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Everything Old Is New Again, Volume 3

Set the wayback machine for fun, have an energy drink, get your dancing shoes on, and enjoy "Everything Old Is New Again, Volume 3!" This literally could've been called the 'Neverending Podcast Episode,' because I've been working on the track list for months. Every time I thought I had it, a couple new tracks would get released and I knew I had to add them. It's scary too, because just as I finished recording and started on post-production work, there were at least two more tracks...


(dog made me) Funky

When you want to get your groove on, there's nothing like a bit of house music to get the job done. That's why "(dog made me) Funky!" In the beginning there was Chicago, and Chicago had a groove. And from that groove, came the groove of all grooves, and house music was born! Then came Garage House, Acid House, and Gospel House; Deep House and Disco House, Electo House and Euro House, Hard House and Diva House, Big Room House and Melodic House, Soulful House, Tribal House and Techno House....


Rock the Remix

How do you describe a set that's been more than 50 years in the making? With three simple words: "Rock the Remix" Episode 51 turns the clock back, way back in fact, with a set that's been more than 50 years in the making. Featuring songs from rock legends like Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Cream, Jefferson Airplane, The Beatles and more, this set of classic rock songs should bring back some memories, or maybe help you create some new ones. If you've been to any of the events I've played in the...



A return to mainstream and house marks Episode 50 of the podcast! Chock-full of fun stuff, this one is a "Triumph!" We've hit a milestone for the podcast and arrived at Episode 50! This set in particular, a return to mainstream and house, has been very deliberatly put together. From it's name, to the list of tracks, it's meant to be a celebration of us, all we've been trhough, and everything to come. We were all aflutter when President Obama lit the White House with the rainbow in honor of...



Dark, deep, groovy, like molasses for your ears, this is a slice of-tech house through my filter; it's my "tech-neeq." Another episode that has been a long time in the making; this time, it was a combination of technical and system issues, as well as my depression getting the better of me. But here it is, out at last. Like "Impact," you'll probably either love this or hate it, and as I've said before, that's okay; tech-house is not for everyone, or every mood. I absolutely love the deep,...



They say when you hit rock bottom -- after the impact -- there is only one way to go: up. Join the "Ascension." This episode has been over two years in the making; not because the music wasn't there, but rather because of the loss of my mother. I kept wanting to record; there had always been a plan for a follow-up to the cycle that was "Escape," "Freefall," and "Impact," but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Then, just as I was ready to get back behind the decks to record, my father passed...



The third in a four-episode set, "Impact" follows "Freefall" in a progression of the overall arc theme. This is an electro/progressive set. You'll either like it or hate it, and that's probably a good thing. This set was pulled together with a minimum of vocal tracks; I was honestly trying not to use any songs with vocals, but that's not always possible. I will say I had a difficult time pulling this one together, which is why it's been so long since I've released a podcast. This set is...



The second in a four-episode set, "Freefall" follows "Escape" in style but not necessarily in theme. This is another mainstream house set you all seem to love so much; and while the music may be upbeat and happy, if you pay attention to the lyrics, you might notice what they have in common. There are some definite big hits rolling around in here: Adele's "Rolling In the Deep," Gaga's "Judas," Alex Gaudino's "What a Feeling" (which is sure to be a summer anthem), as well as new songs from...



We are, each of us, besieged. Overwhelmed by this and that, problems and circumstances great and small, some of which we can control, and others still both out of our control and uncontrollable. The world hands us lemons, and we make lemonade for a while, until there is no sugar left. The walls close in. The doors close and lock; the windows shutter tightly. The lights dim, and finally go out. And all that is left is hope; even if it may be borrowed. Hope for something better. Hope for...


Everything Old Is New Again Vol. 2

Old songs, particularly the good ones, have a way of hanging around. Catchy "hooks" become the basis for a whole new song, as you'll hear in several of these tracks. Then again, the original versions of other were so popular, or so tapped into the zeitgeist, they've become ingrained in every generation to come after them. And then there are the classics, the songs we've been singing for decades, so they remain a part of the current consciousness, but unless given a "freshening," would be...



Mainstream sets are the most popular with all of you; I'm pretty sure this one will quickly become a favorite once you hear it. Upbeat, happy and bright, it's full of current chart toppers from the Freemasons, Katy Perry, Cher, Rihanna, Kylie and Britney Spears. Sets like this one seem to come together without any effort. The music seems to fit together easily, almost as if the songs were written to go together. Nowhere is that more evident than in the transitions between "Irresistible" and...


Top of 2010

This set is a collection of my favorite tracks from 2010. A few of these actually hit #1 on the Billboard Dance chart, and some never even made it onto the chart at all. Many of these may be familiar as I've used them in previous podcasts, while a few are making their debut in this episode of "Press Play." What binds all these songs together, aside from them being my personal favorites from the last year, is the epic quality they all posses. But what makes a track "epic?" In some cases, it's...


Pause Again

It's been a while since the last one; well over 28 months. Between now and then, things have been the way they always are: hectic, rushed, and at times stressful. I know in the last 28 months, I've reached for "Pause" many times; and truth be told, I constructed Episode 18 more for my own benefit than anything else. However, the reaction I got from that set has been the strongest of the all -- many of you contacted me to say how much you enjoyed it, that I started working on this set right...



The music is strong, hard, edgy. It pulls you, moves you, drives you to get up and dance. It's progressive, electro, even playful. But it always comes as a Surge! I haven't given you a progressive set for a while, so I thought it was time. You may recognize one of these songs, or if you've been out to hear me live lately, maybe three or four; you all know how I love to throw a little of the dark progressive goodness into every live set. It's the bass; it practically compells you to dance,...


Endless Summer

It was a long, hot summer, filled with lots of songs with great staying power; so good in fact, they still sound great months later. It doesn't happen often; a full range of songs first finding their way onto the dance scene in Apil, May and June, still charting, getting airplay, club play and requests come fall, but this group surely did. So in the spirit of those days at the beach, by the pool, bar-b-que-ing on the back patio, or just crusing down the highway with the top down and the...



This episode of the podcast was created for the readers of the "Joe.My.God." blog. My introduction to Joe Jervis, and his incredible blog came after REAL BAD XVIII in 2006 (see Episode 6 for an excerpt of that night's party). When I got back home to Salt Lake City, my very excellent friend Richard Dupler (who has a great podcast called "Danceteria," BTW) sent me an email with a link to Joe's blog. Right there, was a review of my set. Joe said it "took us on a soaring, triumphant journey of...



It's progressive! No, it's pop! No, it's mainstream! No, it's progressive! Oh hell, it's a little bit of everything. When you can't make up your mind, you might as well just be Schizosonic!



The power of a remix: It can take a ho-hum song, and make it outstanding! Just as every generation has their artists, so do they have their remixers. In the 80's, it was Junior Vasquez and Shep Pettibone. In the 90's, it was Rauhofer and Calderone. Now, there are too many to list; but one stands out from the crowd with a distinct sound, Dave Audé. This podcast episode is a compilation of remixes by Dave Audé, with songs by some of today's most popular artists. While some of these may not be...



You start tapping your toe. Then you nod your head. Then there's the gentle sway, the shimmy of shoulders, the wiggle of the hips. The beat is so infectious, so captivating, so compelling you can't stop yourself! Don't worry, it's okay, go ahead, Bounce! I won't tell anyone, I promise. "Bounce" has been hanging out on my hard drive for about a month now. I recorded this on at the end of January after getting a few tracks I was really excited about. It's been waiting for a name though. Let me...



It's late, you're restless, not ready for sleep but you don't want to be around a lot of people either. So you grab the keys to the car, pop in a CD, and head out. The music has to be just right though. It starts off just like the drive, easy, smooth and silky. But like any road trip, this drive has a few surprises in store; some moments of excitement, an unexpected twist, a little excitement, and then the return home to familiar streets with turns and stretches you can drive without even...