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Episode 103: Premonitions and Dreams

Brian starts off the episode with questions about Angelo's ethical choices before moving on to unions in video game studios, why the internet may not be forever, and how YouTube has changed for users and creators. You may have seen it coming in a dream, as the duo tackles premonitions and dreams.


Episode 102: UFOs Over Michigan

Brian and Angelo say goodbye to AirPower, advise folks to not drink and shop, continue to realize Facebook is being shady, and discover Amazon is involved in some political intrigue. Then, they take a close look at the March 1994 Michigan UFO flap where lots of people called into 911, and a National Weather Service radar operator has a shocking revelation. Come for the 911 calls, stay for the discussion on a case that has not been discussed enough.


Episode 101: Disappearing Object Phenomenon

Brian steps out of a deus ex machina portal to rejoin Angelo in another thrilling installment of Double Density. In tech, was an Apple event with a focus on services and celebrities, and Brian is disturbed that the RCMP is spying on him. Then, the discussion shifts to strange disapearences and a discussion about disappearing object phenomenon and Missing 411.


Episode 100: The Disappearance of Brian Hastie: Part 1

What happened to Brian at the end of episode 99? Join in as Angelo tracks down leads, interviews folks close to the situation, unearths new clues and more. Special Guests: Bruno D., Rob Kristoffersen, and Steph W..


Episode 99: RAM Finds a Way

This week, Brian welcomes Angelo back from his beach vacation. The duo have a discussion about browser habits, wish a happy birthday to the World Wide Web, have a look at a long lost NES game, and they have thoughts on the upcoming Apple event. In the paranormal segement, Brian brings up To The Stars' new TV series on the History Channel, and then Angelo talks about the interesting thing he saw in the night sky while on vacation, before the duo experience a shocking event that forces them to...


Episode 98: The Gobbledy Gooker Lives! w/Bruno D.

While Angelo is prancing out and about in another part of the world, Brian is joined by long-time friend Bruno D. for a talk about tech history, speedrunning, videogame memories and a discussion about the problematic nature of aging tech. One word: COBOL. The duo then discuss their own personal histories vis-a-vis professional wrestling and explore weird wrestling lore! Special Guest: Bruno D..


Episode 97: Carp/Guardian: The Greatest Canadian UFO Hoax Ever

Brian gets a new nickname, 1970s pirate TV tapes, foldable phones are coming, and Apple has a possible event on the horizon. All that is followed by an extensive look at the Carp/Guardian UFO case - one that many claim to be the greatest hoax in Canadian UFOlogy. Join us as we dive in deep.


Episode 96: Consequence-Free Podcasting w/TJ Counihan

This week, we sit down with special guest TJ Counihan for a roundtable discussion about a number of things. Brian decides to mix it up a little, including a slightly different (and weird, according to Angelo) intro and a randomizing of technology and paranormal topics. From the Samasung event, to Chuck E. Cheese pizza conspiracies, to TJ's recording setup, and then talking about a race of all-powerful cat people, this is an episode you don't want to miss. Special Guest: TJ Counihan.


Episode 95: Vortexland, USA

Do you miss buying CDs, renting movies, and not having so much to choose from? Well, Brian and Angelo do, and they talk about the rituals they miss that technological advances have made irrelevant. Then, Brian recruits his wonderful fiancée Steph to talk about the things she misses that we don't have anymore, with a focus on renting movies. Finally, it's a virtual roadtrip to Sedona to find out how all those vortexes affect humans and what it all means. Plus: Aliens! Rods! Spirits! Special...


Episode 94: Avoid Planet Earth w/ Dan Moren

Brian and Angelo spend some time chatting with Dan Moren about writing novels, recording podcasts, tabletop games, and the DC cinematic universe and how to fix it. Then, shifting gears to the paranomal, they discuss the possibility of alien worlds, what scares them, Dan shares a ghost story, and above all else, the importance of rods. Special Guest: Dan Moren.


Episode 93: Alien Abductions and the Really Real

In tech, Brian and Angelo take a look at Facbook being terrible as usual, the Nintendo GameCube, and the downsides to hustle culture. Heading over to the paranormal, the duo has a long discussion about how tramautic events can lead to the paranormal, and how paranormal events can be traumatic.


Episode 92: Where Were You While The Fyre Raged?

Algorithms are indeed racist, Fyre was as lit as a dumpster, and influencers are the worst. Also, do you wanna know what Garfield the cat, the X-Men, and the Pope have in common? Brian and Angelo have got you covered.


Episode 91: Imagine... What You Can’t Imagine.

After a quick mention of Brian's donation being read during the Games Done Quick fundraiser, the duo has a look at the Gillette ad and the ensuing online discussion, how smart TVs track you, and how location data can be missused. Then, in the paranormal segment, a conversation about where all the aliens can be hiding in the universe.


Episode 90: Question Everything, X-Files Style

This week, Angelo and Brian take a look at how so much of what is online is fake, be it the content, the metrics, and the people that influence what we see. Then, they have a look at the Moon, and all the strange things about it.


Episode 89: The Three Pillars of a Conspiracy Theory

What could have caused Apple's dip in revenue? What is China? Was it the battery replacement program? Have iPhones become too good for their own good? Are other smartphones getting too good? Brian and Angelo discuss what it could be. Then, the duo shifts to talking about what makes up a good conspiracy and Brian reveals the three pillars that hold it up.


Episode 88: Great Job Monsanto w/Sam of Not Alone and Rob of Our Strange Skies

Brian and Angelo host a virtual holiday party with their friends Rob Kristoffersen (from Our Strange Skies) and Sam Fredrickson (from Not Alone) and chat about the tech things they've enjoyed and not enjoyed in the last year. They then have a look at the paranormal and go through what each person has learned over the last year of making their respective podcasts. Special Guests: Rob Kristoffersen and Sam Fredrickson.


Episode 87: The Man Who Invented Flying Saucers

This week, tech and the paranormal come together with a discussion about Randy Hunter's search for the work of the elusive Alexander Weygers. Did this man invent the modern day notion of the flying saucer?


Episode 86: Anything is Possible in International Waters

This week the door closes on the fax trilogy, Angelo is enthralled by Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Apple needs to get its content everywhere, don't chip yourself when you're drunk, and Samsung's daliences with a shady Supreme brand knockoff pay off for everyone else but the companies involved. As the conversation shifts to the paranomal, Angelo discovers his latent psychic abilities, a woman divorces a 300 year-old ghost, a cloned Nigerian president, and #pizzagate is the worst.


Episode 85: Skunkape/Skunk Ape/Skunk-Ape

This week begins with a follow-up on fax machines, some kids say the darndest things, Uber playing video games, a bit of PlayStation Classic, and Tumblr sealing its fate. Then in the paranormal segment, some exorcism follow-up, followed by an extended discussion about the Skunkape/Skunk Ape/Skunk-Ape and paranormal tourism.


Episode 84: The United States of Exorcisms

What happens when a small burger place gets too much fame? Do people like watching chess online? Why are people still using fax machines? Is Angelo still working on his farm? What will we find on Mars? Why are exorcisms on the rise in the United States? Brian and Angelo have a look at all these things and more this week, on episode 84 of Double Density.