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UK smartphones, both Android and iPhone, plus everything in-between.

UK smartphones, both Android and iPhone, plus everything in-between.


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UK smartphones, both Android and iPhone, plus everything in-between.






Podcast 255 – The Cancer Edition

No flashy intro on this one. No smartphone news. It’s all a bit serious I’m afraid. Cancer. It’s not a nice thing to talk about and it’s not something I’d ever imagine doing a podcast about, but since the last Coolsmartphone Podcast (in July!) I basically very nearly died. Here, then, is my story and how I went to a completely normal Sunday morning to being told, only a week later, that I had hours to live. Don’t worry though, because there’s a lot more to this – it’s a story of hope and the...


Podcast 254 – Blimey! Remember these?

“Sporadic” seems to be the word for these podcasts. If you’ve listened to some of them then you might be aware that they’re usually recorded in the car as it’s the only free time I have. However, these are not normal times. These are very strange times and that “podcast I recorded the other week” was actually nearly 3 months ago. Here, then, is my mini ramble about COVID-19, Huawei, Honor and the app installation methods needed on these phones. More a-coming guys! More a-coming.. Get in...


Podcast 253 – MoDaCo and Coolsmartphone lock it down

This one is a bit special and if you want to see the video version just head here. Paul O’Brien gave me a nudge and suggested we just have a relaxed chat and a discussion about the current coronavirus situation plus our favourite gadgets at the moment. The whole thing is available to watch right here but, if you want the audio-only version, you can listen too. We discuss.. How coronavirus has changed things. Working from home! Our current kit. Celebrating our key workers. Showing off the...


Podcast 252 – Coronavirus Lockdown Biscuit Special

Normally I record these podcasts whilst driving to and from work. However, the world has turned upside down of late and I’m instead sitting at home eating far too many biscuits. It’s all a bit weird isn’t it? The coronavirus has changed things so much, and despite the fact that sitting at home is a lot better than being in a hospital bed, we’re all having an unexpected amount of time on our hands. This is why we started the “Home Active” feature, and in this special Lockdown Podcast, I’m sat...


Podcast 251 – Sky TV and Mobile World Congress

Yes, we’re back – the podcast has returned! We should have a big bumper news package after Mobile World Congress in Barcelona but, as you know, that went in the bin due to coronavirus outbreak. In this episode we cover that and the impact it’ll have on the people who were going to attend. What about all those who invested so much to get there? Also, I talk a bit more about leaving Sky, coming back and then leaving again. There seems to be a lot of interest in this at the moment as Sky TV...


Podcast 250 – My bottom looks like a chewed orange

It’s been a huge two months since the last podcast. What happened? Well, normally I record these podcasts whilst driving and, just recently I’ve had a distinct lack of car. Instead I’ve done the commute on my bike. It helped with the preparation for that mad bike ride I did last week, but I did get a sore bottom. In episode 250.. Tracking and sharing your location live. The OPPO Reno 5G The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G on Three VRJAM Contact me on Twitter or via our contact form. Get Listening:...


Podcast 249 – Don’t text and drive people!

Another new intro, a lot of talk about MOT’s, fishing, caravans and actual smartphone-related chatter too. It’s all here folks, and it’s part of Podcast 249. Recorded in the car, in this episode I also do a manly “pap” on the horn due to the driver in front drifting in his lane because he was too busy texting whilst driving. Also in this episode… I pinched the wife’s car. MOT failure! OnePlus 7 details, and it’s now available. 5G, and why it’ll probably benefit the networks more than you....


Podcast 248 – They call him Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning.

A two week break? What’s all that about then? Well my friends, we’ve had a lot of launches and there’s a lot to talk about. We’ve also got an all-new intro. Exciting stuff, and in this episode I seem to be staying mainly on-topic without too much chatter about petrol stations or car horns. Strangeness! The new Asus Flipper Phone. Watch the squirrel! Problems for Huawei Ambulance! I broke another phone. New 5G opportunities The Xperia 10 review. New 5G opportunities The Huawei Mate 20 X 5G...


Podcast 247 – One day late, but still sounding great

It’s a long, long drive in a 50mph zone today, and I recorded the whole thing twice because the first time I’d forgotten to press record. Doah F1 Car tech. Truly bonkers. Xiaomi pricing. Our rather expansive reviews. Launches! Lots of launches!. How to not use the toll booths Contact me on Twitter or via our contact form. Get Listening: Your options to listen to the podcast are as follows: Listen to any episode on Spotify. Get us on TuneIn too. We’re also on Google Podcasts. Subscribe via...


Podcast 246 – Who the hell parks like that?

I recorded this yesterday. Just yesterday. It’s our funtastical podcast – the one that walks that dangerous line between serious tech talk and how I once parked my Lexus underneath a Land Rover (no, really). So week I’ve got you a slice of the following… A properly professional introduction, definitely not ruined in any way. In-car voice control systems. Just how bad are they? Fitness tracker gadgets. The dash cam starts to tell me what to do. Glastonbury! giffgaff goodybag changes. Samsung...


Podcast 245 – I bet you didn’t expect us…

Well, what a completely insane Easter weekend that was. We went to the countryside, I flew a drone, crashed it, then went to the beach and I also found time to mow the lawn, clean the bathroom and even clean out the car. My life is so rock and roll. With all that I’ll be that … oh wait, there was beer too … so, with all that I’ll bet you didn’t think there’d be a podcast. But there is! This week … How is all this recorded? The Samsung Galaxy Fold. Oh dear. Virgin SIM-only deal A rather...


Coolsmartphone Podcast 244 – Battered chips and something very special.

I had a listen to last week’s podcast and, well, the audio quality suffered somewhat due to the rain on the windscreen. So, I had a bit of a think. This, then, is where the Coolsmartphone Mobile Podcast takes a massive leap forward this week, so it’s definitely worth a listen. This week … Battered chips are the best thing in the world The latest Honor deals The new Huawei phones Mobile phone detection systems New Honor phones Detail on how these podcasts are recorded Your feedback My first...


Coolsmartphone Podcast 243 – Direct from my executive jet

Yes, I’m straight off the plane and into the car to record the podcast. Driving down the M6 in heavy rain definitely makes for an interesting sound in the background. The podcast audio sounds like a badly-tuned FM radio station. Gotta love it. Gotta love it. This week I’m talking about breakfast TV, 36 month contracts, Maltese beer, man flu, Dan leaving, Virgin deals and much more besides. Do listen, do let me know your thoughts. Contact me: Leigh – Get Listening:...


Coolsmartphone Podcast 242 – Late night special

Another week, another podcast, and yes – it’s still as regular as a Brexit Meaningful vote. This week it’s a 48 minute edition covering the story behind the Android bike computer, phone cases, the new Huawei P30 and my quest for a well-priced reconditioned iPhone. As usual, the podcast is recorded in the car and all of the above is interspersed with me discussing how daft people can be sometimes (think lane discipline, filling up their cars and turning their lights on). Contact me: Leigh –...


Coolsmartphone Podcast 241 – I need a Hero!

This week I broke my lengthy two-week tradition of recording the podcast in the car. Somehow I found myself with something called “free time”, so I’ve picked up on an earlier story about how the site started. Now you can listen to the second part of that story, and it’s the moment when I “crossed over” from Windows Mobile (which was all I used to write about here) to Android and iPhone. Also included in this episode.. – Why do we call them “Petrol Stations”? – Stealing Costa Coffee – The...


Coolsmartphone Podcast 240 – Look at my teeth!

This week, in Podcast 240, I experiment with cross-fading. Yes, cross-fading. To be honest I had to Google it to see what it was. It’s where the audio fades nicely between two tracks. It’s because I record the podcast in various chunks, during trips to work, to the gym and elsewhere. I then splice it all together, so I’ve used a bit of cross-fading so you can hear where I switch topics and sections. Clever. This Podcast covers Mobile World Congress and I dive into the various announcements...


Coolsmartphone Podcast 239 – 1.21 gigawatts!

In this episode we’re going to turn the clock back. We’re going to do a full Back to the Future show for you this week and, although we don’t have any plutonium and we don’t have a flux capacitor, we do have a car. So, a quick update on what’s happened then. Matteo has left the building. He’s doing other stuff. John, who valiantly took over the podcast mantle after he left, has now had to take a step back too. He’s gutted, but there’s only so many hours in the day. That leaves a few of us,...


Honor, Samsung and Folding Screens – It’s the Coolsmartphone Podcast 238

Welcome to the Coolsmartphone Podcast Episode 238. In this Episode we discuss recent developments in the mobile tech space including: The new Honor Phone Folding Phones Galaxy Fold Samsung Galaxy S10 Range Enjoy – and don’t forget to pass us your feedback. Getting Connected CSP Team Members on this Podcast are: John M – Leigh – Gary – Get Listening: Your options to listen to the podcast are as...


Our Favourite Technology – Right Here – Right Now – It’s the Coolsmartphone Podcast 237

Welcome to the Coolsmartphone Podcast Episode 237. In this Episode we discuss our current favourite technology including Smartphones, Tablets, Gadgets and even Cars, it could almost be The Grand Tour Getting Connected CSP Team Members on this Podcast are: John M – Leigh – Gary – Get Listening: Your options to listen to the podcast are as follows: Subscribe to us using our RSS feed. Manually add our...


5G, Palm, The Past, Present and Future – It’s the Coolsmartphone Podcast 236

Welcome to the Coolsmartphone Podcast Episode 236. In this Episode we discuss: Command and Conquer Rivals The New Palm Smartphone The History of Coolsmartphone EE & 5G Our Current smartphone interests Which handsets we are looking forward to Getting Connected CSP Team Members on this Podcast are: John M – Leigh – Gary – Get Listening: Your options to listen to the podcast are as follows: Subscribe to...