their projections of digital currency’s future according to their different experiences in the industry. Guests


A Smarter Vehicle Is a Safer Vehicle

Self-driving technology aims to eliminate human error—the leading cause of automobile accidents. We traveled to the heart of Silicon Valley to discuss the smart solutions enhancing self-driving technology. In this episode sponsored by Arm, experts explain the cloud, AI and IoT innovations keeping riders safe. Guests:


Wearables: The Sixth Sensor

Wearables can sense what’s going on around them. Innovations in sensor tech enable wearables to monitor user data, like sleep patterns, more efficiently. Learn about the inner workings of the tech that's changing how consumers process their environments, track their health and more in this CES Tech Talk. Guests


The Power to Move Forward

Electrical advancements in vehicle tech, like connectivity-enabled features, offer more comfortable consumer experiences. However, these advancements require more energy. In this bonus episode sponsored by Clarios, two experts discuss sustainable solutions to the vehicle tech industry’s growing demand for power using the latest energy technology innovations. Guests


Esports: An Immersive Fan Experience

Esports exist at the intersection of sports and gaming, allowing loyal fans across leagues to become part of the game. Two industry leaders describe the market's rapid growth and explain how tech is evolving to meet the higher demand for more innovative and immersive entertainment. Guests


A Digital Nudge Toward Healthier Food Choices

Mindful eating can be difficult when there are countless options for food at the grocery store. DnaNudge helps shoppers make the healthiest food choices by providing personalized DNA-based nutritional recommendations. Learn how this digital health product empowers consumers to take control of their health by offering a simpler way of analyzing data. Guests