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Episode 68: The Anarchist Cookbook: A Recipe For Disaster

As Angelo continues his break visiting the sights and sounds of Disney World in Orlando, Brian and Tj Counihan (of Pints and Puzzles and his upcoming project Notes From The Attic) take a deep look at the Anarchist Cookbook – a collection that made headlines in the early 1970s. They look at its societal impact, how it helped shape the web, some of the crimes attached to the notorious tome and much more. Special Guest: TJ Counihan.


Episode 67: Orson Wells: Like, Comment, and Subscribe

Angelo's busy frolicking in the Magic Kingdom this week, so Double Density presents a previously-recorded but unreleased episode! This week, in the tech segment of the show, Brian and Angelo present you with a list of their favourite go-to YouTube channels that have less than 500k subscribers. Then, they have a discussion about the 1975 NASA documentary "Who's Out There?" staring Orson Welles.


Episode 66: What Lies Beyond The Magic Kingdom: Disney Tech And The Occult

Angelo is going to Disney World this week, and as a result, Double Density is bringing you a run down of some of the tech and paranormal stuff that is part of the Disney experience.


Episode 65: Space Dolphins and Successful Murder

This week, Angelo and Brian briefly discuss the new MacBook Pros before delving into the scary world of how we are targeted for ads and how it’s actually scarier than one would think. Then in the paranormal segment, Brian brings out the Double Density Wheel of Fortune to determine which topics to cover, ranging from a weird black sarcophagus, to UFO sighting stats, to some sasquatch pot-pourri.


Episode 64: Code Name: Ultra 64

This week Brian is a little late because of Thanosdidnothingwrong. Once settled in, he and Angelo have a look back at the Nintendo 64, ponder the future of Movie Pass, and then reflect on ten years of the iOS App Store. In the paranormal segment, the duo takes a look at how rock stars tend to attract aliens, and how these aliens affect their careers.


Episode 63: "The Internet and UFOs, Your Two Favourite Things"

Summer is upon us, our fancy devices do not like the heat, Google Duplex has a redux, Apple Maps is finding its way, and Juggalos will avoid detection when the AI wars come. In the paranormal segment, after pondering a Nevada Time Warp, Brian gets a mashup of his two favourite things, as the sorry state of reporting UFOs among the major UFO research bodies is discussed.


Episode 62: Three Fanboys And A Skeptic w/ Alexandre and Tyler from RGBA

This week, Brian and Angelo welcome Alex and Tyler from the RGBA ( podcast, and after getting to know them a little, they talk about podcasting workflows, voice assistants, and non-tech things that they really nerd out on. Then they find out where the RGBA hosts first found an interest in the world of the paranormal before diving into the Fermi Paradox, pondering the mysteries of the universe. Special Guests: Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé and Tyler Menard.


Episode 61: That Space Force Sigh

After discussing some of Angelo’s real life interactions, the topic du jour is mostly video games, which then leads to a discussion about YouTube Premium. Then, after briefly pondering the idea of a Space Force, Brian talks about seeing the movie Hereditary, which leads to a discussion about communicating with ghosts.


Episode 60: A Ghost-Positive Household w/ Desdymona

This week, Brian and Angelo welcome Desdymona to the podcast to talk about her love of podcasts, creating digital art, voiceover work, and working on her upcoming podcast Calling Darkness. They then settle in for a discussion on the paranormal, discussing where Desdymona’s interest in all things strange comes from, coming from a ghost-positive household, and what makes a great creepy pasta. Special Guest: Desdymona.


Episode 59: When WWDC And Dinos Collide

This week, Brian and Angelo take a closer look at Apple’s recent WWDC announcements, how memes don’t make money anymore, Norman the psychopathic AI, the Boring Company Not-A-Flamethrower, and burnt out YouTubers. Then in the paranormal segment, they take a closer look at weird things the government has seriously considered, including wormholes and stargates, as well as a surprising diagram hidden deep in the documents. Oh yeah, new artwork too!


Episode 58: The Dogman And I

This week, Brian and Angelo discuss Amazon's Rekognition project, Alexa recording your every word, how you need to reboot your router, the demise of the Essential phone, Bitcoin ruins everything, and how the math men have overtaken the mad men when it comes to advertising. Shifting over to the paranormal, after Angelo talks about seeing Infinity War, your hosts skew the discussion towards cryptids. Namely, the non-alien octopus, the Loch Ness Monster and her DNA, and finally, the Dogman.


Episode 57: Poltergeist Behaviour 101: The Enfield Poltergeist Case

This week, Angelo talks about his adventure in AppleCare, Brian talks about his adventure in New York City, and in case you're wondering, they are both on team Laurel. In the world of the paranormal, MK Ultra victims are suing the Canadian government, and Angelo watches The Conjuring 2, leaving him unimpressed with the evidence for the Enfield Poltergeist.


Episode 56: The Dig Dug Time Theory

This week’s episode begins with a discussion of the latest Super Mario Bros. speedrun record, and a video that breaks it down, but then quickly moves to talking about trolls of all kinds: from patent trolls to time traveling trolls, to robot trolls and student trolls. Then in the paranormal segment, Brian and Angelo look at flat earthers, before going on to talk about people listening to podcasts on Youtube, which is so scary to Angelo that it may as well be paranormal.


Episode 55: Chupajonesy

This week, Brian and Angelo celebrate SPAM’s 40th birthday, look back at 20 years of the iMac, discuss how hard it is to run the @mta Twitter account, and look at what Google has in store for us with Duplex, a more human sounding Google Assistant. Then in the paranormal section, Brian has Angelo react to a conspiracy packed podcast, which leads them to doubling down on Vegas-style odds on the things that happen in Alex Jones' life. Special Guest: Lollypop.


Episode 54: The Rise And Fall Of UFOland: A Raelien Primer

This week, Brain asks Angelo if they talk about too much Apple stuff, and after agreeing that they do, they proceed to talk about how Apple’s laptops seem to have keyboard issues, how Apple is discontinuing their AirPort line of wifi routers, and the origins of many of the original Macintosh icons. They also throw in some Ray Kurzweil talk and a look at psycho-electric weapons for some balance. Brian presents what he has learned about Raëlianism in the first of an occasional series on...


Episode 53: That’s SO Canadian w/ Amber and Andrew from Into the Portal

This week, Brian and Angelo welcome Amber and Andrew from Into the Portal to briefly talk about starting a podcast, their tech setup, and learning about how to podcast on the fly. The foursome then continue their creepy tour of Canada that started on Into the Portal and take a look at some UFOs, cryptids, pirates, ghost ships, and hauntings. Join us as we go from Angikuni Lake in Nunavut, to Roberts Arm in Newfoundland and everywhere in between. Special Guests: Amber Rae and Andrew McKay.


Episode 52: Cosmic Lag

This week, Brian and Angelo continue their discussion on Facebook’s misuse of data, including an in-depth look at what they found in their respective “Download your Information” files. Continuing in the tech section, Brian expresses how elated he is that Billy Mitchell has received his comeuppance for cheating. The show then ends with a discussion about Art Bell, and how he influenced Brian’s views on the paranormal. Be sure to listen for the clip of Brian’s one and only interaction with...


Episode 51: Area 51: This is Your Life

This week, the episode gets flipped turned upside-down, as Brian and Angelo start the show with a special look at Area 51. Then they make the unprecedented move of having the tech section in the second half, where they discuss Angelo's new MIDI controller, some Uber follow-up, Apple criticism, phone boredom, and much more.


Episode 50: A Web Ring of Cryptids

This week, Brian and Angelo take a look at their favourite topics from the past year of episodes and provide follow ups and updates to everyone's burning questions, including: is Angelo still playing retro games? Did "mad" Mike Hughes launch and prove that the earth is flat? What are some paranormal places of significance? Is it many bigfoot or is it bigfeet? All these questions and more are answered!


Episode 49: I Like My Stupid Door Lock

There can be high tech issues and low tech issues, and both were experienced this week. Stupid doors, smart homes, Apple’s education ploy, autonomous car dangers, and dystopian toilet paper rations. Then, the Dyatlov Pass claims a hiker, Venus is a UFO, and Stephen Greer and Tom DeLonge fight over mummified remains.