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Abridged podcast journey thus far and looking for feedback!

In this episode Scott asks for feedback about the podcast as well as giving the abridged version of our podcast journey thus far. If you want us to continue, let us know through the main site, email, facebook, or twitter. Thanks for listening!


Nintendo, the good and bad from nes to switch.

In this episode I talk with guest host Chris Warkocki all about Nintendo. Wii were both Nintendo kids growing up... starting with the NES and then moving on to the SNES. I ended my serious console time for the most part after the SNES, but Chris went on with the N64 being his most loved system. He also had a Gamecube and Wii, but didn't get a Wii U. We talk about many Nintendo fans that went into hiatus until the Switch showed up. The portable nature of the Switch brought him back into the...


3D Printing Extravaganza With Chris

In this episode Scott talks with guest host Chris Warkocki about 3D printing in a lot more detail than we have in past episodes. He as been intensely tinkering with 3D printing and currently has 4 printers. We talk about prusa machines such as the original, i3 MK2S, and I3MK3. The biggest advancement these days comes in the form of reliability. The I3MK3, for example, has a magnetic flexible steel bed, 256 micro-stepping Trinamic drivers, and the ability to sense if filament is almost out....


The death and rebirth of Amazon Associates in Illinois.

We discuss our experiences with the Amazon Associates affiliate marketing program as residents of Illinois. Back in 2010, Illinois lawmakers decided that they wanted a piece of the affiliate pie, but all they ended up doing was to destroy almost every business in our area supported by the program. Companies like Fatwallet moved to Wisconsin to save their business. Two years later the Illinois supreme court removed the related laws, which allowed websites that offer similar programs to...


Gamers who don't game.

Are you someone that loves gaming, but doesn't actually do any gaming? We are more and more these days... The desire is there but we just can't do it. Responsibilities, priorities, general lack of time, cost, lack of totally new genres, and making content instead of consuming it are just the tip of the iceberg. The reasons stack up to the point that there just isn't any room. Is it the end of our gaming lives, or will we be able to return?


Caffeine... the good, the bad, and the ugly!

What are the benefits and drawbacks to caffeine? We go over our personal experiences in the land of this brain altering substance. Are there ways to deal with the morning grogginess? We discuss a few ways we deal with it, both with and without caffeine. Does business truly run on caffeine? What would happen if it didn't exist?


Local cost of living, is it possible to get ahead?

Why is a similar house 75 miles away four times the price? We discuss the difference in cost of living between areas in the United States. For example a similar house in Rockford Illinois prices $150,000 would probably be around $450,000 in Niles Illinois. Even worse is in silicon valley where that house might be near a million dollars. What are some of the causes of these extreme differences, and what can you do to get ahead, if even just in little steps?


Tabletop Gaming Current and Future Technologies

Where will table top gaming go from a technological standpoint? We discuss some of the current technologies such as 3d printing of miniatures or even terrain. The advent of gaming tables with large screens. Augmenting games with RFID and NFC data transmission tools that allow a vibrant mixture of the physical and digital realms. There are also apps and websites like Tabletop simulator and Roll 20 that help players join up for a similar experience online when they can't meet up in person....


Rebranding Scott's cosplay photography, an experiment!

We talk about how Scott re-branded his cosplay photography by extracting it from the technique focused "Photography Banzai" brand to "Cosplay Banzai" instead. The "white noise" of different genres of photography together along with that technical focus of the "Photography Banzai" name was a huge hindrance to connecting with people who enjoy cosplay photography. Not mentioned in this episode were semi-personal Instagram and twitter accounts with mostly cellphone food photos and tiny handful...


Artificial Sweeteners... are they helpful, dangerous, or a little of both?

In this episode we talk about various artificial sweeteners such as maltitol, splenda sucralose, stevia and aspartame. It all came about when we were ready to start recording and I noticed Michael's brightly colored Powerade Zero on the table. It's challenging to avoid them, especially for diabetics such as Michael that rely on alternatives to sucrose and fructose. Are they safe or unsafe? There are a multitude of conflicting studies on the most well known ones such as aspartame. Other...