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Episode 52: Cosmic Lag

This week, Brian and Angelo continue their discussion on Facebook’s misuse of data, including an in-depth look at what they found in their respective “Download your Information” files. Continuing in the tech section, Brian expresses how elated he is that Billy Mitchell has received his comeuppance for cheating. The show then ends with a discussion about Art Bell, and how he influenced Brian’s views on the paranormal. Be sure to listen for the clip of Brian’s one and only interaction with Art...


Episode 51: Area 51: This is Your Life

This week, the episode gets flipped turned upside-down, as Brian and Angelo start the show with a special look at Area 51. Then they make the unprecedented move of having the tech section in the second half, where they discuss Angelo's new MIDI controller, some Uber follow-up, Apple criticism, phone boredom, and much more.


Episode 50: A Web Ring of Cryptids

This week, Brian and Angelo take a look at their favourite topics from the past year of episodes and provide follow ups and updates to everyone's burning questions, including: is Angelo still playing retro games? Did "mad" Mike Hughes launch and prove that the earth is flat? What are some paranormal places of significance? Is it many bigfoot or is it bigfeet? All these questions and more are answered!


Episode 49: I Like My Stupid Door Lock

There can be high tech issues and low tech issues, and both were experienced this week. Stupid doors, smart homes, Apple’s education ploy, autonomous car dangers, and dystopian toilet paper rations. Then, the Dyatlov Pass claims a hiker, Venus is a UFO, and Stephen Greer and Tom DeLonge fight over mummified remains.


The Bytes And Strange Lights Show - Sept. 24 1999 Rebroadcast

Newly uncovered! Before Double Density, Angelo and Brian co-hosted the Bytes and Strange Lights syndicated radio show. Listen in to an excerpt from September 1999 – a mix of tech and paranormal topics.


Episode 48: A Scrapbook Of Conspiracy Theory Memories

This week, TJ Counihan joins Brian and Angelo to discuss his podcasting endeavours, the gear he uses, and what it’s like to deal with children and the connected world. In the paranormal segment, a look at the book Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper, and how it affects and relates to the current climate of conspiracy theory. Special Guest: TJ Counihan.


Episode 47: Time Slinky

Memes. So many memes. Brian and Angelo have a look at what memes are, how they’ve changed, and how people used them. They reach memeception, and Alexa laughs at them when they get there. In the paranormal segment, things go off the rails real quick as they look into the Montauk Project and the colourful personalities involved.


Episode 46: Boat Disclosure

Things can just disappear never to be found again, although sometimes they come back. Brian and Angelo have a look at video games that were considered lost, although some have found their way into the public due to some industrious sleuthing. Then, in the paranormal segment, the hosts find their way to a ship that famously disappeared and then returned, with a look at the Philadelphia Experiment. Side topics include iPhone notches, Apple’s clarity problem, Part-time UFOs, government...


Episode 45: The Greys Vs. Skynet

This week, Brian and Angelo bring together tech and paranormal to examine whether it will be A.I. or aliens that destroy the human race. Follow Double Density on: TWITTER || FACEBOOK || INSTAGRAM || WEBSITE ||


Episode 44: Making Rings For Fun And For Profit

This week, Brian and Angelo take a look at being locked into certain technology ecosystems, and of course HomePod rings. Then, from HomePod rings, they take a look at the ring left by an incredible UFO sighting in Delphos, Kansas. Also, covered: phones that spy on you, ad blockers, photo backups (Brian’s favourite), time travellers, cryptocurrency vs SETI, and the Pentagon UFO tapes. Follow Double Density on: TWITTER || FACEBOOK ||...


Episode 43: The Depths of (Internet) Hell

This week Brian and Angelo talk about watching the Winter Olympics, Apple’s iOS source code getting leaked, Facebook being shady, and how the HomePod is pretty good, even if you’re an audiophile. The, the paranormal segment gets a little technical with a dive into the deep, dark Marianas web.


Episode 42: Paranormal’s Awkward Stilted Cousin

This week, Elon Musk’s flamethrower may help during an alien invasion, why do people buy internet traffic, podcasts are great places to advertise, and Billy Mitchell is a cheater. Then in the paranormal segment, it’s DB Cooper, conspiracies on YouTube, the full moon does nothing, mass hysteria, and the Zone of Silence.


Episode 41: Steven Hockey Season

This week, Angelo and Brian continue to discuss podcast editing, have a contentious discussion about the HomePod, look at how mobile devices affect concert goers, and how the exercise habits of the military can be a problem for privacy. The paranormal section delves into employment opportunities on the Area 51 airline, how the world needs more exorcists, and what the human race would do in the face of an alien invasion.


Episode 40: Big Daddy Mothman

This week, after Angelo realizes that his hearing isn’t what it used to be, the discussion moves to a look at how user interface and user experience is important, and how when it becomes too good, it may lead to technology addiction. Then, in the paranormal segment, after a quick look at a few stories, Brian and Angelo have a look at the many early 90’s UFO sightings that happened in Mexico. Also: Tide Pods.


Episode 39: What do Shadow People Smell Like?

This week, Angelo and Brian briefly talk about editing podcasts and how Angelo has recently purchased Logic Pro X to aid in his editing endeavours. They also take a look at how storage media has changed and how easy it is to get stuff off of old floppy disks. In the paranormal part of the show, after Angelo shares some strange coincidences, they spend the rest of the episode talking about shadow people; what are they, where do the come from, what do they smell like, and how does one lure...


Episode 38: Ice Cream Satan w/Rob Kristoffersen

This week, Brian and Angelo have UFO expert Rob Kristofferson on the show to talk about his two favorite things: music and UFOs. Rob provides some updates on his podcasting setup before they delve into the world of how music consumption has changed in the past few decades. Moving into the paranormal, they take a look at how the paranormal found its way into popular music, with a closer look at Robert Johnson, Jim Sullivan, and satanism & backmasking in music. Special Guest: Rob Kristoffersen.


Episode 37: 2018: Year of the Bigfoot

This week, Brian and Angelo delve into how someone can control those fancy speakers you got as a gift to scare you, and they talk about Apple’s iPhone battery confusion. In the paranormal section of the show, they talk some Unsolved Mysteries skepticism, and then make some predictions for what’s going to happen with the paranormal in 2018. Make sure you listen for Angelo’s Google Home trying to insert itself into the episode without any prompting.


Episode 36: Rod Nostradamus

Happy New Year everyone! This week, Brian and Angelo look back at 2017 and talk about what stood out to them in tech and the paranormal - both good and bad.


Episode 35: Mr. Bigelow’s Big Time Ranch

For 2017's last episode, the guys discuss Apple’s recent purchase of Shazam, Tidal’s problems and if they’ll last longer than SoundCloud, and Angelo adds a few Google Home Minis to his house. Then, in the world of the paranormal, there’s only one thing to talk about: UFOs and the recent revelations of a secret government project.


Episode 34: Santa Uses Wormholes

In this holiday edition of the show, Brian and Angelo talk about family internet accounts, the Dio hologram, Brian's visit to a comic book convention, gifs that are noisy, podcast editing, and how to hate people on the internet. Then, after a brief discussion about the Denver International Airport, the duo have festive paranormal segment, where they talk about the scary side of Christmas, and the holidays.


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