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Data from a human lens. In Data Futurology we speak with Data Science leaders from around the world about: interesting applications of ML/AI, career tips for up and coming data scientists and how the future will be driven by data. Visit

Data from a human lens. In Data Futurology we speak with Data Science leaders from around the world about: interesting applications of ML/AI, career tips for up and coming data scientists and how the future will be driven by data. Visit
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Data from a human lens. In Data Futurology we speak with Data Science leaders from around the world about: interesting applications of ML/AI, career tips for up and coming data scientists and how the future will be driven by data. Visit




#69 Creating Cultural Transformations Using Data Science Leaders with Bülent Kiziltan – Head of Data Science & Analytics and Chief Data Scientist

Dr. Bülent Kiziltan is an AI executive and an accomplished scientist who uses artificial intelligence to create value in many business verticals and tackles diverse problems in disciplines ranging from the financial industry, healthcare, astrophysics, operations research, marketing, biology, engineering, hardware design, digital platforms, to art. He has worked at Harvard, NASA, and MIT in close collaboration with pioneers of their respective fields. In the past 15+ years, he has led...


#68 How To Build Award Winning Data Products with Nick Blewden – Head of Data Product Development

Nick loves playing with, analyzing and visualising data and gets a massive kick out of the change it can bring to people, businesses, and the world. At Lloyd's of London, Nick leads a team of great designers and developers helping people automate processes and get more insight from their data. He gets a buzz from saving others time and surprising them with what surprising insights lie in their data. Out of the office, Nick is keen to mentor or share his experiences and enjoys speaking at...


#67 12 Questions to Ask in Mentoring Sessions with Felipe Flores – Founder & Podcast Host

In this episode, Felipe talks about an aspect of leadership, the one-on-one mentorship and feedback session with people on your team. To start, ask your team member what is on their mind and in general, how have things been going? If they do not have anything pressing they want to discuss in the sessions, Felipe turns to set of twelve questions. The first question is what you are most proud of that you have done since we last caught up? These questions are designed as tools for the team...


#66 How to Structure a Data Analytics Team with June Dershewitz – Director of Analytics

June Dershewitz has spent her career driving analytics strategies for major businesses. She's currently Director of Analytics at Twitch, the world's leading video platform and community for gamers (a subsidiary of Amazon). As an analytics practitioner, she builds and leads teams that focus on marketing analytics, product analytics, business intelligence, and data governance. In her prior life as a consultant, she was a member of the leadership team at Semphonic, a prominent analytics...


#65 Using the Love@Work Method to Improve Workplace Culture with Olivia Parr-Rud – Speaker, Award-Winning Author, and Data Scientist

Olivia is an internationally known thought-leader, speaker, best-selling and award-winning author, and a data scientist who focuses on the interplay between technology, corporate leadership, and personal growth and happiness. Throughout her career, she has blended analytic tools and holistic organizational practices to deliver successful solutions for her clients. As a lifelong spiritual seeker, Olivia began to see patterns that revealed the importance of love as a driver of business...


#64 Intersections of Analytics, AI, Linguistics and Culture with Prashant Natarajan – Principal, AI & Analytics

Prashant Natarajan has 18+ years’ experience in building EMRs, ERP, big data platforms, actionable analytics, and machine/deep learning applications. Before joining Deloitte, he served in hands-on global consulting and product leadership roles at, Oracle, McKesson Payer Solutions, Healthways, and Siemens. Prashant is Co-Faculty Instructor of Data Science and AI at Stanford University School of Medicine, Palo Alto, CA, USA. He volunteers as an industry expert and guest lecturer at...


#63 Set Yourself Multi-Year Professional Challenges with Felipe Flores – Founder & Podcast Host

In this episode, Anthony Ugoni, one of Australia’s more prominent leaders in analytics interviews Felipe. Felipe came to Australia as a backpacker and ended up falling in love with the place. With Spanish as his first language, the only English he could say was the jacket is black. Then, Felipe explains some of his odd jobs and working freelance IT. At university, Felipe wanted to specialize in data, but all of his friends told him it was dead. So, he ended up specializing in hardware, even...


#62 Full Stack Data Science with Gregory Hill – Global Head of Analytics

Dr. Gregory Hill leads the Analytics function at Brightstar's Global Services division, developing and delivering their data & analytics strategy, innovation programs, and product development initiatives. He works across their lines of business, including supply chain optimization, product portfolio management, financial services, buy-back and trade-in, leasing, and omnichannel solutions. He also manages Brightstar's analytics team in support of their key global accounts with pre-sales,...


#61 Data Science Strategy in the Military, Startups and Tech/Digital Leaders with Sveta Freidman - Data Analytics & Science Director/Mentor

Sveta Freidman is a data scientist and business intelligence leader with extensive experience in consulting and client-based environments. She has a vast experience working in different industries, including gambling, retail, health, and online businesses (startups). Sveta is a data strategist with a passion for connecting people to the data they need to make decisions, build better products, and execute marketing strategies. In this episode, Sveta explains why she decided to study...


#60 Building Self-Driving Cars in Silicon Valley with Vladimir Iglovikov, Ph.D. – Senior Computer Vision Engineer and Kaggle Grandmaster

Vladimir Iglovikov graduated from university with a degree in theoretical physics, he moved to Silicon Valley in search of a data science role in the industry. This led him to his current position in Lyft’s autonomous vehicle division where he works on computer vision related applications. In the past few years, he has invested a lot of time in Machine Learning competitions leading to his title of Kaggle Grandmaster. In this episode, Vladimir explains how difficult it was to find work in...


#59 Creating the Link Between Business and Data with Tony Gruebner - GM Analytics, Insights and Modelling

Tony Gruebner is the GM Analytics of Insights and Modelling and the Exec Sponsor of Personalisation at Sportsbet. He established a department of 40+ skilled analysts and data scientists tasked with creating innovative data products focused at improving the experience for their customers and supporting the business by providing relevant and timely information and insights that steer decision making across all levels of the business. He has served on the Executive Leadership Team from...


#58 Explainable AI

Today we have a different type of episode, this is a presentation that Felipe did at the Chief Data and Analytics Officer Conference in Canberra, and it is on explainable AI. First, Felipe explains how Amazon used a secret AI recruiting tool that had a bias against women. Also, the U.S. government used an algorithm predicting how likely people in the criminal justice system would reoffend. What they found is that it targeted specific racial groups. The algorithm isn’t racist or sexist, the...


#57 From Academic to Data Science Leader with Yuval Marom - Analytics and Data Science Professional

Yuval is an Analytics and Data Science professional with extensive commercial and academic experience. His interests and goals are to be working on interesting and practical problems where there is a need to discover and act on meaningful patterns in data, through advanced analytics and data science. I'm the founder and co-organiser of two meetups: Data Science Melbourne and MelbURN, a user group for Melbourne-based users of the R statistical and data mining programming language. In this...


#56 Every Business is an AI Business with Dr. Eric Daimler – Serial Entrepreneur, Technology Executive, Investor and Policy Advisor

Dr. Eric Daimler is an authority in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics with over 20 years of experience in the field as an entrepreneur, executive, investor, technologist, and policy advisor. Daimler has co-founded six technology companies that have done pioneering work in fields ranging from software systems to statistical arbitrage. Daimler is the author of the forthcoming book Every Business is an AI Business, a guidebook for entrepreneurs, engineers, policymakers, and citizens on how to...


#55 The Truth about AI from the People Building it with Martin Ford, Futurist and New York Times Bestselling Author Focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics and the Future Economy

Martin Ford is a prominent futurist, New York Times bestselling author, and leading expert on artificial intelligence and robotics and their potential impact on the job market, economy and society. His 2015 book, "Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future" won the Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award and has been translated into more than 20 languages. In this episode, Martin discusses his best-selling books and describes some of the themes he...


#54 How to build a Data Department from scratch with Annie South – General Manager of Data at ME Bank

Annie South is the General Manager of Data at ME Bank. She is an Information Management professional with twenty years’ experience of complex information environments spanning the full spectrum of structured data to unstructured information. Annie has in-depth technical knowledge of various specialisms, including metadata, data warehousing, data governance, data quality, enterprise architecture, data lineage, Big Data, data analytics, and regulatory requirements. In this episode, Annie...


#53 Winning Data Science Competitions With Pavel Pleskov - Data Scientist & Kaggle Grandmaster, Top 3 In The World

Pavel Pleskov is a data scientist at Point API (NLP startup) and currently ranks number 3 out of 109,624 on Kaggle, making him a Grandmaster. Pavel has started companies in the past and has worked in many different industries before becoming a data scientist and Kaggle Grandmaster. In this episode, Pavel explains his background and how he started in the data science space. When Pavel’s girlfriend went to pursue her master’s degree in London, Pavel began interviewing for a quantitative...


#52 Transforming Marketing with Data Science with Danielle Timmins – Chief Data Analytics Officer

Danielle Timmins is the Chief Data Analytics Officer for Free Range Creatives. Free Range Creatives is a digital marketing agency that is deeply rooted in data and analytics. They have a different view on agency life and challenge the existing ways of working. They believe that work should be fun (well, at least most days) and that our work must be insightful, inspirational and effective. In this episode, Danielle tells us how she did not start in the data space but initially wanted to be a...


#51 AI-as-a-Service with Technology Executive & Serial Entrepreneur Peter Elger, Founder and CEO of fourTheorem

Peter Elger is the founder and CEO of fourTheorem; his focus is on delivering business value to his clients through the application of cutting edge serverless cloud architectures and machine learning technology. His experience covers everything from architecting large-scale distributed software systems, to leading the internationally-based teams that built them. In this episode, Peter tells us how his first real passion was in physics. After graduating with a BSc in Physics and a master’s...


#50 Making CDOs more effective with Prakash Baskar – Founder and President

Prakash Baskar is the Founder and President of Khyanafi. He helps data leaders to rapidly transition and accelerate the success of data, analytics, and digital initiatives. Previously, Prakash was the Chief Data Officer at Santander Consumer USA where he led enterprise data governance, risk infrastructure & information (risk data aggregation), data quality, business data strategy & solutions, and business & reporting analysis functions. In this episode, Prakash tells us how he started in...