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EOS Radio Weekly - 22 May 2019 - Everipedia launch, pEOS and Proxy-as-a-Service

Recent Dan Larimer comments https://t.me/daneos https://i.redd.it/0erfq7cxmsy21.png pEOS: Implementing UTXOs on EOS (additional privacy features coming!) https://medium.com/@pEOS_one/peos-implementing-utxos-on-eos-7def08840466 Everipedia 2.0 enters final stage of private beta testing and launching with many new features! https://medium.com/@Everipedia/everipedia-2-0-enters-final-stage-of-private-beta-testing-5452086b7379...


EOS Radio Weekly - 15 May 2019 - Should Voters be Rewarded for Protecting the EOS Blockchain?

Announcements: We will be in DC for #B1June and possibly in San Francisco for BP Summit & Tulip Conf. www.freedomproxy.org website is updated! Come see our reasons why we vote for each BP including the locations of all producing and backup nodes. We’re releasing a new product called TokenYield in a little over a week, so stay tuned! Featured Article: The Missing Piece to the EOS Incentive Model: https://medium.com/@eosnewyork/the-missing-piece-to-the-eos-incentive-model-bd39977d243f Voting...


EOS Radio Weekly - 08 May 2019 - LiquidApps, dGoods 1.0, eosio.saving, Inflation & Lost Key Recovery

Eosio.saving Inflation Binance hack and Bitcoin rollback suggestion by CZ (CEO of Binance Exchange) Adaptability and Flexibility of EOS versus Bitcoin The safety of using EOS Permissions System LiquidApps: Oracles, IBC and XIBC https://medium.com/@liquidapps/the-dapp-network-just-added-powerful-new-features-for-eos-dapps-700bfc3e7bd6 What is a DSP? Details on EOS Nation’s DSP Lost Key Recovery dGoods 1.0 See you next week! EOS Radio is hosted by Ashe Oro and Zane Whitener. We are a free...


EOS Radio Weekly - 01 May 2019 - Stable coins, REX and Bancor

Special Guest: Eyal Hertzog - Co-founder of Bancor Background of Bancor “Liquidity is the internet of value” Bancor design and how it works Critiques of Bancor Comparison of Bancor to Shapeshift Comparisons of Bancor to Bitshares “REX” Resource Exchange goes live, plus how REX is integrated with Bancor Dan Larimer’s new EOS stablecoin idea See you next week! EOS Radio is hosted by Ashe Oro and Zane Whitener. We are a free market and community focused team promoting roundtable conversations...


EOS Radio Weekly - 24 April 2019 - REX Deployment, Burning Savings & what to do about Inflation?

Liberland uses EOSIO to form a decentralized autonomous government! EOS Token Smart Contracts and a Proposal for Core Development Funding & Referendum proposal REX Deployment - at Phase 2 of 3 now! Retire Savings “burn proposal” Greymass article Community sourced summary of the debate Stephane Bisson - EOS Nation: 5:35 Liberland going to be using EOSIO for their new government using a modified/reskinned version of the eosDAC technology 10:55 EOS New York's referendum about EOS smart token...


EOS Radio Weekly - 03 April 2019 - EOSIO Labs, Eclipse, free vAccounts and the Bull is Back!

Panelists: Kevin Rose - EOS New York Yves La Rose - EOS Nation Ashe Oro - FreedomProxy Zane Whitener - FreedomProxy The EOS Echo | https://medium.com/@eosnewyork/eos-echo-your-weekly-eos-digest-21-523f9a9a6b96 EOS Resource Exchange (REX) code has been released | EOSIO | https://eosnewyork.us17.list-manage.com/track/click?u=b098c41aaa25ac093d3a1e74f&id=2ae0fd57db&e=273423b4d9 Introducing PredIQt: The First Prediction Market Built Using EOSIO Technology |...


EOS Radio Weekly Update - 27 March 2019

Panelists: Myles Snider - Aurora EOS Yves La Rose - EOS Nation Ashe Oro - FreedomProxy Zane Whitener - FreedomProxy June 1st is coming!!! EOS price rally! Myles Snider’s tweet storm | https://twitter.com/myles_snider/status/1110618717145178113 LiquidApps vAccounts | https://medium.com/@liquidapps/all-aboard-the-eos-train-its-free-dbc00d9b21f The Evolution of eosfinex | https://medium.com/eosfinexproject/the-evolution-of-eosfinex-3221d8c7b35 Onboarding 75 million WordPress users into the...


EOS Radio Weekly Update - 20 March 2019

Panelists: Daniel Keyes - EOS Nation Luke Stokes - eosDAC • EOS ranks #1 FCAS Score on CoinMarketCap.com • BP bounties • The EOS User Agreement has been proposed by EOS New York to BPs to replace the interim constitution | Bloks • BP MSIG for EUA: • EOS Nation’s epic EOS torch relay. • The EOS Treasure hunt is live! | The Secret Key • Sense.Chat — The First Provably Secure Video Messenger App • PlayerOne, the Platform and airdrop | PlayerOne • 2nd annual Tulip conference | EOS Nation • Lost...


EOS Radio Weekly Update - 13 March 2019

-Crisis in Venezuela & how crypto can help -Block Producers not voting in referendum -Check out where the EOS Torch is here | EOS Torch -REX Updates | EOS Authority -EOS User Agreement: The final version of the EOS User Agreement | EOS New York -ITAM Games, “Forget free-to-play, this is play-to-earn” -The eosfinex smart contract plugin | eosfinex -Bancor’s new unified wallet is live | Bancor -StrongBlock closes $4MM funding round | AP News -Samsung & HTC are bringing blockchain to the masses...


EOS Radio #10: Anarchy & DACs at Anarchapulco 2019!

Show Notes: Panelists: Stephane Bisson - EOS Nation - @EOS_Nation Daniel Keyes - EOS Nation - @Daniel_Keyes Luke Stokes - eosDAC - @lukestokes Colin T. Crypto - www.colintalkscrypto.com - @ColinTCrypto Topics Discussed: -Is the Worker Proposal System more aligned with anarcho-capitalism or socialism? -Impressions from the conference -DACs (Decentralized Autonomous Communities) and how to use advanced permissions and multi-signatures to customize and protect project code? -How has the ICO...


EOS Radio #9: Next Steps for EOS Governance - The EOS User Agreement

Show Notes: -In depth discussion of The EOS User Agreement written by EOS New York. -Referendum link: https://bloks.io/vote/referendums/eos... -Initial expectations from the initial constitution -How we got to this point in feeling it necessary to need a new set of operating guidelines. -Motivations for writing the EUA -Influences of Dan Larimer’s “intent of code is law” on the EUA proposal. -Important ideas in the EUA that need to be more understood and explained to the community. -Noteable...


EOS Radio #8: DACs, DAOs and Decentralized Communities

Panelists: NAME & Organization Ashe Oro | FreedomProxy Zane Whitener | FreedomProxy Myles Snider | Aurora EOS Luke Stokes | eosDAC Michael Yeates | eosDAC Show Notes: What does DAC and DAO stand for? - Decentralized Autonomous Community (DAC) - Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) - Introductions and how the panelists first became involved in the DAC space. - How DACs can increase transparency, promote accountability and add security - Relating how DACs are like owning "shares" in...


EOS Radio #7: Burn or Spend? Discussing the Common Development Fund (WPS) Referendum

Show Notes: - EOS as a store of value or a utility token? - Importance of crafting a complete referendum proposal - Reasoning for 15% voter participation for passing a referendum proposal - Ways to approach handling the eosio.savings fund - EOS Commons Development Fund proposal - How to experiment w/ public funds while limiting the downside risks - Fear of the eosio.savings account being abused - Pressures for corruption of the eosio.saving fund will increase as the EOS token price goes up....


EOS Radio #6: EOS Referendums are LIVE! What does it mean?

Sponsored by FreedomProxy (www.FreedomProxy.org) - Contributions of each panelist to the EOS Referendum - Backstory of the referendum design process including early coding struggles, how to read/store the votes and how to display them. - To control spam proposals using a fee or filtering versus letting all proposals be included. - Existence of many custom voter interfaces that can display filtered and curated proposals instead of all of them. - On chain comments attached to your vote. -...


EOS Radio #5: An Inside Look at the Chintai Resource Market

On this episode of EOS.radio, we discussed: - Origin of EOS42 as an EOS Block Producer and how the idea of the Chintai Resource Marketplace came about. - Importance of UX/UI (user experience) - Launch challenges, wins, improvements and other unforeseen obstacles - Comparisons between Chintai and REX - Chintai 2.0 improvements - CHEX token specifics and why the "decentralized ownership" model will change the finance sector forever - Hurdles so that non-crypto users will become future...


EOS Radio #4: How the Free Market will protect your EOS property

Topics Discussed: - ECAF key change order NOT approved by BPs and thoughts about it. - Using the account permissions functionality within EOSIO software to more securely protect your account. - Tokenika’s “Walled Garden” approach to protecting accounts using smart contracts with pre-arranged rules and arbitration methods to ensure a transaction goes as planned without needing base layer arbitration. - Property rights and the evolution into digital property rights. - General uncertainty in...


EOS Radio #3: How Starteos.io is Creating Value and Growing the EOS Community

Topics Discussed: - How Startoes began in the blockchain space - Their reach within the Chinese EOS community - Their premium name accounts purchases and how they hope to use them - Incentivized proxy voting and “Games.eos” - Controversy of owning two BPs - Their view on Commerce vs Politics Related Links: https://starteos.io/ Contact Info: Jerry (COO, StartEOS) - https://twitter.com/StarteosIO Monica (International Community Manager, StartEOS) -https://twitter.com/StarteosIO Social Links...


EOS Radio #2: The Telos Blockchain: Fair Voting and No Whales?

Topics discussed: - Background story and the mission and ideas behind the creation of TELOS - TELOS Implementation differences from EOS blockchain including inverse weighted voting, reduced # of tokens for controlling whale effects initially, more strict block producer requirements, and methods to enforce the rules agreed upon by BPs. - GoodGrants offering a chance for free NET and CPU to dapps for 1 year if chosen. - Worker Proposal Fund - Intro to the TELOS Foundation as a DAC...


EOS Radio #1: EOS Constitution, Vote Buying and what will make the EOS price rise.

Topics Discussed: - Referendum voting details and wallet integration to assist with referendum voting. - DPOS is the governance mechanism and the voter referendum is the signalling mechanism. - Strict constitution interpretations versus being more relaxed in current rule sets and being business friendly. - Vote Buying - Ideas on who a Block Producer should be and how the expectations for a Block Producer is shifting over time. - Airdrop distribution variations: Genesis block snapshot vs....