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Ep55: Security, Automation, and Cloud Adoption in Latin America, with Carlos Campos Torres

Carlos Campos Torres is WorldWide Data Center Switching Technical Lead for Cisco. So why ask him about the cloud? Because cloud now impacts everything in the data center--and profoundly impacts the way our products are designed. In this episode Carlos talks about ACI Anywhere, about cloud adoption in Latin America, about the concept of Zero Trust, and much much more.


Ep54: Wisdom From The CloudDon -- Sriram Subramanian

The Cloud Don is the consultant that enterprises around the world turn to when they're seeking expertise on AI/ML, IoT, and of course every variety of Cloud deployment. In this episode Sriram, Pete, and Ali discuss serverless vs. microservices, hybrid vs. multicloud, the importance of starting with the problem instead of the product, and much, much more.


Ep53: Tackling IT Modernization, with Robert Starmer

Should you be containerizing your monolithic applications? If so, which ones, and how? Where do you get started with an IT modernization initiative? Who should lead it? How important is cultural transformation? And which principles should guide you? Robert answers these questions for a living in his job as Cloud Advisor and Founding Partner of Kumulus Technologies, and he very generously shares his wisdom on these topics and more on this episode of Cloud Unfiltered.


Ep45: Alex Peay and Mike Price

This week, automation experts Alex Peay and Mike Place of SaltStack give us a quick history lesson on automation, explain the different automation approaches in play today, and list what to consider when automating any portion of your IT environment. They also touch on the next big automation opportunity, the latest release of Salt, and what’s coming at SaltCon.


Ep44: Adventures in Application Integration with the Italian Data Center Dream Team

How do Cisco CloudCenter, Tetration, and AppDynamics work together? Luca Relandini and Stefano Gioia explain.


Ep43: Moving to the Cloud and Maximizing the Benefit of Professional Services, with Ann Wallace

Ann currently works for Google as a Technical Cloud Consultant, and that's great, because she was able to tell us quite a bit about what Google Professional Services is and does. But she also worked for Nike for 14 years as a UNIX admin and cloud architect, so she was able to share some great tips about what the retail giant did right when they started moving over to the cloud.


Ep42: Ilan Rabinovitch on SCaLE and data monitoring

Did you go to SCaLE this year? It was just last month, but if you missed it, be sure to hear what founder and organizer Ilan Rabinovitch has to say about the keynote speakers, the crowds, and the reason he and his friends started the conference in the first place sixteen years ago. He also speaks about data monitoring (he works for Datadog), and shares some of the results from Datadog's annual container adoption study.


Ep41: More on DevNet, and OMG What Have We Done with our Personal Data?

This interview was supposed to be about what Cisco DevNet is doing for application developers--and a good part of it is--but it also wandered into a really interesting chat about data security and how we should manage our personal information online in an age where the legal acquisition of that information can be as damaging or more damaging than a black hat attack. We also talk about Ashley's own developer-focused podcast (The DevTools Podcast with Ashley Roach), and the perils of...


Ep39: An OpenStack Update from VMware's MarkVoelker

In this episode Mark Voelker, Chief OpenStack Architect at VMware, talks about the newest features in VMware Integrated OpenStack (natch), but he also had a lot of interesting things to say about the 5G buildout that telcos and service providers are currently undertaking, the importance of spreading risk as a factor for choosing multiple cloud providers, and the latest, most exciting initiatives in the OpenStack world.


Ep38: Dan Kohn

Sit down with us this week to hear the Executive Director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation talk about how CNCF got started, which projects are its fastest growing (besides Kubernetes), what the Foundation has to offer as far as training and certification, what you'll find on their interactive landscape, and what their Serverless Working Group is up to.


Ep37: Roger Dickinson

He's the artist behind Captain Cloud, so of course we asked all about how that started. But Roger is also a Cisco Technical Solutions Architect in the UK, which means he's got tons of insight into how very real customers are using cloud solutions right now, and what they're currently struggling with. Tune in to hear what he has to say on this week's episode of Cloud Unfiltered!


Ep36: PeteJohnson explains the Cisco/Google partnership

We needed to find somebody who could clearly explain what the Cisco/Google partnership is really all about, and man, did we hit the jackpot! Pete Johnson has been in on that project for a while now, and he does a terrific job of spelling out exactly why Cisco partnered with Google, what kind of customer is ideal for the Early Access Program, and how the technologies within the larger solution work to benefit both developers and IT Ops teams.


Ep 35: Talking Cloud Native, with Justin Garrison

Ready to learn a little more about Cloud Native? Justin Garrison wrote the book on the subject (literally!), so we thought he'd be a great person to talk about what cloud native is, which companies should and shouldn't try to go cloud native, and what to do if you want to get the whole cloud native thing right.


Episode 34 Jeremy Oakey

In this episode, (conducted from an exceedingly warm little podcast booth at Cisco Live Barcelona), Jeremy explains what Cisco Container Platform is, how it works, why Cisco developed it, what role it plays in the Cisco/Google partnership, and what's coming next as we look down the road.


Episode 33: Getting a Handle on Your Multicloud Environment, with Shannon McFarland

Wrestling with your organization's various clouds? Struggling to bring them all together into a centrally managed hybrid environment? Trying to decide whether to stick with native toolsets or use a third-party automation tool? Shannon McFarland feels you. As a Distinguished Engineer and a member of the Cloud CTO team, he spends a lot of time working to uncover and address the most common pain points enterprises are running into as they work their way down the multicloud path. Hear what he...


Ep32: OpenStack, Istio, and Blockchain with Steven Dake

Steve is a longtime member of the OpenStack community and an active contributor, having served as a team lead on Heat, an early contributor to Magnum, and a major contributor to Kolla for three years. Today he's on the Board of Directors for OpenStack, and is deeply involved in Istio. In this episode Steve talks about current OpenStack Foundation initiatives, the current state of Istio, and why he thinks blockchain is going to change the world.


Ep31: Kubernetes Deep Dive, with Tony Campbell

Containers are great. But can they be even better? Simpler? Easier to use? In this episode, Tony discusses the different things system automation can do to make Kubernetes even more magical than it already is.


Cloud Unfiltered Episode 30: Lax Sakalke

In this episode Lax will sit down with us to talk about what the Cisco Multicloud Suite is, why it was needed, and how it plays into other cloud initiatives such as Cisco's partnership with Google.


Ep29: The State of OpenStack (and a few other things), with Ben Kepes

Ben is a longtime tech reporter for Forbes, Network World, and Information Week. He's also the author of the wildly popular Diversity Blog and he does a bit of angel investing on the side. This week he's going to talk with us about the latest tech news and trends on Cloud Unfiltered!


Ep28: VPP Update from Ed Warnicke!

One of our most popular guests from his initial appearance on the show, Ed Warnicke returns to talk about what's new with VPP, what he's doing at KubeCon, what he likes about the Kubernetes community, why we should all be excited about Istio, what Spinnaker is, and whether or not serverless architectures are going to big.