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Red Hat Developer Experience in the IBM Era, Brad Micklea

Red Hat Linux is a staple of most enterprise IT organization's software diets. Developers and IT leaders all over the world took notice when IBM acquired Red Hat. Will IBM Red Hat change? Will Red Hat continue to operate as it does today or will it be subsumed and disappear into some IBM business unit? Will IBM Red Hat still contribute to projects and tools like Kubernetes, JBoss, Fuse, OpenJDK, Eclipse IDE, and many others (!/main)? All are important...


Splunk Moves Into Microservices/Service Mesh Tracing, Omnition

Swiftly after announcing their acquisition of SignalFx, Splunk vaults into microservices tracing by announcing its intention to acquire Omnition. Tech companies are rapidly making acquisitions to strengthen their position in the DevOps and contemporary cloud-native software stack. Rick Fitz, SVP and GM of Splunk's IT Markets Group, joins DevOps Chat to share with us the drivers behind Splunk's move into microservices and service mesh tracing. Information about Omnition is in short supply as...


CI/CD Scalability Lessons - Startup to Enterprise, CircleCI

The software development tool needs of a 2-3 person team can be much different than those of a large enterprise. CI/CD is a common approach nearly all software teams establish. But what needs of a larger software organization to you adopt early on and which simply adds more complexity than benefit? Rob Zuber, CTO of CircleCI, began tackling this problem in the mobile space and then moved to CircleCI to help create what is now a well established SaaS-based CI/CD offering to software teams of...


DevOps and Value Stream Management in the Large Enterprise, Plutora

Doing anything at enterprise scale call brings with it a whole new set of requirements. With potentially thousands of requirements across hundreds of applications and releases, it can be a daunting challenge to pull together all the DevOps activities across a large enterprise. This has given rise to the new term Value Stream Management (VSM.) Like Salesforce for managing the sales pipeline, Value Stream Management is about IT seeing across all its initiatives, teams and projects. Are...


Data Protection - An Enteprise IT Necessity in the Cloud, Druva

As any CIO knows, a data management architecture is essential to caring for one of the organization's most valuable assets: data. Data management sounds simple but it's not. Backup and recovery, disaster recovery, data retention, governance, e-discovery... all are parts of any effective data protection strategy. As businesses move and grow their presence in the cloud, the same capabilities apply in this very dynamic and elastic environment. Recently, Druva received another investment round...


Cisco DevNet - DevOps and the Programmable Network, Susie Wee

Network technology has undergone its own transformation in parallel with cloud infrastructure, how we create software, and the adoption of DevOps. SDN, NFV, virtual network appliances, and an ever-expanding suite of APIs making network and security technologies much more accessible to developers. Network engineers' worlds are rapidly changing too. From highly skilled to associate-level, all network engineers are faced with building up a new and necessary skill: software development. Learning...


Preview - Top 5 AWS Security Mistakes to Avoid Losing Data, DisruptOps

It's easy to forget not everyone started their move to the cloud eight or even ten years ago. Early adopters have a wealth of experiences that can benefit newcomers and experienced teams alike. A preview to August 14th's webinar "Top 5 AWS Security Mistakes and How to Stop Them Before You Lose Data", DisruptOps CEO Mike Rothman joins us on DevOps Chat. In this episode, we reflect on learnings and knowledge Mike and co-founder Rich Mogul incorporated into their product DisruptOps Guardrails....


Operators for Kubernetes

In a world where our apps are stitched together from a various building blocks, why wouldn't we do the same with Kubernetes? Operators make this possible. We spoke with Rob Szumski of IBM RedHat OpenShift team about the groundbreaking work he and the OpenShift team have been doing with bringing an entire library/repo of Operators for Kubernetes that will make it easier and faster to deploy and use Kubernetes. Low code/no code is the wave and now you can ride it with Kubernetes too. Have a...


Armory Raises $28m to Bring Spinnaker to the Enterprise

The tribe at Armory ( announced their $28m series B funding, led by Insight Partners. Armory enables continuous software delivery at enterprise scale, powered by Spinnaker. That is a crisp mission statement, but beyond that Armory is bringing the open source Spinnaker to the enterprise market. As such they are also helping the entire Spinnaker community and as part of this the entire CD market. They are members of the CD Foundation, part of the Linux Foundation as well. I...


Akamai Financial Services Attack Economy Report with Martin McKeay

Martin McKeay, a cybersecurity veteran, joins us to review Akamai's latest State of The Internet report (SOTI). This SOTI edition, dubbed Financial Services Attack Economy, highlights the vast array of cyber attacks targeted at the financial systems ecosystem over the past 18 months. Martin highlight from the report includes readily available lists of compromised user IDs and passwords, stuffing attacks, low cost or free All-In-One (AIO) attack tools, and the characteristics of phishing...


A CISO's Quest For Better Security, Michael Coates, Altitude Networks

Michael Coates is on a mission, a journey, an unassailable quest. You don't come away from senior security leadership roles at Twitter and Mozilla without some real-world lessons of how to improve cybersecurity. Those lessons inspired our guest Michael Coates, former Twitter CISO, to co-found his new startup Altitude Networks. While we don't yet know all the details about Altitude Networks, we know Michael is addressing the protection of data when using cloud collaboration software like...


Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Management For DevOps, CloudBolt

Agile, DevOps, multiple cloud providers, serverless, contemporary cloud native apps, shadow IT using a credit card…it can be daunting for any IT organization to be responsive to the internal customer needs. It’s even tougher to be proactive and get ahead of the curve. Enter Cloud Management Platforms (CMP). On this episode of DevOps Chat, we talk with Bernard Sanders (no, not the presidential candidate), CTO of CloudBolt. Our conversation explores how IT can use a CMP to provide the IT and...


Container Security in an Open Source World, Qualys

Should we secure containers? How do we secure containers? How do we secure serverless computing architectured apps? With code repositories growing rapidly with each container we create, our guest John Kinsella, VP of Engineering - Container Security at Qualys, has some sage advice for securing containers. Containers are not intended to isolate code from security vulnerabilities, containers are designed for packaging and use. Which of my containers have a vulnerable version of OpenSSL...


RSAC 2019 APJ Preview: Flash War - Tapering an Accelerating Attack Chain, Fortinet

RSAC 2019 APJ in Singapore is coming up and we’re lucky enough to preview a talk by Derek Manky titled "Flash War: Tapering an Accelerating Attack Chain." The speed at which networks are attacked, compromised and then intruders spread laterally is increasing rapidly. Add swarm technologies with AI machine learning and automation and the future holds a world where attacks that take days, hours or minutes today could laterally happen in fractions of a second tomorrow. House of Mirror defenses...


RSAC 2019 APJ Preview: The Future Of AppSec Is Cloud Native, Manicode

RSA Asia Pacific & Japan Conference 2019 in Singapore promises exciting and engaging sessions. A likely popular and possibly controversial talk will be “The Future of AppSec is Cloud Native.” Co-Presented by Jimmy Mesta (CEO and co-founder Ksoc and CTO at Manicode Security) and Jim Manico (Founder and trainer at Manicode Security), this talk makes the bold assertion that how we build cloud native applications will establish the new benchmark for application security. On this episode of...


Enterprise Multi-Cloud Backbone with Aviatrix

Our podcast guest believes the world changed “on a Tuesday" six months ago when the enterprise move to the cloud became imperative, not just an aspirational goal. That eureka moment was enough to pull Steve Mullaney off the sidelines and back into the game as CEO of Aviatrix after successful executive gigs at Palo Alto Networks and Nicira. Go-build might be a wonderful approach for cloud-native apps, but enterprises want the framework laid out ahead of their move to the cloud. Think...


$2m DARPA Award Sparks Mayhem Testing, ForAllSecure

Secure software depends on people finding vulnerabilities and deploying fixes before they are exploited in the wild. This has lead to a world of security researchers and bug bounties directed at finding new vulnerabilities. As dedicated as security researchers are, there is a vast ocean of software in existence, waiting for someone to find and exploit the next security vulnerability for profit or nefarious uses. With autonomous vehicles on the horizon, is there an autonomous solution to...


AWS re:Inforce Global Intelligence for Guard Duty, Sumo Logic

Wouldn’t it be helpful to know if other cloud users are seeing the same or similar attacks that you are? Security intelligence about cloud applications beyond just those you own and operate as an enterprise opens up a new dimension in attack visibility against an even large sets of cloud apps. Sumo Logic announced its extending their machine analytics and intelligence platform to include AWS Guard Duty during AWS re:Inforce 2019. Dubbed Global Intelligence Service for Amazon GuardDuty, the...


Shift Left for DevOps Security w/ Lacework's Dan Hubbard

Making sure our applications are secure during runtime is of course important but how do we shift left so security is built into containerized, serverless applications? Lacework announced the addition of build-time security capabilities which complement their existing run-time offering for cloud, container and hybrid environments. This “shift left” will provide security and compliance visibility across the enterprise’s infrastructure footprint, from development to runtime, and for cloud,...


Chaos Testing with Open Source Cthulhu, xMatters

Introducing chaotic, unpredictable test software into your methodical testing regime is a good idea, right? Yes, it's a branch of testing called Chaos Engineering, or Chaos Testing. Netflix's Chaos Monkey famously introduced many of us to the idea that resilient systems, networks and software become more resilient and less brittle if we use chaotic testing methods to find their weak points before customers do. An innovative engineer at xMatters launched a new open source chaos testing tool...