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Cloudspotting is a podcast about cloud computing and technology hosted by Scott Pankonin and Saikumar Iyer from Rackspace Technology. Keep up with the cloud with Cloudspotting - episodes available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and other podcatchers.

Cloudspotting is a podcast about cloud computing and technology hosted by Scott Pankonin and Saikumar Iyer from Rackspace Technology. Keep up with the cloud with Cloudspotting - episodes available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and other podcatchers.


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Cloudspotting is a podcast about cloud computing and technology hosted by Scott Pankonin and Saikumar Iyer from Rackspace Technology. Keep up with the cloud with Cloudspotting - episodes available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and other podcatchers.




Episode 31: Why ITIL isn’t dead — and how it’s relevant in a cloud world

The principles of ITIL are still relevant in an agile cloud world. This episode of Cloudspotting takes a deep dive into how ITIL can benefit organizations by helping to protect infrastructure and provide service stability. Recommended reads Special Guest: Paul Jackson.


Episode 30: What can AI and machine learning do for your business?

This episode of Cloudspotting takes a deep dive into the latest AI and machine learning trends for businesses to leverage. With voice capabilities becoming readily available and edge technology growing in popularity there are many ways for businesses to benefit. Show notes Recommended reads: • Data Science on AWS by Chris Fregly, Antje Barth Special Guest: Mark McQuade.


Episode 29: Women in Tech: Creating stronger female networks

If you believe in equal opportunities, then we have a long way to go in IT. Creating stronger female networks is one way forward. In a special #WomenInTech Cloudspotting episode, Sai and Alex are joined by four members of the Professional Organization of Women Empowerment at Rackspace Technology (POWER). Show notes • Rackspace Technology POWER Podcasts: Recommended reads: • Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be...


28: Going digging down the data goldmine

Your business is sitting on an untapped data goldmine. But how do you transform your organization into a mining machine? In the latest episode of Cloudspotting, three data experts join podcast hosts Alex and Sai to break down the complex topic of utilizing data in your organization. Show notes: Recommended read - The Unicorn Project by Gene Kim Recommended read - Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and...


27: It’s Black Friday every day as ecommerce booms

The surge in demand for online goods and services means that many companies are now experiencing Black Friday numbers on their websites every day. Cloudspotting hosts Alex and Sai are joined Wesley Lomax, Larry Hau and Will Parsons, to discuss the ecommerce boom from a technology perspective. Show notes: * Our first pod on ecommerce (and first ever pod!) featuring Will Parsons * Podcast about SRE/CRE * Recommended read...


26: Being authentic and building trust in the machine age

Authenticity enables us to build trust and lays the foundation for quality relationships in the working world. In the latest Cloudspotting episode, Diane Dowdell, Professor of Marketing and Management at St. Mary's University, joins the Cloudspotting team to discuss authenticity and building trust in the machine age. Show notes: * Podcast on continuous improvement with Matt Stoyka * Recommended read - Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ...


25: A day in the life of a Solutions Architect

Solution Architects (SAs) play an major role in solving the most complex modern business challenges. In this episode of Cloudspotting, find out what it means to be a SA, what makes them tick and what attracts them to extremely complex business challenges. Recommended reads: * S.U.M.O. (Shut Up, Move On) by Paul McGee * Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman *...


24: The future is even more cloudy after COVID

Our podcast hosts Alex and Sai are joined by Jeff DeVerter, Rackspace CTO and host of Cloud Talk, to discuss how the current pandemic has been a catalyst for more cloud adoption and usage. The IT enthusiasts look back and imagine how we would have coped with the current situation even 20 years ago. Listeners are then brought up to the modern day where cloud technology is helping us share vital information, stay connected with friends and family, and adopt a new way of working from home. The...


23: Can security keep up with digital transformation?

For the latest CloudSpotting episode, we recruited Dan Pitman, Principal Security Architect at Alert Logic, to join our timely discussion about security. With everything moving so quickly in tech, the truth is organisations are more vulnerable than ever and attacks are always imminent. In fact, despite all our modern cybersecurity, breach dwell time is higher than ever. Dan explains the importance of enhancing the detection and response process, as a locked door is no longer enough, we need...


22: You're not alone. Join our discussion about mental health.

Alex and Sai welcome Anchal Kaushal, Engagement Manager and Mental Health First Aider at Rackspace, on to the podcast. Anchal is a steering member of Rackspace Lavender, a volunteer group with the mission to support mental wellness and physical abilities in the workplace. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us Anchal!


21: Not another work from home podcast

In this episode of CloudSpotting, Sai and Alex are joined by our experts in productivity tools and collaboration solutions Jonathan Lui and Nigel Choji. Listen to get tips, quick fixes and practical advice on how to improve your organisation's working from home strategy and how to work from home more effectively.


20: VMC on AWS: getting the best of both worlds

We are joined by vExpert, host of OpenTechCast (another great podcast!) and technology enthusiast Ather Beg, who comes to discuss the hot topic of running VMware Cloud on AWS. We delve into the following: What are the benefits and use cases of combining these private and public clouds? How exactly does it all work? How reliable is this solution in terms of availability? Thanks for joining us Ather, and for helping us set new records for acronym usage!


19: Personal Development – Are you doing things to make yourself grow?

Sumit Sharma, Solutions Architect and 8 year Racker, joins our podcast hosts Alex and Sai for an episode about personal development. In this episode, Sumit asks some thought-provoking questions. How have you started the new year? Have you stepped out of your comfort zone yet? Are you doing things to make yourself grow? Show notes: Gallup Strengths Finder - The Myers & Briggs Foundation -...


18: Special Episode - re:Invent destroyed my pedometer

Our podcast hosts are joined by Kyle Jenner, AWS Architect at Rackspace, and Simon Treacy, Head of UK Specialist Solution Architecture at AWS, for a CloudSpotting re:Invent special. It’s time to reflect on the mega-event: the tech, the talks and the walks (pedometer records were broken). What updates are we most excited about? What do some of these updates mean for the industry and beyond? Tune in to find out.


17: It's always sunny in California...

and change is always constant. Rackspace’s Chief Relationship Officer Matt Stoyka reveals how businesses need people, processes and technology to work in a harmonious trinity to achieve success. Tune in to hear how cloud is disrupting the way businesses embrace change. His insights include how continuous improvement is the north star for businesses, therefore they should leverage technology at speed to enhance the delivery of great services and products. Show notes: How to use storytelling...


16: Back to school - on their Rackspace anniversary grads share their journey

On the anniversary of their first day at Rackspace Will, Sabeeah, Trisha and Yousef share their experience of the journey from uni to a fully certified Solutions Architect. Tune in to learn all about careers and opportunities awaiting you in tech!


15: Who is paying for the Game of Clouds? - this one is about FinTech

A subtle reference to the most controversial final season ever leads Alex, Sai and their guest Sean Lee, Rackspace Portfolio Architect and Financial Services Expert to a discussion about the history of FinServ industry. Tune in and learn all about new comers to the industry and how tech is helping us manage budgets. The news item mentioned by Sean is available here:


14: OnCloud vs ToCloud - who's born in the cloud?

In this episode Sai and Alex are joined by Wilco Noordermeer to talk about Cloud migration trends. Find out if it's easier and better to migrate to cloud or create in the cloud. Show notes items: 1.Cloud native maturity matrix: 2. Sai mentions Cloud migration trends by Gartner:


13: Not so timely on Google Next...

Long overdue, but we are back! On today's episode Alex and Sai host Luke Carter and Rackspace Google Next speaker Tom Bottrill. Interested in our view on Google's announcement on GKE and AI&ML? Tune in! You can also find us on Twitter @SpottingClouds and at


12: Diving into WAF and on ways to prevent DDoS

Second of the series with Tomasz Ziolkowski. This time the gang dives into Web Application Firewall and discusses the business impact of DDoS.