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Tune in to Tobias Zimmergren and Jussi Roine talking about Azure, in a podcast usually digestible over a cup of coffee.

Tune in to Tobias Zimmergren and Jussi Roine talking about Azure, in a podcast usually digestible over a cup of coffee.




Tune in to Tobias Zimmergren and Jussi Roine talking about Azure, in a podcast usually digestible over a cup of coffee.




016 - Migrating SQL Server databases to Azure SQL

In this episode, we discuss options and considerations for when moving from SQL Server to Azure SQL. We found out there are plenty of options to choose from!


015 - A brief overview of Application Insights

In this episode, we explore what Application Insights can help us within Azure, and how it can monitor and help us troubleshoot our applications and systems in the cloud. Consider this a brief overview - we will likely do a more deep-dive later.


014 - Let's talk about Azure DevOps and embracing DevSecOps

In this episode, we're talking about what Azure DevOps is, in broad terms - and how DevSecOps fit into the picture. Embracing a Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), ensuring consistent and high-quality software in your pipelines, embracing the security mindset already before it goes into the pipeline, and more.


013 - Battle of the Azure Command Line - CLI, PowerShell, Windows Terminal, what more?

Follow Tobias and Jussi as they digest some of their choices for working with Azure from the command line. The options are many, and we'll dive into some of the favorite tools and what or when they are being used. Azure CLI, Azure PowerShell, Windows Terminal, Windows Subsystem for Linux and using Bash - so many options, but do you really need to know them all?


012 - Azure IoT Hub and Raspberry Pi

Follow along when we talk about IoT, and how to build Internet of Things-solutions on Azure. We talk about the devices, the services and approaches you can use to build scalable IoT solutions easily


011 - Considerations and Good Practices for Azure Developers

Follow along when we talk a bit about considerations and practices for Azure development at scale. Performance, caching, redundancies and more - some good tips for thinking before kicking off development.


010 - Thoughts about Azure Security Center essentials

In this episode we talk about Azure Security Center. Getting started with ASC is easy, and it also aligns with Azure Advisor recommendations. We talk about the essentials features of ASC, as well as the lesser known capabilities such as File Integration Monitoring. Tag along for this episode to learn more about Azure Security Center, and how to secure your Azure subscriptions!


009 - Thinking about remote access options for VMs

In this episode we have our very first guest, Tiago Costa – an Azure MVP and MCT from Portugal. We think about remote access options for virtual machines in Azure. There are many options, and we chat through the newest ones such as Bastion Host and JIT VM which is part of Azure Security Center. We also reminisce a bit on the good old days, when you had to build jump servers/jump boxes from physical servers.


008 - Our favorite tools for Azure professionals and developers

In this episode we go through our favorite and most used tools on working with Azure. Obviously, there are a lot of tools, so we focused on the ones we feel are useful every single day, and the ones that IT Pros, developers and architects can all use.


007 - Thoughts on how to get started with Azure development

In this episode we dive into a discussion around developing on Azure. Whether you're just getting started, or a seasoned developer, we'll take a look at what's involved when you want to start building solutions on Azure. Tag along for this episode where we're reflecting a bit on what's essential in developing solutions on Azure!


006 - Reflections on Azure Logic Apps

In this episode we dive into a discussion around Logic Apps. What are they, what differs Logic Apps from things like Flow or Azure Functions? When do you use what? Do you know the costs involved? What about recurring Logic Apps and the involved cost? … and what about custom code in my Logic Apps?


005 - Talking about how to master Microsoft Azure certifications

Tobias Zimmergren and Jussi Roine talks about Microsoft Azure Certifications, and different angles on if they are still important, what the experience is today versus in the past, differences between beta- and released exams and a lot more.


004 - Interesting news from the Microsoft Ignite keynotes

Project Cortex. Azure Synapse. Democratizing AI. Entitlement Management. A lot of announcements took place during the Microsoft Ignite 2019 week in Orlando, and we're digesting some of our favorite ones in this episode.


003 - Let's dive into the latest Microsoft Azure announcements!

Microsoft recently announced a plethora of news on Microsoft technologies. During Microsoft Ignite event, Microsoft made quite a lot of new announcements around Azure and the Microsoft cloud offerings. In this episode we dive into some of our favorite announcements.


002 - Big technology conferences, to go or not to go?

Tobias and Jussi talk about going to big technology conferences, and what the main driving factors are for them, and whether to attend the conference in person or remotely.


001 - Let's talk about Azure Key Vault

Tobias Zimmergren and Jussi Roine joins forces in this new podcast titled the Ctrl Alt Azure podcast, and in this episode they dive into the Azure Key Vault topic. Tune in to learn more about things like managed identities, networking, why you should even use a vault, configuring diagnostics settings, connecting it to Azure DevOps pipelines and more.