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Stay up to date with the Go community in just 15 minutes per week




golangci-lint is now fully generics-compatible, and more talk about structured logging, telemetry, and more

golangci-lint 1.52.0 released1. v1.45.0 releasedinterview with fasthttp maintainer, Erik DubbelboerConf42: Golang 2023 last call for CFPslog/slog: structured, leveled loggingadd opt-in transparent telemetry to Go toolchainnotification callback for cancelled/expired contextsimprove ergonomics of fmt.Print-like functionsPGO will be auto by default in Go 1.21What "sucks" about Golang?Lies we tell ourselves to keep using GolangI want off Mr. Golang's Wild Ride10 Things I Hate...


Are we testing? testing.Testing() will tell you! Plus official security patches, goreleaser v1.16, and more.

Go 1.20.2 & 1.19.7 releasedGo 1.20.2 milestoneGo 1.19.7 milestonev1.16.0v1.16.1OpenCollectiveBabel.jsWomen Who CodeAdd testing.Testing() bool functionTrack tool usage in go.modOpt-in transparent telemetryIntroducing ngrok-go: Ingress to your Go Apps as a net.ListenerCode coverage for Go integration testsCFP to GopherCon Golang Meetup


Opting in to Transparent Telemetry, new community releases, and more

Opting In to Transparent Telemetrynet/http: add ResponseController.EnableFullDuplexlog/slog: structured, leveled loggingBadgerDB v4.0.1 releaseddominikbraun/graph v0.16.0 releasedService Weaver announced by Googleconc v0.3.0 releasedTechnology Trends for 2023GopherChinaxcfile.devOn GitHubTransistor.fmRiverside.fmAudacityTrelloDaily Go newsletterBoldly GoTiny DevOpsAdventures in DevOpsgolang-announcemeeting minutesThe Go BlogGolang WeeklyDitching HourlyDeep QuestionsNo Nonsense AgileHidden...


Should we add .0 to new Go releases? & other proposals and community updates

Shay is out this week, so Jonathan is holding down the fort on his own, in this shortest ever episode of Cup o' Go! Gin v1.9.0 releasedLabstack Echo v4.10.2 releaseddon't reformat single line if statementsuse a zero for third digit for major release, such as 'go1.23.0'structured, leveled loggingConf42: Golang, online April 20, 2023CFPAwesome Go


Security fixes, TinyGo 0.27.0, Redis adopts go-redis, and interview with Daniel Nephin, prolific Go OSS contributor

This week's episode sponsored by Keep, an open-source alerting tool built by developers, for developers. Go 1.20.1 changesGo 1.19.6 changesLabstack Echo v4.10.1TinyGo 0.27.0 changesGolang Weekly newsletterPuregoNew standard library package based on x/exp/slicesAll your comparable typesGo-Redis is now an official Redis clientplumber v2.1.0What are the best alternatives to gorilla session?Our Mad Journey of Building a Vector Database in GoGitHubgotestsumgotest.toolsFind us at


Go 1.20.1 & 1.19.6 upcoming, controversy surrounding transparent telemetry in the toolchain, Apache Arrow 11.0, and more

Pre-release announcementPre-release announcementGitHub DiscussionBlog post explainingGopherCon IsraelApache Arrow 11.0 releasedGitHub profileVoltron DataIn-Memory Analytics with Apache ArrowUnderstanding Apache ArrowApache Arrow and Go: A Match made in DataApache arrow project web siteApache Go libraryTwitterLinkedInMastodonSubsurface


Go 1.20 is out! Also, new golangci-lint, new "full-stack" email server, and Conf42 virtual event CFP!

Go 1.20 is out!Profile-guided optimizationcontext.WithCancelCauseproposalproposalproposal1.50.1Gorilla toolkitconcGopherConCFP openmox1172: WorkflowCode review of mox


1.20RC3, paths in test failures, thanks to the community, interview with Miki Tebeka, and more

January 30, 2023 1.20RC3Optionally include file path in output of failed testsv1.9.0Go Devroomapplication formGophers slack#cup-o-goGo Developer SurveyGoLand 2023.1 Early Access IsraelGopherCon Israel


Premiere episode, Upcoming 1.20 release, and GopherCons world wide!

January 23, 2023 1.20, expected in FebruaryWhy Discord Is Switching From Go To RustGo Developer Survey, Jan 2023GopherCon IsraelCFPGopherCon EuropeCFPPocketBase10 Things I Hate About GoRand's Leadership SlackRecoContact us!