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The Founders of Event Tech (Podcast) Episode 7 – Swapcard

Damien Courbon is the co-founder and COO of Swapcard. Swapcard is an event engagement app, helping B2B event organizers increase interactions and encounters within their audience, and leverage the power of data to improve their events. Launched in 2014, Swapcard now operates in 4 countries and works with industry leaders such as Informa, Clarion, GL […]


The Founders of Event Tech (Podcast) Episode 6 – Circa

Alex is an entrepreneur and marketer. Prior to founding Circa, he worked as Director of Marketing at Versal, an edtech publishing platform, where his responsibilities increasingly included event planning. Alex was an early member of the Performable team (acquired by HubSpot, 2011) and led marketing initiatives at Squarespace. He also founded Wattzy, an energy efficiency […]


The Founders of Event Tech (Podcast) Episode 5 – SpotMe

Pierre Metrailler is the CEO of SpotMe, an event technology solution based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Metrailler joined SpotMe in 2001 and became the CEO in 2016. In 2004, after leaving a research position on distributed algorithms at NTT Japan, he returned to SpotMe and led the pivot from proprietary hardware to SaaS. Metrailler holds an […]


The Founders of Event Tech (Podcast) Episode 4 – Grip

Tim Groot is the CEO and co-founder of Grip – an AI-powered event engagement solution. Groot graduated with a BBA in International Management from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He started his career in tech working as an Account Manager for a leading app development agency, Nodes. His […]


The Founders of Event Tech (Podcast) Episode 3 – ExpoPlatform

Tanya has more than 17 years of experience in the event industry – she began her career working for the largest exhibition centre IEC in Ukraine. After several years in the industry, she started her own stand-building company as a subsidiary of IEC and came up with the idea of an innovative tech solution. In […]


The Founders of Event Tech (Podcast) Episode 2 – Run The World

Xiaoyin Qu dropped out of Stanford Graduate School of Business last year to start an event tech company with her co-founder Xuan Jiang. Together they started Run The World. Qu is a former senior product manager at Facebook, and before that worked at Instagram. Her inspiration behind starting the company was her mother, a pediatric […]


The Founders of Event Tech (Podcast) Episode 1 – Event Advisor

On the first episode of our podcast on event technology, we have Eva Boskova Cofounder and CEO of Event Advisor. After studying media communications, Eva spent more than eight years at Fleming, an events company organizing conferences and training programs around the world. She started as a junior marketer, before later leading several successful corporate […]