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Interviews with people who make content






Four engineers and an English major with Michael Miller – Content Content podcast

Michael Miller, an Indianapolis, IN-based technical writer, shares what it's like to be new to the field, his passion for it, the struggles he faces, his goals, and more. Content Content podcast guest Michael Miller with the Indy 500 Borg-Warner trophy Mentioned during this episode: Curse of Knowledge with Tom Johnson - Content Content podcastXML is a four-letter word with Alan J. Porter - Content Content podcastTime as a tool with Alan Houser - Content Content...


Value-oriented outcomes with Sara Feldman – Content Content podcast

Sara Feldman, customer success enablement advocate, talks with Ed Marsh about job hunting during a pandemic, achieving outcomes, "pre-charging" before conferences, and more. Mentioned in this episode: ESET softwareThink with GoogleWhat's in it for me (WIIFM) - Ed Marsh's STC InterChange keynote presentationBen Woelk's Hope for the Introvert podcastRick Beato on YouTubeMatch Game


1,000 or 100,000 meetings with Noz Urbina – Content Content podcast

If you want to hear a great story about a great career, you need to listen to Noz Urbina, the best-dressed man in content strategy. Noz talks to Ed Marsh about how to make content a business asset, literally writing the book on content strategy, and his path to creating his own consultancy and conference. Mentioned during this episode: Softquad XMetaLMekonCongilityOmniX conference - get €50 off with the code 50urbiCarrie HaneContent Strategy: Connecting the dots between business, brand, and...


Fluffy experience with Hannah Kirk – Content Content podcast

Hannah Kirk (@pinkhairedCS), the Pink-haired Content Strategist, talks to Ed Marsh about conference experiences, how academia compares to Silicon Valley, how kids interact with technology, and reminds Ed how old he is. Mentioned during this episode: LivefyreGatsbyJSDocusaurusMDITA/Lightweight DITAXMetaLTrends in Technical Communication for 2020 and beyond - Cherryleaf Podcast episode 76Type-in programsHannah on Medium


I like the Ms - Content Content podcast with Learning Experience Designer Phylise Banner

Phylise Banner, learning experience designer, talks to Ed Marsh about being a digital native, why eLearning and forms are so bad, what it's like coordinating the online community at a major conference, and her passion for education theory and transportation. Mentioned during this episode: ABD (all but dissertation)Modern Learning podcastLuke WroblewskiFERPA - Family Educational Rights and Privacy ActAmphicarPiper CherokeeMatt PierceSam Rogers


We’re gonna do this together with Viqui Dill – Content Content podcast

Viqui Dill, Senior Technical Writer at American Woodmark in Virginia, talks to Ed Marsh how everyone is a project manager in some form, life in the (literal) hardware industry, her day of 500 hugs, what is just-in-time documentation, and more. Viqui is also an accomplished "bad-ass bass player' and a self-proclaimed techcomm evangelist. Viqui Dill - 2017 STC Technical Communication Summit Mentioned during this episode: Gully WasherAmerican Woodmark2020 design softwareSTC Instructional Design...


XML is a four-letter word with Alan J. Porter – Content Content podcast

Alan J. Porter, Head of Strategic Services Practice at [A], talks to Ed Marsh about why tech writers are now content engineers, why metadata is important, what it's like to document massive hardware, and more. Alan J. Porter, guest on the Content Content podcast Alan is also an accomplished author and critic of comics, pop culture, sci-fi, and more. Mentioned during this episode: XyWrite Grif S1000D Circuit of the Americas Word2DITA plug-in by Eliot Kimber Caterpillar Concorde Alan's Open...


I have issues with slide decks with Scott Abel – Content Content podcast

Scott Abel, also known as The Content Wrangler and the host of Information Development World, talks to Ed Marsh about the parallels between music and single sourcing, smooth segues between paragraphs, intelligent content, and content strategy in the medical field. Mentioned during this episode: Ann Rockley Managing Enterprise content Scott on Twitter The Content Wrangler on Twitter Intelligent Content Conference Scriptorium HIPAA Scott on Medium


Experiences have to be assembled with Cruce Saunders – Content Content podcast

In an intense episode focused on intelligent content, Cruce Saunders of [ A ] and Ed Marsh discuss content in the enterprise and how to make it an asset in the C-suite, job titles in the content world, lightweight markup languages, and much more. Mentioned during this episode: Cruce Saunders of [ A ], Content Content podcast guest Joe Gollner Ann Rockley on the definition of intelligent content Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Scott Brinker Mayo...


Holding somebody else’s place with Sean Heckman – Content Content podcast

Sean Heckman was a racer, a figure skater, a TV writer and producer, almost a lawyer, and finally owner of The Media Barons and a podcast mogul. Learn what it's like to drive across the USA for 30+ days interviewing racing legends, while running a content creation business that caters to small businesses. Find out why Sean calls a "sport with science, technology, and a lot of nonsense" his home. I've never met Sean, and he was as curious about me as I was about him. Sean says he's not a...


I can eat glass with Keith Schengili-Roberts – Content Content podcast episode 22

Keith Schengili-Roberts, market researcher and DITA Evangelist for IXIASOFT, and Ed Marsh discuss the old days of HTML, Archie, Veronica, fax software, and more. We also talk about what the hell a DITA evangelist does. Mentioned during this episode: I can eat glass test Delrina The Advanced HTML Companion The Computer Paper ATI graphics cards Mekon DITA listening sessions Keith's SlideShare DITA worst practices Captain Mondo MarkDown AsciiDoc The beginnings of DITA part 1 The beginnings of...


Installation is not a user task featuring Andrea Ames – Content Content podcast episode 21

Andrea Ames and Ed Marsh discuss the evolution of the technical communication field, the number of job titles for technical communicators, the frustrations of proving your value, and laugh a lot.Andrea Ames, Content Content podcast episode 21 guest Andrea is the CEO of Idyll Point Group, after a long stint in content strategy and content experience strategy at IBM. Mentioned during this episode: Idyll Point Group on Facebook Andrea’s Content Hacker podcast Don Day and Michael Priestley on...


The price is right with Tim Esposito – Content Content podcast episode 20

Timothy Esposito is a principal technical writer for Oracle, and current STC Philadelphia Metro chapter President. We talk about a career of service, Y2k, what it takes to run a successful volunteer organization, hiking, and, of course, beer. Tim is also an STC Associate Fellow. Mentioned in this episode Timothy Esposito, Content Content podcast episode 20 guest Tim's site Tim on Twitter Tim's "Bonus materials" page Kings Canyon Yosemite Half Dome 2018 STC Philadelphia Metro CONDUIT...


Same mess different tools with Liz Fraley – Content Content episode 19

Elizabeth Fraley runs Single-Sourcing Solutions in Sunnyvale, Ca. We geek out about the history of structured authoring, how her opinions have changed in 17 years of technical writing, and how many books a year are too many to read. Mentioned in this episode: Liz Fraley, Content Content episode 19 guest Single Sourcing social media and public projects TC Camp TC Dojo Liz's books Benefits of dynamic product information delivery for life sciences Keith Schengili-Roberts Lisa Scottoline Michael...


Emo analytics with Allie Proff – Content Content episode 17

Allie Proff works for freaking Boeing. We discuss emotive analytics, technical storytelling, technology as a tool for good and bad, and a meta podcast moment. Mentioned during this episode: Allie Proff, Content Content podcast episode 17 guest Allie on Twitter Allie's technical writing twitter Allie on LinkedIn Affectiva USS Vella Gulf Brene Brown: the power of vulnerability Allie's column: Speaking the STC Summit How to change your Facebook password video How TurboTax makes a dreadful user...


Be like Thomas Pynchon with Pawel Kowaluk – Content Content episode 16

Pawel Kowaluk, a technical writer, self-proclaimed DITA geek, and recruiter, joins us from Krakow, Poland. He talks about the rise of technical communication in Poland, starting a conference, and how to balance a team when hiring. Note: After recording, we became aware that Pawel left the Soap! Conference team after one year. To further clarify, Pawel did not have a role in the formation of MeetContent, though he is an active member of the community. Content Content regrets any confusion or...


Users or people with Jack Molisani – Content Content episode 15

Jack Molisani, president of ProSpring Staffing and Executive Director of The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference talks about technical communication hiring, rebranding, content strategy, and how he's seized opportunities his entire career. Mentioned in this episode: Episode 15 guest Jack Molisani Jack on Twitter Jack's book: Be the Captain of Your Career: A New Approach to Career Planning and Advancement Andrea Ames Joe Gollner Gnostyx Misty Weaver Ari Hoffman of Mindtouch IndyCar Grand Prix...

Napoleons and Shakespeares featuring Teresa Meek – Content Content podcast episode 14

Content Marketer Teresa Meek has had a varied career path in journalism, real estate, and more, but always focused on writing. She is currently based in Seattle, Washington, from where she talked about how content marketing and technical writing have similarities, her brief career in technical writing, how to transition to content marketing, and more. Content marketer Teresa Meek Mentioned in this episode: Teresa's web site Teresa on Twitter Teresa's personal blog - Domesticus Teresa's book...

It’s OK to pause featuring Alyssa Fox – Content Content podcast episode 13

Alyssa Fox, Director of Information Development and Program Management at Micro Focus, tells us that it's OK to pause when processing information. We also discuss managing people "fairly, not equally", why content strategy is difficult, multinational technical communication teams, fashion, and more. Content Content podcast episode 13 guest Alyssa Fox, Director of Information Development and Program Management at Micro Focus Mentioned during this episode: Alyssa on Twitter Mindtouch's top 200...

Local needs of content featuring Bill Swallow – Content Content podcast episode 12

"Content requires proper care and feeding", says Bill Swallow, director of operations at Scriptorium. We talk localization, content strategy, local beer, summer's oppressive heat, and more. Bill Swallow Released on International Podcast Day! Mentioned during this episode Bill on Twitter International Podcast Day 2016 Content Content podcast with Sarah O'Keefe Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Bill's presentation: Localization Planning and The Content Strategy of Things Techcomm camp (TCCamp)...