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SAP Business Technology Podcast




SAP Business Technology Podcast




Using Data in a volatile business environment

In a conversation with Gitte Kvist Hansen, Head of BI and Analytics at Lemvigh-Müller we learn how data is becoming the key asset for a wholesale company in a volatile business environment. We discuss how SAP BI solutions help bring the right data assets to the business for timely decision making. Gitte explains how Lemvigh-Müller has organized themselves for good BI governance using SAP BW and SAP HANA.


Infusing ABAP with a cloud mindset

In a coffee corner conversation with Karl Kessler from SAP we discuss the benefits of ABAP and how ABAP is evolving in a cloud world. ABAP is still very useful and is being augmented for use in hybrid scenario where some workloads run in SAP S/4HANA and some in the Business technology platform. We discuss how ABAP consultants should prepare for the future.


Approaching 20.000

In a conversation with Uwe Grigoleit from SAP we discuss the benefits of S/4HANA, options for cloud and the future of ERP. Uwe shares his advice for clients considering S/4HANA and explains how partners and clients can leverage their experience with SAP ECC (The biggest S/4HANA competitor by the way) to secure not just a successful S/4HANA implementation, but also realize the full business potential of S/4HANA.


Reflections on No-Code/Low-Code

In a coffee corner conversation with Tim Back, Chief Development Architect at SAP we learn how SAP approaches low/no-code tooling and how this fit into the overall SAP Architecture


SAP's Best Kept Secret

Change Management is a challenging discipline. Overcoming the obstacles posed by the power of habit is no easy feat. In-application learning and process assistance can help simplify adoption of new solutions and ways of working. SAP’s enable now solution provide in application help and guidance including rich standard content, but also with the capability for developers, consultants and process owners to create their own content specific to their application, solution design or process...


How to implement S/4HANA in the best way

In a conversation with Ole Jedrzejczyk from Deloitte we discuss best practice S/4HANA project execution and some of the tools that help make project execution simpler and less risky. We learn what Application Lifecycle Management is all about and discuss solutions such as Solution Manager, Cloud ALM, Signavio and Deloitte advisory.


How to manage a very, very big S/4HANA project, in an agile way

In a conversation with Tapan Kumar Dash from Maersk Technology we learn about some of the SAP initiatives under way at Maersk and how Maersk Finance transformation sets new standards for an SAP roll-out. We learn how IT and business collaborate to bring new solutions in production.


SAP Integration made easy

In a conversation with Peter Kreiner-Sasady, CTO at INVIXO we learn how application integration is becoming simpler and simpler. Peter takes us through SAP integration history and gives his perspective on the benefits of low/no-code tools. We discuss how event-based integration will change the way we think integration and learn how INVIXO add value to the SAP portfolio.


Smallest SAP Competency Center in Denmark

In a conversation with Michael Nielsen, Lead Infrastructure Manager at Velliv we learn how Velliv managed to establish an IT infrastructure from the ground up as they were divested from Nordea. Michael gives insights into their SAP landscape and explains how HEC (HANA Enterprise Cloud) was crucial to their establishment of an SAP landscape in a new setting. We learn how Michael and his colleague Troels (the 2 man SAP department) manages a complex SAP landscape spanning private cloud, public...


How Hard Can It Be

In a conversation with Jacob Lund, Senior Director, Data & Analytics Transformation at NTT Data Business Solutions we learn how NTT can help businesses make sense of their data and how to architect your organization and system architecture in such a way as to reap the full benefit of data, whether they are structured or unstructured. Jacob explains the concept of the Data Fabric and gives us at SAP some feedback on the maturity of the SAP solutions in this context.


Pace Layered SAP Roadmap with Accenture

​ In a conversation with Joakim Frisberg, Head of Nordic SAP transformation at Accenture we learn how Accenture help businesses reap the benefits of digitalization early on by intelligently de-composing their legacy solution architecture into a mix of cloud offerings and intelligent deployment of value adding services from the SAP business Technology platform. And in doing this they prepare for the shift to SAP S/4HANA, thus making the move much simpler. Accenture call this Smart field (As...


Cloud Mindset at Norsk Hydro

​In a conversation with Martin Verlande, SAP Technology Architect at Norsk Hydro we hear how Hydro adopts new technologies using shaping and safeguarding processes. At Norsk Hydro IT has set aside time to ensure that the maturity of new technology offerings is continuously explored, so that the right technologies are always ready to be adopted when the business need arise. Martin gives a thorough analysis of the SAP Business Technology Platform. What is hot and what is not. We also discuss...


Retail Data Management

​In a conversation with Mikael Walsted, Enterprise Architect at Salling group we hear about a pragmatic approach to enterprise architecture focused on value creation and an ambition to match IT-cost to realized value. But we also learn how Salling IT has been pro-active in their quest to establish a foundation for value creation well in advance of the idea creation. We discuss how the business is active participants in data management topics and how Salling has become truly data driven and...


Finance Transformation at SAP Nordic with S/4HANA

​In a conversation with Christian Pedersen, CFO SAP Nordic we learn a few basics on being a CFO and running a finance organization. A few details on a day in the life of an SAP CFO is shared. We learn how and why SAP has transformed their Finance processes and organization in the past 5-10 years and how S/4HANA has accelerated the change. We discuss the benefits of data transparency and how access to real time reporting simplifies finance execution.


Conversion Factory and Business Transformation

In a conversation with David Colgan from Deloitte we take the pulse of S/4HANA on the Danish market. We learn how the technical aspects of moving to S/4HANA has become so trivial that this is no longer a concern or risk. This means that we more often than not see businesses take on the additional challenge of implementing some sort of data driven business transformation as part of their S/4HANA project. We learn from David how Deloitte is a catalyst for such change. Hear David’s optimistic...


Democratising data using Catalogues

In a conversation with Martin Börjesson from TetraPak we hear about the TetraPak approach to data management and how data is catalogued and exposed in a fashion that enable true democratization of data usage. Learn how TetraPak has established a culture of innovation through creation of lean “Minimum Viable Products” to augment their business processes with data driven solutions. Learn Martin’s take on “Data Management” and the TetraPak enterprise data strategy, a multi-year program for data...


SAP Governance, Etik, Teknisk Gæld og Sprints hos ATP

Thomas Hartmann fra ATP giver sit bud på god skik i en IT-organisation når det gælder rettidig omhu i planlægning af de forretningskritiske IT-systemer. Thomas beretter hvordan ATP har forandret en IT-organisation med klassiske halvårlige leverancer og en vis portion IT-teknisk gæld til en agil og forretningsorienteret sprint-baseret løsningsfabrik. Hør hvordan ATP benyttede S/4HANA til at simplificere adgang til nøgletal for finansfunktionen og dermed skabte grundlaget for simplere...


Kom i gang med Machine Learning

En samtale om Machine Learning med Frederik Bonde. Hvordan kommer man i gang med Machine learning? Hvordan organiserer man sig? Hvor og hvordan opstår idéerne? Hvor søger man hjælp? Frederik har prøvet det hele og giver sit bud…


SAP Integration - er CPI klar?

En samtale om integration i SAP landskaber med Daniel Graversen, Mangeårig integrationsekspert og indehaver af FIGAF. SAP-landskaber bevæger sig lige så stille fra det monolitiske ERP-system hvor alle processer og applikationer udbydes fra centralt hold til et mere forskelligartet landskab hvor de brugervendte applikationer tilbydes i skyen både af SAP og af andre leverandører. Dermed øges integrationsudfordringen fra ”blot” at være overførsel af eksterne data til SAP og hovedbogen til nu...


Human in the loop med SAP IRPA + SAP conversational AI

En samtale med Thomas Nørmark, Itelligence om etisk AI, Procesautomatisering, fremtiden for SAP-udviklere og applikationskonsulenter. Lidt om brugen af SAP løsninger til at skabe bedre bruger og kundeoplevelser