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At Edtech Insiders, we interview founders, investors, operators, educators, and thought leaders about the future of education technology. You’ll hear from leaders across the education technology industry and learn about all of the important edtech trends happening globally.

At Edtech Insiders, we interview founders, investors, operators, educators, and thought leaders about the future of education technology. You’ll hear from leaders across the education technology industry and learn about all of the important edtech trends happening globally.


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At Edtech Insiders, we interview founders, investors, operators, educators, and thought leaders about the future of education technology. You’ll hear from leaders across the education technology industry and learn about all of the important edtech trends happening globally.




Informal Education for UX Research, Design and Beyond with Alec Levin of Learners

Alec Levin is the co-founder and CEO of Learners. Learners, formerly known as UXR Collective, started as a small meetup in Toronto and has become an online learning platform for researchers and designers around the world. Before Learners Alec worked in product and user research at a number of Toronto-based startups including Thalmic Labs, Finaeo, and Meta. Recommended Resources Economic Facts and Fallacies by Thomas Sowell


Combining Education with Employment with Melissa Jones and Alison Evans-Adnani of Shopify's Dev Degree

Melissa Jones leads Technical Programs for Shopify, focused on empowering the Research and Development teams with the technical skill and support they need to be successful. She oversees onboarding, leadership development, communications and early talent initiatives for engineering and the other R&D disciplines. Prior to joining Shopify, Melissa served in leadership roles at General Assembly, Code.org and Adobe. Alison Evans Adnani is the senior program lead for the Dev Degree team at...


This Week in Edtech with Ben Kornell, 7/1/22

Guest: Quinn Taber, Founder & CEO @ Immerse Topics This Week: Politics Heat UpColleges aren’t prepared for Roe’s fallSchools Are Spending Billions on High-Tech Defense for Mass Shootings'Don’t Say Gay’ bills will make it harder for teachers to support studentsThe public cost of private schoolsEducation Department Approves $8 Billion in Public Service Loan ForgivenessISTEA Call For ‘A Major Infusion of Joy’Teachers Are Reminded of the Value They Bring to Ed-Tech CompaniesA Growing Edtech...


Connecting Education and Employment in the Middle East and Africa with Andrew Baird of EFE

Andrew Baird is the President & CEO of the global hub of Education For Employment (EFE-Global). Andrew brings to EFE more than twenty-five years of experience in advancing private sector-led strategies to create inclusive employment and livelihoods around the world - including in several countries where EFE operates. He is a strong advocate for women’s economic employment, and promoting entrepreneurship. He co-founded the Global Center for Youth Employment, a membership-based organisation...


This Week in Edtech with Ben Kornell, 6/24/22

Guest: Victoria Ransom, Founder & Co-President of Prisma Topics This Week: Higher Ed Adapts?Dartmouth College eliminates undergraduate student loans and replaces them with scholarship grantsHigher Ed Invests in Student Success Tech – Is It a ‘New Golden Age’ or Just Vague Talk?McKinsey: Technology is shaping learning in higher educationAmericans support student loan forgiveness, but would rather reign in college costsLivestreaming against a Teacher ShortageGeneral Catalyst Leads $40...


Building Successful Edtech Companies with Patrick Ward of Rootstrap

Patrick Ward is the Vice President of Marketing at Rootstrap, a digital studio that provides UX/UI design, app and web development and staff augmentation to a variety of companies, including major edtech companies like Masterclass and Emeritus. In this conversation, we’ll talk about the marketing and technology strategies that top edtech companies use to grow, as well as the future of alternative education. Recommended Resources Section4 Blog by Professor Scott Galloway Education IT...


This Week in Edtech with Ben Kornell, 6/19/22

Guest Charles Schilling, President, Enterprise Business - US, Europe & Canada @ Emeritus Topics this week: Teacher Shortages at the End of the School YearOverworked and underappreciated, teachers are burning outCardona: Americans Shouldn't be Surprised by Teacher ShortageWork-Based LearningGoogle partners with Figma to bring design tools to student ChromebooksThe Uncertain Pathway from Youth to a Good JobMetaverse/VR?What Will Learning in the Metaverse Look Like?Meet the Metaverse: A New...


How To (Actually) Build Education Communities with Kavitta Ghai of Nectir

Kavitta Ghai is the Co-Founder and CEO of Nectir, a communication platform for higher ed that uses instant chat to build a community in every class. Kavitta founded Nectir in 2018 during her time as a student at UC Santa Barbara, and has since raised over $2.25M to bring communication infrastructure to every campus and classroom out there. Her goal is to make quality education accessible to every student around the globe. Nectir is a communication platform for higher education that connects...


This Week in Edtech with Ben Kornell, 6/10/22

Guest: Philip Cutler, CEO @ Paper Topics This Week: MetaversitiesWith Money From Facebook, 10 Colleges Turn Their Campuses into ‘Metaversities’Guild & OprahGuild Education Reaches $4.4B Valuation As Labor Market Demands Continue – And A Downturn Threat RisesApprenticeshipsMultiverse nabs $220M at a $1.7B valuationSanoma in ItalySanoma acquires Pearson’s local K-12 learning contentBeyond Byju’sPhysicsWallah becomes unicorn with $100M Series ACuemath Doubles its Valuation with $57M...


Alternate Reality Gaming in Education with Sarah Toms of Wharton Interactive

Sarah Toms is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Wharton Interactive. She is a serious games expert and demonstrated thought leader in the educational technology field, fueled by a passion to find and develop innovative ways to make every learning environment active, engaging, more meaningful, and learner-centered. Sarah has built transformative gaming platforms for education from the ground up, like Wharton Interactive’s award winning Alternate Reality Courseware platform. And she...


This Week in Edtech with Ben Kornell, 6/3/22

Topics This Week: Edtech Funding LandscapeWhy Some Investors Say Edtech ‘Doom and Gloom’ OverhypedUnacademy tells employees to focus on profitability at all costs to ‘survive the winter’College EnrollmentCollege Enrollment Drops, Even as the Pandemic’s Effects EbbCredential Train Is Leaving the Station—Get on BoardIf Students Had Their Way, Hybrid Learning Would Be Here To StayTech as ContentTeaching AI to All StudentsITE and Microsoft Collaborate to Equip over 4,000 Students with...


Making Edtech Interoperable with Erin Mote of InnovateEDU

Erin Mote is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of InnovateEDU, a non-profit that brings together leaders in education and technology to design and develop breakthrough models and tools to help ensure that all students graduate from high school ready to succeed in college and careers of their choosing. Erin is also the co-founder of Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School and has served in an advisory capacity to the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy, the Obama...


This Week in Edtech with Ben Kornell, 5/27/22

Guest: Jeffrey Cohen, CEO of FullBloom Topics This Week: Class Technologies Acquires Blackboard Collaborate$210M DealPhilOnEdTech Take MetaverseMercedes Bent on why Metaverse isn’t Over-hypedWorld Economic Forum: the future of education is in experiential learning & VRVirtual Is the New Reality for M.B.A. StudentsInvact Metaversity cancels first cohortBig Tech in EdFacebook Working on a Udemy Competitor?Declining Enrollment at Public SchoolsNYT ‘Seismic Hit’ TakeFunding + M&AFundraising in...


Evaluating Parenting Technology with Sophie Brickman, Author of "Baby, Unplugged"

Sophie Brickman is the author of the new book “Baby, Unplugged: One Mother’s Search for Balance, Reason and Sanity in the Digital Age”, all about how parents can try to navigate the world of technology. Sophie Brickman is a writer, reporter and editor based in New York City. Her journalistic work has appeared in The Guardian, The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The San Francisco Chronicle, the Best Food Writing compilation, and the Best American Science Writing...


This Week In EdTech with Ben Kornell, 5/20/22

1. Brutal Year for EdTech It’s Been A ‘Brutal’ Year for Public Education Companies2. Major Breaking News: Byju’s in Talks to Buy Chegg or 2U India’s Byju’s Eyes Chegg or 2U as It Weighs US AcquisitionScott Galloway’s edtech startup, Section4, lays off a quarter of staff3. Advertising and Marketing over Education in College Spend GAO Report on Online Program Managers Was Only a Start4. K-12 Beat: California Community Schools California set to launch hundreds of community schools with $635...


The Pedagogy of Game-Based Learning with Louisa Rosenheck of Kahoot!

Louisa Rosenheck is the Director of Pedagogy at Kahoot!, one of the largest and most influential gamified edtech companies in the world. Louisa is also an ed tech designer with a passion for game-based learning and playful pedagogies, and teaches educational technology at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she earned her Master’s degree in the Harvard TIE program. Previously, she was the co-founder of MIT’s Playful Journeys lab, and a researcher at the MIT Education Arcade. She...


This Week in Edtech with Ben Kornell, 5/13/22

Topics This Week: Higher Ed’s Commodification and DecentralizationUpskilling Trend Brings Coupons, ‘Flash Sales’ and Other Marketing GimmicksedX’s Role After 2U AcquisitionThe Future Of Learning Is Radically DecentralizedK-12LAUSD makes 'historic' $50M investment to address digital divideUnion pushback on MetaTwitter sale shows us why edtech companies should be accountable to schoolsTikTok May Be More Dangerous Than It LooksWorkforce DevelopmentUnpaid Internships vs. Work-Based Courses.Why...


Balancing AI and Human Proctoring with Jordan Adair of Honorlock

Jordan Adair is the Vice President of Product at Honorlock, an online proctoring platform dedicated to maintaining academic integrity. Jordan began his career in education as an elementary and middle school teacher. After transitioning into educational technology, he became focused on delivering products designed to empower instructors and improve the student experience. Honorlock is an assessment integrity service that combines AI & live test proctors to make online proctoring simple,...


This Week in Edtech with Ben Kornell, 5/6/22

Guest: Ashley Andersen Zantop, CEO & Chairman of Cambium Learning Group Topics This Week: Google Grow Good?Training now free for 500 workers at every U.S. businessStudent Debt CancellationBroad cancellation could backfireWe should cancel student debt, but only for someIncome caps + Online certificate programsKinder-Crisis?Reading recovery's long-term effectsECD going downhillThe pandemic erased a decade of public preschool gainsReturning to OfflineVedantu slashes course costsOnline...


Expanding Access to Higher Education with Eli Bildner of Guild Education and Rivet School

Eli Bildner is a Senior Director at Guild Education, where he helps to provide opportunity for America’s workforce through education and upskilling, all funded by employers. Eli was also the co-Executive Director and co-founder of Rivet School, a non-profit which simplifies college by pairing an accredited online degree with real-world supports, such as a personal coach, financial aid, a community of peers, career planning, emergency funds, tech support and coworking spaces. Eli also led...