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Protecting trade secrets for large and small businesses in the digital age

We've all heard the term "trade secrets" when it comes to business, but there are some misconceptions about what this means. Whether it's simply a customer email list or the recipe for Coca Cola, trade secrets encompass many areas that are unique to any company. In this episode of CyberLaw Now, host Steven Teppler talks with Eyal Iffergan, a leading expert in operational, process, organization and technology management, about how cybersecurity is paramount to keeping a company's proprietary...


Artificial Intelligence and how it impacts our online privacy and security

From simple algorithms to complex learning machines, artificial intelligence plays a huge role in shaping the world around us. From a simple online search to analyzing your shopping habits both online and in a store, artificial intelligence is always present. In this episode of CyberLaw Now, host and attorney Steven Teppler speaks to cybersecurity expert Ben Tomhave about how artificial intelligence is being used to match your physical presence with your online presence in order to know you...


Cyber Security Awareness Month - Stay safer and more secure online

Every October has been set aside as National Cyber Security Awareness Month - a public service campaign to ensure every American has the resources they need to stay safer and more secure online. In this episode of CyberLaw Now, guest host Kim Komando looks at some of the major online threats that you need to know about, and how to protect your personal information from hackers.


Laws behind online privacy and freedom of information

What laws protect our online privacy or take it away? What about our children’s? Learn about your rights to gain access to public records and find out what the government is keeping from you. Host and renowned attorney Steven Teppler and guest, retired FBI special agent Lawrence Wolfenden, discuss the benefits of open records and what laws the government has in place to safeguard our personal data.


Cybersecurity and your credit cards

Credit card companies are supposed to keep our data safe and private but that has not always been the case. In this episode of CyberLaw Now, host and renowned attorney Steven Teppler talks to retired FBI special agent Lawrence Wolfenden, now a cybersecurity and privacy expert with the Sylint Group, about the payment card industry data security standards and what privacy obligations these credit card companies owe to their customers.


Connected devices put you on the legal hook for damage and injury

What will fail first, the oven or the software running it? If this question makes you stop and think, this podcast will reveal the risk of widespread injury from connected devices and the Internet Of Things. You'll learn what you can do to prevent problems and what legal recourse you can take if you suffer injury or property damage.


Journey through the Dark Web - Part 1

The Dark Web can be described as the farmer’s market for cybercriminals where they sell everything from personal identities, to drugs, to child pornography. The Dark Web is considered the largest lair of criminality online today. Listen to part 1 of this series as we talk to cybersecurity expert Jake Simpson who is a Dark Web investigative expert about his experiences and how to be safe online.