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A regular podcast about the challenges of front-end design & development in a fast-moving industry, with Jay George and Rob de Kort. We chat about industry news, workflow, favourite software, and everything else related to designing and developing websites.


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A regular podcast about the challenges of front-end design & development in a fast-moving industry, with Jay George and Rob de Kort. We chat about industry news, workflow, favourite software, and everything else related to designing and developing websites.




14 - Em vs ch, pseudo alt text, animating summary/details, mechanical keyboards, grids and repeating gradients

Three minutes of Indiana Jones chat followed by em's vs ch units—we know how to bring in the New Year! Webkit has introduced alt text for pseudo-elements. The summary/details element may soon be animatable. We record on Blue Monday which cleary increases Rob his grumpiness towards the endless stream of AI content. Jay documents his journey into the world of mechanical keyboards. We debate CSS grid strategy. Sketch/Figma debate. We ponder the maybe little-known art of repeating gradients in CSS. Native switch element in SafariMicrosoft adding a Copilot key to keyboardAlt text in pseudo contentDetails / summary animationsEthical web principlesRepeating gradients


13 - Christmas 2023, hanging punctuation, light & dark, Figma & Adobe, and GitHub Copilot as a useful AI

In our very first Christmas episode, Jay makes fun of Dutch again when English clearly lacks a very important word; Rob shares updates regarding his password manager changes and doesn't like big blobs of light. Tailwind gets :has(), Figma get a cool $1B, and something's up with Chrome dev relations. We chat about the most recent news in CSS, and Jay shares his experiences with GitHub Copilot. Apple Stolen Device ProtectionHanging PunctuationLight and dark modealign-contentBaselineTailwindCSS v3.4Nicole Sullivan left Google for Apple2FA and Passkeys in Craft CMS


12 - Side projects, politics, third-party cookie deprecation, little LDN meetup, CSS’s biggest year, and 1Password

With Jay back in London, we return to remote recording again. We talk about abandoned side projects before Rob finally strikes back regarding pronunciation. We also cover Dutch politics (sorry), trivia, Google’s Topics API, and a lot of CSS news, including scroll snapping v2. Rob shares his experience of moving from 1Password to iCloud Keychain, and to Jay’s delight, Firefox has a Compatibility panel. PronunciationThanksgiving having Dutch originsName attribute for detailsTopics APICSS random functionCSS snap changedText balance coming to SafariTailwind to vanilla CSS converterThe biggest year ever for CSS?Getting locked out of your Apple ID


11 - Laravel Precognition, Canvas, PostCSS stages, hipster animation, Safari goes scroll-driven, Passkeys & 1Password

Fireworks and popping beers. In this very first in-person recording, Rob gets flagged for proper pronunciation again. Jay has gathered more coffee knowledge. Rob doesn't spit out his wine when tasting. Last but not least, from the comfort of a fire stove, we laugh over vicar jokes and cover Laravel Precognition, Canvas, PostCSS, (scroll-driven) animations in various guises, Passkeys and 1Password. Laravel PrecognitionSafariScroll-driven animation rangesText balanceResponsive video


10 - From freelance back to full-time employment, with Ross Wintle. Duck Duck Go, Safari and CSS nesting news

After freelancing for ten years, Ross now works for WPEngine. He joins us to chat about his journey between the freelance and corporate worlds and the empowering revelation that everyone is creative. In the news, HTML introduces a brand-new search element, and CSS nesting is relaxing their requirement for ampersands—said in a Dutch/French accent. We also chat about positivity in our community. Google Privacy SandboxNews HTML Search ElementResponsive Design Mode in SafariSpat Chat& in NestingRoss WintleFrom Freelancing to EmploymentYou Are Creative


9 - Age Gate Indexing, Opening Links In New Tabs, Stealing Design, CSS

Jay has an interesting time implementing Age Gate with search engines. We chat about the launch of our new Code Rush website, including decisions on opening links in new tabs, and designing á la Olivia Rodrigo—a world-famous pop star, for those that don’t know. Subgrid is upon us, and so is Google’s “Privacy Sandbox” which has garnered much debate amongst the web community. coderush.devOpening links in new tabsRedesigning vs RealigningCSS SubgridPrivacy Sandbox


8 - Where Is WordPress Now? With Amber Weinberg, Agency Life and News Including CSS Sticky/Stuck

Amber Weinberg is a frontend developer at Studio Simpatico with over 25 years of experience. She joins us to muse over all the CSS news and to tell us all about how they use WordPress for their client work. All the while we complete CSS. Jay opens up about health and coffee. A Good Use of ChatGPTEntry and Exit AnimationsScroll Driven AnimationsSticky/StuckA Great Modern CSS ArticleStudio SimpaticoStudio Simpatico


7 - Privacy and Ethics with Dave Smyth

Dave Smyth is a designer and developer interested in privacy and ethics. He joins us for this episode. Jay tries his best to lighten the tone with the latest web news while Rob and Dave get heavy with privacy and ethics. Feedback from Bramus van Damme and freelancingEthical developmentJohn Gruber on tracking


6 - Scroll Driven Animations in Stable Chrome, CSS Subgrid, Kirby v4, Responsive Archetypes, Wix AI Builder, and More

Rob is grumpy. In all his excitement about a certain thing being released in stable Chrome, Jay texted him, to which Rob responded in a very lame manner. This must be why Jay keeps giving Rob a hard time on his English pronounciation. There's a actual news this episode as well, and with Jay as our anchorman, we cover it all. Contract KillerApple hosting CCSWGCSS Subgrid is enabled by default in Chrome CanaryKirby v4 Alpha released:focus-visibleResponsive ArchetypesWix AI BuilderVox Media drops its own CMS and switches to WordPress


5 - Clients and CMS Control, Pricing Web Development, and Spat Chat

How much access and control do you give Clients in a CMS Control Panel? Jay actively limits clients while Rob gives more - albeit restricted - freedom. Pricing stuff in Web Development is hard, how do we do it? We also have a new segment called Spat Chat 💦. Design for the Web without Figma


4 - WWDC, Safari Updates, Web Apps and Sticky Elements

Jay is anxiously waiting for his new MacBook and hasn't told his client yet that he's taken progressive enhancement to an insane level. Rob, again, didn't go to a conference. We discuss scroll driven animations and the fancy Apple Vision Pro. What is new in Safari and what do sticky elements mean for accessibility.


3 - Multi Page View Transitions, Conferences, Colour Models, and Statamic v4

After looping back around to some previous topics to course-correct, we discuss the web conference circuit and the idea of simply meeting up for fun, à la "Flat Camp" style—Statamic's new conference. Colour models are now supported in all modern browsers so we cover everything from RGB, HSL, through to the newest OKLCH model. Finally, we comb over the release of Statamic version 4.


2 - View Transitions, The Dangers and Advantages of Picking a Small CMS, and Is Safari really "Evergreen"?

Jay got a new King, and Rob's kids sold stuff on a blanket to celebrate the birthday of his King(?!). We tinker with the idea of "View Transitions", the web's answer to soft-loading content—similar to the behaviour of iOS and Android apps. Is it ready for traditional websites? We weigh up Content Management Systems and close off by discussing if Safari is indeed an Evergreen Browser.


1 - Scroll Timeline, Snap Scroll and Jacking, Vanilla CSS, Tailwind, and their Communities

In our pilot episode, Rob and Jay introduce themselves before diving into Scroll-timeline and the desire for native scroll triggering, along with aversions to snap scroll and jacking. We lament the vanilla CSS / Tailwind community divide—with Jay and Rob shaking hands across the fence—before discussing misconceptions about Tailwind, plus its application of some of the newer vanilla CSS like :has().