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The Uber of QA: Crowdsourced Continuous Testing with Rainforest

Scaling your testing is the scourge of many software teams. While test automation and continuous testing have made great strides, it is still hard to automate every QA test. Also engineering resources who can script these tests are hard to find. Enter Rainforest. Rainforest has a unique crowdsourcing solution to continuous testing. It combines crowdsourcing talent with automation to deliver a high level of quality assurance on a continuous basis. In this chat we spoke with CIO Derek Choy as...


Managing Billions and Billions of Identities

Two megatrends for 2019 and beyond is scale and automation. The identity management space is a perfect example. Between all of the IP enabled devices (machines) coming on line, the billions of people and their identities, managing these billions and billions takes systems that will redefine scale and almost by definition have to be automated. Enter Forgerock. They are a leader in managed identities for both consumer brands, IoT devices and more. We spoke with Peter Barker, their VP of...


Deep Learning for Data Engineers

In this DevOps Chat we look at some exciting new technology from a company called MissingLink. Yosi Tauguri is their CEO, founder and he is the guest on this DevOps Chat. Missinglink is part of the Samsung X product development team. Their mission is to use ai to help data engineers with deep learning problems that can transform organizations abilities to meet and exceed today's customers expectations. Really interesting stuff here.


Machine Identity is as Important as Personal Identity

Managing your machines identities is as or even more important than managing your personal identities. And with the explosion in the amount of machines thanks to IoT, containers, serverless and more their numbers are in the 10s of billions or more. That is a big job and someone has to do it. That is why Venafi just security a $100 million dollar round of funding. We caught up with Venafi CEO Jeff Hudson to talk about how big and important a job it is to manage these billions and billions of...


James Wickett, Signal Sciences, DevSecOps 2019

James Wickett is the man to go to for DevSecOps. The founder of the Rugged DevOps movement which has merged into the DevSecOps group, James is one of the most knowledgeable people on the subject of DevSecOps. In this DevOps Chat James shares his views on what is on the horizon for DevSecOps and what are the most important things we can do to make our teams more secure. Have a listen as James gives us his take. Also look for the video of this interview on


AIOps, Big Data & APM - UNRAVEL CEO Kunal Agarwal

Unravel is making a name in the AIOps, APM and big data markets. We chat with Unravel CEO Kunal Agarwal in this DevOps Chat about what makes Unravel a must have for its customers. We also take a sneak peek ahead to what the near and not so near future holds for big data, AIOps and the tech scene in general. Great listen.


Identity-Based Application Security w/ Portshift

Portshift brings a new identity-based application security model from code to runtime. Cloud or on prem, Portshift works. In this chat we speak with CEO Ran Ilany and VP Business Ops Eran Grabiner about what is unique to the Portshift solution and why you should consider it for your own application security. Especially for your DevOps teams.


Sauce Labs Offers Headless Browser Testing

SauceLabs has unveiled its new headless browser testing capability which will allow for automated and continuous testing to perform even faster. I sat down with Lubos Parobek, VP of Product at Sauce to discuss what drove this development and how it can help DevOps teams be even more efficient with their testing.


Fleetsmith - Mac Management

Managing Macs, iPhones, iPads and other Apple devices at scale is not something really native to iOS or OSX. Enter Fleetsmith. In sort of a Puppet meets Apple, the Fleetsmith team automates configuration, management and security of your Apple devices. In this chat we sit down with Fleetsmith co-founder, CEO Zack Blum and company advisor, Puppet co-founder, Luke Kanies to discuss the mission and challenge in managing your Apple devices.


App Modernization & Service Virtualization with Matt Tarnawsky, IBM

While everyone wants to focus on building a new app, the fact is there are many, many apps already out there. They need to be maintained, updated and modernized. How do you upgrade these legacy apps to new infrastructure, frameworks, languages, etc? App Modernization is a thing. In this DevOps Chat we speak with Matt Tarnawsky of IBM about App Modernization and Service Virtualization, testing and more.


Digital Transformation with Box CIO Paul Chapman

It seems every organization is chasing digital transformation. Some companies are succeeding, some are wallowing a bit, trying to figure out how to do it. Box is a company that is both successfully navigating digital transformation, as well as a catalyst for digital transformation at other organizations. In this DevOps Chat we speak with Paul Chapman, CIO of Box about these topics and he gives us his own take on what the environment is like for companies and what they should do to thrive...


RSAC Innovation Sandbox and Launch Pad

RSA Conference is where the world comes to meet Security. For the last 14 years, the Innovation Sandbox Contest was where you could find out what the up and coming companies in security were up to. This year RSAC is doing something else in addition. The Launch Pad is where to come to if you have a great idea. You can pitch to VCs, the community and your peers - get great feedback. In this chat we speak with Cecilia Marinier of...


Digicert IoT Security Survey w/ Mike Nelson

Digicert a leader in the digital certificate world recently conducted a survey on the use and security around Internet of Things (IoT). In this DevOps Chat we spoke with Mike Nelson, VP of IoT Security at Digicert. Mike explains the results of the survey as well as what are the key things that the top tier companies are doing that sets them apart. You can get the full results of the survey and report at


Aqua 3.5 Raises the Bar on Serverless and Container Encryption

In just a little over 3 years Aqua Security has set their mark in the container security space. With their major new release of Aqua 3.5 they have again raised the bar with Serverless and Container Encryption upgrades and feature sets. I sat down with the Aqua Enforcer himself, Rani Osnat and "Boston" Andy Feit to discuss the details of this major release. Rani and Andy give us an inside peek.


Semaphore 2.0 with Marko Anastasov

As the old saying goes, "speed kills". When it comes to development, a lack of speed can kill too. Marko Anastasov and the Semaphore team have always strived to make Semaphore the fastest CI tool in the market. With version 2.0 of Semaphore they believe they truly are. Marko brings a unique perspective as a developer to leading the Semaphore team. He knows what he and his colleagues like and that is the roadmap for Semaphore. Have a listen to Marko tell us in his own words.


State of Software Security 9 w/ Chris Eng

Chris Eng has been shepherding the State of Software Security for a long time now. This new volume 9 of the survey is one of the best. I had a chance to sit down with Chris and discuss some of the highlights and interesting findings in this years report. Don't miss this chat and be sure to download the report from the Veracode site.


Would You Like to DITCH Your Mainframe?

Dale Vecchio has tens of years in the mainframe business. 18 or so of those years was with Gartner covering the mainframe beat. Dale is now with LzLabs. They recently conducted a survey with Microsoft On mainframe use: The results may or may not surprise you depending on your views on mainframes. It seems that a very high majority of mainframe users would like to ditch their mainframes if they could. There are some...


Systems Instrumentations w/ Influx Data CEO Evan Kaplan

Evan Kaplan, CEO of Influx Data is someone who knows his way around the technology world. In a lifetime of experience that has seen him found and manage several successful companies from start up to public entities, Evan has had a great track record of success. Influx Data is yet another success for Kaplan. Building on the open source InfluxDB they boast over 200,000 users of Influx today. I sat down with Evan to discuss Systems instrumentation today and what big data and velocity means for...


DevSecOps Meets The Cloud, {disrupt:Ops} w/ Mike Rothman

It is really my pleasure to present this episode of DevOps Chat. I have known Mike Rothman for 15 years or so. He and his partners in DisruptOps, Rich Mogull, Adrian Lane, Jody Brazil and Brandy Peterson have been some of the sharpest guys in the information security world for a long time. I knew they were working on a DevSecOps startup but I couldn't say anything. Well know the cat is out of the bag and I am happy to give you this conversation with Mike, who is President of DisruptOps. This...


Microclimate in IBM Cloud Private

Toby Corbin is a team lead on IBM's Microclimate Developer Experience tribe. Part of what he does is performance analysis for developers utilizing Cloud Private for the application environments. As such he has a unique relationship and perspective with what developers, as well as DevOps teams are experiencing and what they are striving for in terms of microservices and infrastructure, etc.. We had a good chat with Toby on some of this in this episode. You can find out more about IBM's...