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success stories and tools for today’s African entrepreneurial and ambitious Engineers, Innovators & Scientists across the Globe


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success stories and tools for today’s African entrepreneurial and ambitious Engineers, Innovators & Scientists across the Globe






Engineering Pioneers Episode 6: Deep conversations on What Digitalisation really means and what you should know about Nigeria with Dr.Tayo Abinusawa

Welcome to Episode 6 where I go heads on with Dr. Tayo on some relevent topics to business and grassroots Africa. Tayo is leading digital strategies and advising several big players in the industry when it comes to digital transformation programs. Through his global role to strategically drive the design, [...]


Engineering Pioneers Episode 5: Inspiration from Ghanas´ Zipline Engineer Innovative and determined Raphael Tene

Meet one of the most amazing and determined person I have met to date. Raphaels journey was never straight line – however his story is worth a lot of insights and lessons for young people. Was honoured to share his story and discuss some tips for young professionals looking to [...]


Engineering Pioneers Episode 4: Insights on Rwandas` Startup ecosystem and Awesomity with Yves Honore Co-Founder

This talk on how the startup Awesomity in Rwanda is equipping their future young programmers melted my heart! Pure Passion, Determination coupled with a country doing everything to ensure its youth are winning – Rwanda definitely takes a nomination as one model nation. Talking with Co-Founder Yves Honore ( Lead [...]


Engineering Pioneers Episode 3: Dialogues with Dr.Ish on key strategies for African Youth today to develop further.

Here is the lovely episode featuring the discussion with Dr.Ish Dodoo which highlights some strategies to empower youth today. Listen to this talk ( absolutely loved it) because it is relevant and urgent to young people in africa today. It dives it five key pillars for African Youth today: Dissecting [...]


Engineering Pioneers Episode 2: Connectivity & Supply Chain in Zimbabwe with Chashi Foods

Prince is final year Mastercard Foundation Scholar studying BSc (Hons) Medicinal & Biological Chemistry at The University of Edinburgh. He was recently acknowledged as 1 of the 10 Zimbabwean Rhodes Scholarship Finalists. He is an entrepreneur, passionate about creating sustainable impact in tackling global challenges. He co-Founded a food preservation start-up [...]


New Memo:Lets Debug this dreaded Supply Chain Afro-organism-whats going on?

Do you love chocolate, mangos or even ginger beer . These are some of my favorites. Almost 10 years ago, I had my first sneak peak into the world of food and then later on into the Big Data world. Coming from Africa what fascinated me, was that my favorite chocolate bar was never produced end to end locally despite the biggest portion of Raw Cocoa itself originating in one of the most beautiful places called Ivory Coast. Now one may ask why that is so important ? well lets debug the...


Engineering Pioneers Episode 1: whats` in a name – The Lion Effect with Takudzwa Caitano

From talking about how background plays a key role to diving into what is it that drives success and getting down to three key take aways for all those in STEM. Meet our 1st pioneer Takudzwa Caitano – Passionate about entrepreneurship and technology and on a mission to create a [...]


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Introduction to the podcasts.


Trailer engineering Pioneers With clare rudo – All things STEM

Featuring tools and success stories for today’s entrepreneurial and ambitious Engineers, Innovators & Scientists in Africa. Engineers & Scientists like you have made strides towards the industrial development of Africa (both men and women). Meet Them, Be them, Own it and join us on the discovery journey on what is [...]