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Episode 85: Skunkape/Skunk Ape/Skunk-Ape

This week begins with a follow-up on fax machines, some kids say the darndest things, Uber playing video games, a bit of PlayStation Classic, and Tumblr sealing its fate. Then in the paranormal segment, some exorcism follow-up, followed by an extended discussion about the Skunkape/Skunk Ape/Skunk-Ape and paranormal tourism.


Episode 84: The United States of Exorcisms

What happens when a small burger place gets too much fame? Do people like watching chess online? Why are people still using fax machines? Is Angelo still working on his farm? What will we find on Mars? Why are exorcisms on the rise in the United States? Brian and Angelo have a look at all these things and more this week, on episode 84 of Double Density.


Episode 83: Gaining Online Empathy w/ Casey Liss

This week, Brian and Angelo invite Casey Liss on the show to discuss bagels, iPads, ARM-powered Macs, podcasting, and internet comment culture. Then, shifting into the paranormal, Casey talks about his superstitions and his thoughts on the paranormal, and the trio get into the notion of sentient life on other planets. Special Guest: Casey Liss.


Episode 82: Men in Black - Galaxy Defenders

This week, Brian has another Apple story, the wonderful world of Nintendo Switch pirates, people creating fake personas (we're looking at you, Jered Threatin), the phenomenon of curated imperfection, and the shocking revelation that there was malware on the InfoWars webstore. Once the conversation shifts to the paranormal, the duo discussses local UFOlogist Don Donderi which leads to a discussion about the seven posibilities of what the Men in Black are.


Episode 81: A Realistic Silver Surfer

Brian would love to be able to move an MP3 file to his iPhone using AirDrop, helium breaks iPhones, the duo discuss how many spaces should go after a period, Angelo pre-orders Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, and he gets videogame married so that he can have some help on his farm. In the paranormal segment, there are weird sounds in downtown Montreal, is it a comet or a solar sail, and humans hatch a plot to annoy aliens with a laser pointer that reaches 20,000 light years. Yes. Really.


Episode 80: The "Inside Baseball" Mac

Another Apple event so soon!! Brian is extremly excited to hear all about it from Angelo, as they talk about the new MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and a new iPad Pro. After that, they discuss a woman who has had several relationships with ghosts, and then move on to discussing Netflix's new "based on a true story" series Haunted... And guess what? It's probably not based on any true stories. The duo then get into a prolonged discussion about "reality" in film.


Episode 79: Halloweentime in Canadatown: A Sordid Saucerful Of Tales

The iPhone XR is out and there's no way Angelo will not be talking about it. Also, does the excellent battery life of this phone pose a problem for horror movie writers? Then, Brian presents some historical Halloween facts before doing his best to torture Angelo with some scary music.


Episode 78: Down The Da Vinci Code Rabbit Hole

This week Angelo admits that the Pixel 3 would be the only Android phone out there to get him to switch from iOS, and that he would much rather have the Google Home Hub in his home instead of the Facebook Portal because Facebook is the worst. In a lengthy paranormal segement, Brian presents all the information he found after falling down a Da Vinci Code rabbit hole, and Angelo flexes with his Art History degree.


Episode 77: Finely Crafted Artisanal Podcasts

Brian starts the show with a quick anecdote about the current state of VCRs, before looking into the demise of Google+, the take down of a fan made virtual USS Enterprise, Pokemon’s music composer turned game producer, and the state of podcast financing. Then, the duo visits Skinwalker ranch once again, before looking at a celebrity UFO sighting, and how Siri likes to point people to conspiracy theories.


Episode 76: "I have opinions." w/ Zac Cichy of The Menu Bar

With a discussion ranging from Apple's quality control, to Microsoft's recent Surface event, Brian and Angelo have a great time with Zac Cichy from the Menu Bar. Once they get done talking tech, they head off into Zac's interest in the paranormal, with a look at how nothing paranormal frighten's Zac anymore, and what needs to happen with UFOs for people to take notice. Special Guest: Zac Cichy.


Episode 75: Skinwalker Ranch: The Musical

It seems as though Double Density is starting to focus a lot more on video games lately, and it all has to do with the fact that it’s video game season! Brian and Angelo briefly touch upon the upcoming PlayStation Classic before pondering what nostalgia bomb Nintendo will drop next. They then have a look at an online library of old arcade games that can be found at, before moving on to the walkie-talkie feature of watchOS 5, and looking at how kids today like to fake death on...


Episode 74: Secret Parkour

This week Brian spends some pre-show prep time playing Zelda, and then does his best to make Angelo feel bad about subscribing to Amazon Prime. The duo also ponder if Apple has become a luxury brand for rich people, the amazing storage medium of magnetic tapes, Doom 2's last secret, and taking a step back from all our distractions. When the discussion shifts to the paranormal, our hosts take a look at Luis Elizondo’s Medium article about the stigma of paranormal belief, and then take a look...


Episode 73: UFO - Unidentified Floating Object

This week, Brian and Angelo head out of their summer schedule and take a deep dive into the world of portable music technology, starting with the transistor radio and going all the way up to the move to digital files and the iPod. In the paranormal segment, there's another spin of the Double Density Wheel of Fortune witha look at various paranormal comings and goings in the world at large - this means aliens, ghosts, time travel and more!


iPhone Excess - 2018 Apple Keynote Thoughts

Brain and Angelo take a look at Apple's latest iteration of the Apple Watch and the iPhone X, discussing the September 2018 special event at the Steve Jobs Theatre in Apple Park.


Episode 72: Living the Helicopter Lifestyle

This week, Brian talks about getting his NES Classic and spending some time plating Star Tropics and Angelo deals with an Apple ID lockout on his wife’s account. They then speculate the upcoming Apple event, and Brian gets stranded during a subway debacle. In the paranormal segment, the discussion focuses on the Cuban microwave weapon attacks, and then Brian tells us all about his recent ghost tour.


Episode 71: Food Pyramid of the Paranormal

Angelo has moved into an open office, Brian did not get to see the Insane Clown Posse live, a look at how email takes up too much of our time, ISPs and copyright, Windows 95 (on a Mac!), and Angelo visits the Apple Store (again). Also, an attempt to chart the paranormal, and a closer look at UFO groups.


Episode 70: This Sounds Like an Alien Parking Lot

Angelo is pretty excited about his Nintendo Switch, and he picked up Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, which is a game Brian enjoyed as well. The two discuss the game without spoilers before continuing their gaming talk with a look at randomized SNES games, before finally analyzing Netflix's plan to insert "stories" as people binge on their favourite shows. In the paranormal segment, the duo looks at how ill prepared the German government is for alien contact, the Momo challenge, a weird furry...


Episode 69: Jason Statham’s Universe of Cryptids

This week, Angelo and Brian are back together again. After getting Brian excited over Angelo's surprise new tech purchase, the duo discusses Anchor, the idea of a shared family computer, and the continuing saga of yearly smartphone updates. In the paranormal segment, discussion starts with how great it is to see Alex Jones get delisted from certain services, and then moves onto talk about the Bermuda Triangle, another To The Stars blunder, and purchasing haunted houses.


Episode 68: The Anarchist Cookbook: A Recipe For Disaster

As Angelo continues his break visiting the sights and sounds of Disney World in Orlando, Brian and Tj Counihan (of Pints and Puzzles and his upcoming project Notes From The Attic) take a deep look at the Anarchist Cookbook – a collection that made headlines in the early 1970s. They look at its societal impact, how it helped shape the web, some of the crimes attached to the notorious tome and much more. Special Guest: TJ Counihan.


Episode 67: Orson Wells: Like, Comment, and Subscribe

Angelo's busy frolicking in the Magic Kingdom this week, so Double Density presents a previously-recorded but unreleased episode! This week, in the tech segment of the show, Brian and Angelo present you with a list of their favourite go-to YouTube channels that have less than 500k subscribers. Then, they have a discussion about the 1975 NASA documentary "Who's Out There?" staring Orson Welles.