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039: All I Hear is Hissssssss

Buckle up your ear holes for some headphone talk. Lew & Adam discuss their audio setups and what they look for when shopping headphones. Yanny or Laurel and the Royal Wedding rub Adam the wrong way. Also, Adam may have a headphone addiction (but at least isn't hoarding). Rate & Review us on Apple Podcasts Follow Up Yanny or Laurel?Royal WeddingMinecraft Server Docker Container Headphones Adam's Daily Setups AirPodsBeats Studio3 WirelessBeoPlay H6BeoPlay H7Bose SoundSport Wireless...


038: Fortune Cookie Password

Password is p@$$w0rd! Lew & Adam discuss the current state of passwords and managing authentication in the digital ether. Remember when passwords were simple? Those were the days... Also, Google's AI gets creepy, and Adam had a date with his favorite pop singer. Rate & Review us on Apple Podcasts Follow Up Google Duplex AI Assistant over the phone Gmail Supports Snooze Passwords Have I Been PWNED? Password Managers iOSmacOSiOSmacOSmacOS KeychainWindows Credential Manager...


037: The Future of Email — There is NO MAIL

Email is a broken antiquated system that needs to be fixed. Adam wants a real snooze feature and global out-out lists. Lew forgot he owned a vanity email. Also Lew discovers what peanut butter plus dogs equals. Rate & Review us on Apple Podcasts Follow Up Lew's Movie Review iTunesGoogleAmazoniTunesGoogleAmazon Thoughts on Electronic Mail Gmail Instructions Opt Out of Analog (Physical) Junk Mail Credit Card OffersMarketing OffersTelemarketing Mail App...


036: Encryption (Hold the Salt)

de62305b672df60ee93335fd4ac3f5125b536965d45e38ce405b44ba3996c765 Adam and Lew hash out encryption from a 50,000ft view discussing its importance in the modern world. Protein shakes give Adam some trouble. Rate & Review us on Apple Podcasts Follow Up YAMLiOSmacOS Encryption (from 50,000ft) Windows BitLockermacOS FilevaultRight to PrivacyEmail Encryption Apps iOSGoogleiOSmacOSGoogle Wrap Up latest adOvercast anonymous accountsSend us your suggestions Credits Opening Song by Steven...


035: My Ears. My Choice.

Adam survived the floating buffet. Lew can't decide which Text Editor reigns supreme. Chit-chat and discussions of first-nerd struggles and future tech ventures makes for an all-over-the-place episode. Plus, a NEW Podcast announcement! Rate & Review us on Apple Podcasts Follow Up Team TreehouseiOSmacOS Chit-Chat and Catch-Up Text Editors iOSiOSmacOSMarked 2BBEdit New Tech iPhone X Leather Folio - (PRODUCT)REDUE WonderboomBluetooth 4 Spec New Goals YAMLJavaScriptSwiftPeloton No,...


034: Tech in Education 101

This week John is back for a discussion on the best April Fools’ jokes played by tech companies, and an update on Lew’s movie list. John and Lew also dive head first into a discussion about technology in the classroom. Intro April Fools’ JokesYNAB April fools’ Podcast Follow Up Batman (1989) Tech and Education ChrombooksiPadsG-SuiteASMJAMFWindows ServerVPPDulingoNebo Miscellany & Concerns Smart BoardsLivescribeJamboardAccess to KnowledgeForce Multiplier Wrap Up Credits Opening...


033: Don't Forget to Pack Your Bluetooth ToothBrush

Adam's prepping for vacation, and has 0 more F's to give. Lew shares some pro-tips for booking travel (airfare hackery). What electronics to you take on vacation? What do you do about data/connectivity? Lew has the answers. Rate & Review us on Apple Podcasts Follow Up TL;DR (with pictures) Travel & Technology Booking HopperThe Flight Deal Packing Sonicare appAnker USB-C ChargerSkooba Design Cable Stable DLX Itinerary Google TripsiOSGoogle Travel Entertainment Beats Studio...

032: Mouths to Feed and Butts to Wipe

Brand Loyalty. Lew claims everyone has it, but Adam is reluctant to admit it. In-n-Out is still one of the best burgers in CA and Lew has a horrible disease (hoarding) that spans from digital passwords to shoes. Rate & Review us on Apple Podcasts Brand Loyalty In-n-Out BurderFlame BroilerThe Buttery BakeryStock XUp In The AiriTunesGoogleAmazonHacking Rewards & Travel PointsLaw of Diffusion of Innovation Lew's Brand Loyalty AppleLuLuLemonHydroflaskHonda AutomobilesVans Adam's Brand...


031: A Hundred Dollars and a Shaggin' Wagon

Break out your toolkits and ground yourself! Lew & Adam discuss DIY and Computer Repair horror stories, and where ESD exists (it does). Be a good repair technician: don't bite batteries. PSA Support the Right to Repair in your state and contact your local representative. Rate & Review us on Apple Podcasts Intro & Follow Up Raspberry Pi Model B+Twitch PrimeiTunesGoogleAmazon DIY Computer Repair & Horror Stories bite down on batteriesESD (Electrostatic Discharge)ceramic ringscrewless...


030: Take All My 1’s and 0’s

Hungry for information? Adam & Lew discuss their workflows for consuming and digesting information from the massive buffet of content in today’s world. Discover how to NOT drown when drinking from the internet firehose. Also, Lew has an addiction. Rate & Review us on Apple Podcasts News & Follow Up NicecastWacomVainglory's Privacy Policy Consumption of Information Lew's Workflows Reading NewsifySafari ReaderReading ListVoice Dream ReaderVoice Dream Writer Podcasts Overcasttoo many...


029: Accept, Accept, ACCEPT!

PLEASE READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY BEFORE LISTENING TO THIS EPISODE. Lew & Adam (“Creative Genius”) chat about the common “CYA” legalese for software and the web. Creative Genius provides no warranty for this audio or its quality (it was free). Intro Mobile World CongressSamsung S9 Follow Up Terms of Service CYAToS;drUber Monitoring Users Wrap Up SDRCPart time UFOAlto’s OdysseyVainglory Credits Opening Song by Steven James Find more of his work on... Bandcamp - SoundCloud -...


028: Art & Tacos w/Special Guest Aaron of Artarys

Special Guest Aaron, co-founder of Artarys, discusses technology’s influence on art and the future of the art marketplace. Adam & Lew (both artistically challenged) yield to a true artist to predict the future of art in a digital world. Also sorry Texas, Breakfast tacos != Breakfast burritos. Intro Follow Up Doug Loves Movies Technology’s Influence on Art Creation Hardware Tools WacomiPad ProApple Pencil3D Printing Software Tools Paper by FiftyThreeProcreate Consumption and...


026: You're Worth A 99¢ Super Like

Love is in the air (or on the wire?). Two guys talk Tinder, married life, and the Internet-of-D... Lew & Adam discuss how technology has changed the dating, married, and self-love scenes. Login to your MySpace profiles and swipe right! Intro BlueBottle Follow Up Falcon Heavy Launch Technology & Romance - Valentine’s Edition Dating Life Apps on Apps: PoF Old Skool: MySpace, Facebook, Christian Mingle, J-Date, Farmers Only, eHarmony, Match Common Interests: Furries, D&D, Car Nuts,...