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EOS Radio Weekly - 03 April 2019 - EOSIO Labs, Eclipse, free vAccounts and the Bull is Back!

Panelists: Kevin Rose - EOS New York Yves La Rose - EOS Nation Ashe Oro - FreedomProxy Zane Whitener - FreedomProxy The EOS Echo | https://medium.com/@eosnewyork/eos-echo-your-weekly-eos-digest-21-523f9a9a6b96 EOS Resource Exchange (REX) code has been released | EOSIO | https://eosnewyork.us17.list-manage.com/track/click?u=b098c41aaa25ac093d3a1e74f&id=2ae0fd57db&e=273423b4d9 Introducing PredIQt: The First Prediction Market Built Using EOSIO Technology |...


EOS Radio Weekly Update - 27 March 2019

Panelists: Myles Snider - Aurora EOS Yves La Rose - EOS Nation Ashe Oro - FreedomProxy Zane Whitener - FreedomProxy June 1st is coming!!! EOS price rally! Myles Snider’s tweet storm | https://twitter.com/myles_snider/status/1110618717145178113 LiquidApps vAccounts | https://medium.com/@liquidapps/all-aboard-the-eos-train-its-free-dbc00d9b21f The Evolution of eosfinex | https://medium.com/eosfinexproject/the-evolution-of-eosfinex-3221d8c7b35 Onboarding 75 million WordPress users into the...


EOS Radio Weekly Update - 20 March 2019

Panelists: Daniel Keyes - EOS Nation Luke Stokes - eosDAC • EOS ranks #1 FCAS Score on CoinMarketCap.com • BP bounties • The EOS User Agreement has been proposed by EOS New York to BPs to replace the interim constitution | Bloks • BP MSIG for EUA: • EOS Nation’s epic EOS torch relay. • The EOS Treasure hunt is live! | The Secret Key • Sense.Chat — The First Provably Secure Video Messenger App • PlayerOne, the Platform and airdrop | PlayerOne • 2nd annual Tulip conference | EOS Nation • Lost...


EOS Radio Weekly Update - 13 March 2019

-Crisis in Venezuela & how crypto can help -Block Producers not voting in referendum -Check out where the EOS Torch is here | EOS Torch -REX Updates | EOS Authority -EOS User Agreement: The final version of the EOS User Agreement | EOS New York -ITAM Games, “Forget free-to-play, this is play-to-earn” -The eosfinex smart contract plugin | eosfinex -Bancor’s new unified wallet is live | Bancor -StrongBlock closes $4MM funding round | AP News -Samsung & HTC are bringing blockchain to the masses...


EOS Radio #10: Anarchy & DACs at Anarchapulco 2019!

Show Notes: Panelists: Stephane Bisson - EOS Nation - @EOS_Nation Daniel Keyes - EOS Nation - @Daniel_Keyes Luke Stokes - eosDAC - @lukestokes Colin T. Crypto - www.colintalkscrypto.com - @ColinTCrypto Topics Discussed: -Is the Worker Proposal System more aligned with anarcho-capitalism or socialism? -Impressions from the conference -DACs (Decentralized Autonomous Communities) and how to use advanced permissions and multi-signatures to customize and protect project code? -How has the ICO...


EOS Radio #9: Next Steps for EOS Governance - The EOS User Agreement

Show Notes: -In depth discussion of The EOS User Agreement written by EOS New York. -Referendum link: https://bloks.io/vote/referendums/eos... -Initial expectations from the initial constitution -How we got to this point in feeling it necessary to need a new set of operating guidelines. -Motivations for writing the EUA -Influences of Dan Larimer’s “intent of code is law” on the EUA proposal. -Important ideas in the EUA that need to be more understood and explained to the community. -Noteable...


EOS Radio #8: DACs, DAOs and Decentralized Communities

Panelists: NAME & Organization Ashe Oro | FreedomProxy Zane Whitener | FreedomProxy Myles Snider | Aurora EOS Luke Stokes | eosDAC Michael Yeates | eosDAC Show Notes: What does DAC and DAO stand for? - Decentralized Autonomous Community (DAC) - Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) - Introductions and how the panelists first became involved in the DAC space. - How DACs can increase transparency, promote accountability and add security - Relating how DACs are like owning "shares" in...


EOS Radio #7: Burn or Spend? Discussing the Common Development Fund (WPS) Referendum

Show Notes: - EOS as a store of value or a utility token? - Importance of crafting a complete referendum proposal - Reasoning for 15% voter participation for passing a referendum proposal - Ways to approach handling the eosio.savings fund - EOS Commons Development Fund proposal - How to experiment w/ public funds while limiting the downside risks - Fear of the eosio.savings account being abused - Pressures for corruption of the eosio.saving fund will increase as the EOS token price goes up....


EOS Radio #6: EOS Referendums are LIVE! What does it mean?

Sponsored by FreedomProxy (www.FreedomProxy.org) - Contributions of each panelist to the EOS Referendum - Backstory of the referendum design process including early coding struggles, how to read/store the votes and how to display them. - To control spam proposals using a fee or filtering versus letting all proposals be included. - Existence of many custom voter interfaces that can display filtered and curated proposals instead of all of them. - On chain comments attached to your vote. -...


EOS Radio #5: An Inside Look at the Chintai Resource Market

On this episode of EOS.radio, we discussed: - Origin of EOS42 as an EOS Block Producer and how the idea of the Chintai Resource Marketplace came about. - Importance of UX/UI (user experience) - Launch challenges, wins, improvements and other unforeseen obstacles - Comparisons between Chintai and REX - Chintai 2.0 improvements - CHEX token specifics and why the "decentralized ownership" model will change the finance sector forever - Hurdles so that non-crypto users will become future...


EOS Radio #4: How the Free Market will protect your EOS property

Topics Discussed: - ECAF key change order NOT approved by BPs and thoughts about it. - Using the account permissions functionality within EOSIO software to more securely protect your account. - Tokenika’s “Walled Garden” approach to protecting accounts using smart contracts with pre-arranged rules and arbitration methods to ensure a transaction goes as planned without needing base layer arbitration. - Property rights and the evolution into digital property rights. - General uncertainty in...


EOS Radio #3: How Starteos.io is Creating Value and Growing the EOS Community

Topics Discussed: - How Startoes began in the blockchain space - Their reach within the Chinese EOS community - Their premium name accounts purchases and how they hope to use them - Incentivized proxy voting and “Games.eos” - Controversy of owning two BPs - Their view on Commerce vs Politics Related Links: https://starteos.io/ Contact Info: Jerry (COO, StartEOS) - https://twitter.com/StarteosIO Monica (International Community Manager, StartEOS) -https://twitter.com/StarteosIO


EOS Radio #2: The Telos Blockchain: Fair Voting and No Whales?

Topics discussed: - Background story and the mission and ideas behind the creation of TELOS - TELOS Implementation differences from EOS blockchain including inverse weighted voting, reduced # of tokens for controlling whale effects initially, more strict block producer requirements, and methods to enforce the rules agreed upon by BPs. - GoodGrants offering a chance for free NET and CPU to dapps for 1 year if chosen. - Worker Proposal Fund - Intro to the TELOS Foundation as a DAC...


EOS Radio #1: EOS Constitution, Vote Buying and what will make the EOS price rise.

Topics Discussed: - Referendum voting details and wallet integration to assist with referendum voting. - DPOS is the governance mechanism and the voter referendum is the signalling mechanism. - Strict constitution interpretations versus being more relaxed in current rule sets and being business friendly. - Vote Buying - Ideas on who a Block Producer should be and how the expectations for a Block Producer is shifting over time. - Airdrop distribution variations: Genesis block snapshot vs....